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Delia Whisper

Now while it's clear the lord was joking in the White Journal when he threatened to have someone killed, what he actually MEANT to say was...

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Image Consultant
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 21
Birthday: 07/23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Fiery red
Eye Color: Deep blue
Skintone: Fair with freckles

Description: Few Courtiers can be described as 'cute' or 'adorable'. Delia not only embodies these qualities, but makes them her own unique whisper brand. Fiery red hair falls in delightful curls, normally kept up with a few ringlets framing her round cheeks. A little button nose and a dash of freckles across her face enhance her charming vigor. Deep blue eyes twinkle with mischief and delight, and her lush lips always seem to smile and laugh with a vitality all their own. Her figure is pleasantly curvaceous, and her tiny frame suits it well. Her emotions always seem to be of the effervescent variety, and she takes great care to always seem positive.

Personality: Delia loves making friends. She loves making friends happy. She loves being a peacemaker, and smoothing over disputes, and helping proud and stubborn individuals come around and see reason. She loves seeing people at their best, but more importantly, she can picture everyone as their best selves and help them obtain it even when they seem stubbornly determined to self-destruct. Delia has a great grasp on how people are viewed, and how easily it is for someone to sabotage themselves, and is truly deft in coming up with the right approach to coax clients into avoiding pitfalls of their own design. She firmly believes she could make anyone look and sound good, and she's very rarely wrong.

Background: Delia has always loved stories, great and small. Ever since she was a child, one of many in a lowly commoner merchant family in Arx, she remembers talking about about the pagentry and glamor of the court and picking out the stories that excited everyone to hear. What noble was doing what to whom, what a noblewoman said that caused gasps, the ebb and flow caused by developing relationships... it all captivated her. Even the things that were tragic contained an element of drama that was a delight to her, if at one stage removed. She knew from a young age that she absolutely wanted to become one of the elite courtiers of the Whisper House, to move around the highest echelons of nobility and watch first hand the drama as it unfolded.

In many ways, the Whisper House is everything she ever dreamed of, but she was privately shocked at how many nobles were... really, really bad at being nobles. Even some otherwise crafty Lycene nobility would occasionally just say something truly unfortunate in a White Journal and then be absolutely shocked when they were suddenly a social pariah, and it stunned Delia to see how many of these paragons of grace and refinement were remarkably ungraceful and truly unrefined when it came to maneuvering around socially. As a courtier, she started reaching out to individuals that were dying socially of impressively massive self-inflicted wounds and was surprised how remarkably easy it was to help individuals come back with the right explanation, with a little bit of deft care in saying the right apologies to the right people, and getting them back on track. Now, she's a highly sought after Whisper by individuals who really, really cannot seem to avoid alienating people they really cannot afford to alienate, which is where she comes in.

While dramatic meltdowns in the White Journals might not be the highest example of nobility at its best, it does provide someone with a little more finesse the opportunity to make an excellent living as an apologist.

Relationship Summary

  • Alessia - I am always guaranteed a good conversation, an idea or two, and sometimes even a secret when we meet

  • Ally:
  • Ras - Brave when it matters. An unlikely ally

  • Friend:
  • Mabelle - My go-to in the Laurent household for fashion and hot gossip

  • Patron:
  • Monique - The wisdom, experience and mischief I need in my life

  • Crownlands:
  • Reese - High station and legendary talent and modesty wrapped up in a pink bow.
  • Name Summary
    Alaric She is a Whisper in every sense - graceful, classy, and beautiful. I can see Selene's influence for certain!
    Alarissa A fine whisper and a clever whisper. Getting people to tell their secrets for trinkets.
    Alessia Charming, warm and well dressed. Wonderful company.
    Amari A very fine and charming conversationalist, and smart dresser. A Whisper through and through.
    Andry Almost as charming as me! Everyone should be lining up to hear what she has to say about not making an ass of yourself.
    Antea A most excellent example of a Whisper. She was polite and intuitive to my needs, saw to them before I could even voice them. I will look forward to working with her in the future, in this and other endeavors.
    Apollo It's lovely to work with someone as excited about a project as I am to do it.
    Arianna I'm glad I got the chance to meet one of the Whispers at last. Something tells me she exemplifies the ideals of her House just as well as I do mine. Perhaps we will have the luxury of another encounter, perhaps I will have to make it so.
    Aslaug A Whisper. Never met one before.. Always thought they were uppity, but this one? Eadwacer likes her, so she can't be all that bad, right? She gets he's important.
    Athaur A very polite whisper, I look forward to seeing her again
    Bhandn An affable Whisper, although that seems redundant a description. I was hopeful for her own suggestions to my query, but a Whisper's company and time is a luxury that I have not the coin to buy. Perhaps we'll cross paths for me to find out.
    Caspian She seems nice enough. Always enjoy the company of a whisper. I should hire her for something.
    Domonico A Whisper who fits in perfectly with the nobilty with her manners and conversation.
    Dorian A Whisper who certainly can't fight, but she made one good show of it all the same!
    Esme Whisper! She's the first one I have been around in Arx. She seems all the temptation and yet innocence that one expects.
    Evaristo A Whisper, so being charming is expected - but she's adorable and fun too.
    Harlex Diplomatic. Beautiful beyond measure. Common traits of a Whisper. Its almost expected. But she has an awareness, a charm unique to her alone, that has me hoping we'll meet again.
    Keyser What a sweet and wise Whisper! For a semi noble, she seems to be more trustworthy than the rest. But I'll have to keep an eye out, make sure she doesn't get robbed.
    Mabelle As beautiful as she is easygoing and pleasant. The only Whisper that doesnt make me nervous! I like her
    Maja She's a Whisper, a full Whisper! Not an apprentice like me. She makes charming people look easy; I look forward to combining our abilities. Arx will not know what hit it!
    Martino A gracious, socialable and fine courtier from House Whisper. She owns her image, she owns our image. Incredible personality to be around and one I recommend others seek.
    Marzio A Whisper. She seems to be quite friendly and easy to talk to. I can see why so many value their services. I do not know that I will ever have need of a Whisper in an official capacity, but I would hope that I have made a good friend, in any case.
    Merek A woman that cares about people, and willing to assist folk as well.
    Monique I need to know her much, much better. She's got a certain something that not many have. I think they call it class.
    Niklas The grace expected of a Whisper transformed to grace on the battleground. Impressive indeed!
    Petal Lovely, probably likes clothing, well spoken and curious about other around her.
    Pharamond She seems a proper Whisper and a well meaning trouble maker both in the same turn. This pleases me.
    Ras Like a colorful feather. Bright and light. Could tell she was a Whisper cuz she sorta reminds me of Maja.
    Reese Even more charming than one would expect of a whisper which is certainly saying something and she likes lizards too! She seems like a exciting and engaging company.
    Rhue Warm and friendly, she seems both helpful and good-natured. Perhaps one worth getting to know better. It would do nicely to have more friends in the city.
    Roxana An entirely sweet and accommodating Whisper, I should like to know her better. Maybe talk sometime when its not a crowded dinner.
    Rysen An intelligent, generous and charismatic Whisper, and protege of Lady Monique Greenmarch.
    Sabella She reminds me of Lumen, whom I miss terribly. Not just because she's a Whisper, but because she's so kind and thoughtful and friendly and I've never heard her utter a bad word about anyone! She is most definitely a person I could see myself spending loads of time with!
    Sanya As amicable as you'd expect of a Whisper but with a certain introspectiveness that I find intriguing.
    Saro Kind and courteous even to the most maligned of spiders! Nora and I are so glad she came to the petting zoo.
    Sebastian The Whisper is ever-conscious of how she is perceived, but that doesn't seem to stop her from enjoying herself, and life around her in a way that is compelling to watch. Both she and her patron are priviledged to know each other, and I look forward to seeing how she will blossom.
    Sorrel Even with a dance partner who is not nearly of her caliber, the Whisper shows her poise and charm.
    Thea Perceptive. I do think she knows more than what she let's on. She holds her cards closely. In turn, I will watch her. Will be interesting.
    Thomas An undeniably kind and wry hostess, saving me from what was sure to be a swift and horrible death after a slight to her patron's glorious mane. I look forward to our next meeting eagerly.
    Vanora Modest and sweet, if she is truly as gifted at diplomacy as they say, I expect we'll be speaking to each other again.
    Zara One wastes words repeating oneself to say that a Whisper is lovely, charming company, and yet it is true: she is all of those things, and it is the peace that lies so close to her heart that makes her most charming.