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Words: "Soft whispers, harder hearts."
Sigil: Closed lips, curved in a smile.
Nickname: Whispering Voices.

The Whisper House has existed for hundreds of years, finding an early patron in the form of Queen Alarice the Great, who made a point of making certain that these professional courtiers were respected and sought after as diplomats, mediators, entertainers, educators, and companions. Men and women since her day have proudly served in the Whisper House, an institution greatly respected for its grace, elegance, diplomatic talents, and uncanny access to many of the darkest secrets of Arx.


Name Rank Title Description
Jadara 9 House Liaison
Lili(RIP) 10 Whisper of a Memory
Wilhem 10 Whisper of a Memory
Jalal 10 Whisper of a Memory
Juniper 10 Whisper of a Memory
Solange 10 Whisper of a Memory