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Duchess Ann Crovane

Let your armies be the books and the brains, the rain and the road less traveled.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Duchess
Fealty: Redrain
Family: crovane
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Religion: Shamanism/Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Fawn

Titles: Scholar of Vellichor, Inquisitor, Duchess-Consort of Stormwall

Description: Everything about this woman, from the coy lift of her dark, thicker eyebrows to the fullness of her lips speaks of an intelligence lying in wait behind her cobalt eyes. High, noble cheekbones with a hint of ever-present natural blush are coupled with a regal forehead and smooth nose and a chin that never seems to lower. Her hair is dark and thick, a mane of tousled black waves that frames her face and almost gleams blue in the right light. She carries her willowy frame with sophisticated grace, her slender build a testament to the more bookish hours of her life or perhaps more than one night spent hungry on the road.

(Ann is no longer fat these days! Instead, she's carrying a tiny fat Lord around in a sling over her shoulder.)

Personality: For a supposedly stuffy old scholar, Ann is a remarkably devil-may-care Princess. For an older sibling, Ann has more often been the goad to temptation and the road less traveled. Any semblance to a bookish, authoritative woman is purely coincidental. But those are the two disparate sides to Ann Moriah Redrain, and they are as interchangeable as the sun and the rain, pulled out to suit the occasion or the mercurial nature of the woman herself.

Background: She was born Ann Moriah Redrain, a Princess with her nose buried in books and planted firmly at the feet of wise elders of the North, absorbing their tales, or off having adventures. Her childhood was indeed full of these - crossing into a spooky copse of trees or venturing upon high mountain peaks for the sheer exhilaration of it. As she grew into womanhood, these adventures became a little less childish and a little more odd. Always the one to goad into temptation, once she heard tales of wondrous relics or academic tomes, Ann (or sometimes Moriah, depending on her mood) would plead, coax, and cajole an intrepid (or sometimes reluctant) member or two of Redrain to accompany her to explore the tale. Among her favorite to pull to these adventures were her three brothers: Valerian, Torrus, and Angus - all three having perished, the latter valiantly so in the Night's Grove with the King and Sherrod.

Until the Silence came upon Arx, Ann might have wound up a wacky spinster aunt to her sister's children but a series of fateful events lead Ann to take up the role of Duchess of Stormwall, saying her vows to Duke Asger Crovane on the ashes of the once proud city, laid low. Together they rebuilt from the inside out and Ann has made it this far with her spirits undeterred, her loyalty unquestionable.

Relationship Summary

  • Darren - Cousin and fearless leader.
  • Fianna - Beloved Sister-In-Law
  • Clara - Elusive Sister-In-Law

  • Ally:
  • Sameera - My former protege. You will be missed oh so very dearly. Thank you for being a part of my life.
  • Jacque - Former BBB. Best Book Buddy. Thank you for standing by me in my times of intellectual and wartime needs.

  • Spouse:
  • Asger - My Husband - My Duke - My Heart

  • Friend:
  • Edward - Yeah I'll call any man that took a sword for me a friend.
  • Valery - Anyone who spends this amount of time with me and puts up with me is definitely a friend.

  • Protege:
    Name Summary
    Aerandir A curiosity of a woman, one of many titles, though her stature she did not give away in spite of her noble status being blatant; something I can appreciate for the polite gesture it is. Bookish and plainly clad, she seems not one for social calls and occasions, or at the very least not in the same measure as most of the feminine gentry my paths have crossed with.
    Agatha Cousin Princess Bookworm! She has a bit of color and seems happy here, keenly aware and taking part in all the planning. I like haivng hr around. It means less books for me!
    Aiden I first knew of her as a Princess but then know of her as a Duchess. She has a mountain to climb now, to re-establish the wealth of Crovane and so far, by her actions, she is going a long way to ensuring it's recovery. She is a strong woman and Duke Asger is lucky to have her a partner in life.
    Aleksei Dreamy and delightful. Can you be dreamy and focused at the same time? She kind of is. Odd in the very best way.
    Amarantha It's always a pleasant thing, to have another Redrain princess join us in the city. She seems quite sweet and easy to talk with.
    Amari Duchess Ann is incredible, gracious, and fun. I'm glad to have met her and hope to learn quite a lot from her. I don't think her brain has been turned to mush at all either.
    Apollis Wow. Ann is very beautiful and charming. She isn't above sitting on the floor of a shrine on a cool autumn evening with a recent Arx arrival. She's so very interesting. I wouldn't mind listening to her wax poetic on any number of subject.
    Ardoin A fellow Scholar and tireless worker, I admire her a great deal. Her grit moves me to assist her rebuilding Stormwall with as much effort as I can muster, her personality is both scintillating and indomitable, and her knowledge formidable. She would make a most excellent sister in law, should everything go well with Lady Fianna.
    Arik Smart woman, thinks of interesting things with smart things when does not know much of war. Good.
    Astraea She's so cool, literally. I think she's got to be one of the most fashionable, intelligent, cunning, low key women in the House. We need more scholars. With minds like hers on our side there's no fucking way we'll lose! She's a bright light in a dim world and I'm glad she's come back to the city.
    Barric From what I've come to know she is smart, manipulative, and probably a very good fit for Asger. From what I've read in the whites? Another gossip monger. More's the pity.
    Bianca Diligent and hungry for knowledge. She is also incredibly dependable with a warm heart and calming presence.
    Briseis Avid reader, scholarly lady -- but not the bookish type exactly, no. I get the impression she's a bit more daring and spirited than that!
    Calaudrin She's putting a lot of dots together, that's to be sure. I wish her the best of luck with this thing she's investigating. It's really easy to go down that hole, she should probably drink a lot less. Whiskey in the morning isn't a good sign.
    Christine I totally need to get this woman to come drink and chat with me!
    Cirroch Redrain has the best princesses in Arx. Echo, Gwenna, and Ann. Ann is a lovely woman who I enjoyed chatting with.
    Clara Ann hasn't been part of the family fer long but so far she seems ta be a really nice lady. She seems good fer me brother and I can't wait ta meet me niece or nephew.
    Cristoph I first encountered Princess Ann at the Redrain fealty meeting, later on we had an exceptional meeting at my home. I'm very lucky to have met some incredibly bright and interesting individuals in Arx and count her amongst them. I'm positive that she managed to take some rather detailed notes on nearly every book of interest in my library, somehow. Rather impressive in such a short amount of time! I look forward to future collaborations greatly.
    Cullen Highly intelligent and wise plus well educated. It makes one wonder...anyways, she also has a wicked sense of humor and is easy to feel comfortable around, something that is not exactly common. I really do need to talk to her more.
    Darren I am so glad you are back in the city, Ann. I mean, I can't say you're my favorite cousin... buuuut...
    Driskell Bianca elevated her as the lead archivist and it is heartening to see a leader seek out input from others rather than cultivate a wall of isolation for the ivory tower is indeed a lonely place and Vellichor demands information to be accessible. If Ann desires, then she'll find an ally with Driskell. After all, the price still has to be paid.
    Duarte Flighty attention span. Friendly. She'll find out about me soon enough in the Inquisition.
    Emily The Princess has had to meet with a great demand on her in her newest position. I think she will stand against the troubles to come.
    Faruq The image she presents could be charming, and guileless, but one must remember she is also an inquisitioner. Intriguing. Very much more dangerous than she lets on.
    Gwenna One of the many Redrain cousins, though I remember seeing her when I was little in Farhaven. I've heard that she's exceptionally clever and smart - and she looks every bit of what they say! However, she is also warm and kind. A cousin I'm glad to get to know as well as someone I think I could really learn a lot from.
    Ian Pretty sure I just had a brush with politics.
    Jace She mentioned being a Princess and being rescued, though it appears she married another man and not her rescuer. Curious, but likely political.
    Jacque She's not only pretty, but she also seems to be very studious. Perhaps I should get to know this Redrain better.
    Jeffeth I sat on her on accident. She's quite lovely. I'm very glad I didn't crush her. She seems a very good and caring sort, wouldn't mind having her around often.
    Kaede Quiet. Asks questions and listens to the answer. Writes stuff down. Is that is thing here?
    Laric Sensibility and passion intertwined.
    Logan It is a strange thing to become dependent on someone whom your whole life you have sought to excel over. A humbling experience. At my highest and at my lowest, the princess was there to provide me with the motivation I need to see all of this true and when my thoughts were jumbled in chaos, she found a way to organize them as she organizes her books. It was a mistake not paying attention to her all those years ago.
    Mirk Knowledgeable, insightful, and...worn down. A shame, but she still does what she can to help.
    Mydas Once Scholar, now Inquisitor. If it proves anything, it's that Princess Ann possess sharp intelligence and dedication. And that she doesn't like her time nor trust wasted. All things I approve of.
    Nuala My sea eagle cousin found a happy roost on high, and she has flown a mighty course. How good it is to be again in her company and celebrate our mutual accomplishments. I expect much from her in the future.
    Petal She seems nice and well spoken. I am flattered she knows of my stores.
    Preston The Duchess Crovane was polite and charming, even if a little brisque, in our meetings before Stormwall. Wittier than her husband, I think she has more influence than she would like us to believe.
    Prisila Clever, humorous in a dry sort of way, composed, regal and most importantly personable. What's not to like from one's future regent?
    Quenia This Redrain Princess is a lovely womwn whom I enjoyed speaking briefly to at the market. Given that she knows my cousins, I'd be glad to have her over to dinner sometime.
    Reese Studious and kind. I hope to help her collection.
    River She knows how to pick them. Now dressing the warrior types is the problem. But she's hired me, right? mmhmm. might be fun.
    Sasha I am happy admit that the Duchess of Crovane is someone I deeply admire. I look forward to working with her in the future!
    Sigurd A friend of Khanne, a woman whom I call friend. Her voice was one heard most keenly in this war meeting.
    Snow A very intelligent woman, though her husband sounds well, a bit scary I can't wait to meet him though. And I didn't know she and Clara were related. I wonder if she's as easily angered?
    Sparte Such a thirst for knowledge and adventure! If only I could help her more. Perhaps later I can.
    Theron A studious Redrain princess, in grief for her lost cousin, who has shared interesting insights on a possible lead in this case. I have my own theories, but she is wise, and pleasant. Good on the eyes too, of course, but I'll get to know her better and see what information we can glean from things.
    Turo Friendly, earnest, and open. Easy on the eyes. I can work with that.
    Valdemar An exuberant woman whose friendship, along with her husband's, is quite welcome in house Grimhall.
    Valery She's still nice but a bit distracted. I'm glad to see her again, though.
    Vanora The Duchess Crovane is utterly endearing company, and I am pleased to call her and her husband allies of Grimhall.
    Victus Pretty Princess from the North. We met brief, she probably saw him when I was pissed about something or another. Maybe we'll have a better occasion to shoot the shit in the future. I kinda hope so, actually.
    Zaina Pleasant enough. Then again, most Redrain are.