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Princess Nuala Redrain

The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. For without mystery, the world would not exist.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: North Star
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Bistre
Eye Color: Heliotrope
Skintone: Porcelain

Titles: The Winter Rose

Description: She is studied contrast between the starless sky on a winter's night. The height and supple lineaments find a curious equilibrium when wedded to the lithe grace that carries her untouched through the world. Fair skin invokes the pristine chill of Everwinter, scribed by sharply distinguished cheekbones and narrow features. The faintest traces of rose blush her cheeks and find greatest saturation in her damask mouth. Clouds of bistre hair shocked by a blackberry sheen do nothing to lessen the impact of her moon-etched fairness or the intense scrutiny of her lambent heliotrope eyes. Contemplative or distant, deliberate expressions barely nudge the ethereal quality around her, and when she focuses in the present, her gravitas reaches a near tangible level.

Personality: The shamans in the north say she has spirit, and her southern kin would be hard-pressed to disagree on that front. Nuala burns like a star in the world, throwing her light out to illuminate the darkest corners. She thrums with life, and has an appetite for nearly all that life has to offer. The energy that blazes strong and fierce within her fills up a volume well beyond her apparent size. She can be dangerously charming or a wildfire, as the mood takes. Her belief in her destiny gives her a surprising resilience to fall back on when beset by difficulty, and she'll never be kept down long. Wearing interchangeable masks on the public stage, she shifts from a witty, easygoing figure to intense focus as the moment takes her, but never does she do anything by half measures. Occasionally the restless, roiling currents threaten to consume her. When directed to a shining focus, she can lose sense of nearly anything else in pursuit of a goal. Her insatiable curiosity goes hand-in-hand with a fierce independence. She rarely takes no for an answer once she sets her course.

Background: One of three siblings, Nuala was destined early to forge a contrary path to expectations. Freed from demands of inheritance, she firmly believed she had a destiny to fulfill. And perhaps there's something to that, for few people come into the world so stricken by the need to live life to its fullest. The blood in her runs hot and sings true for the far horizon. Even in her tender years, all knew she would not be rooted to the stony soils of her homeland, but driven to turn over every rock, dive through unknown waters, dance with the stars, and puzzle over the unfamiliar shapes.

Her Redrain family didn't encourage her to wander initially. She received a broad and extensive education. Nothing would halt the questions tumbling off her lips that besieged every tutor. A story completed begged more inquiries and a radiant sense of action. Nuala understood, as those rare dynamic souls do, answers could not be found only between withered parchment pages or musty books kept on the high shelf where small hands shouldnt reach them. They existed outside walls among people and spirits, couched in lies and mysteries -- and she wanted her piece of them. She took up a sword because the idea of venturing into the outside world unarmed was inconceivable, and she took her blows with an eye firmly fixed on the horizon.

Restless west winds blew her away to ports of call further than the last, wherever her coin, martial talents, and relentless independence could purchase a berth. Stays at home grew shorter every time. Whether the Mourning Isles or Sanctum or Setarco, she sought to reach the borders of the Compact and beyond. She preferred expeditions to less known lands, braving corners her boots never before touched. Trouble scratched her often enough, but she sailed away in search of adventure, excitement, and a need for truth. Few crews knew her identity, hidden by a plethora of names and changing stories. On one journey, she crossed paths with her future husband, a prince of Valardin, bound south to the furthest of the Lycene isles. Treacherous storms drove them to Eurusi shores and trouble she never much speaks of. She and her husband were the only survivors.

The harrowing effort to return took nearly a year, and the couple was thought very much to be dead. The pair of windblown birds married within two months of coming ashore. It should have been a happy matrimony, and it was -- while it lasted. They drew plans to support the expansion of trade from the north, bolstering Redrain's diplomatic position abroad. They continued to search deep and far into unknown waters. Their marriage contract was barely dry when he died in the Battle of Setarco, leaving Nuala a widow. She turned north for a brief phase, then took to the sea, extending her house's influence. Some said she lost the only roots she had.

All the promises forged in the deserts of Eurus and the high seas while they bled, starved, and wept would not be denied. In those adventures she fell in with other fortune-seekers like herself, all seeking to scribe their name on history and life. What drives her with such purpose, she keeps squarely to herself. But why is she making up for lost time? She has a destiny, and she will fulfill it in the city of Arx among other fortune-seekers like herself.

Name Summary
Aahana A Redrain Princess whom I am excited to make fast friends with. I look forward to being able to spend more time with her and curious to find out how much we may have in common.
Adora Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Royalty. I don't like her.
Aella A princess who maybe isn't such a big fan of being a princess? Not sure. But I could tell she wanted a scrap, maybe not with her hands but a scrap nonetheless.
Alessia The princess great fighter with a great sense of humour. She seems to be a very formidable combatant but I'd enjoy conversing with this one.
Amari She's certainly lively enough to be a legendary adventurer. I imagine she goes after any and all new experiences without a thought to danger or shrinking away from the challenge.
Ann Still finding her Arx legs. Another Redrain cut from the same cloth as I. It's good to have a cousin back.
Armani How could I dislike anyone who loves the sea? She's definately welcome on my ship.
Artur Nuala is my free-spirited cousin. She vanished from Farhaven when we were young and wandered the world for many years. We've got the same love of adventure and old stories. I'm looking forward to uncovering the mysteries of the past with her!
Austen Royalty, but eschews titles. A most interesting and somewhat mysterious woman, with a rather dry sense of humour.
Berenice A fierce sort of princess of an entirely different breed than me. Remarkable, though.
Bianca There is a depth to her that I'm unsure she sees in herself, but within those depths are personified the truths of humanity itself. Love, loss, pain and virtue. I hope in time our relationship will blossom to one of open mutual trust.
Bliss One of the common comments about House Redrain is how different all of the princesses are from one another, as if this is some kind of surprise. Even within a family, people always seem to vary wildly, and I notice more similarities between them than differences. Princess Nuala is perhaps the exception. This woman has a complexity to her and layers which are difficult to peel away and see who is at the core, an air of mystery that surrounds her, and a curious bent that is wickedly sharp. I cannot tell you what she is about, but I can certainly tell you that she is about /something/.
Cassandra She is beautiful and prideful. While that would normally make for a dangerous conversation, in the Princess? She makes it elegant and a sight to behold.
Cirroch Struggle to walk around in a gown, just like a true northern princess!
Clover A sweet Princess of the Redrain, who seems like she'd be down for a good time! It's always nice to meet new ladies for lady's nights.
Cristoph A cousin of my cousin and once married into the Valardin line. I'm sorry to hear about what happened to her husband at Setarco, I almost lost my life that day and it still makes my blood run cold. She was good company this morning, nice to sit and chat with someone that seems very much alive.
Denica Nerves of steel, that one. I don't know that I'd ever be willing to trust anyone to extinguish candles that I'm holding with a whip!
Domonico Appearences can be deceptive as well as preconceptions can prove false. Listen to this Princess carefully. Her wisdom seems as developed as her bladework.
Fecundo Imagine my surprise when her first weapon was a bullwhip studded with metal. She seems rather skilled with it and it will be interesting seeing how it works during our efforts to come.
Gaston Interesting. Strikingly exotic with much in the way of contrasts, and an adventurer...I remember now, her and her husband both. A shame what happened in Setarco. Serious surrounds this princess like a shroud.
Gianna A princess who waxes highly poetic. I'm not changing my title to Marsh Warbler of the Bard's College, however.
Giulio An erudite Redrain princess. I do so love conversing with them. It's always a pleasant distinction.
Gwenna Princess Nuala Redrain is one of my many cousins, as unique and passionate as my other ones. No two of us seem alike and I think that is what I love best about our family. She is eager to help the House and seems to have a sincere drive to assist others when the chance presents itself. There is a spark to her and I look forward to us hopefull growing closer now that she's in the city.
Harlex A darkling of the North with an interest in blades. Does she have the ingredients to make it more than a hobby? Time will tell.
Iseulet A venerable Redrain Princess that is called the Winter Rose. An interesting woman that seems like she has more than her fair share of good stories to tell. I look forward to hearing some of them.
Isidora A Princess from the north. I'm fairly certain I'm supposed to be scared of her. But I won't tell her if you don't tell her.
Jael I would have liked to chat with her more but what a crowd! She seemed very charming and fun.
Jeffeth My dancing partner. We won a competition. (Even if there wasn't a lot of competition). She is lovely company, even when mean people come round.
John Princess Nuala Redrain is quite the beauty. I'm interested in getting to know her better.
Jophiel The well-traveled Redrain Princess. I look forward to speaking to her about how her travels have changed her perceptions of life and how it's lived.
Jordan Princess of Redrain, a traveler, like myself. She did not entertain talk of war, particularly Setarco, which means there are some healing scars, there. I can understand that. I think she will have a long and distinguished career in the city, and that she can prove to be invaluable assistance to her family in the times to come.
Kaia A reserved princess; she doesn't seem to enjoy flaunting her title.
Karadoc She seems like a good Northern sort -- gods, aren't they all? Fully armored, falling shadow of hair, pale like winter she sits. All places are alike to a Princess like her, and she has the sort of Tehom-may-care presence that suggests she'd be something worth knowing.
Kenna She was a presence to appeared, and then disappeared quite quickly. Such a pretty dress though.
Leola Just stop Redrain using titles. None of them seem to like them. They all complain, especially when I curtsy.
Lorenzo A quiet and mysterious young woman who has opinions, I'm sure, but she is careful to keep them to herself. I look forward to having a quiet conversation with her and getting to know her better.
Lucita We met at the Training Ring at Southport Square but have encountered other times that have permitted the initial vague impression to firm up. She is perceptive, amicable and fun to be around, expressive. I look forward to getting to know her better.
Marcas Hasn't been eaten by a bear lately, which is good. A true Redrain princess, I admire her spirit and her thirst for exploration.
Martino Sweet and fun to speak with. Lovely as well to cast ones eyes upon.
Mikani Woman who likes to run around pinecones. I like it.
Miranda Offered well wishes to my Duchess for the birth of her daughter - seems to know when to celebrate happy things when they come.
Mirk Vivacious and enthusiastic about life, and not afraid to accept a little generosity from others, for all that she outranks me and is likely wealthier to boot. I've seen her out and about more in the past week than I've been in the entirety of my stay in Arx, always looking for new experiences - or an interesting experience, at least.
Monique The Redrain Princess seems very much an avid scholar, or at least a tempting adventurer. She has connections in many places, and a friendly countenance which makes her a valuable and appreciated ally.
Niklas Witty Redrain princess. Strange how the stereotype exists, but hardly any of the Redrain ladies I meet match it. Good for them!
Norwood She let my nephew show her about, and seemed to be polite enough for him. I would be appalled if she DID drink from a skull, so perhaps there was no clarification needed on that. All about though, she seems pleasant.
Ophelia Fierce and lovely, the Princess Redrain has proven herself a strong and welcoming presence in the northland. I will have to get to know her more as I'm sure we have potential to be good friends.
Oswyn Observant and thoughtful. Curious training regimen.
Petal She seems really warm and welcoming. I probably should answer her message about dresses evetnually!
Reese The winter rose of Redrain seems to be lovely and well spoken. I think she is probably intelligent
Reigna A northern princess who was married to a Valardin as I understand it. She speaks with honor, shows a great sense of humor and a kind heart. I like her.
Rey Beauty and Grace wrapped in a package who can learn to dance in moments. I look forward to meeting this Princess again when one (ie I), is not falling over another's feet.
Rowenova Every time I ever meet this Redrain princess, I always have a great time, generally seeing her at The Spirits. During Beards and Brews II, she was absolutely stalwart as unflinching help for for whip tricks (by Lord Vitalis)!
Sabella Her posture is perfect and she's always so polite and helpful! And a friend of Princess Reese is always going to end up being a friend of mine!
Sasha A Redrain Princess who is new to the compact with quite intriguing eyes. And a mind just as curious. I look forward to aiding her in the attempts to quench her how thrist for knowledge.
Valdemar The Princess seemed lively, and amicable though the time I had to speak with her was limited. Perhaps sometime we will be able to remedy that.
Vanora The Winter Rose they say? I have known too much of southern blooms transplanted north only to wither in the chill. Let this one be a different sort.
Venturo A living ghost for the brewery? It will certainly be a grand marketing ploy. And if one does have to have a Phantom roaming the halls, at least it shall be a beautiful and witty one at that.
Verity An enjoyable companion with magnificent eyes and pleasant conversation.
Vitalis A Redrain Princess with the bedrock self-assurance I've come to expect from Northern peers.