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Marquessa Rhea Acheron

Someone else would just get it wrong.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Mercurial Marquessa
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Acheron
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 24
Birthday: 5/27
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Elective
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Marquessa of Aviaron's Peak

Description: The first impression that Rhea strikes is her cool, clear skin, in ivory contrast to the long fall of her dark hair. She is ebon and cream, midnight and moonlight. Though a sculptor could have cast her features from marble -- the clean angles and planes of her cheeks, the willful strength of her angled jawline -- the dynamic animation of the bow of her mouth with its hinted shade of bladed smile, and the intensity of her brilliant gaze, are irreproducible in art. Her eyes are a vivid, intense blue, remarkable for both clarity and color beneath the quirk of fine, dark brows. Lean as a rail, she is a woman of rangy height and long limbs, her hands fine-boned with long fingers that speak in fleeting, active gestures.

Personality: Before serendipitously inheriting Aviaron's Peak, Rhea was a young woman who knew it all and was all too happy to meddle and manipulate others. Never for personal gain, of course, but out of a genuine desire to make their lives better. Her interests were varied but rarely lasting; whatever she cared about, she cared for deeply but only briefly.

You would think becoming responsible for so many other people would temper her. You would be wrong. She now spends her days arguing with her advisors and ministers about things like whether or not they should reallocate their defense budget to engineering a man-made lake atop the Peak for year-round ice fishing. Amateur comedian or waiting disaster? Public opinion is mixed. At least she's (usually) nice!

Background: Even as a child, Rhea was bossy and very focused on guiding other people, just rarely in a way they'd want their guidance. No, Rhea, you can't help Riagnon toughen up by filling his mattress with rocks. No, Rhea, don't cut your uncle's armor straps because he hasn't realized he's grown too fat for them. No, Rhea, you should not be ordering those obviously satirical self-help books from the Great Archive and be giving them to people you don't like. Attempts to curb this behavior backfired, but the worst of it seemed to bleed out of her over the years, until she drank a bit too much at a diplomatic dinner and threw her goblet on the guest of honor. A decision was made to huck her off to Nightgold's cadet branch.

Within three months, it came out the head and only other member of that cadet branch was actually a long lost prince. He went home. Oops. After a month of waiting for a long lost Aviaron to appear in similar fashion, she declared herself Marquessa.

Name Summary
Aleksei I guess I can't disagree that Peanut would make a pretty great Archlector.
Aureth I have never met anyone so immediately delighted to be an interfering busybody in my life. Fascinating.
Caspian Don't make it sound that romantic! Pushing someone into icy ocean waters is not at all romantic. But very funny. I'm sad it didn't work!
Delilah Fabulous dress, delightful imagination, and a wicked streak a mile wide. She stole a book from a Whisper in the Queensrest Inn fabulously. Exactly the sort of person I want to get to know better.
Echo She knows a thing or two about turtles. More than that, she was happy to hold on the puns with my name so that counts for something!
Eleanor I've never met anyone like her. She's very bossy and demanding, but she's somehow kind of charming about it? And she made me laugh a lot. Maybe I should meet her a bunch more times so I can figure her out.
Estil The Captain of Cat Puns, a lady with a vibrant sense of humor and enough wit to make it stick. How could I not be a little bit in love already?
Kenna Oh help me she's scary, scary, scary, scary. I feel like she cares though, in her own weird way.
Marcas Clearly intelligent and witty, her presence during a night of extensive drinking was very amusing and will undoubtedly be welcome to have again.
Mydas My cousin and ward. Ever entertaining, the key is to never forget that one should only channel such a river, never try to dam it. She will do as she wills, and it's better for everyone involved that she be allowed to.
Riagnon Not having grown up with her, I can honestly say without a hint of youthful nostalgia that my sister is a tyrant and a terror.
Sabella A very promising and punny playwright! I look forward to seeing her offerings in the future.
Tomwell A master facilitator. Can one be charmingly imperious? Frankly, she's probably not wrong about the vacation part.
Violet She is a cheerful woman with a bit of a carefree attitude. Met her at the Redrain Hall of Heroes.