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Princess Agatha Redrain

Live every day like you intend to drink glory from the cask of victory before it is done!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Unstoppable Force
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: female
Age: 25
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: freckled fair

Description: A solid wall of corded muscle and fierce strength, Agatha dominates rooms merely by entering them. Her martial stride, broad shoulders and lofty height make her impossible to miss, and the waves of her richly auburn hair make of her not just a giant but a fire giant, sparking with energy and life. The visible strength of her muscular arms suggest that she'd as soon dead hang as stand straight. Her eyes shine brilliant blue as a summer sky, framed by pale reddish lashes, and snap with intensity or sparkle with humor. It's easy to read her face: strong jaw, bold cheekbones, a profusion of freckles dusting skin too weathered a fair to be creamy or pale.

(Agatha's fashion sense can best be described as 'whatever she pulled out of a wardrobe or drawer that did not stink' and was appropriate for the weather, breaking into an energetic and impromptu 10k, and possibly ((probably)) a fight.)

Personality: Some call Redrains Bears, and if they are bears, Agatha is the roar of their voice. Blunt, brash and powerfully alive, it's almost impossible to miss when Agatha enters any given room because she's just such a loud and vehement woman. It's not that she rejects the panoply of civilization -- indeed, she can enjoy a good show as much as the next fellow -- but she tends to become part of performances; an entire audience's worth of applause in one hearty woman, whole dialogues with exclamation points for every sentence, a laugh that could shake a mountain to its root. To get in Agatha's way is to simply be trampled, and the fact of the matter is, it's not entirely sure that she'd notice she'd done it. Sometimes the shortest distance between two points is a war, but honestly Agatha might even prefer it that way.

Background: The wealth and privilege of the North do not always manifest in the same ways as the wealth and privilege of the South. Farhaven is not remote to the point of being entirely uncivilized, and yet there is still a brusque forthrightness that its children grow famous for, a wildness of the blood, sometimes coupled with a clarity of vision, that those who are more accustomed to the obfuscations of politics might not be able to channel. In youth, Agatha developed a headstrong nature early, and never abandoned it. For many children, a fall from a horse is reason to avoid horses; for Agatha, a fall from a horse was a reason to bloody well conquer the entire stable. Failures -- in the practice yard, in the schoolroom, in the woods and on the mountainside -- did nothing to deter her from her goals, whatever they were. They were merely added incentive to succeed on the next try.

Agatha did not actually set a record for broken bones in the course of her training, but her knight trainers consistently told her that she was at risk of doing so. Yet she healed well and quickly, apparently by applying her force of will to her body, or maybe just by nagging so hard and so aggressively that finally she was permitted to leave the infirmary and get out into the world again regardless of how ready she ought to be for it.

Warcraft lured her with her own aptitude -- her strength and acumen with weapons made her want to get out into the world and demonstrate her prowess and earn glory for her house, but meanwhile she struggled with history and mathematics and the things that make a war leader instead of a knight. Yet she applied her focus and her determination to these things as much as to her training, because she simply refused to fail, and she breached the walls of adulthood as a young knight with a fierce desire to prove herself and defend her family from all comers. Originally she was going to spend more time working with the troops in Farhaven and defending the home guard, but as several of her relations of the blood fell in battle or out of it, she determined it was time to join her family in Arx and lend her spear to the defense of the Compact.

Relationship Summary

  • Grazia - Ugh. Not all all what she seems and totally what she seems. The worst.

  • Family:
  • Darren - High Lord, Cousin's son, good at being civilized. The best!
  • Gwenna - Feisty delicate Cousin with the Voice And the Talking. The best!
  • Drea - Former Princess-Consort, Darren's mom, cousin. Force of Nature and inspirer of Awe. *whispers* The best
  • Ann - The Bookworm cousin! So smart. So many -thoughts-. The best!
  • Marian - Cousin-in-law, War Chief, Hero, Teacher. The best!
  • Echo - Cousin-in-law, Teacher, inspiration, and legend. Sigh. Member of the Echo Fan Club. The Best!
  • Artur - Cousin with the greatest stories and adventure creator. The best!
  • Olivia - Ashford cousin who is brave (about a lot of things!) and 'Very Breakable, Agatha, ' delicate. The best!
  • Harlan - Ashford cousin Duke with the arrow shooting. The best!
  • Brogan - Uncle that isn't REALLY an uncle, but c'mon, it's Uncle Brogan whose bicep helped me to grow big and strong as my first hanging tree branch. The best!
  • Astraea - One of the alabaster cousins! Very fighty with a sword, very serious about her friends. The best!

  • Rival:
  • Romulius - the worst. no big letters for you. the. worst.

  • Sibling:
  • Elgana - No really, we are related! She IS SO my sister! And the best!

  • Acquaintance:
  • Mydas - Maker of Foolsbane. 4-0 against his drink. HAH!
  • Giulio - Maker of brandy that is totally not made of cats. Suspicious about his drink. HAH!
  • Emily - Spirited, bold adventure lass. Lady Freckles! HAH!
  • Tikva - Teacher of foresty outdoors things and fellow Princess of the Red Hair club. HAH!
  • Gareth - He giveth the bacon, he taketh away, he ignores the bacon? Confusion of breakfast meats. HAH!
  • Marcas - The Redrain warrior that practically lives in the Spirits and has thoughts about pissing. HAH!

  • Friend:
  • Violet - Delicate, but NOT delicate - looks breakable, but fierce. Will Fight With.
  • Felicia - Little Red (but only next to me). My sister from another mister. Future team up. Will Fight With.
  • Theron - Frequent Knocker on Ass. Lots of Lessons. Will Fight With.
  • Joscelin - Different Kind of Frequent Knocker on Ass. She likes my skull. Will Fight For.
  • Jeffeth - My friend of the armored double fist thump! Lifter of Knights. Will Fight With
  • Reese - Princess of Colors! Teacher of things sporting and fitness. It's like someone mashed Elgana and me into a totally different looking person. Will Fight With
  • Name Summary
    Ainsley Oh, dear. She certainly is _very_ enthusiastic!
    Alarissa She's a drinker! She'd make a fine thrax!
    Alban A remarkable woman, one who clearly loves live, and is not afraid to live it. Freedom like that is both a blessing and a curse.
    Aleksei What a BEAR! I think she could have twenty kids climbing on her and still be up for a fight.
    Alessandro Definitely not magical. Though quite interesting, and obviously good company.
    Amarantha One of the few people who might have more energy than Astraea. It's both frightening and adorable. A very sweet and fairly skilled cousin--I hate to admit it but I enjoy her company.
    Ardoin A mighty Redrain warrior princess! One thing I've learned is I'm damn fond of these Northerners. They speak straight without being crass, and fight with ferocity and without any kind of pompousness. Princess Agatha is an exemplar of this, I should get to know her better.
    Arianna She's one hell of a warrior. I can see why people might call her intimidatin but she's a giant softie it seems. Unless you piss her off I imagine, which I will work very very hard not to do.
    Aric Oh, she's an interesting one. Met her when training with Caspian the other day. She'd likely kick my arse ten ways from Sunday for looking at her wrong, but.. might be worth it?
    Arik Sturdy woman. Kicks like mule. Would fight with again. Need armor like hers.
    Artur Big and loud and jolly, just like I remember! My father's cousin, Agatha is always a huge presence and I've known her ever since we were both young, when we used to play in the woods around Farhaven together. She's an amazing fighter too, so it's good to have her here in Arx with the rest of us with everything that's shaping up to happen.
    Astraea She's a Northerner through and through and fights with the ferocity of ten bears. Her blood runs Red and the House is stronger for her presence. Can't wait to stand with her at Stormwall. Between her, Echo, Marian and all the other martial women of Redrain our House is truly blessed.
    Barik Princess Agatha Redrain. As wide as a bear, and as tall if its on hind legs. I swear.. I need to be careful around these nobles, one wrong look her way and she could have my head cut off. She could even do it herself, I bet. A poor sod like me has no other way to make it through this world.
    Barric A powerhouse in the ring or on the sands to be sure. I would like to test my skill against hers sometime. Otherwise she seems very... exhuberant.
    Bethany That is... a lot of children. That is a lot of woman. Goodness.
    Bliss That much power contained in one woman. Seeing her in the ring and hearing how she got so strong so fast? She is inspiration for my own recovery.
    Cadenza Oh gods she hits hard. She's fun....and loud....and I love it. I hope to become good friends with her.
    Caith Oh no! She sees through my sneaky-sister ploys! She's clever, this one! Her hair is /ah-mazing/ though and she has a bear helmet and it is all: SO IMPRESSIVE. I wonder if she would be a good adventuring partner? She looks like she would be. I should investigate.
    Calaudrin She seems to have a lot of energy. Nothing wrong with that. Even if I do disagree with there being a proper temperature to spar or not!
    Cambria Not a wallflower, but a whirlwind. There's a certain magnetism to her personality that one ignores at their peril.
    Caspian A princess who seems like she is serious about being a great warrior. I hope she gets there soon! But she's gonna have to surpass me on that path. I wish you luck!
    Cirroch She is a northern woman if I ever saw one. We just met and she is already asking to go on a dangerous adventure.
    Coraline I like her! Oh I do hope to get to know her better. First the party and now the fight, I think I need to buy this woman a drink!
    Cristoph I will forever be sad that I didn't win the bid for Princess Agatha to come to our ward and take away all the children. Not that I don't love the children, I do love the children. But the children are loud. Do you think she would have taken my sister too? I'll never know...
    Cybele A tall and pretty Redrain Princess, with a solid sense of self and a gentle core. She is a good person, I think. And she will fight bravely to protect her House and to protect Arx.
    Daemon A fiery princess from the north! Loud! Brash! Loves a good time! I've read her journals and now I've seen this ludicrous whirlwind of fury and rowdiness for myself. I stared into the abyss and the abyss said 'HAH'.
    Dante If I had known Agatha existed in my youth I would never have asked for a sword or a pony. I would have asked for an Agatha. I've struck stone that was softer than she in battle and I get this odd notion... that as much as she is an avalanche of crushing destruction in combat... she is as much an avalanche of true friendship outside of it. It's an honor to even known her. Those who would say otherwise would be lucky if it's me and Thorn's Honor who hears about it before its her blade they test their wit against.
    Darren It is good to have more family in the city, and I like Agatha. I know what I am getting with her. Glad you are here!
    Darren It was refreshing to run into my cousin unexpectedly. Her positivity and affection buoyed my mood. I must find time to catch up with her further.
    Delilah Whoa, this Redrain practically is a bear. She's been trying to sell me 'bear scout cookies' and I just... I can't resist, they're amazing.
    Denica A fighting princess from what I'm told, I hope I get a chance to see her fight, but for now I'm just glad I've had a chance to get to meet her! I wonder how many women like her there are in Redrain?
    Derovai Very loud, very strong, very much a Marian fan. Exactly how drunk is she? It' s even worse if she's sober. Must get her to try Foolsbane sometime and see if she falls prey to the name.
    Dominique She was amazing. I will definitely have to learn from her. That was a beautiful battle!
    Duarte Tall, strong warrior-looking woman. Related to Brogan, and likes to drink like Brogan. I like to drink with Brogan. So I assume she's alright.
    Echo How could you live in Farhaven and /not/ know of Princess Agatha? If personalities could be loud and full of energy, she'd have the loudest and most vibrant of them all. There's a strength to Agatha that you don't really find elsewhere and it just screams 'Redrain'.
    Ectorion What is it with this family, are all of them so fierce of fighters!? An absolute beast with that huge sword of hers, I shall be careful not to offend her. I hope.
    Edelma I can already tell she knows how to live life. Just my type of person!
    Eleanor She beat me at darts, but she was very nice and offered to split the prize. Also she talked to the darts, and it was extremely cute.
    Elgana My sister. My sweet and bold and courageous sister. She is the rock upon which I so graciously and humbly lean. Without her, I fear I would crumble into the sea. With her, I fear nothing.
    Emilia A very bright, and cheerful, Princess. She made the whole Gala that more enjoyable.
    Emily She's loud, rather amazingly brazen and I now have a nickname I am certain shall follow me anywhere near Redrain's known to the Princess. I can't say that I mind though I think perhaps offering to spar with her was not all together clever idea.
    Estil Bubbly. Ebullient? Amusing, to say the very least, and someone I could probably find myself having long, enjoyable conversations with someday.
    Faye Met at The Spirits. She seems enthusiastic in her pursuits, and well-beloved by her sister Elgana.
    Gareth A very loud and boisterous northern princess. It's like they trained her to represent the stereotypes of her people. Still. There's something objectively endearing about the way she carries on.
    Gaston She is so funny. Too funny. She keeps implying that Amarantha and I will be or are together. Preposterous. She is a valiant fighter and a very kind woman. I would love to see her again. Perhaps at this dinner Amarantha has invited me to. Not for a date. For something else. Not a date.
    Genevieve She's really nice, and I bet she could kick a castle wall down if she wanted to. I wish I could drink as much as she can.
    Grady A fighter, and a freckled one. She's friends with Emily and takes her training seriously but seems friendly enough too. A good balance, and I look forward to meeting her more in the future.
    Grazia I imagine she sees herself as some sort of shining knight, but hopefully her behavior is never as egregious as those she defends. She's very tall.
    Gwenna Agatha is a cousin or second cousin from Farhaven, who I remember fondly from our childhood growing up there. She is such a stunning Northern warrior princess! What one thinks of when they imagine the great Redrain nobility of our homelands. She's warm, unafraid of battle, and just a joy to be around. I could not be happier that she has come to Arx.
    Helena My biggest sister, both figuratively and literally. She makes fun of me, but she also takes care of me. Be careful out there because if you're mean - my big sister can certainly beat you up! HAH! See what I did there?
    Henrick Loud. Bearish. Loud. Bearish. But, daaaaamn, those legs. And hips. And wrists. Takes a pounding and keeps on -- yeah, I got nothin'.
    Ian I hope I get to introduce her to Porter, someday.
    Ignacio Princess Redrain, a mighty warrior in her own right. She takes hits that would drop most warriors and she can just shake it off. What an impressive woman.
    Jacque Sometimes I forget that Ann's cousins tend to be loud and almost as tall as Valardins. This one is a prime example of it. Tall, takes up the whole room, booming voice and very unrestrained with her words. All in all, a good person.
    Jacque The fearsome Princess Agatha is no less a wall of muscle and steel than ever, certainly the same when I last saw her at Stormwall. A delight to behold in full martial form, and someone I could learn tips from on a daily basis, I'm sure.
    Jan Bold and boisterous. I think I would enjoy spending more time with her. Possibly punching things.
    Jeffeth A brassy princess who is strong and proud. She seems like a good sort and that type of princess who would be fun to hang out and around.
    Jev I want to know what love is. I want you to show me.
    Jordan She hits way too hard, by the Gods' grace! My ribs are bruised and I'm not sure I can even walk right after that bout but she seems to be doing pretty good.
    Joscelin Very pretty shoulders, red hair... A good looking soldier.
    Josephine A lovely Princess with nimble fingers.
    Juliana As fiery as she looks, though there is also heart.
    Karadoc Oh! She's a Redrain princess, isn't she? She's full of a lot of spirit -- spirit and volume. Seriously, she cheers so loud you hear it in the Saffron Isles. Not a bad thing for a warrior.
    Katarina She really doesn't want to wear a dress. I suppose I can see why she might not want to, but I personally think that she would look fetching if she did.
    Kenna I want to be her when I grow up. I don't know how. But somehow.
    Lianne Direct and delightful. Undoubtedly a force of nature, as much thunder as sunshine.
    Luca She is bear. She is woman. She is mighty. She is Wombearmight! I would fight with her, or against her, but I can't say she wouldn't have to kiss all the wounds better when she kicked my ass back and forth across the field of battle. That's just polite, isn't it?
    Lydia How is this one not a Nightgold? Harosh! That hair, the freckles, the attitude!
    Lys A Redrain princess and champion. Only briefly met but she was very pleasant and kind spoken.
    Mailys A fierce lady and very protective of her family, she has my admiration
    Marcas Big, boisterous, a warrior through and through. A true Redrain, and one that'll be a pleasure to serve - and fight and drink beside, I am certain.
    Marian A little rough around the edges, but has a good steady heart. Exactly what I would expect from the North. I look forward to having such fine warriors like her at my side when we face off against our enemies.
    Martin She is vibrant and lively, and anything but duplicitous. (Well she understand that term, do you think? Oh well!) I hope to get to know her better, because, in short, she seems a very good person.
    Melody I had thought that Elgana was exaggerating when she mentioned her sister being more martially inclined than her. This is... This is a stark difference, I'm almost terrified -- But she seems like a big and cozy bear, so I'm not.
    Mercedes Incredible fighter! I want to train with her when she has some time with me. She seems to be a good woman with a noble heart.
    Mirari Anyone willing to try to prod someone into a fight with me is someone I probably need to spend more time with. Also, she likes bears, she can't be all bad.
    Monique One who clearly embraces the joy in life and finds inspiration in the most beautiful of things. The wording, indeed.
    Morrighan Ah, another redhead that's just as fierce and fiery as I am - except stronger. I don't think she's called the Red Bear for nothing. I think I could get along well with this one, and I look forward to speaking with her again.
    Mydas One of the most recently arrived Redrain Princesses. Dedicated to war, it would seem. Rather fitting and useful, these days.
    Nicholaus She clearly cares for her sister -- the sign of someone with a good heart. With that, and her clearly strong arm, she's clearly someone worth knowing.
    Niklas I was bear-married to her briefly. Now thanks to her advice I'm having to perform feats of valor to win Sabella's hand. She is a truly wonderful person. HAH!
    Norwood What a whirlwind of boisterous energy! She is a fearsome fighter but does it with flair and delight in her ability without being overbearing and proud. I am not ever sure exactly what will happen in her presence though. I still have yet to figure out where 'meow' came from.
    Orathy Holy f**king shit! OY! Look at her, break yer arm off just with a glance, bet it so!
    Orvyn A marvelous woman of the North with such a firey protective temper. I cannot say that I would ever wish to be on her bad side, and yet I know that were I ever to convince her to be an ally, there would be none stronger.
    Oswyn Fierce, bold, and mighty. Also loud. Impressively loud.
    Petal She is a Duchess Red Bear, although not really a duchess, but I kind of wish she was, because that would be awesome. Princess Red Bear who probably not will not have any heirs, cause too busy fighting as a proper rawr rawr warrior princess.
    Prisila I've met people that everyone just loves and this is one of them. Imposing but far too much of a sweetheart to be scary, at least outside of battle.
    Reese A true bear of Redrain. I bet she can kick some ass! She has a lot of energy too, but in the good way.
    Renato She seems to be a very powerful warrior by the fact that she wasn't wounded in that terrible fight. Perhaps some day I shall test her in a duel, but not today.
    Riagnon Literally the wisest, smartest person I've ever met and my hero. Someday, I'm going to be as tall as her.
    Rinel She's built like a wall but moves like an avalanche. I would be terrified to face her. Thank goodness she seems nice. I think she likes bears.
    Romulius I must know this woman. We could take over the world and destroy every pirate in existence! Likes Whiskey though... don't know if I can get past that...
    Rue A princess whose skilled with a sword! I think she could beat me up but seem nice enough about it. Would love to get a whiskey with her one day
    Sabella I love her. I LOVE her! She is simply wonderful and I need to introduce her to Prince Gareth and make them fall in love.
    Sabella Princess Bear is one of my favorite people to talk to in the history of ever! Her work with the bear scouts is legendary and even though she claimed Niklas as her bear husband she has been very tolerant to listen to me talk about my wedding plans for him!
    Samael She seems like a jovial sort. Clearly a warrior. I should like to see her again.
    Shae Not a wolf. A bear. The kind with cubs, and definitely the most dangerous.
    Sigurd Some houses may keep their princesses in their keeps and away from weapons. But not Redrain, and Agatha may be the fiercest amongst them.
    Sorrel She's quite bold and boisterous! She seems quite the energetic type, and I look forward to spending more time with her. Perhaps a spar! I bet she's delightfully dangerous.
    Sunniva She is a fiery Redrain both in look and personality. There must always be those that speak out more readily than others to make our world carry on. She is enjoyable if noisy.
    Tabitha Hearty and exuberant in the most charming way. She's wonderful with children, and seems to genuinely care about the well-being of orphans. Very likeable.
    Terese A vivacious, fierce, and boisterous woman whose reputation as a bear of the north proceeds her.
    Theron A very tall Redrain princess. Seems to be a warrior, considering her bearing and the absolute shameless way in which she refers to the more intellectual pursuits. That besides, I get the feeling I'll enjoy her company as a drinking companion and a sparring partner.
    Tikva I am sure it's possible not to immediately like this woman, if you have no SOUL. She's mighty and adorable.
    Triton Now that is a woman! It seems like she has a keen eye for fighters and friendly.
    Tynan Knows how to make an entrance when traveling with an entourage.
    Valarian The legendary Red Bear my sister goes on about! Huge! Muscular! Loud! Armored! Red haired too, which is best hair, as we all know. I want to get into a bar brawl with her.
    Valery She's big and always makes a lot of noise but she's nice and she seems really sincere.
    Venturo It is a good thing I toss care to the wind, and leave my fate to luck. Else, I might question my plan to con a hug out of this Redrain warrior. It might even cross my mind that such a hug would probably be a bear hug. With broken bones. Or I'd consider the wisdom in giving her just so many mugs of booze. It doesn't matter! Whatever happens will be a marvelous story to tell.
    Vercyn Aggressive, violent, indestructible - nothing has changed for the Red Bear Princess. May all our princesses be so mighty.
    Veronica The Red Bear Princess' fierce reputation is entirely deserved! I must spar with her. Often. And frequently.
    Victus One of them Northern Princesses. They must breed them all fair skinned, growling and swinging huge fucking swords. Not that I'm complaining though.
    Viktor A strong woman, and yet, she has very far to go to master herself. I wish her luck on her journey and hope she considers prayer and meditation to ease her anger.
    Violet A charming and outgoing Redrain woman. I had the joy of speaking with her over drinks and exchanging both ridiculous and real advice. It was a good evening.
    Zaina Reminds me of the stories of northern direbears. If direbears said 'HAH!' all the time. She looks, but does not speak.
    Zoey Princess Aggie. They call her Princess Bear, too. She is an utter delight and I love watching her spar!