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Lady Elora Whitehawk

I have never met an animal that I didn't like. The same cannot be said for the people that I have met.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Animal-Whisperer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: White Blonde
Eye Color: Jade Green
Skintone: Pale

Description: A beautiful young woman, Elora is all things soft and light. Pale skin is accented with long, white blonde curls that remain unbound, falling to just above the woman's slender waist. She stands around five foot four with a petite frame. Large eyes are a shimmering shade of jade, observant and curious.

Personality: Gentle, quiet, ingenuous. Elora prefers the company of animals, knowing them to be open and honest, never causing her to guess their intentions. The woman has a harder time when it comes to opening up and trusting people. However, once you have her trust, you have a friend for life. She will protect the people that she loves with all of her ferocity. A kitten's ferocity, but ferocity nonetheless.

Background: The fourth, and youngest child in her family, Elora was given a little more free reign than her brothers and sisters. She was spoiled in warmth, love, and safety. Growing up in on the family farm, she learned some of the tools of the trade, but they quickly discovered that she had a way with the animals, spending most of her time working alongside them. There was never much responsibility placed upon the young girl's shoulders, but even so, she was taught the value of hard work and the important of family.

Thanks to the lack of responsibilities, Elora was able to focus on the things that she loved; Animals and healing. Given the chance, the girl will spend her time in the forest with the animals over a court full of people. With pressure from her family having become nobles, she has been looking to grow more involved, using her animal handling skills and medical knowledge in order to try to find work at the kennels. She hopes to prove herself worthy and make her family proud.

Relationship Summary

  • Verity - Lovely woman. Amazing taste in clothes.

  • Family:
  • Silas - Beloved cousin.
  • Tabitha - Beloved cousin. Trying to rope me in to being more active!
  • Delilah - Beloved cousin. I need to get to know her better.
  • Kenna - Beloved cousin. I need to get to know her better.
  • Evonleigh - Beloved cousin. Keep feeding me drinks, I will come out of my shell eventually.
  • Aiden - We have so much to talk about.
  • Bedivere - Such strength and warmth in one person.
  • Raavas - My newly adopted son. I will always love you as though you were my own.

  • Patron:
  • Grazia - A beautiful heart. May I learn a lot from her.

  • Spouse:
  • Jyri - My love. My heart.

  • Friend:
    Name Summary
    Aiden I would have thought that in such a small corner of the world such as the Whitehawks, I would never run into someone who was an exact copy of myself. Yet here she is, her energy full, her ability with birds and animals near to my own. There is a reason for everything and Elora being part of my dream means there's certainly an obvious future ahead for us.
    Clover One of Silas' cousins! A vet and a physician as well! I think that we could be good friends. She seems incredibly nice and quite sunny.
    Delilah A gentle, sweet-tempered cousin still finding her footing in Arx. I fear she may have been overwhelmed by the descent of all our kin at dinner, but she has the lovely, graceful disposition that will help her go far indeed in the city.
    Domonico A beautiful young lady. Seems embaressed by the naked form but then again not everyone is comfortable with nudity. It's not a failing in any regards.
    Evonleigh Cousin, sweet and fair, you are a gentler breed of Hawk than my sisters and myself, but family all the same.
    Faruq She is humble and unsure of her skills, or puts on the act of such. I am certain she did fine. To even step into a challenge or contest shows great strength of character.
    Grazia My peregrine likes her, so she cannot be a bad person. In fact, she seems very sweet and charming, and I have offered to be her patron. I think she is quite a bit like my dear husband, in fact.
    Harlex The meanness of animals can be forgiven and loved, the meanness of man hurts more, deeper down, in the soul. She has things to her I think I understand, and still, I find myself curious to know her better.
    Harper It's nice having someone around to help patch us up. She seemed real good at it too and real gentle. Somehow when you're hurting, gentle seems like a real good thing. But I bet she's got some iron in her too. It'll be interesting to see!
    Jasher She And Lady Kennex may get along. Discomforting.
    Jyri Cares more about animals than people, I reckon. Can't find much fault with that. Reminds me of someone I know... oh right, that'd be me.
    Kenna Of all my cousins I didn't have much contact with Elora growing up. That said I have found her a complete delight. She has a way with animals that absolutely amazes me. It's no wonder that she and Jyri have found such a connection.
    Lys As effervescent and bubbly as I come to expect from the Whitehawks. I bet she and Kenna are just so much fun together!
    Niklas Another fantastically talented Whitehawk. To animals what Tabitha is to art and Delilah is to mystery.
    Pharamond Graceful, lithe, even fragile. But she can handle her drink and the attentions of the men around her. Well played.
    Reese She is lovely, well spoken and a healer. I really do like healers!
    Renata Sweet and lovely, I think we might hold similar views on a number of subjects. I'd like to run into her again.
    Sebastian A charming lady with a gift for interesting verbal turns of phrase.
    Shae A good student, even better healer.
    Sparte Another Whitehawk, and a very friendly sort. I'm glad to have her amongst the Iron Guard. A medic and very, no less! It seems almost like it is becoming the family profession. Is it the family profession?
    Tabitha I hope to spend more time with Elora -- she's just so calm and gentle and lovely to be around. Her way with animals is wonderful to see.
    Thena A competent healer and cool under pressure. Some relation to Kenna and Silas, which is only for the better.
    Verity She may have done it on accident, but Lady Elora is an example of possibility for me. Here is a woman that has gone from commoner to noble, and yet not let it turn her into the kind of woman that might lord it over another. Crusader seems to really like her too.