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Princess Gabriella Pravus

The gods blessed me with second chance at life, mongrel. Shall we see if they are so kind to you?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Reforged Sin
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 05/09
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Olive

Description: Gabriella is the picture perfect Setarcan woman in all her defiant bearing and devilish good looks. Standing about 5'7" high, the leader of the Swords of the Morning commands a piercing blue gaze and possesses a lustrous mane of golden hairs that always seems to catch the wind right to make Gabriella look every bit the heroine of Pravus the people deem her to be. Any purposeful movement reveals lean muscle underneath her sun-kissed skin, speaking of years of practice and exercise.

Given her complete lack of blemishes and minor scars, one would be surprised to find a long, thin one running along her left forearm and past her wrist. While youthful, the warrior of Setarco seems to take to battle frighteningly easy, a storm of gold and blood once arrows begin flying. Those who fight alongside her, however, seem to hint that behind blue eyes lies a wicked storm that lusts for the blood of men.

(Gabriella's long hair is currently bound up in an intricate crown braid.)

Personality: The Commander of the Swords of the Evening must protect her countrymen, and she must be loyal to House Pravus. Those are the basic lessons from Tiberio, but when has Gabriella ever settle for mediocre? The golden-maned warrior loves Setarco, and Setarco loves her back. When she rides through the city, Gabriella reins her horse in to fight a robber just so the people can feel secure. She kisses babies in festivals and dances with the men under her in celebrations. Inheriting Tiberio's charm, Gabriella celebrates and is celebrated by her folk.

At least, that is how she is seen. In private, the behavior of a true paragon sometimes slips into something... more sinister. Her brand of humor, the one that actually makes her laugh, and not simply give a false guffaw for, is certainly dark. There is just something funny about a de-limbed enemy trying to crawl away in the battlefield.

The only time Gabriella lets herself fully go is in the battlefield, where she is in her element, cutting down her enemies with joyous glee. A creature of passions, she is often at her most raw when smeared in blood.

Background: Gabriella is the oldest daughter of Tiberio Pravus, a Sword of Setarco known for his skill and charisma, and a few days after her fifth nameday, she was taken by a deadly malady. Despite all the efforts of House Pravus, and the mountains of silver offered, no physician gave Gabriella a chance. Her mother, Lady Aurora Pravus, would not have it.

The headstrong woman gathered her personal guard and rode out of the Silken City and would not return for three weeks. What happened nobody knows, but Gabriella returned sleeping soundly in her mother's arms, resting peacefully for the first time in months. She was cured, a miracle, and Lady Aurora never spoke of it again. From that point forward a fire lit up in the girl. She and her sister Lucrezia were wild together, and Gabriella would find herself desiring to fight. The sisters planned their future together, and while Lucrezia loved the waves, Gabriella dreamt of the battlefield.

She would be knighted at the age of seventeen by the ruling Duke then, in the same day her father and the duke were assassinated, and her sister Lucrezia vanished, all thanks to House Argento's machinations.

The remainder of the House had no option but to fight back. Viviana would become Sword to protect the new Duchess, the inexperienced Belladonna, while Gabriella took over the command of the Swords of the Evening, her father's men. Consumed by a desire for revenge, Gabriella was vicious in the invasion of Nilanza. None were as cruel or violent as the daughter of Tiberio, something that earned her the title The Butcher's Daughter.

War washed her father's honor, but it put a stain on Gabriella's soul. She has become more of a recluse in Setarco, and some say her disease, the one that almost took her life when younger, has returned, but the knight does not confirm or deny it. In the field she looks as healthy as ever, a deadly sin, so what gives?

Relationship Summary

  • Lyonis - Brother
  • Belladonna - There are none are more worthy of my blade.
  • Lucrezia - The seas fit you well, Lucrezia. But I am glad to see you out of its embrace, even if just for a time. You are a centering, and much needed, presence.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Gabriella of House Pravus, she possesses a quick wit and a delightful sense of humor. Though I've yet to see her in action, something in her demeanor tells me she can handle herself with strength and intensity on the fighting grounds. A theory I hope to test sometime in the near future!
    Alessia As amicable and charming a drinking companion as one can hope for, though she may not realise her natural skill in the social scene.
    Alexis Lady Gabriella Pravus is a striking woman. It's hard to believe she might be a - I mean, she contrasts her family and the Lyceum a lot. Still, she has a secure and confident charm, and that I know is Lycene. I admire her. And, well, to throw her own words back at her - she has good taste in swords. And no, I'm not flushing.
    Amaranth Passion stirs beneath your stoic mien, cousin. You are hard as any diamond, its equal in beauty, faceted beyond compare, and infinitely more precious. I am proud to call you kin.
    Anisha Lady Gabriella has been blessed with beauty and wit, and carries herself with an easy confidence. Given the banter between cousins and the constant suggestions that she lives a sheltered life, I'm curious what challenges she does seek out. Perhaps I can be one of them?
    Belladonna You will not find anyone more loyal or zealous. Her father bestowed Gabriella upon Pravus so even after his passing, his line would continue to protect us. She has been doing so since.
    Cadenza Whether a war ship, or a particularly lovely warrior woman, I know how to get them to top-mast. Ha! Though she seems apt in spreading some ridiculously /absurd/ falsity like 'beating me at shots of rum,' I confess she wields a sharp sense of humour aside that virile blade of hers. Do unsheathe it more often!
    Catalana For a Pravus she seems kind and sweet. I imagine she has a sharp tongue and mind hidden away.
    Constance Wonders never cease. I had not expected a Knight of Solace from the Sins of Setarco. You're a credit to your House, but also to Arx, and yourself. To you, I wish sincerely that you continue to surprise me, and others, as we surely meet again and again.
    Denica A knight of House Pravus, while moderately reserved, she not only seems to know how to enjoy herself well, but is appreciative of moments of joy. Definitely someone I'd like to hang out with!
    Dianna Lighthearted and wonderfully-spirited. Gods, I do like this woman.
    Domonico A Knight of Pravus as the House is in ascendancy and one that holds her head up proud at the achievements of her House.
    Drake A strong-willed woman. Unlikely to back down from any challenge, even the simplest. I don't think I would want to get on her bad side.
    Esme Another Pravus! We are to go drinking and see who is to be the winner. I find that she is more diplomatic and personable than she gives herself credit for. We are obviously meant to be friends.
    Evaristo There's something about Pravuses that is thrilling, and Gabriella is no exception to this. A mix of perfect poise and hidden danger - and all around trouble.
    Graziella My sister has always been my protector, my confidant, and my hero. I would do... oh, anything for her!
    Hamish The definition of a Pravus. Beautiful, refined and dangerous.
    Harlex Knight of Setarco. I see that predator in her, even through a gracious and pretty smile. Despite good manners, we cannot hide who we are. I look forward to getting to know her true face through that bloody common language.
    Ignacio I like a woman who can entertain my wife so thoroughly. It is a rare quality to find in one who is also so storied a knight.
    Joslyn I always feel instantly drawn to every woman of house Pravus without exception. Lady Gabriella is much like many of the other Pravosi I've met over the years, but also very different. Confident, poised and all at once dangerous and brilliant. I look forward to hearing from her again.
    Jules She's a Pravus, that's scary but she's not nearly so scary as you expected. Should that scare you? You probably won't know until it's too late.
    Juliette One of many good examples of why I am glad my family swore directly to House Pravus when they bent the knee.
    Korka A Pravus knight and very serious. She's going to irritate people who have a stereotype of Pravus in their minds.
    Kritr Not too stuffy for a Princess. Likes to talk. Maybe she talks that way to everyone. Probably not. Just prodigals.
    Lenne Gabriella is different from other Southern women I've met, in the city. She gives the image of a perfect knight, in how she carries herself. Kind. Well-spoken. Genteel and gentle, both. And what's more, she has been part of the heroic works of her house. She's exactly the sort of woman I easily admire.
    Mabelle A graceful Pravusi, as expected. And curious. I like curious.
    Nina Princess Gabriella! Dangerous and elegant and a most generous patron. I cannot wait to write songs about her!
    Philippe A vigorous, boisterous young lady. She would be excellent in the cavalry. A person must be loud to hear over the din of battle. Like my brother-in-arms Richard, she seeks out strong drink. Wrestling with spirits can build charcter, so long as the wrestling is undertaken with due care. Perhaps Gabriella seeks to elevate young admiral Cadenza in this crusade?
    Porter Well, she seemed like she was adjusting to that fancy new title the Pravus elevation earned her. Definitely better than me. If I woke up a prince one day, I'd promptly marry myself down again. Good luck to her.
    Raja Seems like a nice enough woman. Met her at the training center. She spectated a brawl between myself and a noble woman.
    Ras In my way. Didn't get pissed when I bumped her. Weird... whatever.
    Reese I like her. I barely know her, but she has confident, grace, social savvy and something else that is hard to pinpoint, fire?
    Rowenova The bloody rumors do not add up to the warm woman that I recently met who is great company and quite amiable with a great sense of humor!
    Sabella At first she seems very intimidating, but Lady Gabriella is quite friendly and charming! I'm sure we should get to know one another better, especially if Pravus is to be raised up to a Great House.
    Sophie She is almost as intoxicating as the Setarco Fire she drinks.
    Sudara Ardent, passionate, and chivalrous - my former pupil has grown up well. Though I might be biased in favour of a warrior who also favours book-learning, I confess.
    Sven She feels warm yet sharp, like a heated blade you can't stop watching even as it comes closer with searing heat. There's something to her I can't put my finger at and I'm eager to discover.
    Sydney She carries herself beautifully, and she has the composure to back her words. I'd love to get her in the ring and see what comes of it.
    Sylvi She is very modest about her contributions that have led to the mass release of thousands of slaves from the Saffron Chain. The world needs more like her that are willing to do what must be done to help those in need.
    Vanora This Pravus cousin is witty and warm, and I enjoyed our brief banter at the legendary concert at the Bard's College. I hope to cross paths with her again.
    Verity I didn't know it was possible to do the boisterous booming-voiced knight of grand gestures act without perpetually falling into incredibly dumb schemes. This is a pleasant surprise!
    Vicente She's a Pravus who seems friendly and outgoing.
    Zoey Understands that not all battles are fought with steel.