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Lord Kritr Clearlake

A life lived quietly is a life lived in chains.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Prodigal Aspirant
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Clearlake
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 32
Birthday: 5/1
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Warchief
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: tanned

Description: Over six foot tall, and resembling more of a bear than a man in his furs, Kritr is broadshouldered, over six foot tall and heavy-set, the sort of musculature and build that comes from use rather than honing specific muscle groups. He has distinctive features, a bald head and thick, bushy beard featuring a wiry mix of reds, browns and grey hairs. His face is a wealth of scars and tattoos, a series of green sigils that detract from weathered features, even hiding premature signs of old age. Scars and battlewounds also detract from the man's appearance, a swollen cauliflower ear, and nose that has been broken and reset more than once. Though time and experience have worn down the man's body, his eyes are bright, burnt sienna gaze interested and more intelligent than his heritage might suggest.

Personality: Kritr is not a charmer. He is typically gruff, to the point, and favors brutal honesty over even small white lies. He is the sort of man to be quiet and reticent instead of speaking untruths or disrespect, but at times his direct nature can be offensive. He is not driven by personal ambition but by a sense of curiosity and the strong desire to see his people survive and thrive.

Background: Kritr grew up wanting nothing more than to grow closer to the Spirits of his homeland and to provide for his family and people with furs and meat that the land provided. Life, though, had little cares for what he wanted. Living in at the edge of the Northern Mountain was tough, a constant battle against nature and man alike as the tribes warred among each other and with the Compact itself. While Kritr was taken with Shamanism he also proved to be an able leader and warrior. Though far from the best fighter of his clan, he was among the steadiest and grew to be respected for leading the defense of the clan. With the growing threats of the Horned God and the return of so much that was lost, the clan met and decide to throw their lot in with the Compact with Kritr as one of the leading voices for the decision. Among the others chosen to represent that clan as the 'noble family' he was placed as one of the highest leaders and sent to Arx to represent them in their new path through life.

Name Summary
Aahana Hopefully I can get a chance to spar against him once I have my new armor. He said a word I need to potentially research into.
Adalyn Boisterous, direct, and opinionated. He's one who tells it like he sees it, rather than trying to sugarcoat things. If only more of Arx's citizens adopted that method, it might be an easier place to navigate.
Agostino Perhaps the most boisterous nobleman I've ever met, but pleasant enough once you get used to the volume. And I can appreciate his direct, forthright manner.
Amari He's rather like a big bear who loves axes, and learning new ways of throwing them and has no pretensions of being anything other than his glorious, natural self. I can respect that, and the patience he showed for my lessons and demands. Most would hesitate when asked to throw a battleaxe. He didn't.
Arcelia Lord Krit is an interesting man to say the least. Though I wish he wasn't so leery of being manipulated. I wonder who hurt him in the past that he is hardened this way. Perhaps he will open up in time though. When I first walked in he seemed so cheerful and ready to have a wonderful time. Then... he just sort of closed off rather suddenly. A shame.
Asha Straightforward for a noble. Also able to handle an axe that's taller than some actual humans. Impressive.
Asher A brave man, entering a Lyceum-held Melee with no armor, and no weapon. But for what it's worth, he held his own fairly well! He deserves drinks.
Aswin A Northern lord who did a good job against me in the training ring. I'm man enough to admit that much.
Bahiya Heavy tread, his words are thick with honesty, he makes such a concept sound very simple. Winter is cold. The day is good. What is an oasis? Mammoths without fur. He was very pleasant to speak to, it can be reassuring to know what you hear in a person's tone is exactly what they mean to be.
Bellamy He seems to think that because I'm a Redrain princess I should act like a big tough barbarian woman. I guess I'll disappoint him.
Bhandn A man who takes training perhaps as seriously as I do, though our methods differ. I wonder if he also uses weighted packs for his.
Bianca A great bear of a man who does not so much as balk fighting armored opponents with barely any to speak of himself. It speaks to a certain boldness; but Lord Kritr seems very much a practically-minded, straightforward man. In times like these, I consider both such qualities a great boon.
Brigida Disrespectful and rude.
Calypso I'm going to end up fucking his brains out, one of these days. I can already tell.
Catalana Ugh. Exactly what you'd expect of a prodigal. You'd think he'd try to fit in.
Charlotte He dresses like my husband did. All bones and leathers. Like a heathen and while my fear of him took a moment to pass, he was quite pleasant company. Not what I expected at all.
Clara Man is willin' ta arm wrestle Arik... That alone earns him some respect.
Corrigan Fantastic. /Another/ noisy inebriated idiot. Exactly what my night needed.
Dorian A rather large yet seemingly surprisingly insecure man. I'd certainly like to meet his prince. I don't hiss at everyone, but, well, sometimes you have to think of a reaction on your feet.
Dycard Bracingly straightforward. Honestly? A welcome novelty in Arx.
Emily Six mugs a day. Enjoys bacon. I think I have thus so far summed up my first encounter. An interesting one to say the least but I suspect the bacon he cooks will be delicious.
Esme My second meeting. The first he was doing pushups and looking like he went a few rounds. This time he's beating up a stump. I can't get a feel for him just yet, but I will say that he seems determined. That's a great skill to possess.
Evelynn An interesting man with experiences very few can say they share. To top it all off, he seems fun.
Ezra The man likely is not a difficult read but it's hard to imagine some of this is not show. With that being said, he strikes an impressive frame that likely is well suited to combat but probably less suited for subtle matters.
Felicia Willing to step up and fight for the Compact without hesitation and doesn't shy from going where needed. If only all were so brave.
Gerald Quite loud and very... excitable. I think he would make an excellent herald. Or promoter.
Geralt One of the Clearlakers. He kind of reminds me of one of my uncle, back when I was a boy, just now a younger version. I think I like him.
Hamish A northern lord who truly demonstrates himself to be connected to the land in which he was born.
Ian Really loud.
Ilira Perhaps, when I am in a mind less hazed from the past days, I will return to the North and sit with Lord Krit whilst my animals gather around. It's a lovely afternoon to envisage.
Joslyn A northerner from the far north. Loves beer and trying different beers. Made for an entertaining evening.
Jourdain A plain speaker and a fine fighter. There are not enough such men in Arx.
Jyri Cuts to the chase, keeps it simple. I appreciate such characteristics.
Kaldur I despair of ever acclimating to my new people when its people cheer a bar brawl.
Kastelon A solid lord I should like as an ally. Krit is the first I have met from the farthest north.
Kedehern One of the Prodigals of House Clearlake. A bit rough around the edges, certainly, but there's something to be said for sharing one's thoughts honestly, and easily.
Korka A prodigal that may or may not have children with his sister? Something like that. I tried not to listen.
Leola Seems bluff and to the point, to a fault. I'm sure that's deliberate, but I do wonder what he thinks of the rest of us. Not much, by his comments.
Lucita A chocolate lover! He tells interesting stories and is nicely tolerant of female gossip!
Mabelle A funny man with an aversion to marriage and women. Looks like a funny conversationalist.
Maeve Loud. Rugged. Interesting. I think he is trying to be extra manly around the girls. I think it is some weird mating dance like the birds do, especially when he flexes his biceps.
Maris Looks like a wild man, though he's simply spoken, if not a bit rough around the edges. Straight from the far North by the looks of things.
Martino Smeared himself in oil and fought in the ring during winter. One to truly applaud for their bravery in doing that.
Medeia Big, loud, friendly with Rosa - so probably fine. I'm happy to let him consider me a dangerous doll.
Mikani I feel bad for a man that has to drink fermented milk. I know he will fare better in Arx, if I have to buy him every drink from here on out.
Mirk The eccentric former baron of Clearlake. I hear he's spent a great deal of recent time in the Everwinter, and he's come back with stories about it.
Nina A very friendly sort who gave some good advice about public appearances! I'll bet he has no fear of small things!
Ophelia He loves to yell for his drinks and suggested that I try it sometime. I suppose there's no harm in trying!
Ophne A bear of a man, and a bit too much like me than I'd probably like to admit. We're both outspoken and blunt, but he's taller, fatter and hairier than me.
Orelia This guy is great! Big voices indicate big spirits.
Pepper Energetic, boisterous, and loud, but already showing a strong moral code. It would be interesting to see what he will inspire around Arx.
Piccola A man that prefers to get down to business, and his business is apparently the call of war. Not enough of those around.
Poppy He's quite knowledgable about animals. And spirits. But by gods he is loud!
Porter People like to tell me that I'm loud. Well, I've got news FOR THEM. This guy is just as loud. Nice to find a kindred spirit, even if he can't swim. That's fixable.
Rane Just as fierce as I ever knew him to be. He nearly cleaved me in two and I need to watch out for his axe better next time if this is to be a next time.
Ras Big loud guy. Fights with an axe, I guess. It's funny seein him yell at people but it ain't fun to be yelled at.
Reese A Lord of Clearlake who might one day be a Shaman Knight. He seems very skilled with his axe and his family lands sound absolutely fasicinating. Who knows, maybe someday I will see!
Revell I must admit that when I first passed the man, I thought he was nothing but a loud, annoying Lord that had nothing better to do than laugh at Commoners squabbling, like he didn't understand how close that bar brawl had come to me losing a dear friend. However, having now sat down to just.. talk to him, I can safely say that I was wrong. I was so wrong I feel ashamed of it. He's.. somebody that the Compact needs, badly, and I hope my station won't prevent me from becoming his friend.
Riagnon Not nearly as intimidating as his appearance, or helmet smell, would suggest. Really quite friendly! I hope he solves his beaver problem.
Rosalind I cant wait for him to tell me more stories! And Im going to call everyone Toothwaddles!
Rowenova One of the best drinking buddies out there. Fellow Northerner, Clearlake lord, story teller, and arm wrestler. Knows how to live it up Northern style.
Rowynna A hue bear of a man that wields an axe like nothing I've laid eyes on before. Wherever he's from, they certainly grow them big.
Rukhnis He is.. loud. More specifically, he is loud at and about flowers. It may be for the benefit of the collective eardrums of Arx that he has arrived here at the onset of winter rather than spring.
Ryhalt A fierce protector of his Patron.
Rysen I've heard the inhospitable tundra of the Everwinter can rob one of their humanity, returning them to a savage state, and rendering them incapable of speech. It has had quite the opposite effect on Lord Kritr who's now even more boisterous than ever, which I'd not thought possible.
Sabella A very exuberant man who likes to drink and fight! I'm sure there's more to him than that but he was certainly very insistent about it when I met him at the Spirits!
Scarlett Oh, I see how it is. When Lord Clearlake goes forth and snowballs in the middle of a fight, it's a charming assumption, but when I ask about snowballing it's "inappropriate" in the "temple" and I should be "ashamed." Memo to self: ask the Legate if there's some other meaning of this term I am as yet unaware of.
Shard Northerner, apparently. Abandoned too. Big heavy fighter, tendency to shout at random. I'm going to assume they didn't take him on very many hunting trips.
Siegward Another tribal scion come to make sense of the world through the Compact. Perhaps they'll make a difference, perhaps not; time will tell.
Signe A boistrous giant of a man, who's more than willing to enjoy a good drink or seventeen. I like him!
Sophie A simple man. Sometimes that's the best you can be. Someone who is what they are and makes no bones about it. His fondness for fighting while hungover guarantees I will see him again, or some other Mercy will, but we will patch him up and send him back to do it all over again. Such is our way.
Sunaia A well-traveled lord who knows far more than I thought upon first seeing him throw an axe; of the Clearlakes, like Ringvald. One thing is certain: I've already learned much from him in just a few hours.
Svana A strange but seemingly well meaning Clearlake Lord. He is quite knowledgable about furs and animals.
Sydney A man of few words, but he at least sees the value in a well-thrown punch. Respect is well enough for a start, as far as I'm concerned.
Tanith A man of chosen words and beer. Can't say there's a better customer than that at the Murder, can I?
Thea A loud man. I think his hearing is going.
Verity I admire practical men, and he certainly seems to be one. Though, he should probably stop rubbing dirt in his wounds. You can scarcely bleed a moment in Arx without a Mercy rushing out of the shadows offering to bandage you, so why not take advantage?
Veronica Larger (and louder) than life, and probably with the strength to back it up. Which is a breath of fresh air amongst all those with lots of bark and no bite.
Vitalis A tenative man, ill-at-ease in the City. I did my best to put him at ease. Some won't. He's got a tale or two to tell, I think.
Viviana Less gruff than he looks. Definitely as tough as he looks.
Wagner Just another silk, not knowin why the Lowers are starving. Figures.
Yasmine The loudest and most brash of voices in the room, but there's something charming in the rough-hewn countenance of the man. Perhaps it's because of their shared prodigal roots, but his brevity of words is refreshing.
Yrsa Wise, and generous with his time and knowledge. He doesn't say very much in plain speak, but his words have a ring of wisdom to them. I look forward to learning more about him.
Zoey Loud and unafraid to ask for what he wants. Might be interesting to see him with a few more drinks in him.