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Countess Magaen Charon

I bear a crust of rage as the ground bears hardened frost in the morning. Some days, it melts with warm persuasion, but on others, it lingers.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Battleweary Bon Vivant
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Charon
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 3/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: raven
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: rich brown

Titles: Countess of Glacial Grove, Devotion of Limerance

Description: Magaen is a fierce beauty. Her eyes smolder with dark heat from the battlefields of her past and her full pouty mouth bleeds from rich brown to rose-petal pink where her lips meet. Lean muscle flexes beneath a clean earthy complexion that's brushed ever so lightly with a dusting of lush mahogany. Unless in formal dress, her black hair is frequently pulled back from her face for reasons of practicality.

Personality: Recent betrayals have made this former lieutenant for House Threerivers' military forces slow to trust and resistant to keeping counsel that is not her own. In the heyday of her cocky knightly youth, she would have seen all problems solved by a saucy tune, a full tankard of ale, and her characteristic battlefield bullheadedness, and the same intuitive aggression that's served her so well since. Now, Magaen knows she must learn to bend before she breaks.

On the road to redemption for her part in the scandals that surround her, she has dedicated much of her limited free time to reacquainting herself with the teachings of Limerance.

Background: Following the death of Magaen's father, Count Trevor of House Threerivers, her twin sister swiftly made moves to occupy his seat. As a means of neutralizing Magaen as a potential threat to her leadership position, she had the House enter into swift marriage negotiations on Magaen's behalf. The match would be with a childless widower Lord of House Bellerive's fealty with rumors of fertility issues, ensuring that no offspring of Magaen's could challenge the future rulership claims of her own children. In a single sweep, the new Countess of Highrock secured her line of succession and solidified peace with a former enemy.

It was not that her perspective spouse did not appeal to Magaen. On the contrary! Had circumstances been not what they were, she might have been pleased. It was, however, the audacity of her sister's presumptuousness that Magaen could not abide. She would not be neutralized. Instead, a political chess match was set into motion between the two siblings that would threaten to bring House Threerivers to the brink of civil war!

Magaen became pregnant before the signatures on her marital contract was dry and in a masterful maneuver all her own, she named the child after the pair's late father. While Magaen's sister and her advisors were busy appeasing the Oathlanders and doing everything in their power to smooth over the upset that the extramarital birth had caused, public opinion was somehow swayed! The new Countess found herself caving to the pressure of her own people and legitimizing the bastard boy.

Just as more bloodshed was about to occur, House Acheron arrived on stage deus ex machina. They offered Magaen her own lands and title in exchange for recusing herself of any claim over Highrock, and off she went along with her heir and all of her supporters. Happily ever after, right? Think again.

Relationship Summary

  • Trevor - My beloved son.
  • Charlemagne - The marriage was anulled, but still part of the family.
  • Fidel - My brother. Predictably vexing, but smart enough to choose me over Tresa.

  • Rival:
  • Tresa - Twin sister. Countess of Highrock.
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