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Miraj Roumier

Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Saccharine Suspire
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Champagne
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 1/3
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon (Gild)
Vocation: Merchant princess
Height: average height
Hair Color: everwinter white
Eye Color: indigo
Skintone: bisque

Description: Long, niveous hair cascades down Miraj's back in a tumult of large, bouncy curls that causes it to pleasingly frame her winsome oval face. Below two dark, fine brows are set two smouldering indigo eyes wreathed in long, dramatic lashes that lend her a piercing and intense gaze. A single beauty mark under her right eye gives character to an otherwise symmetrical face, drawing attention to the noble height of her cheekbones and the smoothness of her cheeks. Adjacent to them is a demure, enigmatic mouth with generous lips that are prone to warm, flirtatious smiles and easy, melodic laughter. With smooth sun-kissed skin, a sylphlike figure, and all the right feminine curves it's easy to see that she's quite fit, but lacking in much muscular definition. Overall, she presents a sophisticated and effortlessly elegant tableau without lacking in warmth and vulnerability.

Personality: Effortlessly flirtatious and charming even on her worst days, Miraj can always find the silver lining on any cloud - or the delightful scandal. Prone to bouts of whimsy that some may mistake is naivety at first, she is at least never boring. Making friends and alliances easily, she is the epitome of a rising Courtesan and eager to make a name for herself.

Background: Miraj was born to a wealthy merchant family in Setarco with all the freedom and privileges something like that could afford her. Which is to say, she was better off than most commoners. She grew up learning the ins and outs of the family trade, becoming quite adept with numbers and people. Her interests, however, began to stretch further than accounting for the family's wealth and the politics of business contracts. Miraj wanted more. Fame, glamour, wealth - she wanted it all.

When, at the tender age of thirteen, she petitioned her parents for enrollment into the House of Silken Sighs - a very expensive endeavor - she was granted it with the understanding that she would be furthering her family's reach with the training she would receive and the contacts she would make.

A decade later, her apprenticeship was completed and her debt to her family was paid off. But she didn't feel fulfilled. Her desire for more drove her to wanderlust and eventually she made her way to Arx. Here, she met up with one of the many family alliances she had made in the past few years by the name of Champagne. Soon after she joined the Courtier's Guild (or Whisper House, as a non Whisper Courtesan) but she still has an interest in Setaro and its politics, and has not as of yet shed her allegiance to Pravus in the hopes that they may desire her and her abilities as a Courtier for themselves.

Relationship Summary

  • Fatima - Most Gracious

  • Mourning isles:
  • Yasmine - Possibly the most beautiful woman I know inside and out.
  • Rook - Possibly the most lucky man I know. Also someone I look up to.

  • Lyceum:
  • Belladonna - The most beautiful and gracious Archduchess.
  • Alrigo - I'm such a fan of his family and their shop - they perform miracles with silk!

  • Protege:
  • Looking - Inquire within! Seeking someone to spoil

  • Ally:
  • Anisha - Most Radiant

  • Friend:
  • Evaristo - Most Charming
  • Name Summary
    Audgrim The kind of woman that makes a man blush and you like it.
    Calla Utterly delightful and talented woman with so many jobs. I have a good feeling about her ability to find me a good political match.
    Domonico Handles the heat far better than she does the cold.
    Duarte A name befitting the person.
    Ember My charming protege. Silk scarves strangle as well as any steel garrote; they just require more skill to use.
    Evaristo So stunningly clever and charming. It feels like we have known each other for MANY years, imagine that.
    Fatima Breathtaking fashion sense. It's my delight to spoil her rotten.
    Gabriella A clever and charismatic creature is this courtier. And, most important, engrossingly fun. I would be happy to serve as her partner in crime on any occasion.
    Haakon A mediocre shot with a bow, much better armed with wit, even if she is shit at threats. Fair enough company.
    Hamish A delight of a Whisper. Warm, humorous and just.
    Jace A sight for these sore salt blasted eyes. She smelled of honey, wished for chocolate and found rum. We compared our canvases and reveled in each other's humor. I would play chicken with her any day.
    Korka Quick on her feet and sharp. Not the worst person to travel with.
    Maris Certainly a woman. Beautiful, sexy, a little girlish. Wouldn't mind runnin' into her again.
    Raja Met this woman over tea and conversation. It was a great conversation.
    Ripley So radiant! so relaxed! Such adorable itty bitty little quails in her hair just cheep cheep cheeping away! I sure hope they don't make a mess in all that beauty.
    Romulius The Bloody Baroness's protege, somehow. Bold, and forward, but charming in spite of such.
    Talwyn When I first met Miraj, it was because I was lost in the Lowers. She gave me more than direction. I love the outfit she made for me -- and the suggestion to meet Iseulet may never be truly repaid. Perhaps she is the matchmaker Arx needs.
    Valerius Nearly fell out of the air for me, and there's a chick in her hair. I do hope that she knows the chick is there. An unbridled bounding explosion of energy in this one.
    Verity What a romantic! I wonder if it's a benefit or detriment to get carried away with romance yourself when you run a matchmaking service. Does that show occupational aptitude or a conflict of interest?
    Vulpiano Stone hearts cannot be moved, I'm afraid. Still. I appreciate a discussion on art. It happens so rarely in Arx, as opposed to the Cities.
    Zoey Stunning to behold, elegant and bold.