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Sloane Starling

Give me your hand.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Vain Empath
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Starling
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 3/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Fortune teller
Height: average height
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: fair

Description: Pretty as a picture, Sloane's youth and vibrancy are offset by an old soul's hazel eyes, a knowing glimmer that promises knowledge she shouldn't have. Red hair, full and soft, falls in waves about her face, fair skin tanned from days spent out of doors. Freckles flick across her face and shoulders like paint specks. A full mouth smiles easily. Petite and lithe, she easily disappears into a crowd, but while her form is soft, her hands are callused from work of some kind.

Personality: Sloane Starling is an odd, tumultuous young woman. She sees the world in multifaceted hues as though through shards of mirrors infinitely reflecting it but never the same. She cries. She laughs. She loves. She hates. Her emotions rise and fall like the tides, sensitive to anything and everything around her. An empathetic nature contrasts with shameless self-absorption. Nothing in the world is as interesting as what she perceives.

Background: Sloane is a commoner whose family probably died in a plague or in a shav attack or some war or another. Regardless, she travels alone, having settled for some years in Bastion the great seat of House Grayson to ply her trade. A barkeep, a caretaker, nothing has brought Sloane quite as much infamy as her fortune telling reputation. She promises that with nothing more than a touch and a card she can predict a person's future. It's surely nothing more than a way to entertain travelers during a snowy winter's eve - or on one occasion, spark a fight.

Sloane hated the drudgery of working day in and day out to keep a roof over her head and food in her belly. She craved more. And when that craving became overpowering, she picked up her belongings and moved to Arx, there to apply for training as a Whisper and find a life of luxury and affluence.

Relationship Summary

  • Venturo - I met a man upon the road and with a smile he said, /"Whistle, girl, to pass the miles, and travel e'er ahead."
  • Lianne - Don't whisper to the mirror, child, for it may whisper back.

  • Friend:
  • Tanith - There once was a salacious baker / Who joined on a fun little caper / We drank until dawn / And then with a yawn / We polished the young lord's long saber.
  • Name Summary
    Anisha Apprentice Sloane has been vibrant, enthusiastic, courteous, and curious. All traits that make for an excellent Whisper. Her interest in others will serve her well. It is a gift to stand at the doors to Whisper House, when they first arrive. To see how they grow into themselves. I expect Sloane Starling will be no exception, and to see her chrysalis into Sloane Whisper shall be joyful beyond words.
    Duarte Something about toads? I don't really remember, but Lianne syphoned 50k from me for the lrize money so I'm sure it was worth it.
    Haakon Reads folk well enough. I'm not a hard read, but still. Puts on a good little show.
    Lianne A constellation, skyborn and insightful.
    Macario A mysterious foe of wits and charm. Play dead, and she might leave you be, otherwise be prepared.
    Nijah A new apprentice to the whispers, vivacious and full of energy, she has already managed to make me blush once, I will figure out her intentions some way or another.
    Orland I don't who she is, but she picked the best time to mimic me word for word! Love the humor!
    Piccola I can sense ambition in this one; the question is the purpose for such ambition. Spirit and energy can take a woman very far in Arx; I know this lesson well. She bears a close watching.
    Samira I marvel at those who possess enough light to seemingly banish life's darkness. Warm, fun, vivacious. She's all the things I wish I could be more often.
    Savio I don't think I remember her name, but I wrote her a euology and we are friends forever. You can't harp on a bond like that.
    Svana Sort of mysterious, but also kind of a happy sort. She said we must be friends. I have to feel this one out. I think she could be a very, very good Whisper.
    Tanith I used to write letters to her and she's groan up completely corrupted and brilliant. She's a dirty pie stealer who knows how to properly truss up a chicken. I'm quite proud of her.
    Venturo A whirlwind of charm and enthusiasm, if ever there was one. One is quite lucky to be able to meet her acquaintance.