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Arthen Dayne

..but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Adventurous Explorer
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Dayne
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 32
Birthday: 1/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Skintone: Warm Beige

Description: Arthen Dayne is lean and tall, with a rangy sort of way about his subtle strength. It's easy for the eye to mark him as someone who has been around and seen more than a few things. Still, though he isn't without lines of care to mark the occasional furrow of his brow and the determined set of his mouth and jaw, his even and masculine features retain most of the grace of his not-so-distant youth. His skin is fair, but warmed by the weathering of the sun and the wind. His chestnut brown hair is clipped neat and short but for the curling wisps of his bangs, and his baby blue eyes carry a shade of intensity from above his bold nose and the softer set of his mouth. Most often he's a man dedicated to a clean shave, but not so dedicated that he's above a five-o'-clock shadow some days.

Personality: Insatiably curious. Unshakeably brave. Questionably moral. Dayne is a creature who divides opinion. People seem to either love him or hate him, and this is usually colored by whether or not he is on their side. He's a man who covers his doubts and fears with wit and sarcasm, often creates his own rules when the actual rules don't suit him, and never gives up even when the stakes get high enough to turn most back. The line between courage and foolishness is a fine one, but it's one he strives to straddle, and it's far from the only fine line he walks for the sake of his profession.

Background: Arthen Dayne's life was always going to be a thing of stories, whether he was telling them, or part of them, or chasing them into the wild forever of the great unknown. Even his origins were a mysterious thing, brimming with potential for tales. Quite simply, he showed up at the front door of an orphanage in Arx, swaddled in wool and furs, with a small pouch of silver and a short note that was light on helpful information and a bit thick about pleading to the establishment that he should be taken care of. And so he was. Mostly. At least until he could get around on his own.

Arthen grew into a child full of questions, held captive by the wonder of the world around him. No rock ever went unturned, even if the better of some of those rocks ended up in his pocket for the sake of mischief or self-defense. It can be hard being half-raised by the streets, and harder still when your natural inclination is to get into anything you shouldn't. As much as curiosity was a part of his life, so too was trouble. Even so, while the ruffian's want for answers would carry him across the width and breadth of Arx, it would carry him also into books, and those books would carry him across the rest of Arvum, in time.

Though a young Arthen Dayne loved daring stories of adventure, it was the histories that really set him on his path. Or rather, the realization that they didn't just lie in dusty old tomes, but happened out in - and as part of - the world, and so many of those histories were unfinished, forgotten, or just plain wrong. If there were things yet left to be discovered or corrected, Dayne decided he would be the one to do it. His intentions were entirely altruistic and for the sake of knowledge, no matter what some rumors said or how many times he might have secretly fenced off an importart part of cultural history to a private collector for considerable sums of silver. A man has to eat, after all.

Years before those with an exploratory bent were formalized into an actual society, Arthen's tenacious hunger for glory and uncovering the lost past brought him to all corners of Arvum, mostly working independently for the highest bidder so he could afford to also work on his own personal projects. Eventually a chance encounter and some shared stories with Darren Redrain would land the lifelong adventurer a place in Redrain's fealty as a personal historian and acquisitions specialist for the north's Greatest House. During the Siege of Arx, Dayne disappeared without a word, presumed dead, and remaining as such until the Winter of 1009 AR, when he returned more full of tales than ever. Though he looked a bit older, and life had roughed him up a little, that was all that had changed. No danger was still too great for him, no mystery too small, and he carried a thirst to uncover them all.

To the last.

Name Summary
Aahana Greatest rescuer at the best of times!
Adora Overly chatty. Too much imagination. It's a fucking wardrobe, who cares. I don't like him.
Agostino A good sense of humor and a bit of wisdom to go along with it.
Alessandro A man from the Lowers -- certainly not a mark against him. On the contrary, he seems a very good sort, and even more so because he immediately saw Dame Felicia's inestimable value. A true mark of wisdom. I hope to get to know him better.
Amantha Probably the most infuriating man I have ever met. It confuses me somewhat that I -like- him.
Appolonia Arthen Dayne. Explorer. Adventurer. A man of simple words with deep meaning who can lead an expedition well enough that I actually trust him to include me on any future ones that require the delicate, precise touch of a scholar. And I like him. I can’t say that about too many people.
Bianca Have you ever met a person once, but known them twice? I think I could meet Arthen a dozen times, and be thrilled by each new knowing I found in his company. These lives change us, these events shape us, but our hearts define us. We are not who we are when we first met, but my fondness remains. I hadn't seen him in some time, but... even from across a room his flame is bright, and his smile warm.
Bliss Perhaps a person even more self-absorbed than I am. Perhaps even more than some others. But I am going to chalk it up to nerves, I think. We will see what he is like another time.
Coraline Charming and a seeker of history with a good sense of humor. I look forward to hearing his tales of adventure!
Darren Boisterous and adventurous. I remain curious about his recent whereabouts and actions, but I have no reason to doubt his loyalty. He did come directly to me, after all. I can hardly afford to waste the services of a man of his talents in any case. In short, welcome back, Arthen.
Delilah He has a swagger to him that no doubt will take him to the most interesting places, and cause boundless upheaval in its wake. Fearless, striking, knowledgeable: my kind of person.
Elgana What do you say to someone who has been dead--'misplaced'--for the last four years? He's the same man he always was when I knew him. The same Dayne with that easy way and charming smile. I'm half a mind to put him to work. And the other half? I haven't decided just yet. Still, he's home. He had better stay longer than a week this time!
Evaristo That shirt. That SHIRT. Also, this man clearly is an explorer and talks about adventuring so much it makes me drool.
Fairen An inquistive explorer, and skilled warrior. I have heard good things about his efforts in my expedition.
Fecundo Man is a hell of a shot, along with being a Scholar. May have to learn a bit of that skill, if he's willing to teach.
Gianna An explorer and adventurer with a better memory for some things than others. He seems amicable and forthcoming.
Gilroy You know what I like about Arthur? If you do, could you let me know? Thanks.
Gretchen Dashing and daring! Courageous and caring. Faithful and friendly, with stories to share.
Gwenna Master Arthen Dayne is a name I heard growing up, sometimes in whispers, sometimes in grand tales. Either way, the man certainly managed to gain the friendship and trust of House Redrain, deservedly so. He was rumored lost, to use the polite phrase often repeated. To meet him in person, recently arrived to Arx, was such a joy. Warm, friendly, and with no few stories to share, I could not be happier for his return.
Harlex Says he was out of the world a spell and has returned to it. We aren't so different in that way. Generous. That counts for something.
Helena Earnest and sweet and open as a book.
Ian Hope it doesn't take someone dying under his command before he learns.
Jasher Like the man himself, his words travel places.
Jordan Arthen Dayne, adventurer, treasure seeker. He'd be a good fit in the Explorers and I'll bet he's a sharpshooter, so we'll likely hear a lot about him in the coming days. People who like to venture the roads are generally my kind of people.
Lorenzo A resourceful adventurer and researcher. I very much would like to sit down and ask his opinion on any number of topics, but somehow a party is when we have the most time to talk.
Miranda A man who appreciates poetry. Rare find, that.
Mirk A good Northern man, and someone with experience outside of the Compact. I can appreciate that perspective, and the life experience that it brings. But he needs to find a little more self-confidence.
Modi A man of exploration. A man of discovery. A man of diving in tombs and lost secrets. I see this man has many paths he'll yet walk, many places he'll yet go. I do hope he lives to tell the tale of every single one. I do hope quite a bit.
Monique Amiable sort. Just ask him. I bet he thinks so too. Still, those eyes. Those are gorgeous eyes.
Morrighan A touch mysterious, this fellow. Disappears for a few years before or around the Siege of Arx, pops back right as rain - and in dire need of clothing. Pleasant and easy going, and not particularly fussy when it comes to his attire. My kind of client. Figure I'll be seeing more of him about the Ward.
Niklas Nice guy. Sabella seems to like him, which is good enough for me.
Oswyn Quick to smile, extremely affable, and an adventurer and explorer at heart.
Perronne A fellow adventurer! Confident, experienced, and with a good attitude about the whole thing. He might be competition, one day, but until then (and maybe even after) I look forward to getting to know him!
Reese A charming treasure hunter and warrior, interesting!
Rowenova An affable man with a mischevious streak and fellow trusted house servant next door @ the Red Villa! I like his style in clothes, demeanor, and jokes. We will team up on a new adventure soon, and I can hardly wait to go!
Roxana His name is pretty, and he has absolutely perfect eyes. I'd love to know whether he is charming or merely imitating it excellently, but I'll have to get him chatting more to get a proper assessment.
Sabella Amiable, loquacious, and with a fantastic imagination that he does not hesitate to inflict on others. I think we are going to be the very best of friends!
Sasha An explorer with a knack for finding things it seems. I am glad to finally be able to meet him. I am sure he would aide a lot in many endeavours to come.
Simone A charming man. And in quite good shape for being a dead man. I really would like to know what the secret is that keeps him looking so nice for his condition.
Sorrel A bit rough around the edges, but intelligent and well-educated. I think he might make a worthwhile ally, and we've certainly got similar things to research.
Sparte Arthen Dayne has proben a reliable expedition leader. He is a man of heart and hard earned wisdom, whom I hope to one day see as a Seeker in the Society of Explorers.
Tynan Pretty spry for a dead guy. I've never been much for exploring but he seems to take to it, and still remain a sociable and pleasant fellow even after being out of town with civilization for that long.
Violet A solid man with a good sense of humor. Came upon me practicing with some Blades at the Proving Grounds. I also almost lost my lunch on his shoes at the Clearlake spring thing. I didn't. Thank the spirits.
Zoey A purported treasure hunter, he asked me if I was Ian's wife or mistress. Seems cheery enough in a blustery sort of way.