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Marcas Aodh

Strength and blood win more battles than honor and glory.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Fiery Warrior
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Aodh
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Red-brown
Eye Color: Stormy grey
Skintone: Weathered

Description: A man who seems as tough as he appears, but perhaps there is something more to him than his grizzled exterior suggests. A scar graces his left cheek from some battle long ago which seems to only enhance the stern set of his otherwise handsome features. His demeanor is almost always no-nonsense, unless something tickles his fancy or he is within certain company. Muscled like a life long warrior, his stormy grey eyes often look at the world coldly, yet twinkle with warmth around those closest to him. His long, ruddy brown hair falls just past his shoulders. It grants him the appearance of having a mane like a lion at times unless kept tied back. His short beard is kept moderately in check but far from fashionably or by the trained hands of an expert. He moves with the power of a warrior and the grace of a predator which only adds to the leonine image he seems to exude on and off the battlefield.

Personality: The North offers no sympathy to weak men and woman, and Marcas has survived as a soldier because he is not weak. Having been a soldier for much of his adult life and having lost family to shavs, Marcas is a pragmatic man who knows that death waits just around the corner. However, this dour knowledge has not made him a cynic. He still enjoys laughing, carousing, and spending time with his comrades. One can be pragmatic and still maintain a sense of joviality. The man doesn't worry too much about etiquette, though, finding it a waste of time for the most part. Respect is earned not given by title.

Background: Marcas has been a survivor all of his life, growing up in the frontier of the North. Fighting and doing what is necessary to survive is second nature to him by now. At the age of 14, he tired of the village life on the frontier, and decided to become a soldier, traveling with a band of warriors from village to village as the lords needed. When he was 16, while stationed in one of those far flung villages, a lovely young woman caught his eye. Six months later they were married. Five months after that and he was a father. Northerners sometimes don't have time to do things in the 'proper' order.

Marcas settled down with his new family, still venturing out as needed, but returning home to his wife and child. Finally having found contentment in life, he was a satisfied man. Unfortunately, it did not last long. When he was 20, shavs raided the village and his family died in the fighting. What followed was a five year haunted quest for revenge. He renewed his efforts as a soldier, signing up for every mission he could to slay more shavs. What they did to him, he returned ten-fold, earning himself a reputation as a ferocious, crazed warrior who had no mercy. Five years, though, is a long time and eventually he calmed and came to terms with the trauma in his life. Deciding to move on, he has ventured to Arx to serve as a soldier for the Redrain family.

Relationship Summary

  • Alarissa - Proper Princess
  • Alarie - Eager Seamstress
  • Alrec - Admirable Admiral
  • Arn - The Fair Duke
  • Deva - Proud Princess
  • Fergus - The Tough Prince
  • Freja - Stern Ice Princess
  • Gareth - Prince-Inquisitor of Ill Repute
  • Kieran - Party Prince
  • Morrighan - Prodigal Seamstress
  • Niccolo - Acacia's Boss
  • Talen - Boisterous Braggart
  • Theodoric - Big Time Borough Badass?
  • Vercyn - My Liege, Sir.

  • Friend:
  • Eilonwy - Old Friend, new Marquessa
  • Valencia - More kind than I deserve
  • Marian - Strong Princess
  • Acacia - Sailor of the Boroughs
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