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Maja Darling

There, there. Don't worry, my dear one, my sweet. You can tell me anything.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Mysterious Omen
Fealty: Crown
Family: Darling
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Wheeler-dealer
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: warm brown
Skintone: golden brown

Description: Everything about Maja exudes warmth: the honeyed tone of her voice, her soothing charm and her winsome looks all come together to project an air of approachability. She's a slender wisp of a thing imbued with effortless grace; her movements are nimble and feather-light. Her wide smiles can feel like coming home and her touch a comfort -- they, coupled with her button nose and spray of tumultuous curls, lend her a disarming cuteness that plays against her sharper aspects. For despite the refinement of her appearance, her accent is common and her bird-like build is more the consequence of a life spent just-getting-by than the gift of natural genetics.

Personality: Best friend. Confidant. Confessor. To be in Maja's company is to often feel completely comfortable. She's a charming woman and works hard to make people feel at ease. She's sweet. She's warm. She's friendly. She can even be goofy at times. When someone needs to unburden their worries, it feels like their secrets will be safe with her. When someone needs a hug, her arms are there to comfort. So despite the rumors about her unfortunate beginning, many are happy to pass along favors and information because she is just .. so .. darn .. nice.

However, every once in a while, it all feels carefully .. crafted. In rare moments, when she thinks no one is looking, the warmth falls away and she is simply blank. She will fall back into her thoughts and feelings while her body appears to be a shell that she simply leaves behind for a spell. What exists in this inner world of hers? That is harder to discern.

Background: Majandra's life had an ominous beginning.

Knights of Solace, escorting a caravan of commonfolk looking to resettle in Arx, came across a gruesome scene. The path forward was littered with bodies -- first it was one or two but as they continued ahead, the number of dead increased to such a number that the ground was stained red with blood. It appeared that a group similar to their own had been set upon by Abandoned; the wounds on the corpses betrayed that this was no animal attack: weapons had been used. There were no survivors save one: a child. She looked to be no older than eight or nine and she stood there serenely amongst it all, covered in blood but not suffering a single scratch on her. When asked what happened, she was unable to tell them for she could not speak.

The travelers took her with them to Arx although the commonfolk kept their distance. 'Cursed,' they whispered between them. 'A bad omen, at the very least,' would be murmured in reply. Other than being unable to speak, the child seemed untroubled by what happened: no tears, no bad dreams, no signs of trauma.

When they arrived in Arx, she was taken to the orphanage, given a name and eventually, she learned to communicate -- first with hand gestures, eventually with words. Still, she was unable to shed light on what happened; it was as if her life began when the travelers found her.

She did not have many friends in the orphanage -- one of the children overheard the adults talking about how Majandra was found and once one kid knew, they all knew. She was ostracized and bullied. At first, she dealt with it by pushing back, by acting tough. However, she soon figured out that the best way to disarm someone was with sweetness. Majandra turned on the charm, her warmth shining like a light in the dark. A wink, a smile, a compliment: these were the things that made people believe that maybe, just maybe, their ideas about her were wrong.

'What's your name?'
'I'm Maja, darling.'

She grew from a child into a young woman and, once she was old enough, left the orphanage to find her way in the world. Although she never appeared to show interest in learning more about who she is -- who she /really/ is -- or what happened to her all those years ago, Maja did understand the value of information. When people told her things, she would store it away and keep it safe; after all, one never knows when something will prove useful. These charms, the same ones that made others feel comfortable sharing their secrets with her, gave her the ability to sweet talk merchants into giving her lower rates on goods at the market. Sometimes, she would turn around and sell them at a higher price. Sometimes, she would use the materials to craft. The future presents many options: merchant, tailor, information broker, good luck charm, bad omen...

Time will tell which path she will follow.

Relationship Summary

  • Carita - Inspiring Example

  • Family:
  • Ras - Little Brother

  • The crown:
  • Brady - Shady Brady
  • Sir Jeffy - Gentle Giant
  • Bliss - Radiant Champion
  • Emrys - Stern Teacher
  • Venturo - Dangerously Lucky

  • Lyceum:
  • Vitalis - Sneaky Benefactor
  • Drusila - Bird of a Feather

  • Northlands:
  • Braith - Beautiful Bard
  • Cadern - Charming Researcher

  • Crownlands:
  • Reese - Pink Princess
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Gives sound advice.
    Agostino A fellow native, and such a delightful one, to boot. Curious, too, though I am not in any position to complain about that. Hopefully I run into her more in the future.
    Ajax A woman who makes me tired just by watching her. Fun to be around though.
    Alarissa While in the past Alarissa hasn't had much care for Whisper House, Maja is part of those who are swiftly changing that opinion for the better.
    Alexio Charming lady; a whisper apprentice and rising merchant. I like her! Hopefully we shall become great friends.
    Arcadia She's cute and bouncy and friendly. I wonder if she likes adventures.
    Behtuk There is a sound falling snow makes. She is the opposite of that sound.
    Bhandn I had the feeling she figured out my trick in that game, which begs the question of why she kept it to herself. And that only invites more questions about what she said during /her/ turn.
    Bliss Maja is progressing quickly. From the girl who was overwhelmed even at the sight of Whisper House to one of the most successful merchants in the city, she has managed to charm and win over many hearts - myself included. Her star is only just beginning to ascend. She will shine brightly one day, and I see no end to her potential.
    Bonnie It's hard to tell what to expect, with bar and drink reccomendations from anyone that well dressed. But she sounds really convincing so what's the worst that could happen?
    Brady She grew into quite the beauty. I wonder if she's still as mischievous.
    Braith I will drink her whiskey for her any day - even if she does not appreciate the drink like she should. I think she might just need the proper motivation. But when I am not tipsy and falling into bars. She needs a song. I need to write a song about a Whisper to Be who could not enjoy her Whiskey. Whisper's Whiskey.
    Brigida Looks pretty, dresses in fine clothing and talks like someone from the Lowers. She seems to have done well for herself. She's also done a good job of giving me extra work. Not sure if I should thank her or not.
    Caspian How is she so fast? When did she get so far ahead of me?
    Catalana A little firecracker of a woman. I have never met someone with so much personality in such a little body.
    Corrigan A beautiful, young woman with curls that look soft as silk. Pity she lost her smile for me.
    Dante What a delightful young woman! Starling Darling found me in a tiger staredown, but I gained a most charming and intelligent friend out of this chance encounter. I count myself fortunate for it, and look forward to one day carrying out my promise - just wait, Fifi Fidante!
    Delia She charms people like she was born to it. I can only imagine what she will do with the Whispers and just hope I'm a part of it.
    Dianara She was a comfort during an unexpected delivery of information. Her manner will lead her far in our ranks. I've seen enough apprentices to know when I'm seeing something special.
    Domonico This woman seems to take considerable enjoyment from combat. I wonder what she'd make of actual battle? She may have a shock.
    Drusila 'Majandra Darling', called Maja or Darling, a woman I chanced upon conversing with at the Queensrest. She was quite friendly and an excellent teller of tall tales, and made me feel welcome despite whatever bits of custom I am yet to quite grasp in the capital.
    Elfriede A curly-haired explosion of emotion and certain mirth. She's horrifying to me.
    Emrys She has energy and joy aplenty. That much, anyone with eyes, and ears, can tell. But more importantly, she's eager to learn. Her enthusiasm for it should be cherished, rather than crushed.
    Evaristo So contagiously happy and vivacious she puts me to shame there. I like her!
    Gabriel A woman of late spring and summer by her own admission and very much out of her season with all this winter. I get the impression she wasn't raised with as much wealth as her clothing might lead someone to believe, but she sells the performance well because her personality carries the warmth of her favorite seasons.
    Galatea I've seen but little of this woman so far, but she seems kind and graceful and earnest. If she's to be a Whisper, I suspect my judgment isn't wrong.
    Gaspar What do you call the flower that makes all others around it appear wilted? Darling is gifted and blessed in ways most people cannot even dream of. I look forward to calling her a friend.
    Geralt She likes good food, alcohol, bawdy jokes, and gambling. What's not to like?
    Giuliano Polite, well-mannered, knows her place in the hierarchy. Undoubtedly she'll go far, negotiating the world that she has chosen. If only all were so intelligent.
    Gregory She seems to be successfully making friends with those of high station, but I worry that is all she cares about.
    Harlex Charming and from the Lowers. Friend of Jeffeth's. Got to be alright.
    Ishmael She is very friendly, a joy to be around. I expect she will make a good Whisper.
    Jasher Quite apt for her to be the butterfly. When she flaps her wings, I wonder what will stir afterward.
    Jeffeth How could I have not recognized her? Little Maja Darling. One of the sweetest little ones I played with as a younger man. I was always concerned about her being taken advantage of. But how she has blossomed. REALLY BLOSSOMED. She is incredibly lovely and still retains all the sweetness of her youth, even if she has learned a few things since then. All in all, the little Darling is breathtaking both inside and out.
    Kaia What a charming young woman! An apprentice Whisper it seems. She was quite taken by my kitten. *chuckles* She seems friendly and makes for pleasant conversation. I like her!
    Luca She's splendor and fire, isn't she? Very friendly. A little charm will take an aspiring merchant a long ways. I'm sure she'll do wonderful! After all, I give great advice!
    Magnus One of the newest Whispers, she is very interesting and knows how to turn a monotonous social gathering into something fun and engaging. Also, she calls me Nussie.
    Magpie Magpie first came across Maja as a competitor in the People's Tournament, but didn't have a real conversation with her until later. She proved to be solid Whisper material because she was more than capable of keeping talk going *and* it was interesting. She also braved a fear, which impressed Magpie considerably considering they barely knew each other.
    Marisol Was quite surprised by Basil hidden under the table. But she is rather delightful and promising. We had a wonderful conversation and enjoyed each other's company. I am sure I will see more of her and more than likely hear more soon.
    Martino My, from where she has started to where she now is. What a journey that she has taken and one that will be written about in the archives for others to be inspired by. An utter delight.
    Monique A Whisper-to-be with a very intriguing past and a penchant for knowing exactly what a person wants and giving it to them in the most graceful of ways. Shared interests; we'll go far together.
    Niklas An enterprising survivor. She'll make a fine radiant.
    Nurie My hero! I would not have gotten through the lowers without her! Perhaps I will meet her in better circumstances where I'm not sweating like a pig, and breathing like a stuck one!
    Ouida A brave and hungry young woman, as well as adventuresome, to venture so far from Arx to partake in a festival. I have seen her around town since, it will be interesting to see where her path leads her!
    Petal She seems cheerful, friendly and like she has lots of things she wants to do and learn.
    Raimon A friendly Whisper in Training
    Ras She's my whole family. I trust her. And whoever says otherwise is getting PUNCHED IN THE FACE!
    Reese She seems cheerful and interesting. Cheerful, but not just at the right level where it is charming. She has a subtle intelligence and a charm as well.
    Sabella On our first day back in the city I should not have been surprised to meet a kindred spirit such as this! She has the most amazing imagination and is effortless with her words and her curls are so exquisite! I can tell we are going to just be the best of friends!
    Salvador An interesting woman with a hat full of tails atop her head! I didn't really get to know her name, but she was vivacious, and loves parties and dancing, it would seem.
    Selene What a conundrum in the best of ways. She has the merchant's keen acumen and wit for assessing a situation, and a natural warmth to her that time will only enhance rather than dampen. I look forward to our interactions, fleeting though sometimes they may be, for there are such hidden depths and talents awaiting here!
    Sorrel A protegee of Countess Carita, she has a charming way about her and excellent taste in fashion!
    Sparte She has an odd Ministry title, kind of stands out when it is about her not standing out. Seems an interesting sort to get to know some time.
    Venturo I must wonder if the Whispers saw what was coming when Mistress Darling came to join them... or if they were all just convinced she was already an apprentice, given her grace and charm. I, however, am convinced there is more than that smoldering sweetness beneath all of those curls.
    Vitalis Dazzled, and I'm sure in time, dazzling.
    Willow From the Tragedy. Gorgeous girl, and earnest. I hope she doesn't lose that.