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Anisha Whisper

I'll be your mirror.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: The Mirror of Desire
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Whisper
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/9
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Whisper
Height: 5'5''
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skintone: Fair

While her height is thoroughly average, Anisha strives to be exceptional in every other regard. Her limbs are slender and graceful, her frame shapely curves that she all but always dresses to flatter. Mercurial, her hair's shape and length - and sometimes even colour - is always changing. Her eyes are an intense pale blue, bordering on grey, and she uses make-up to great effect to accentuate that. She has been blessed with dramatic cheekbones, alongside full and sultry lips.

Anisha presents a carefully calculated image of herself to the world - from a warm and inviting voice with a love for wordplay, to her expertly applied wardrobe and accessories, she is rarely anything but sculpted towards perfection. After all, she's a Whisper. A role model. A mirror, for all the things the world wants and wants to be.

Anisha is a bright and curious thing, always eager to learn more about the people around her. Enjoying the finer things, she has a zest and passion for life that borders on (and frequently crosses into) the hedonistic. She can find enthusiasm for just about anything and tries to spread joy with her every word and action.

Background: Who is Anisha Whisper? That might depend on who and when you ask. She joined Whisper House after time as a courtier in Setarco, offering a differing story to whomever asked - though a common signifier she left in is that she's a former noble who left her family in some disgrace. The noble house is always anonymous and unnamed, though the fealty frequently changes. For now, she insists that she has found her purpose in life as a Whisper and a Mirrormask, and that it was only a matter of time before her journey led her to Arx.

Name Summary
Aethan A Whisper, which would have been apparent even without introduction.
Alaric She is a friendly Whisper with what appears to be an eye for detail and a slight streak of mischief.
Alessia I really shouldn't be surprised to have met another Whisper I can't help but admire. In addition, her theological insight gives me a lot to chew on, even though she claims no expertise. I look forward to future discussions.
Amari A very lovely host with impeccable fashion sense. I'll have to wait for the transcript before I know if her speeches are any good, but I suspect they are.
Apollo Perfectly happy to indulge my curiosity, even if that has limits.
Ashur A Whisper who introduces everyone! Generous, beautiful, courteous, and engaging. She's everything that one might expect.
Bianca An engaging and thoughtful member of the Whisper House. She has a wonderful sense of taste, a clever way with words, but most importantly, seems to go out of her way to help make people welcome. A truly valuable and precious quality.
Brigida Grace and Dignity combined with no small amount of modesty makes this Whisper quite the impressive woman. There's more to her and I like that. You would struggle to find a better host.
Catalana The whisper could give Princess Sabella a run for knowing everyone. She is beautiful and kind. I look forward to working with her in the future.
Celeste Hers is a name I've heard in Setarco, and did not think to find in Arx. But that's the beauty of this city isn't it?
Dariel A delight to talk to while she tried to stay mysterious. Does everyone have some animal pet? Still, hers does not make a mess and that's something.
Domonico She can still manage to look dignified even in a ridiculous situation. I approve.
Drusila A member of house Whisper who appears to focus on potential positive changes of the future and reminding others that the gloom of winter isn't forever. Positivity is infectious, and Anisha is a delightful presence to be around.
Drusila She's enthusiastic for knowledge this one, I may have to be careful or this fox might just run away with something precious. Her love of baths is a point in her favor, I will keep my eyes on this whisper and perhaps she may just help the air rise beneath my wings.
Ephrath I do not understand these Whispers well yet, but if they are all like Anisha: I may wish to call them friend.
Evaristo Is there a Whisper out there that isn't stunning and utterly charming? If so, it's certainly not Anisha. Maybe we'll be neighbors and throw the most OPULENT parties, so the Iron Guard must come and yell at us.
Gerald Ah, the joys of youth. Such a pleasant sort of amusement, all in all. Delightful. Charming. And, without a doubt, dangerous.
Josephine While one could say that the first impression left was a dour and unimpressive one, the newest setarcan trained whisper has been making great strides in redemption and is sure to be a whisper of note in the future more so than she is now.
Juliette I really like her emerald ring. I wonder if this is an idle visit or just made to look one.
Kaia A mysterious mystery! A lovely fashionable Whisper, who seems to serve our beloved Princess of Pink and Ribbons. She knows my beloved Martino, what a surprise! Not really. *chuckles* She seems quite nice! I shall have to converse more with her soon!
Korka The first Whisper I've met that actually seems to embody what they ought to be rather than what they've become.
Lenne I've rarely met anyone who can see right through me, as she can. And to be so charming, disarming and delightfully seductive besides. She's a dangerous woman, but exactly the sort of danger that lures you in.
Leola Anisha Whisper embodies the virtues of her house, and the Lyceum, both. She is a fine and comforting figure, and one I trust will provide sterling comfort to the Compact
Llewella Whisper Anisha is aboslutely delightful! A conversation with a stranger can occasionally be awkward, but she navigates the waters of social interaction with grace.
Lora Another lovely, charming Whisper. I am most curious how she plans to distinguish herself from the others, and what sort of name she will make for herself in Arx.
Lucien Keen Anisha Whisper is one to pay attention to. Even in chaotic environments, she remains clever and attentive.
Mabelle A lovely and intriguing Whisper woman. I should like to know her better.
Martino An utterly delectable Whisper and refreshing company to be around. Grace, charm and enthralling conversation comes as her second nature.
Mikani Whisper and a Mirrormask. Tehom teaches to embrace the wild reflections of life. I'm glad she's in Lenne's life. My sister could use some wild reflections.
Mirk Whisper and Mirrormask, accompanied by her 'apprentice whisper,' the charming Evensong. She shows interest in people, and I'm sure with a little more time to work, she has people telling her their life stories.
Nurie A most delightful Whisper, and mirrormask as well! So very intriguing, I hope that I will have the chance to get to know her better!
Petal Lovely, charming and great taste. She has a kindness and a thoughtness about her.
Ras She curtsied to me. Uh... guess she can recognize greatness, that's all. Yep.
Reese Lovely, intelligent, fascinating and a Mirrormask Whisper!
Rosalind A fun Whisperer and great drinking partner! Wait! Can I say that? Is that proper? She is regardless poised and I'm sure I can learn from her!
Rukhnis As gracious and bright as most Whispers seem to be, with a touch of common sense as well. Though it is a hard thing to feel entirely easy around those who wear masks, even such a one as hers.
Sebastian A Setarcan trained Whisper -- so undoubtedly both the brighest jewel and the most dangerous, at that. One to watch.
Sudara Do the Whispers become younger with every passing year? This one is pretty, flirtatious, and eager to learn the arts attendant upon her calling.
Sydney Sociable, polite and humble. All things I'd be more inclined to believe if not for the fact that she's a Whisper. Wonder if she's the same in private as she is in public.
Sylvi A whisper that has offered to show me the collection of books that they house. I'll certainly have to take her up on it, there's no telling what kind of secrets they're holding.
Tatienne A whisper, kind, intelligent; and knows just how to get a wealthy man to spend his resources in my shop. Appreciated on all counts.
Thea She talks an awful lot. But it was refreshing and I'm sure she does her house proud.
Vayne A woman with an impressive goal set. She seems thoughtful and comfortable with herself. She should be an asset to the Shrine, and I look forward to learning from her.
Zoey Brightens the room with her presence, but should be mindful not to try to illuminate too much.