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Baroness Lys De Lire

I dreamt that laughter died, and the silence was filled only with hollow ringing bells.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Bitter Baroness
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: De Lire
Gender: female
Marital Status: divorced
Age: 27
Birthday: 04/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: copper red
Eye Color: green
Skintone: pale

Titles: Baroness-Regent of Afflua, Legendary Actuary

Description: While not toweringly tall Lys does still stand above the average woman. She's got an athletic form with long, graceful limbs that hold a healthy muscle tone and definition. A halo of copper red curls adorn her head when not tamed into a braid or other high fashion style. Her eyes are a bright emerald, fringed with dark lashes and holding either a jaded, cynical look or a manic fever brightness to them. Her mouth is wide and expressive, but usually pressed into a sneer of distaste or curled up into a manic grin.

Personality: Once a beacon of light and laughter, rage and loss have forged her into something else. Lys looks out at the world with a disjointed, cynical sort of apathy. Grief and fury have transformed what was once a genuine enjoyment of life into something else entirely. Her expression flickers as easily between joy and entertainment as it does rage and depression. Nearly every smile, these days, has a tendency to flicker into psychotic mania.

Background: Lys (that's 'lies' not 'liss') was born in the boroughs to some unremarkable family, she lived a pretty average life. She was poor and hated it. When she got old enough she started working as a shop apprentice to a tailor, and fell in love with the fancy clothing that would be commissioned. However, she never picked up the skill. She's not particularly good with a sewing needle. She also lost that job, and many afterward, for her tendency to fight with the customers or her boss or ... anyone that happens to pass by.

However, her life turned for the better when her cousin- Audric -was suddenly ennobled after then Prince Talen, now Archduke-Consort, Velenosa won the Rose Tournament in 1007AR and used his prize to found a Rose Barony for Audric who became Audric de Lire. So a year later in 1008AR, Lys tracked him down after a sometime and reminded him of her existence (he seemed a little surprised), and she became Lys de Lire.

And for a brief time her life was quite idyllic. She had the patronage of the then Archduchess of Velenosa, Eleyna Velenosa. She had all the wealth and backing of her cousin, acting as Voice of de Lire. She won the heart of a Lenosian prince and caused a minor scandal-- which the Lenosians found hilarious --when she managed to get a love match approved to this prince for a short time became Princess Lys Velenosa. Only it didn't last.

It all came crashing down two years later in 1010AR when the de Lire manor was painted with Audric's blood and no one ever found his body. Shortly after his bloody disappearance... so did Baroness-Consort Enyo de Lire disappear without a trace, though in a less bloody manner, leaving behind the not-even-a-year-old Deimos de Lire. Lys and her husband stepped down, then, from royalty so that Lys could become Baroness-Regent of de Lire and raise her cousin's heir in the absence of his parents.

This too was not to last. After retreating to Fen de Lire for a time, Lys herself went missing and in her absence her husband was awarded a divorce. At least a year later she finally resurfaced in 1013AR, the story of where she had been seeming to change with the day. Sometimes she was captured by trolls and fought her way free. Other times she decided to be a pirate for a time. Never the same story twice. Always utterly unbelievable. All that is truly known is she returned with a scar on her face and a new found bitterness in her expression.

Relationship Summary

  • Eleyna - No.

  • Family:
  • Audric - No.
  • Enyo - No.
  • Shard - No.
  • Jaenelle - I love you to pieces. <3

  • Spouse:
  • Geralt - Hehehe, you have no idea what you signed up for buddy.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Quite an intriguing woman who I hope to become fast friends with.
    Aella Extremely southern. The most southern. She says she was bla bla bla, lowers, bla bla. But she's very southern. No doubt. She was also sweet but unfortunately she sat in the lap of the man I want to punch in the veleNOSA
    Agatha I think she's not the kind of girl you take home to your mama, now, but she tells you no lies. Well. At least she flirts really big at Princess Colors!
    Aisha Quite strange.
    Alarissa The voice of Baron Audric's land. A champion as well. I can only hope that she takes up my cause for cats. She seems like she'd put on a good show.
    Aleksei Audric's cousin. Exactly what you'd expect from those words.
    Alessandro Very engaging, and I appreciate her taking notes. It makes one feel as if one's time has been well spent.
    Alexis Lady Lys d'Lire (Lies d'Leer?). Probably related to Commander Baron Audric d'Lire. Seems um. Exuberant. In a good way? Like Baron Audric but not as disturbing.
    Amund Knows the world. Red hair. Likes to stab.
    Appolonia There is more to this Lady Lys than she lets on. Very keen, very sharp. I hope she finds her missing brother and that her dreams lead to answers, if she so desires to seek them out.
    Ardee Enchanting and beautiful. Not only that, but I hear she's terribly fierce as well. Someone worth looking up to.
    Ariella Keeper of flavorful and delicious livestock. Will have to secure her friendship, sneak into her home as might a cuckoo bird, and devour all of her pets.
    Aslaug (A drawing of a woman atop a horse. The woman's grip on the horse is awkward, and her seated position atop it treacherous.)
    Auda Friend of a friend, and now my friend! Fighty, too, which I like. Also: will get me deals. Deals are good. So much good in one friendpackage!
    Austen An interesting person - she seems to be very different on the battlefield to off. Today is the first time I have had a chance to speak with her, she seems agreeable and confident in herself. Plus she has a goat and a cat. I like cats.
    Barik A make-believe damsel in distress, with an appeal for former enemies.
    Berenice Good gods, I covet that gown. And a few other things besides.
    Bethany It's the privilege of the Peerage to behave as it pleases them to behave.
    Bliss Wild woman, but she reminds me a lot of myself when I can be myself.
    Caith Anyone who goes drinking with a kitten to cuddle is obviously doing something right -- very, very right! I came across her when I got caught up in King Alaric's pub crawl; she called out a drink for me to name. I will neither confirm nor deny that what I came up with was named after one of His Grace's more useless body parts but I will say that it made her sputter. What fun! I hope to run across her and her kitten again soon.
    Calaudrin Stop getting drunk and fighting people on the docks, damn it. I'm too old for this.
    Caspian I see potential in her to be a great Champion! Still needs to pratice her fighting, but what she lacks in skill she makes up for in style and good looks!
    Cirroch Not many people jump on a northernman with an axe. That takes courage!
    Coraline The most memorable sparring partner I have had, unpredictable and fun. I am certain there is more mischief to get into with this lovely lady.
    Cullen Bold. Charming. Sexy. Intelligent. Dashing. Oh, and a marvelous sense of style! As if her background was something to hold against her...I think it only made her more alluring. I will see more of her.
    Desma I think she might just be insanely brave or maybe just insane.
    Domonico Incredibly aggressive on the attack which would be a severe disadvantage were she not as skilled as she is with the blade. Her refusal to give in until she was unable to continue was another factor in a favour. A fiery, forward woman indeed.
    Duarte A very thin social veneer for who I presume to be one deeply motivated by convictions, temperament and a lust for danger. Hope her ribs feel better soon.
    Echo At first, I thought she was playing a joke on me. Then I realized that she was serious, and then she -- How does one even put this woman into words? What is GOING ON?!
    Eddard A woman. Lovely and entrancing. Someone very especially able to lay hurt upon me, I am sure. And withholding of her name.
    Eleyna My newest protege that has a penchant for brawling yet somehow also manages to have exquisite taste in seasilks and hair accessories. I enjoy the juxtaposition of it. It's probably why I decided to take her on.
    Elgana The lovely Lady Lys is always a pleasure to be around whenever we meet. I find her to be charming and open, a delightful combination with that inner fire of hers.
    Elora There's an air of mischief about her. I kind of want to sit back and watch what kind of fun things she could get into!
    Ember Baroness Lys is possessed of a rare level of resolve, of willingness to get back up and try again even in the most difficult and gruesome of circumstances, that the respect she receives is truly earned.
    Emilia At first I thought she was arrogant and misguided. But when she stopped to listen to me and Bliss tell stories, I saw in her a fellow and companion wholly worthy of my adoration and protection.
    Fiora Careful where you go prodding.
    Gaspard A rather somber baroness with a heavy past behind her. She has a lot to grief, but she also seems well advised. As long she keeps listening to these pieces of guidance, I'm sure she'll do well.
    Grazia She seems clever and responsible, poised and willing to please.
    Harlex We will have to wrestle soon. I bet she's wily in the ring.
    Holt Encountered her by the docks, drunk and ready to brawl with somebody. Seems like she'd be fun to have a pint with.
    Ian Yup. Definitely related to Audric.
    Iseulet I didn't think it was possible for someone to remind me of the Baron de Lire so much. I guess it runs in the family - that smile full of teeth and all that enthusiasm for a fight. Delightful, if a little terrifying at first, the smile is infectious.
    Jasher She may have left behind half of her clothing somewhere, but it hasn't stopped her from stalking the Prodigal. A little like the cats in the estate.
    Jeffeth Seems like a fire blooded young lady, eager to take on a scrap even when she very well may end up in the dirt. That's something I can get behind.
    Jordan She's very rough and tumble in a way that reminds me of the people at the Murder. I don't dislike it, no. Here's to seeing more of her in the future.
    Joslyn She's the cousin to Audric De Lire, I should relly make sure she's given all the help she needs to get herself settled in. She seems to find so much joy in all the little things, it's an infectious kind of thing.
    Karadoc Lady Lies d'Leer. Or is that d'Lyre? Either way, she must be an intrigue. Considering her family name and all. Wouldn't surprise me any if she was also dangerous.
    Katarina A remarkable woman who struck Katarina as the sort of noblewoman one would want as a companion when the libations flow freely and looking for a bit of trouble to liven up an evening.
    Kenjay Did she mean what she seemed to mean? She said not - but just such comments have been made before.
    Kenna I've written messages back and forth with her about //economics// but my word - that FIGHT. She absolutely upholds the reputation this barony holds!
    Klaus A bright and stunning beauty who has an air about her.
    Liara I don't know whether to call her bold or brash or brazen or all three, but it's all altogether entertaining, and she is splendid company.
    Mailys She seemed quite nice, though she ended up being quite annoyed with Theo. I can't blame her, someone needs to smack him from time to time!
    Mattheu Not strange, just not at all what I would have expected.
    Melody She didn't seem at all upset that I was lounging in her home. In fact, she was happy to play along!
    Mikani There is a bit of mania to the woman. I haven't spoken with her, she is one hell of a fighter.
    Monique Fun and flirty! But there's likely a spine of steel in there somewhere, unless I miss my guess.
    Nicholaus A most enjoyable run-in at the Grotto. /Very/ interested in getting to know this 'Truth' in the future, and perhaps watch her spar as well.
    Nico I only briefly encountered the woman, she came into a dark dock at night drunk and singing. Then proceeded to start a fight by throwing a beer bottle and declaring a drunken duel against a man I didn't catch the name of. I might have been more concerned had I not finally found a teacher, that is another Princess distracting me.
    Niklas Lys de Lire still sounds like a made up name, but my assistant insists it's real. She has dreams she shares in her journals, but it's the ones she doesn't that seem the most interesting.
    Noah She didn't jump. She didn't take it out on the blade. Curious.
    Oswyn She strikes me as tempestuous; I imagine she's never boring to be around.
    Pasquale I could easily believe she's a princess and byblow and all of it. Would hardly be the strangest tale told about the de Lires. Entirely charming, whatever the case.
    Petal A lovely redhead who has is always nice to me.
    Pharamond Feisty. Entertaining. It was great to meet her at the Boardinghouse and I will endeavor not to be on the receiving end of her Warpath.
    Piccola A woman of fire who I can tell has been wronged in ways I can't even fathom.
    Ras Whoa she's weird. Kinda wanna punch her in the face, though. 'Down', my ass.
    Raymesin Lys, a silk? Stone the crows. Still, she's probably good at that job, at least.
    Reese She is playful and sassy, likely quite tough.
    Reigna She came in upset, and for an undertandable reason. But she rallied and proved to be a charming and attentive guest. I recall the late Baron was difficult to deal with, while Baroness-Regent Lys is a delight.
    Riagnon The secret bastard daughter of a High Lord! WOW!
    Rohran A curious creature, the Lady Lys de Lire. I get the sense that she is normally less reserved than was her manner at the Grotto. Perhaps it was the nudity, though that does not line up with what I understand of the southern people. I suppose we all have our days. With so brief a visit, it is hard to gain a fair measure of anyone, but I would not mind a chance to understand her further. If anything, there is her goat to talk of. Who cannot bond over a goat?
    Rook Caution: Hot. Keep Lys away from fine cloth, posh company and anything that's breakable. May cause allergies to the Lycene to flare up in bouts of hives.
    Ryhalt Such beautiful hair, the same shade and sheen of burnished copper. It makes one want to wish to reach out and touch it.
    Sabella The Lady de Lire is charming, hilarious, and often without her hat. I wonder what Baron Audric would think about that! I'd like to get to know her more, she seems a very fun person to be around!
    Sabine Lies de Leer claimed the finest prize at the table, and not a hand played.
    Seth Lies d'Lire, a companion to Prince Theo. She is an enigmatic young woman who makes it difficult to discern whether the words she speaks hold any truth to them at all. The perfect skill for certain drinking games, I'm sure.
    Shard I've never questioned why Audric likes her so much. Not when I first met her, not any time since. It's plainly obvious, even if I still haven't quite found my footing around her yet.
    Sorrel Charming and affable, with one of the little Keaton goats. She seems quite social and pleasant. Perhaps we'll get to know one another better soon.
    Sparte Oh, Lady Lys. She has, um... Energy. A lot of energy. I don't think I've ever seen someone turn losing a spar into an excuse to get their opponent out of their armor before. Oh, no! Not my armor. ha ha. ...
    Stygia It's hard not to adore a redhead, and she's no exception. Make no mistake, she's as dangerous and cunning as they come. One to have an eye on for sure.
    Talen Spirited, with a streak of Audric. Or does Audric have a streak of Lys? It's not really clear, but she's a de Lire, and can throw a punch.
    Talwyn Met her at the Queensrest as I brashly jumped onto a table bearing not but a single acquaintance. Her chilliness must be blamed on my extroverted and drunken faux pas.
    Theo A startlingly attractive young noblewoman from House de Lire. I'm intrigued, and more than satisfyied she saved me from an awkward conversation with my dear sister.
    Theodoric Cunning, plotting, planning, looking forward to what may come.
    Thesarin As quick to laugh as with her steel.
    Tynan A lovely Lady. Seems to speak in considerate means, something I always appreciate from nobility.
    Valarian Still the fierce and violent girl I remember from the lowers, no title can change that. Thank the gods, it would be a real shame if she turned into something tame and acquiescent. I look forward to more fighting!
    Vercyn This Lady Le Lire is a strange woman. I am not entirely sure what my first impression of her is!
    Verity She may have the misfortune of getting hideous gifts, yet I'm glad she received it. For without that ugly goat she may never have sat down at our table and given me the opportunity to meet her.
    Xia The Baroness de Lire is a most interesting indvidual. She is better educated than most in the ways of home, and it was pleasant, even over a grim topic, to have those traditions brought back to the fore.