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Aslaug Winge


Social Rank: 9
Concept: Wandering Stranger
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Winge
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Drifter
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Rich Earthy Auburn
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skintone: Sunkissed

Description: Painted with an earthy pallet, Aslaug is more striking than beautiful. She's taller than most women, and while lean and smooth in her movements there is a certain easy confidence in her steps and an ownership of the space around herself. Her hair is long, the same mahogany as rain soaked redwood, just as often brushed as tangled and most often left hanging down around her shoulders and back. Her eyes are the same crisp blue as the winter sky. Her skin is a sun warmed tan, though much of it is covered by her typically well worn attire. Her features are angular, a bit too sharp to be called pretty. Often some sort of charm, or feather or animals tooth can be found hanging around her neck or wound up in her hair.

Personality: Aslaug does not share much of herself with many, even her words come rare and after some contemplation. Despite this she is just as likely to answer a straight forwards inquiry with monosyllabic 'fine' as she is some poetic non-sequester. Action on the other hand Aslaug is freer with, she is a tactile creature who touches people, smells them. She saviors tastes and sounds alike. Her eyes and expressions, when allowed out from under her floppy hat's brim, are often a curious blend of interest and patience. If her mystery is deliberate or accidental it is no less the case. The wanderer leaves many more questions in the world around her than answers and seems unbothered by as much. She does not seem gleeful or to delight in the puzzle she presents to the world, it simply is, as so many other confounding things are.

Background: When asked where she comes from, if she can be coaxed into saying anything at all, Aslaug may tell one soul she washed up on the beach of Arx in a spring storm, another she may whisper to that she wandered down a mountain in a snow storm, or that she simply sprouted one spring. Each of these explanations delivered as a matter of fact - as if everyone has a similar story behind them.

What is clear is that she commits to no origins. Some amongst those who owe their allegiance to Redrain have seen the wanderer about, passing through their various holdings, and often attending Shamanistic gatherings generally hovering at the periphery of such gatherings.

Her arrival in Arx coincided with the influx of nobility following the start of the King's slumber and since she may be found wandering in some strange places, typically with her hat pulled low over her eyes and her head bowed down. Most often she can be sighted in the Low Borough or the Redrain quarter, though many have spotted her in the wilds around the city as well.

Name Summary
Austen A curious woman. Almost completely silent, but incredibly curious. I find I do not mind her presence.
Barik The most terrifying animal I've met out in the forest yet. This one's sentient- four eyes, six feet, and a lack of civilized manners. Reminds me of my mother.
Barric I don't know why she doesn't speak, could be choice, could be something else. Still don't know her name, but she seemed to be interested in my glove.
Clara It has been a while since I last saw Aslaug but she's just as great as the first time.
Cleo A quiet woman who says only a few words. She is interesting! More people should talk less! Maybe me. Hmm. I wonder what she thinks of me to stare so much!
Cullen Interesting. Didn't communicate much verbally, but there's a lot to be said in gestures, glances, and the posture of a body. What I at first took to be one of hostility was actually wariness and curiosity, and watching her get this across with little in the way of the spoken word was fascinating. Plus, I did rather enjoy watching her frighten Barik, I must admit.
Elgana Quiet, but in that meaningful way that some people have so that when they do speak you know it means something. Like the stillness of the forest when it rains.
Lys There's something going on underneath the surface, but I couldn't tell you what it is. A more silent person I've never met.
Mercedes There is mystery beneath that worn and ragged hat.
Petal She seems a bit wild, a bit sleepy and communicates without words.
Reese She has wild hair and intense gaze and doesn't give very much away at a first meeting which of course only makes me wonder about her.
Valarian Mysterious. No idea from where she hails or what her story is, but she seemed to really be in touch with...something. I'm not sure what. Maybe had a pet rat? Perhaps heard me when I wasn't talking? Or...when I was? You know what- I really don't know at all. But her smile and eyes were amazing to see when she got when she needed. I hope she drops by again and needs something else old and hidden away.