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Sidney Whisper

Everyone needs something, and I'm very good at being that something.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Irreverent Courtier
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: male
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Skintone: Fair, Gold-Toned

Description: Sidney is a man who seems to live wholly and unrepentantly on the surface of his skin. A lifetime of unguarded expressions has etched laugh lines around the corners of his brightly perceptive blue eyes and naturally upturned mouth, and a slight pinch between his brows marks where they're prone to furrowing in concentration or sardonic humor. The calculated chaos of his dark curls gives him a playfully rakish air, and the way they dance over his brow and hang around his face emphasizes the slight softness of youth lingering in his features. His neatly shaped goatee is short and a bit sparse, possibly representing all the beard he can actually grow at the moment. He has the height and lean musculature of a man who has never known serious deprivation, and his nimble, long-fingered hands show only the calluses of delicate work.

Personality: There's a sly, irrepressible humor at Sidney's core which colors everything he does. Almost any embarrassment is met with self-deprecation; almost any threat with gallows humor. This irreverence can make him seem shallow or insincere, especially to those who buy into his persona of playful hedonism, but when it's required or desired of him he's more than capable of showing a deeply thoughtful side. Or an earnestly sympathetic side. Or an impulsive, impassioned side. Or, in fact, almost any side at all. Emotional flexibility is a bit of a specialty of his.

Background: Sidney is the kind of man who can answer "Where are you from?" with either a succinct answer or an accurate one. He usually errs on the side of brevity, painting his past with broad strokes and tailoring the details to the particular interests of his audience. Locals might appreciate hearing that he was born in the capital city proper, while immigrants tend to relate more to his stories of an adolescence spent in the Lyceum. Scholars are offered the name of the highly respected scribe he apprenticed under in Lenosia, while artists are given a romantic summary of his brief time among the brutal cliffs and pirate bands of the Mourning Isles. All or none of it might be a fabrication, and he is rarely precise about dates. What is clear is that he returned to Arx at eighteen and was brought under the wing of the Whisper House shortly thereafter. At twenty, he has still not quite refined himself to their standards.

Name Summary
Aethan I think he was as uncomfortable as me, though he was a little better at not showing it.
Alessandro Anyone who notices and appreciates the care one takes with one's eyebrows is someone well worth knowing -- so I hope to know him better soon.
Bliss Sidney is life lived well personified, I am fairly sure. While he might need a little nudge or guidance here and there, he is very promising as a Whisper. I am certainly looking forward to seeing more of him.
Jeffeth A Whisper. Aw. I love the story he told about his childhood about the Silver Order. I wish such things weren't broken for him. If I have my way I will restore that image for him, one way or another. Cats will be saved.
Lorenzo An interesting man, charming in the way that Whispers tend to be. He seems to have a remarkable way of focusing on those around him.
Niklas Much better conversation than one expects to find in the Murder of Crows. Always appreciate it when someone gets the joke, even if everyone else in the room is taking it very seriously.
Reese He seems quite interesting and educated and well spoken.