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Lady Braith Sanna

Your story changes with every step you take, so why should mine not change and grow each time I tell them?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Impish Storyteller
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Sanna
Gender: female
Age: 24
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Bard
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: bronze
Skintone: olive

Description: Clouds of black hair fall in a torrentous fluff around Braith's heart-shaped face, hitting mid-back when she doesn't find a way to bind her hair. Her skin is dusky olive, but smattered with tiny dark freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Her face is a classic heart, her lips dark, her teeth white. She is a flash of energy and flashing smiles, quick and mobile and expressive, and this applies as much to her features as to her body language. Shapely in a wiry, slight way, Braith is a live wire with a warm, throaty voice, slim limbs and long fingers.

Personality: Braith is an animated, lively young woman, full of vim and vigor. Her spirit rarely flags. She tells stories and puts them to music; she yearns for the limelight and owns it with the full power of her panache whenever she can. She loves learning about new things and trying to figure out how to rhyme them. She falls in love easily and often, bright with passion and full of fire; in the wake of her amorous adventures, she tends to castigate her former lovers in hilarious and sometimes ribald song. Witty and sassy, Braith pretends that she isn't at all insecure or lonely, but it's a pretense that doesn't always hold up.

Background: Close cousin to the march and his Voice, Braith was a tagalong as a child. She wanted to get into everything, learn everything, and put most things in her mouth. As she grew older, these urges didn't really change with the possible exception of that last one. She was a constant troublemaker and essentially ended up pawned off on a steady shaman tutor for something to /do/ with her, and it was under this tutelage -- with the occasional rising influence of her grandmother -- that her early aptitudes for music were discovered.

She loved to sing, she loved to perform, and she had a keen sense of rhythm for the hand drum and bells. Other instruments were more of a challenge but she learned several of them anyway, inhaling the knowledge like she sopped up story and song. She began to make up stories of imaginary exploits for her friends and family, putting some to music and chanting them like the ballads of heroes of old, and sometimes just telling them like stories, especially for the younger children of Giant's Reach. It was in this way that her life's path was set as a maker of music and teller of tales: it was the shining passion of her heart, so why not pursue it.

Name Summary
Aethan Maybe not the best at catching pigs, but she really goes for it, which is something.
Ajax A kind seeming woman, who seems to try to read a person to a full extent. I do the same. At least she has enough tact not to be offensive about it. Maybe? What in the Abyss do I know anyways. I can't say I dislike her though, just maybe keep her at arms length.
Alessandro A true musician finds music in the everyday, and can make even the most mundane objects sing. Lady Sanna is clearly that.
Alexio A charming and most amusing woman! I almost hit her with a wagon on our first meet! Also called her a Mistress...she rolled with it and had me fooled for a while, were it not for Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, who knows for how long she would have kept the ruse going on for?!
Antea She seems delightful, full of charm and cheer, unafraid to voice her opinions or to hear dissenting ones in return. Quick-witted, silver-tongued, and beautiful, she is a credit to her House and her family. I cannot wait to see her make her mark upon the world.
Arcadia A breath of fresh air, and a kindred spirit in trouble making. I can't wait to know her better.
Bonnie It may've been with snowballs but she's got a good grasp of what gallantry is all about; making it a little personal in the middle of all the chaos.
Cabrera She was in a hurry at the time but still made an effort with me after saving her paper. Lucky to have been in the Lady's presence. Very fortunate.
Cambria She is bright and lively. During our conversation, I found her to have a quick and perceptive mind. It was a pleasant surprise to have made her acquaintance.
Domonico I can't remember the last time I was as drunk as she was. Maybe in my early years in the navy. At least she has friends watching her back
Elgana Few things delight me more than a curious, adventurous mind, and Lady Braith seems to be just the sort. She was such an engaging conversationalist too, eager to delve deep into the history of the northlands for answers. I believe we shall be fast friends.
Gawain She definitely takes on more than she can chew. And she walks right into challenges without thinking. Yup...I like her.
Harlex A sprite, could calm a prowling wolf with the strum of her lute and that voice will stick with me, got no doubt, for a spell.
Helena A good sport who makes losing look graceful -- while being covered in mud. That's quite a feat.
Jeffeth A lovely lady, a lovely voice, and a lovely song. Though I am very concerned about the bard in her song and I hope to hear of her recovery and road to vengeance soon.
Lysander It takes a freedom in the world and lack of care to do as she does. I like it.
Magnus Owner of a lovely voice and a creative mind, Lady Braith might end up making my exploits with Lady Cady famous through the city.
Maja My sister in curls! She's a Sanna and absolutely lovely. She tells me not to call her m'lady but I cannot help myself -- she deserves the title.
Martino A curious Noblewoman, who did not use her title on first meeting, but she has great plucky nature and managed to bash a Prince in with a lute. If you can get away with that... you can get away with a lot.
Mirk A Northern bard and my cousin by blood. Doesn't seem like she belongs in a city so much as she does on the open road, but she's making an interesting time of it. I hope to see more of her in the coming months.
Monique A beauty, and one with a silver tongue. The gods and spirits both know I love a good compliment and she turns them with the best of them. And too, she seems very interested in her history, her heritage. This can only be a good thing. All knowledge is worth having.
Morgan Wow was she ever drunk! Like, in the way I like to be! And she was playing some weird game on top of it, I would have probably fallen into the glasses and broken them with my face. Pretty neat person!
Quintin A delightful musician. Or at least she seems delightful; I suspect she will remain so. Excellent at maintaining a straight face. I believe her when she says she's mischievous.
Reese Has an empathic and thoughtful alertness, fine words and hints to a heart filled with joy.
Rukhnis She seems very.. hearty, and has a grin like a hyena. She displays a commendable sense of hospitality, however.
Tescelina A sprite of a woman, free spirited and a beautiful performer. I think she saw my wounds. But I hope she will tell me another tale soon enough.