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Duchess Lydia Nightgold

It's not just who you know, it's also what you know about them.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Delicate Social Butterfly
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Nightgold
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 19
Birthday: 2/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: red-orange
Eye Color: ivy green
Skintone: freckled pale

Titles: Duchess of Stonedeep

Description: There is an exquisite doll-like quality to Lydia. She is tiny and graceful, with understated curves and a deliberate care to her movements, as if a strong wind could carry her off at any moment. With her intense red-orange ringlets, freckled complexion, and wide, expressive eyes, nothing quite lights up her face like those moments in which she finds herself at the center of attention. She has a voice as pretty as a songbird's and can easily captivate an audience. Often, her ivy green eyes sparkle with mischief. The corners of her rosebud lips can as easily curve up into a bewitching smile as they could turn downward into a heart-wrenching pout. Her expressions can play with people's emotions like a well-tuned fiddle.

Personality: The youngest of four siblings, Lydia is the baby and it's shaped much of her personality. She's cunning and entirely without scruples when it comes to getting her way, she will pout and sulk and giggle sweetly to achieve her aims. Never in the very best of health, Lydia's fragile disposition makes it easy to want to protect her, and though she's perfectly capable of holding her own, she is nevertheless adept at surrounding herself with champions that will further her causes, of which there are many. Fashion, gossip, who will marry whom - it's important for Lydia that she be in the know on all of these topics, even if she has to make up the details herself.

Background:     Living in the mountains never bothered Lydia the way it rankled her older sister. Northern pride is important after all, and if it's not necessary to play up the barbarian stereotypes after so long, it's still quite charming to watch men wrestle bears and one another for the attentions and admiration of their ladies. Growing up in the rugged opulence of Stonedeep, Lydia had a marked appreciation for the beautiful things in life, and while she didn't care as much about the picturesque scenery of the mountain vistas, she was always quite the ardent fan of what came from the mountains - rose gold and champagne silver, wealth and elegance even in the icy north.

    If the loss of her father and subsequent murder of her brother taught her anything though, it was that life is fleeting, and if she meant to make anything of it, she'd best start early. With her sister's blessing, Lydia left Stonedeep for Farhaven, where she could represent her family and duchy among those loyal to the Redrain. As a lady in waiting to the Great House, she served Princess Drea, blissfully arranging twigs in the hair of the Duchess herself, as well as skillfully avoiding bothering Princess Deva enough to draw her ire, while still making sure that her furs were cleaned and dresses kept in beautiful repair. So too did she serve Princess Valencia when she married into the family, taking pride in anticipating the needs of the foreign royal.

    With the tragedy of King's Rest, she too traveled to Arx, curiosity drawing her almost as much as the opportunity to advance her family's name and prestige among the southern houses. All that glitters isn't gold, but sometimes it is Nightgold after all, and she means to glitter brightly, disproving the notions that the North cannot be as refined or beautiful as any southern land.

Relationship Summary

  • Valery - Former servant, now in the employ of Redrain.
  • Marian - Wife of Fergus and a respected potential drinking buddy.
  • Yelana - Yelana is pleasant company when trapped in a pub in a snowstorm.

  • Family:
  • Brogan - Boisterous carousing uncle.
  • Sigurd - Most capable martial cousin.
  • Signe - Wild yet amazingly together cousin.
  • Mydas - Cousin who renounced his Nightgold name to join the Velenosas.

  • Ally:
  • Belladonna - Wife of my brother, Cassius, and Duchess of Pravus. My peer and mentor.
  • Alexis - Idolized Knight, being everything frail Lydia wishes she could be.

  • Deceased:
  • Nadia - Eldest sister, briefly Duchess Nightgold. Adored, but . . .
  • Fergus - Childhood friend, drinking buddy.
  • Cassius - Adored brother.
  • Neddim - Father and once Duke of Nightgold
  • Dustin - A brother barely known when she was young.

  • Friend:
  • Aksel - Nadia's protege and now Sword of Stonedeep.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha She knows how to be ladylike, seems like. She and Elgana should be friends
    Ainsley She always seem to know herself. She's very comfortable in her own skin.
    Caspian She may not have been the best archer, but she was the most adorable one!
    Constantine A woman who stands proudly in the face of loss and unexpected responsibility. She is a wonderful conversational partner and is clearly driven to be the best leader of her house she can possibly be. We share many similar opinions of the responsibilities of the nobility to their people... not to mention that shocking red hair of hers as an additional boon to my affinity. She is as lovely as she as engaging.
    Cullen A valiant Northern lady who is a delight to talk to with her great sense of humor and an understanding on several levels. A pure delight to speak with, and I shall have to bother her again sometime.
    Darren It was good to see Lydia again, and good to know Nightgold is being lead by a woman with a good head on her shoulders who cares about the Compact.
    Darren I have always considered Duchess Nightgold a strong ally and supporter of Redrain. I believe that remains unchanged, and she remains the sort of woman who may be relied upon.
    Emmelline She thinks quite a lot the way I do. i do not know her well, but I would love to speak with her at a later date.
    Fairen Studious and inquisitive. With the state of things, those are vital traits.
    Killian Beautiful and mischievous, and I hope to get into all sorts of trouble with her some day very soon!
    Marcas A beautiful and charming Northern woman who isn't afraid to drink like the rest of us. Instant respect at our shared bond at the poor plants at the Spirits.
    Melody Such a small and adorable Duchess! One who is far easier to talk to than most, which is made especially endearing considering her station. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her around.
    Oriana By all appearances, meek and weak as milk - but I sense *something* there. Very interesting.
    Pasquale The duchess of Nightgold, who Pasquale met on the less-than-happy occasion of the wake for her kin, Duke Cassius. She carried herself admirably throughout the affair and gave his friends and family and opportunity to remember him which was plainly needed.
    Petal She is pretty and seems quite nice too. She notices us crafters.
    Reese She is very lovely and a bit of a mermaid in her pools
    Sameera Seems to smile a lot. Cheerful. Undecided if it is overbearingly so or not. Doesn't seem to offend easily. Not against more time around her.
    Sparte I crossed paths with her unexpectedly, a messenger having just told her some terrible news. I offered her what comfort I could as a stranger. I do not envy her what she is experiencing, nor any of the others who suffer similar fates. To outlive those they cherish.
    Tallius Cheerful and friendly, not that great with a bow yet, but we can work on that!
    Tarik I was interesting reminded on how difficult it is to perform missions as a representative of HAlfshav. You never know when you are talking about beautiful women and how they appear in different types of clothing that a Duchess from Redrain will appear that is beautiful and begins to make jokes about the names that you might call your "sword". Yes, this has not been a great day. I might have to crossed NightGold off my list of people to reached out to on Halfshav's behalf or the very least I am going to really have to get used to being around someone who likes to joke about my "sword."
    Valery Valery won't ever forget the first time she saw Lydia. She was running behind a very angry Cassius and probably she was the only reason he controlled his anger with Val. Since then, a lot of things happen and her feeling for the lady have move from friendship to anger to confusion... Right now, Valery isn't sure where to stand with her, and she tries to just be nice and formal and forget that she was hurt.
    Vanora The Duchess Nightgold has a great deal upon her shoulders. I am pleased that she sought the Shrine of the Thirteenth for answers.
    Wash The Duchess is not shy about what she wants, I approve.
    Willow Cute as a button. Its so nice to find another Northerner as tiny as me. And so kind and supportive. Before I met her I kept wanting to call her Aunt Lydia but she looks like she might be younger than me.