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Emrys Whisper

It's sometimes necessary to remind them the dream of their ideals has no place in the reality they inhabit. Lives are lost when they confuse imagined slight with true wound.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Eldest Whisper
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 65
Birthday: 1/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Fair

Description: Though Emrys is a tall man, he is not especially physically imposing. Thin, his hair greyed with the same age that saw the lines of his face deepened, he is a man past his prime. Yet, he remains properly dressed and groomed, maintaining the same habits and discipline he has drilled into so many of his students. It only serves to strengthen the authorative presence of the Eldest Whisper, a weight to his gaze that grounds and commands attention. He rarely raises his voice, hardly needing to when its depth ensure it will be heard, yet when he does, it booms like thunder, with the promise of as much mercy as offered by the storm.

Personality: There are those who charm, who smile and seduce. Those whose very laughter is music, warm like sunlight on a summer day. Emrys is not one such person. Intimidating and with a sharp intellect, his is an authorative presence, a gravitas he uses to ground discussions and negotiations into the world of facts and reason, rather than the one of emotions and petty pride. Disciplined and diligent, he expects the best from his pupils, pushing them past the limits they set themselves, intent on unlocking their full potential. Ever polite in public, a model of etiquette, he becomes far blunter and direct in private, dispensing with the unnecessary formalities to get to the heart of things, no matter the tender feelings that might be trampled in the process.

Background: Emrys' arrival to the Whisper House is well documented. A young novice, arriving with the means to fulfil his education as a Whisper, and the talents to achieve it. His origins before that are less known, the man rarely speaks of it, and those in the know have either kept his confidence, or spoken only of fragments. Either commoners of high means, or low nobility, is the usual understanding. The man himself has never bothered correcting educated guesses, and besides, his rise to fame was always more interesting to follow than some nebulous origins.

For indeed, Emrys' rise was spectacular. Finishing his education with the high regard of the current Radiant, he soon stole the hearts and minds of court. Ambitious, he rose to the highest heights, not just a star but the sun, shining bright without any rival to give him umbrage. In his twenties still, he took on the mantle of Radiant, and would keep it for a decade, till something peculiar happened.

Having achieved his place in the heavens, now Emrys found fame... boring. The adoration of crowds left him indifferent, the countless requests for a companion from the highest of Peers, a chore. His interests had changed, and it was without regrets that he relinquished his title of Radiant at the earliest opportunity, choosing instead for himself the work of diplomat and teacher. It would be the path he followed for the next decades, working tirelessly to keep the peace and ensure the next generations of Whispers to enter the world stage prepared to face its challenges and bring honour and regard to the Whisper House.

Now, as the world changes around him, the Whispers' patriarch must look not only to the preservation of th grandiose legacy left behind since the days of Alarice, but also to aid in ensuring that whatever future awaits the foremost courtiers of Arvum, that it lies under a bright, shining sun.

Name Summary
Alarissa One of the most austere Whispers, and a former Radiant. He is precisely how one imagines that the Whispers should be.
Alessandro Eldest Whisper, and it is clear why he was named Radiant -- and also why he decided to teach, instead. I think he probably has several looks I would not enjoy being sent my way.
Arcadia He knows an awful lot about me. I don't know whether to be scared or impressed. Likely scared. He's already making all those familiar frustrated tutor noises at me.
Bliss One of the things I am never going to forget is the bark of the Eldest Whisper when I was going through my training. I'd say it's worse than his bite - but no, it isn't. Still, he's a man that exudes the quiet strength and confidence of Whisper House. An excellent addition who came back at an auspicious time, I'm incredibly happy to have him around.
Brigida For one such as I who has seen so many rise and fall, Whisper Emrys has been a constant, providing advice and council for those who need it. I'm blessed to call him a friend.
Delilah A man who could be likened to an institution in his own right. The Elder Whisper radiates a self-controlled presence, the veteran of countless affairs and fraught moments. Nothing short of the Reckoning might besmirch his composed regard, and even then, he might merely flick the ash from the cuff of his shirt and proceed to instruct a legion on their failure to adhere to divine and natural law -- all the while giving off a vague sense of disappointment with the outcome. He suffers no fools, but puts up with me. Someone for whom I may rely upon in coming weeks and months, perchance, in navigating these turbulent waters.
Dianara I've spent all of my adult life trying so hard not to disappoint him. If I did not know for certain that he acts out of care and mutual admiration, I might be quite cross with how he always seems to make me feel like I'm an apprentice again in his presence.
Domonico Stern, professional and immensely skilled at what he does. He reminds me of my old drill instructor who taught me much with encouragement, demonstration and chastisment. I am grateful to him.
Evangeline He is everything I aspire to be, with the exception of being a man.
Fiora And lo I looked upon Justice and he was clad in white, drinkng tea.
Giulio The Eldest Whisper is a most congenial individual, if one is not a blathering idiot. Courteous and wise. He understands virtues many do not and I count him amongst the few that I would look to for political advice.
Grazia The Eldest of the Whispers is quite the gentleman, skilled admirably in the social arts. I hope to continue to work with him on projects, as he is clearly a skilled diplomat.
Helena I hope to one day be as learned and refined as he is.
Jeffeth I know it was an open discussion and there are no wrong answers, but I think I said /only/ the wrong answers.
Josephine The former Radiant, and still radiant. A sharp edge to him, beneath all that white. But can one touch and not get cut?
Kaia A most poised, wise and refined man. A renowned teacher of the arts of etiquette; I admire him, and do hope to become more like him someday.
Lilia How few there are whose expectations I must strive to meet. Fewer still that I genuinely hate to disappoint. Rarest of all those who real thoughts mean less than the reams of paper that they like to fill. I do remember him being taller, though.
Lora The Eldest Whisper is the quintessential courtier, embodying decorum, erudition, and grace. A skilled teacher and, very likely, a peerless navigator of troubled diplomatic waters. Also terrifying.
Lore I like this man's style. He doesn't let anything ruffle his feathers.
Maja The Eldest Whisper, he and I will be leaving soon together on a diplomatic mission. I expect to learn a lot from him. He is so dignified and refined and imposing -- I hope I don't disappoint him -too- much.
Mikani A very patient teacher. I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for him or excited for this new adventure.
Monique The Radiant-Emeritus is everything I expected, and then some. His knowledge is humbling, and it's not often that I'm humbled. Or ever, really. I owe him a boon.
Narcissa Stop stealing my thoughts. I would discredit you and call you unoriginal, were you not my senior.
Orrin Exceptionally quiet. Is that where 'Whisper' comes from?
Reigna A former Radiant, and I can see why. It is a rare thing to find such a paragon of culture and etiquette in Arx, peculiar as that is to say. But he simply defines what it is I always thought conversing with the Peerage to be. He is erudite, calm, composes, yet there is something compelling in him as well. You simply want to smile, to lean into that gentility and bask.
Selene The inestimable Eldest Whisper sets the mode for all those have followed in his footsteps. An impeccable courtier in fullest command of social faculties and mental nuance, he continues to sail through troubled waters with greatest of ease. Dignity acts as his finest attire, and that prized smile leaves him a force to be reckoned with. Proof one can act at a distance.
Vega Perhaps my favorite person in the entire room. His wit is as sharp as his etiquette is on point. I wish to be like him when I grow up.