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Assembly of Peers XI

Another Assembly of Peers. However, there is plenty of buzz already given the King's enthusiasm and activity in and out of the Palace, along with preparations already to get the chamber set, that there is to be a grand announcement.


Dec. 14, 2019, 1 p.m.

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Symonesse Lisebet Merek Gaston Alis Macda Martino Sebastian Tesha Ian Ryhalt Vicente Emele Lou Khanne Lorenzo Strozza Grazia Kaia Gabriella Arcadia(RIP) Sabrina Cassandra Dariel Ouida Belladonna Sparte Jaenelle Vasile Alarissa Alessia Ophelia Sina Rosalie Dianna Irisa Elgana Lenne Hadrian Victus Thea Lora Valdemar Vanora Preston Leola Liara Calypso Volcica Saoirse Cillian Evaristo Sydney



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

Symonesse glides in on Alaric's arm, offering smiles all around before she leans in to murmur a few words to the King and indicates the Grayson Benches as the spot she'll be watching from with a graceful nod of her head. Every curtsy, every look in her direction earns a brilliant smile in return as the Queen moves to take a seat.

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The arrival of the King has Lisebet rise to her feet, curtseying appropriately and then reseating herself, once the king has taken his own place. Her gaze goes to the queen as well, thoughtful.

Merek makes a way into the place and settles back in a seat!

Gaston walks into the chamber with a pensive expression on his scarred face, moving at a considerably slower pace than his usual relentless stride, his eyes moving over the assembled nobility with the occasional nod and smile to familiar faces before he joins the Valardin seats near Teagan, running a hand over his face and murmuring something to her as he settles in.

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Alis dips her head in a nod of greeting towards Kael, and then goes back to being her quiet self today.

2 Redrain Guards, Ciro Sclafani, a world-weary manservant arrive, following Lorenzo.

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Cousin or not, Princess Macda Grayson rises when the King and Queen enter the assembly, cutting a deep bow in her leather battledress, jewel encrusted knuckleduster pressed in a fist over her heart. Then it's back to jovial conversation with cousins and friends.

On feet his feet for a moment, bowing at regular intervals as the honoured guests arrive. A deeper one for King Alaric and Queen Symoneese, Martino returns to sit beside Kaia. Leaning to her for a moment with a hushed murmur, a slight crease of his eyes to Duchess Belladonna after the bowed head. He lifts his chin, listening generally to the chatter but sharp green eyes upon the Throne.

Sebastian is, of course, late. But only marginally late -- for him. After dismissing his guards at the door, he slips towards the Velenosa seating, in amongst the other Pravus members. The arrival of the King and Queen makes him pause, bowing towards them, before he sinks into a seat.

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Tesha enters in without her gaggle of dogs today and there is a bit of a somber look to the womans features. She makes her way to the Valardin benches as she gives a nod of her head to those she knows, but otherwise is quiet as she sits down with her Valardin Peers.

After struggling to his feet to show respect for the royal couple, Ian sinks into a deeper slouch after sitting back down. With the Assembly beginning, he puts his flask away and takes a bottle of whiskey from under his seat to pass around the Thrax benches.

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Ryhalt also bows to the King and Queen. He smiles at Dianna and inclines his head to whatever she had last said to him. Then he lifts his head to look over the crowd, having promised to meet someone, perhaps. He seems to nod to someone in the Grayson benches before he takes a seat among the Valardin area.

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Lisebet smiles and nods to her brother, as he arrives, though he heads to a different seating spot.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Kuhlai D'Mahn an aide arrive, following Strozza.

Vicente walks into the assembly, hands folded behind his back and an expressionless face. His eyes slowly scan over the assembly and makes his way somewhat stiffly towards the gathering of Lycene nobles. He enters late enough that he probably does not have his exact choice of seating.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants have been dismissed.

Emele arrives quietly at the Commoner benches, sketchbook in hand as she looks out over the sea of faces and fanciness.

Alaric rises to the front after seeing Symonesse to the Grayson benches, settling his papers down, and then he moves forward out before the attedees and calls loudly "Shall we begin?" He looks about as those who start to move to their sets make their way and he pauses for the noise to settle, and people to be comfortably seated. "Before we begin the matter of business, there is the matter of faith and reflection. He looks to Cassandra and he gestures, "Will you please center our minds and heart with good intent and lead us in an opening prayer?"

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Lou settles down at the Grayson benches after fidgeting with the dress she's not used to wearing. She's pulled out her own whiskey decanter, and even brought along several glasses. She pours herself a drink and takes a hefty sip before settling the decanter and glasses where others might be able to reach them amongst her benches. She then fixes her attention on the table of voices, her blue gray eyes carefully taking in everything. She smiles when Symonesse comes to join them at the benches, but otherwise keeps her attention on the table.

Khanne has been greeting people as they file in, smiles, waves, nods of her head, the usual standards. She does however rise when the King arrives and takes his seat, but then settles back onto the bench again. She's in people watching mode.

Lorenzo makes his way into the Assembly and heads over to the Redrain benches. He gives a polite nod to the others there, including his Halfshav cousins, before sitting and looking attentive.

Strozza slips into the assembly, approaching the Lyceum benches and taking up a standing place there to one side of them all, hands folding behind his back, a mild expression taking his features.

Grazia rises for the king, then settles back in, afflicted with a serious case of resting bitchface. She does not seem amused, but she's dressed fiercely, all in red.

Just like Martino, the lady Kaia rises to her feet whenever it's proper to respectfully bow to the honored guests, before once more returning to her seat beside him. A small grin given from afar to the known faces that may find her eyes.

The thick sound of booted heels echoing off the pristine flooring of the Assembly of Peers is drowned out by the sounds of the multitude in attendance as Gabriella Pravus makes her entrance. Dressed in a blue coat embroidered in silver, her white cavalier's cape rustling around her right shoulder and hair heavily bundled up in intricate braidwork, the Setarcan knight sweeps the hall with those striking, sky blue eyes, all genial, radiant smiles as she makes her way towards the aisles of Lyceum benches to find and settle in next to her family, the tension of excitement a subtle thing in her as she turns her gaze towards the king.

Arcadia was speaking happily with those at the Redrain benches. However with the King's announcement, a flash of nervousness passes through her and she glances to the door for the other Stahlbens before her attention resettles on Alaric.

The early bird gets the worm, and alas, Sabrina was not. Seeing the packed benches of her fealty, she finds somewhere inconspicuous to plant her feet with watchful poise and crossed arms.

Looking down the Godsworn benches, Cassandra rises up to her feet, acknowledging Alaric's request, then overlooking the Assembly. A long slow, exhale comes from the Legate, as if pushing aside one matter, and taking up another. "As all who arrive here, we ask the gods to look on the decisions made in this Assembly today in temperance, in patience, in wisdom, and in forbearance. Let the gods bear witness and judge as they may. May those gathered here keep their ideals close to minds as well as their hearts and thus let their spirits be enriched by it. Bless those who have arrived here and in the name of the Pantheon, may they look upon us and our deeds favorably. Blessed be Arvum, blessed be the Compact." A nod once and gesture returned to Alaric. Once prayer given, she lowers herself back to her seat.

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Dariel makes his way to the Grayson benches. Dipping his head in greeting to those he recognises as he does so. He settles in and watches what's going on as he barely makes these things. He's quite sure it's bound to be a quiet and sedate affair.

Ouida's agreement with Cassandra's words is murmured softly, probably along with many others in the assembly, and something in her rather stiff posture seems to relax more into serenity.

"Blessed be Arvum, blessed be the Compact," the Duchess of Setarco repeats in a murmur, after smiling at Hadrian and nodding at the man warmly. As she stares at Sabrina trying to find a wall to glue herself to, the blonde Setarcan raises her arm and calls her cousin closer, to sit with them. Thea gets a playful wink, as Belladonna mouths her a 'thank you' for whatever reason.

Sparte dips his head in reverence to the words spoken, attention shifting back to the King from the Legate once her prayer has ended.

Jaenelle looks towards Corban, saying something quietly to the First Captain of the King's Own though as the prayer begins, the Archduchess Regent looks head, closes her eyes, and dips her head as the words are spoken. When Cassandra finishes, she turns back to finish whatever it is she was saying.

Khanne bows her head to listen to Cassandra, and in the end, murmurs, "Blessed Be."

Lisebet bows her head as the prayer is uttered, murmuring, "Blessed be," once it's over reverently. Just like most everyone else.

Lou closes her eyes and bows her head during the time the prayer happens, and once it is over she turns her gaze back to the head table.

"Blessed be." Vasile echoes, bowing his head.

"Blessed be," says Alaric as Cassandra finished and he nods in return to the Legate before he looks about. There's a few quiet moments, as he scans those assembled, a smile on his features, the King looking hale, rested, and even enthused by the full presence of those who have made it today.

"I'd like to start off by thanking the Crafter's Guild. It's my understanding that in recent weeks, there has been an increase in the need to craft or mend the shoes of our messengers who have worked diligently as we come from the snowy winter into the summer to keep everyone abreast of the news and doings. I am grateful for their service."

"I will make a few announcements on behalf of the Crown, and then we will move to our Great Houses. From there, I would ask for the nobility to share, and then we shall open the floor in case anyone else has any matters they wish to present." Looking about and making sure that there are no obvious objections or matters that people feel need to pre-empt the regular order of things, the King will continue.

"Blessed be." Alarissa murmurs before taking up her seat again, a glance to the others at her bench then to the front.

"Blessed be." Alessia says in turn, before returning to silence.

Ophelia bows her head during prayer and closes her eyes for silent commune. When it concludes, she exhales a quiet breath as if to center her thoughts and looks up once again. "Blessed be." she chimes along with those gathered. Now she listens.

Sina bows her head for the prayer, and then exchanges a few whispered words with Dianna, before turning her attention to the King as he begins to speak. She is otherwise fairly quiet, mercurial eyes patient and watchful.

"Blessed be," Rosalie murmurs softly before retaking her seat.

Sebastian murmurs something quietly under his breath, in concert with everyone else. Bright blue eyes are focused back on the King shortly thereafter.

Like Sina, the relatively-new Godsworn bows her head during the prayer, and rises with an unheard murmur, then leans in to whisper privately with the Archscholar before flicking her gaze attentively to His Majesty when he speaks. She rolls her lips between her teeth briefly, but curves her lips softly, focusing attentively.

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Sabrina purses her lips as she catches Belladonna's gesturing. Eyes lined with kohl sweep over the benches, quite full, with a subtle shake of her head. She does step nearer the Lyceum's motley collection, to at least be in earshot of anyone who may whisper back to her. Though she refrains from the chorus of the blessed, Sabrina eyes the King with her full attention.

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Upon realizing the benches of the Lyceum are indeed devoid of an inch of space, Belladonna murmurs something to Raven and Drusila before she stands up and goes to where Sabrina is to stand by the Inverno with a smile. She seems oddly out of place standing there.

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Strozza slips into the Lycene benches, murmuring "Blessed be" as he gets comfortable amongst the Mazettis

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Bella finds a few more spots free and yanks Sabrina towards them. Fast!

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"First, The Crown recognizes that recent battles, the elements, and time itself have made clear the need to look internally to what we can fix with regards to strengthening our defenses and increasing our ability to conduct trade. As such, The Crown will be contributing 10 million silver to the immediate project of improving our walls, docks, sentry towers, outposts, and other areas of need that impact all of our citizens. We look forward to the jobs this will help create, to the increase and ease of trade, and to the safety of all in our care."

"Secondly, The Faith has made it clear that there are areas under their watch that could also use some repair and mending. To that end, the Crown will be contributing another two and a half million silver so that The Faith may ensure the on going safety, sturdiness, and steadfast quality of the facilities used by the brothers, sisters, and Knights of the Realm."

"Thirdly, with the formation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we will be looking to open the Embassy District. That is still in development, with more news to come, but the intent will be to welcome those who wish to treat with us in the way of civilized people. We will reach out first to our allies, the Nox'Alfar, and have also reached out for another embassy to our sea-faring kin, the Marin'Alfar. In time...those that we also consider hostile to our causes may also be offered a space so that we may be able to speak about our differences in a way that doesn't involve violence. Not that we will shy away from such needs then the time comes...but violence need not be the only answer, hopefully.

He looks about, offering comment about those three before he will continue further. Dramatic pause? Maybe. Still, with those announcements made, the King waits for feedback before moving to what is likely the expected topic at hand that has drawn such a crowd.

"Blessed be," echoes Gabriella as she settles in comfortably. She offers her Duchess a small smile, before turning the intensity of those sharp, sky-blue eyes towards King. As he speaks, dark blonde brows furrow in thought. But as Belladonna rises, the knight blinks, looking between her, and Sabrina, then back towards the benches, head cocked, before quietly gesturing towards the seats nearby her.

Irisa waits by the doors, bowing her head during prayer. She waits until it has all passed before slowly making her way over to the Grayson benches. Without another member of Riven, the Dame is here to represent even if it is only as a Minister.

There's some soft murmuring from Elgana at the Redrain benches before she rises and quietly moves from those benches over to where the High Lords and Voices are gathered. She dips into a curtsy and then settles herself into Redrain's seat to listen to what the King has to say.

Lenne has mostly remained silent, since arrival, mostly just watching her first gathering of the peers, and occasionally looking with concern at the battered Countess Stahlben. But she does feel compelled to speak up, if just to offer support for that third point. Her voice isn't loud, but it's certainly above conversational. "Hear, hear! In times of troubles, we're all in this Dream together. We can't pretend we stand alone, any longer."

Lorenzo gives Elgana a wave and an encouraging thumbs-up as she moves from the family seating to the seats for the people in charge. It's a vote of confidence from him.

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Lisebet arches a brow, curiously, at the King's announcements. There's a slight moment where her brows furrow slightly, but then the calm expression normally seen on her face returns.

As the assembly begins with the first order of business from the Crown, Jaenelle nods her head with the news, "as the Crown's Minister of Infrastructure I will reach out the the Leaders of the Faith to see what is required from the Crown to make certain there is nothing forgotten and to the Crafter's guild to focus on maintaining walls and enhancing the docks for future trade. While the city has always properly cared for, and time progresses and we learn new techniques it is never bad to update what is existing."

"Blessed be," Hadrian intones solemnly. Sure, he's late. Being deep in prayer can be a very involved process, surely. He lifts his head and his eyes flutter, clearly refreshed and ready to continue observing the unfolding events of this Assembly of Peers.

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"With regards to the last topic at hand. The matter of House Pravus."

He looks over to the Lycene area before looking back around the room once more. "A couple of evenings ago, I was in communication with the High Lords and the Faith both. The gist of the communication is that in my eagerness to respond to some of the pressures we face externally, while also seeking to advance the dream that I have for our Kingdom, I did not consider the full impact or opinions that both the High Lords and the Faith - the very pillars of our realm, might feel or want to speak on with regards to my decision."

He looks back behind him to the table of the Crown, before looking over towards the Godsworn, and then back to The Assembly. "It is my goal to always be advancing the dream which is The Compact - strength, faith, culture, and people. The more we expand...then in hopeful theory, the more we can share this dream with others. Right now we know of some threats - some of which have ships settled in plain sight. Others...well...they move in darker and less obvious ways but are no less a danger. It is my goal to see us ready to face these threats and to bring more of those who have been left on their own into the Fold of the Compact."

"I recognize, however, that I can not do this on my own, and that if I don't share this dream and explain it, then it is merely mine and not the shared vision for all of us. So to that end, I apologize for trying to do too quickly what should take some time. So today I announce that at the next Assembly of Peers, it is my intent to promose House Pravus and call for your support. Between now and then, I open the floor, the Palace, or anywhere that I may need be called to the topic of conversation, debate, and dialogue about why this choice and why I feel is it proper for our Kingdom. I hope we can take the time from this Assembly to the next to continue the discussion in a way that is constructive and civil, and that allows all to feel heard rather than rushed to a decision."

He looks to everyone, "With that, I call forward House Thrax to start us off."

Victus raises. "House Thrax has no business to bring before the Assembly." And sits back down.

Tesha's face remains stony as she listens to the proceedings. The Telmar Voice has a lot on her mind and the addition of the Embassy District pushes her farther into thinking as the assembly goes on.

Alaric nods, and he looks about, "House Velenosa. Do you have any matters you wish to offer for presentation?" He stands as he speaks again, bowing to Victus befure turning to the seating area for the Lyceum.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant arrive, following Mirk.

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Jaenelle stands before the assembly, dipping her head towards Victus first, then in Alaric's direction, "we do, yes. As we see times of growth within the Compact, and the dreams that you have stated you see for us, I wish to help." Her Attention shifts back towards the gathered, "House Mazetti will not be another foot note in history, added to the bottom of pages when scholars write of the changes that the Compact will go under in the times ahead" and here she smiles at Belladonna. Then to Hadrian, "So it is in the spirit of hard work, loyalty, and the strength of the Lyceum that I would like to put forth the elevation of House Mazetti to a ducal house. For the last six years they have worked tirelessly to make an impact to their people, lands, and the Lyceum, and for that they should be given the focus of this moment for their contributions and achievements. House Velenosa has gone through all the power channels to make this so, the Faith has given it's consent, the Crown has been notified of such a life changing elevation, House Fidante has been asked their opinions and agree fully and without reservation. I stand here today to welcome House Mazetti as a duchy."

The Duchess of Setarco eyes the High Lords and the King at the latest announcement, and nods in agreement with Alaric, but says nothing else for now. There is a brief look at her family present there, but at the announcement of House Mazetti as a new duchy, Belladonna grins and turns to eye Hadrian, "Congratulations, Marquis. Your House is a gem of the Lyceum. Very deserved."

At the Lyceum benches, Thea is now for once quiet. She listens instead.

Alaric nods to Janelle, "Understood, Archduchess, and congratulations to House Mazetti. Are there any that wish to speak contrary to the request of the Archduchess of House Velenosa? Or additionally wish to offer their approval before the matter presented is accepted? Speak now."

The announcement of Mazetti's elevation by Jaenelle brings the first openly strong smile to Ouida's lips, and touches the fingers of one hand to her heart in a gesture of respect.

At the mention of House Mazetti being made a Duchy, Tesha gives a smile to that and she gives a nod of agreement on the matter.

At the mention of House Mazetti's promotion, Sister Dianna Godsworn does not even attempt to restrain her pleasure and pride; she beams, silently clapping her fingers before her lips and pressing them to the center of her grinning lips. She turns her gaze to the Mazettis and lowers her hand to press tenderly to her heart, beaming warmly at them before lifting fingers to touch her lips and blow a gentle kiss.

Jaenelle's announcement and the Crown's acceptance of it is met by a deep nod from Hadrian in his seat at the benches. "Duchess Cambria Mazetti extends her humble thanks, kind regards, and looks forward to a grand future for House Mazetti, House Velenosa, and the Compact". Then Hadrian's attention turns to the benches and those around himself.

It is but a moment or two before Lora rises from her perch at among the Lyceum. "House Fidante has nothing but pride and joy for House Mazetti; we have been glad to have them as loyal vassals, and we are glad to continue to count them as allies." There's a half-turn toward the various Mazetti that have turned out for this, and the most formal bow of her head. And maybe a glimmer of a smile to go alongside it.

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Ryhalt nods in approval of the elevation of a new Duchy.

Victus gives a short round of applause. "House Mazetti has always been known to us as honorable and stalwart friends. Their promotion is well earned and well deserved. Congratulations to the soon to be Duchess and Duke."

Upon hearing about the promotion of house Mazetti, Valdemar applauds as well, turning his attention toward Hadrian and inclining his head in the soon-to-be Duke's direction with a brief smile on his face.

Lisebet inclines her head, thoughtful, but approving.

With a crease of his sharp green eyes at the words of Archduchess Regent Jaenelle about House Mazetti. The Malvici Lord, Martino echos the words from others around the Lycene benches. "A congratulations also from House Malvici for the Mazetti House on their elevation." A faint smile touching his lips for Hadrian

"If you wish, I have a long list of those accomplishments to share with the assembly if there is any who wish to counter my authority in this matter" Jaenelle say with a grin and tap to a stack of papers before her, "it could take hours. And if any of you doubt the length, I will have the future Duke Mazetti tell you in his own words whch could take much longer." There is a smile towards Lora as she stands and releases Mazetti from their oaths, and a look towards the Faith, who has the other part in this whole thing.

"House Grimhall applauds our friends and allies of House Mazetti and celebrate all involved in their success." Vanora states just in time.

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Gaston's brows quirk at Alaric's decision, his head quirking a little but looking deeply impressed by the King's humility and grace before the peers, and he nods thoughtfully to himself as the floor is turned to the other Great Houses. When House Mazetti is elevated, he straightens in his seat and claps his fang-marred hands enthusiastically, a grin spreading across his face.

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Preston coughs gently as he rises to his feet "Your majesty, a matter of formality. But. I believe Mother Cassandra, as Voice of the Most Holy, should be asked to give the Faith's blessing or refusal on the breaking of the vows so new ones can be formed?"

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Preston adds "That is, to confirm, I of course trust the High Lady Jaenelle most fully. But it might be a good thing to have on record for the scholars, as I am sure House Mazetti will look back on the records of this day for generations, and want to see in bold the approval of the Faith for their efforts."

Cassandra follows suit a moment later after Preston, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, Grandmaster." It's for the first time she doesn't look so broody. "As Legate of Arts and Voice of his Most Holy, the Faith is satisfied with the requirments met of House Mazetti. The Faith approves of their elevation to duchy and wish them luck in their endevours."

"Sir Preston is correct," Hadrian readily agrees with a smile, "formalities must be given their due attention". Victus and Valdemar each earn a nod from across the way, but inevitably Hadrian's attention turns back to King Alaric, Sir Preston, and Mother Cassandra. There he sits, hands clasped together, fingers casually drumming together while he nods along with Preston's words.

Alaric nods. "Let it be noted for the records that the news of the promotion of House Mazetti is made with no offered objection and with the seal of approval of The Faith, as voiced by the Legate. Congratulations and our thanks for your ongoing service to your liege, The Faith and The Crown."

He bows to Jaenelle before turning then to look to the assembly. "House Redrain. Have you anything to present to the Assembly?"

Called upon, Elgana rises and says, "House Redrain has no business to set before the Assembly today, Your Grace." She dips into a curtsy and sits back down.

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Of course, the former Mazetti attends both Preston and Cassandra in their need for formality; but by the look on her face, it is clear that Dianna Godsworn is worried not-at-all about the acceptance of her former House into their elevation. She beams at Cassandra, then beams at Preston, then shines her smile upon Hadrian, lingering happily before returning her delighted, proud gaze to Alaric as he speaks again.

Alaric bows to Elgana and nods, "Well enough," he says and turns then to Princess Alis. "Does House Valardin have any topics to present to the Peerage today?"

Leola shifts on the commoner benches, looking up from her murmurings to give a polite smile, glancing over the Velenosan benches with a thoughtful expression

Rising as she's called upon, Alis gives a quick shake of her head. "No, Your Majesty. House Valardin has nothing to set before the Assembly at this time." A quick bow, and she is seated again.

Preston is overheard praising Hadrian: A most dutiful and faithful Marquis who will now make a most dutiful and faithul Duke.

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Alaric inclines his head once more and then looks to the Grayson benches. "House Grayson - Have you anything to present for today's review prior to us opening the floor to the Peerage?"

Jaenelle bows deeply towards Cassandra when she give the Faith's blessing, "and House Velenosa and House Mazetti will see that a donation is made to the Faith in honor of the Gods and their continued blessings upon the Lyceum and the people who call it home."

Valdemar is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Valdemar is overheard praising Hadrian.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Hadrian.

Jaenelle is overheard praising Cambria.

Lou seems to sit up in her seat a bit when Liara's called upon, giving her High Lord a quizzical look as though curious to what she might have to say.

Berenice is overheard praising Cambria.

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Cassandra is overheard praising Jaenelle: A woman of patience and poise. The Faith is thankful for one who admires the ideals such as the Archduchess.

Vicente continues to sit towards the back of the Lyceum benches, clapping where appropriate but otherwise quiet and only observing.

Preston is overheard praising Alaric: The King is most generous and dutiful to fund the defenses of the Faith which protect our Compact and our Faithful. And we can discuss embassies later.

Cassandra is overheard praising Hadrian: Congratulations on your elevation. The Faith approves of the hard work completed.

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Felicia is overheard praising Alaric: Long Live the King

Liara rises to her feet. "House Grayson notes the intention to amend the terms under which the Compact was formed and shall, if it is to be opened for amendment at the next Assembly, consider bringing forward our own proposals. We trust that the peerage of the realm, and its Great Houses, shall have every opportunity to provide input on and influence the matter." Then she eases back down again.

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Alaric looks to Liara, and inclines his head then. "Noted." He then looks to one of those who is running back and forth, keeping track of who wishes to speak and he nods."

The Crown appreciates the work and efforts of all of the Great Houses, as well as the Faith for its blessing upon today's proceedings and decisions thus far. We now open the floor to the Peerage as a whole. Vala Khanne. Please make your will known."

Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici arrives, following Calypso.

Khanne stands at the Redrain benches, looking around the Assembly to address them all. "On this day, I would like to call forward Countess Arcadia Stahlben, vassal to House Halfshav's vassal, House Sanna. House Sanna could not be here today, so... like Jaenelle, in speaking of growth within the compact, I request Arcadia present her petition." She looks towards the Countess-Consort. "Arcadia?"

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Calypso arrives rather late but she arrives quietly, threading her way through the room and moving to find a seat next to Belladonna, settling herself in and looking up at the talk of a petition, eyes moving around the room to take in just who all is present.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

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Volcica looks to Arcadia, urging her forward to talk to to the Assembly.

Arcadia takes a deep breath and comes to stand. The usual vibrant countess moves a touch more quietly than usual. She lifts her voice clearly for those to hear. "House Stahlben joined the compact a mere three years ago, and while the house had a rocky start, we have steadily grown." She glances briefly to Lady Volcica. "Through projects dedicated to bettering the compact, encouraging the faith's practice on our lands and through our own strengthings to the compact." She stops for another second before continuing. "Today with the blessings of the faith, house Sanna and House Halfshav, I ask for us to be elevated from a County to a March."

Leola glances to Calypso as she moves in, and then offers a demure nod from the commoner's benches, tightening her grip on the reinforced mask on her lap

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Khanne nods and says, "House Halfshav accepts the request of House Stahlben to become direct vassals to the line We welcome and encourage their dedication to working to improve the Compact, House Halfshav, the fealty of Redrain, and themselves."

Oh - oh no. It's happened. Someone FINALLY told Saoirse Velenosa that something was IN STYLE and, oh dear lord, it is NOT. She WOULD slip into the Assembly and take her seat unnoticed but-- oh dear. That outfit. It's hard not to notice the Lycene princess sliiiiide into the benches.

Alaric looks to Khanne, and then back to Arcadia, before looking to Cassandra and then letting his gaze slip over the rest of the Peerage. "Are there any other comments for or against this elevation?"

Cillian quietly slips into the Assembly of Peers and moves to take a seat quietly to watch and listen to whats going on, he is a bit late but better late then not at all.

Elgana turns to look at Arcadia as she comes forward, smiling as the Countess speaks. Her dark gaze flicks toward Khanne, and her smile only grows. Once the Vala and Alaric are done speaking, she clears her throat and says, "House Redrain is proud to see the Northlands grow. I know that we look forward to all House Stahlben shall do and congratulate them on all they have done in the last three years. Well done."

Standing up once again, Cassandra nods. "After conferring with his Most Holy and Legate Greyhope, the Faith has found that House Stahlben has met the conditions and requirements expected of them for elevation of their house to accept the responsibilities that of a March. As Legate of Arts and Voice of the Faith, I approve of Stahlben's request for elevation. The Faith offers it's congratulations and wishes them well in their future with the blessing of the Gods."

Turn in line: Khanne

Turn in line: Grazia

Khanne claps her hands together once, almost gently, and smiles to Arcadia. She looks to Cassandra then and dips her head respectfully. "Thank you, Legate Cassandra." She then settles back onto the bench behind her.

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Alaric listens to the topics at hand and nods, looking to the Faith and to Vala Khanne. "Let the records show that none have objected, and that the Faith has blessed the elevation of House Sthalben. Congratulations..." he offers, looking about. "Duchess Rubino. Please bring forward your matter for the Assembly."

"His Majesty, King Alaric Grayson IV, has enjoyed quite a lot of goodwill from the Great Houses, the peerage, and the common people," Grazia begins as she rises to her feet in her Lycene-styled red dress, fixing her severe whiskey-hued gaze on the man that she has just named with disapproval. She's an intimidating woman, and her disapproval is almost palpable. The duchess of Gemecitta is focused.

"It is the request of House Rubino, representing the Duchy of Gemecitta, that now and in the future, the Crown remembers that it relies on that goodwill when making decisions," Grazia continues. "That the Crown gathers the opinions of its Great Houses and does not restrict them in gathering the opinions of their vassals, both great and small. That the Crown seriously considers the ramifications of altering the Compact, upon which so much Civilization relies." A pause. "And that the Crown remembers that awards are given to victors, not just the people who claim that they're going to run the race, even if they happen to be rather swift of foot."

A nod from the Duchess of Gemecitta. "Thank you." She sits down, apparently having said what she wished to say.

Arcadia seems to have been holding her breath while the decision was made. She bows her head towards the King after. "Thank you." and she quickly retakes her seat. A brief smile offered to Volcica before sitting.

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Thea looks over to the Redrain benches and Arcadia. Hearing the decision she offers Arcadia a slight smile.

Cassandra is overheard praising Grazia.

From over at the Thrax benches, Ian lifts his flask to Arcadia in a silent toast.

Leola murmurs after that comment from Grazia, looking up and then across to the Faith, gently tightening her grip

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Lisebet looks very proud of Arcadia, nodding her approval to the other woman. "I think I just lost a protege," she murmurs.

The King nods and he looks about a moment. "It seems that there is no other business."

"I know there is much to discuss over the next few weeks." The King moves over and he takes a few empty seats, and he starts to turn them. He turns them one, then the other, so that he tries to build a tower with them. Once he's finished with what he can reach, he moves over and he does the same, this time stacking the seats so that each is just slightly off from the one it sits on, until they set precariously.

"Arx. The foundation. Solid...firm...resolute. But as we grow...." he says, pointing to the first stack, "As we grow, we can only grow so high until things end up out of reach." Grabbing an empty chair, he steps onto it, and he puts one more chair atop the vertical stack. "Until...we have more ot stand on." Placing the chair he hops off and he walks over to the other chairs. These, wobble a bit, looking ready to fall. "Another way to grow...outwards. The problem is the foundation can only reach so far. The pillars...can only old so much...before it is all in danger of toppling. Until..." he says, and he slides the empty chair in, and upon that, he stacks another, supporting now the wobbly foundation. "Until another pillar is placed to support it. what I am looking at, with regards to the future. I look forward to this next month of discourse."

"The Eleventh Assembly of Peers is dimissed. Thank you all."

Belladonna smiles at Arcadia and, lacking a flask to raise in her honor, certainly does not scream at the woman. At the intimidating woman's words, Belladonna smiles and goes back to conversing with those around her. Drusila gets a squeeze on the shoulder as the Duchess reaaaaches out to her, before Bella is back in her relaxed state, and stands up to leave. "And now, we -drink-! Lets have some fun, shall we?" She is already urging her family to stand!

Evaristo shoots to his feet and applauds and hollars vigorously.

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Drusila leaves, following Belladonna.

Sydney is quick to join Evaristo, whistling her abject approval, "Woo!"

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Leola stands, clapping her hands together lazily as she watches the King flatly

Macda is overheard praising Alaric.

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