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Lady Clarisse Charon

The Healer Heals

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Healer
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Charon
Gender: female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 18
Birthday: 11/8
Religion: Faith
Vocation: Tender hearted healer
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: dark

Description: Her curly ebony locks cascade in deep dark ringlets voluminously down her back in thick rivulets that catch the light despite their darkness with luscious, healthy shine. This richness frames a rounder face, with warmly toned and perfectly smooth skin, her high cheekbones rosy and her full lips plump and pink. Her nose is button-cute, yet she manages to be a gentle beauty with bright, intelligent eyes the color of melting chocolate. Her figure is slender, with gentle curves, and she often wears a relaxed, affable expression.

Personality: Clarisse has been brought up to help others and the best way she is able to do this as a healer, comforter, and confidant that others can trust. She has worked side by side learning the ways of healing for as long as she can remember, and will work tirelessly to save even those who others believe to be a lost cause.

    The youngest daughter born to Merrick of Highrock and Kiera ThreeRivers, was Clarisse, a beautiful young child, brought up almost entirely by staff, until the death of her Mother, the trauma of witnessing her Mother killed in front of her caused Clarisse such deep trauma she refused to speak to anyone. Finally as the brother Teague's last resort to help his baby sister, he sent her away to the countryside to help bring her a sense of peace and grieve out of the sight of court.
    There in their country estate, she was distanced from the politics and manipulations of the court and cared for by her Aya. She was guided in the healing arts, working with herbs, learning all she could absorb, giving her a sense of purpose and a reason to begin to open up again to those around her. She loved the beauty and peacefulness of her home away, but also missed her family deeply.
    Since Clarisse was so far removed and able to focus on what came to matter most to her, she began to grow in her own faith. Not a faith taught by those around her, but faith she came to embrace through dreams shared with her, waking and sleeping. Some that came to her in the middle of the night that though she does not know the meaning of, have lead her back home. She has learned to keep secrets close to her heart, confidense entrusted in her buried deep, a compassionate heart for those sick and injured, and a steady supply to add in her healing arts within hands reach. Though she is of noble blood, Clarisse has a very humble spirit, kind and loving, and tries her best not to hurt anyone for any reason. It has taken her a long time to get over her mother's death, but it has finally come to terms with her mother's loss, and chosen to return home.

Relationship Summary

  • Teague - My Oldest Brother and Fierce Protector, My Voice
  • Tigarus - My Youngest Brother and Loyal to a fault
  • Reagan - Soon to be Sisters, we think a lot alike
  • Einarr - Protector and Warrior always proud to defend our house
  • Magaen - She is like a sister, Duchess too but family first.

  • Friend:
  • Sasha - Her Beauty runs deep
  • Orland - He is so easy to talk to.
  • Zakhar - He is always there when I need a friend the most.
  • Orland - A dear and treasured friend.
  • Savio - Quirky and adventerous friend

  • Acquaintance:
  • Eirene - I look forward to working with her now and in the future.
  • Mirk - I look forward to working with him. He is very helpful and careful with the knowledge he holds dear.
  • Raven - She is a curious one who Orland trusts and I hope I can help her.
  • Duarte - He has a lot of faith in me, I hope it is not misplaced.
  • Einarr - He is sworn to protect my brother, for which I am most greatful.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Young love has besotted this one. Love never ends well.
    Alarissa A most lovely lady that i enjoyed the company of. A keen mind and darling smile.
    Cirroch Sister to Lord Teague. Reminds me much of Tila, she'll surprise her brother with something great if he's not already paying attention.
    Cristoph Newly arrived to the city and already pursuing her life's passions. I wish that I had known exactly what I wanted with such certainty at her age. Instead it took me quite a bit longer and far too many painful lessons to sort it all out. I wish her the best and perhaps we'll see more of each other along the way.
    Domonico Anyone who Eirene gives a chance to prove themself is likely one that is capable. It is always worth knowing who the healers are.
    Drake Seems she is a very kind and thoughtful woman. A healer by trade... but bold enough to chase down thieves.
    Duarte A bright and willing physician. She was concerned about her aptitude but I've no doubt she's brilliant enough to take the case.
    Evaristo A healer devoted to the care of her patients, very kind-hearted and pleasant.
    Gabriella A caring medic, dedicated to her vocation and helping others in need. I hope we can get closer and learn more about each other.
    Georgine She seems a very gentle sort. I like her.
    Giada Seriously needs to stiffen that backbone. Once she does, she'll be golden.
    Gwenna Lady Clarisse Charon is a bright, caring noblewoman, and credit to her house. It is obvious she takes her duties seriously, and there seems to be a fiery passion behind that which she works toward or believes in. Fear is no obstacle for this young woman and it is hard not to be moved by the hopes that light in her eyes. I suspect she will soon make quite a name for herself and House Charon here in Arx, if not the realm.
    Ilira She will break hearts with those eyes. What a wondrous, genuine little Lady, one whom I hope lingers in the city long enough for me to befriend.
    Jan She is a sweet girl, reminds me of someone so I can't help but give her a hard time. They still need to put more stock in good old booze. Everyone has been using that since the dawn of time to heal wounds. It is fact.
    Lore She seems a good sort, ready to do her part to help out. Can't really ask for more than that.
    Lucita A lovely lady I met at the Ambassador. She has a deep interest in books and libraries and a wish to learn more. She seems quite interesting and looking forward to seeing her again.
    Mabelle A skilled and deft physician. She is kind and gentle. I like her.
    Martino Young and still oh-so much to learn but is keen to. Keen to listen to other views, understand them and appreciate them. Truly in anyone of worth, that is a high quality. Shall go far with that good head, a little guidance and that Redrain spirit.
    Medeia One of the gentlest, most nurturing individuals I have met. She is a soothing presence, with her care for those around her evident in every act and word.
    Nina She seems very kind... But pragmatic and practical too.
    Orland Dressed so pretty, stitched me up. A shame I have to get hurt to meet someone so fair!
    Porter My gods, I'm not sure I've ever seen someone wax on about Valerian quite so intently. Well, good for her and him. I hope that it all works out for them.
    Raimon Willing to Listen. Willing, also, to help others in need. As deft in the social world as she is in her Craft. Exemplary woman, a true-hearted gem.
    Reese lovely, gracious, modest, thoughtful toward others and aware of others. She is a healer and that makes sense. She has the way of a healer. I hope to know her better.
    Rhue A nice lady who I seem to have a lot in common with. I'm looking forward to working with her more, and learning from each other.
    Rosemary Sweet young girl. Just needs to get herself a flask so that she has an escape from these kinds of things. I guess I can fix that actually.
    Sasha A very caring sister, Lord Teague is immensely lucky. I applaud her curiosity and hope she nevers lets such passions dwindle.
    Savio A kind young healer. It seems to me that she deserves more kindness than life has given her so far, and I hope she finds it.
    Sydney Like a doe, a foal, a kitten, or a puppy. She's so naive it's adorable, or she's playing the part to perfection well enough that it hardly matters.
    Titus A healer who works the battlefield between life and death, fighting with her healing abilities against mortality. I've seen her work, she's very gifted. She also has a strong sense of faith, I'd say near unshakable. Someone like that you'd want at your side.
    Zakhar Attentive and good noble, unlike others I have run into. She has a kind heart and wishes to see more of the world.
    Zoey Ah, to be so young again. May the summer of her life run long.