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Lord Vicente Fidante

Where there was once fire, all I can taste now is ash.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Rose of Cinders
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Fidante
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widower
Age: 52
Birthday: 3/9
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Dark brown and grey
Eye Color: Lime Green
Skintone: Bronzed

Description: A massive man with often a stoic expression on his face, he carries himself as discipline has always been a strong part of his life. When he was a younger man, it was likely he was good-looking. The salt and pepper hair, the sharp facial features, the faint crows feet at the corner of his eyes, all these features have made a good-looking man into something even more. He lime green eyes have an intensity to them, telling a tale of a life long lived. The man's strong hands bare faded burn scars which seem to linger.

(His thick beard is peppered with flecks of gray.)

Personality: Stern, serious, and dutiful. Vicente is rarely caught laughing, while not an impossible he would not seem to be a jovial man. He isn't without his own kind of charm, it just is more witty and reserved than boisterous. He takes his duty as a knight very seriously, looking to maintain his own honor and the honor of his House.This doesn't make him uncaring. He seems to love his family and would do anything for them.

Background: Vicente Fidante is a grizzled war-veteran whom served as a Knight-Captain during the Southport Wars. As in all wars, there is often two sides of the same coin as there are two views on this man in history in the same war. To the Fidantes and their allies, Vicente is a no non-sense knight whom pacified resistance in the towns on the outskirts of Southport. While he might have had harsh techniques, in the end, he likely saved lives by doing his part to help end the war sooner. However, those that stood with Southport see this man in a very different light. They saw him as a butcher and a murderer for Vicente arrived in one of the villages whom defiantly resisted Fidante soldiers and Vicente's solution was to trap many of them into their homes and burn it all. To the survivors, they scornfully remember this man as the 'Rose of Ciders' and to this day there are still survivors whom bare burns from this man.

After the Southport War, Vicente had seen enough death in his life and took a role more of a trainer of troops and less of a man of action in combat. Even though a skilled knight in his own right, something haunted the man. Perhaps remorse of his actions or perhaps something else. He settled down from the campaign life and started a family with his wife, Sandra Malgentilega. Life seemed to be good on the surface, but Vicente would always seemed tired and unhappy which suggested perhaps their marriage was not as good as it appeared on the surface.

One night years ago, while Vicente and Sandra were in bed. Vicente slept by his wife and Sandra reading late by the light of her oil lamp. The heat from the lamp fractured the lamp, spilling oil onto Sandra and igniting her. Vicente awoke to his bed in flames and his wife fully engulfed. He desperately tried to smother the flames, but it was too late. His wife was dead, burnt before his very eyes. But he shall never forget that night, for the burn scarring on his hands leave him with hand tremors time to time. Some rumors claim about him, that they would fight in secret, that he murdered his wife and burned her alive as his preferred way to kill his foes. However the investigation by the House determined it was an accident.

Today, Vicente lives with his two children, now adults. None of them openly appear to blame their father for their mother's death. On the surface, a happy family.

Name Summary
Alexio Seems to be a good man. Quite understanding! I do wish we had met under different circumstances when...a certain Mazetti evil twin was not around to, metaphorically speaking, bring me down to my knees with her charms.
Amund Someone on a journey to accomplish something is easy to spot. Something about the demeanor. Fellow grizzled soldier, this one.
Anisha "I am not one sought out." No, my lord, no! Every rose in the Fidante Garden should bloom and raise their head against the sun. What burned you so badly?
Antea Someone of similar inclinations and intellect, this could be quite the beneficial alliance. I look forward to speaking with him in the future.
Apollo Perhaps the most taciturn lord I've ever come across.
Arcadia A charming gentleman. I can see that he is full of wit and humor. It's all in his eyes.
Bethany Only someone under a lot of pressure asks for "hard tea."
Brigida My younger cousin needs to get more sleep. He is not as young as he used to be. Perhaps I need to visit him and give him council soon.
Calista My uncle is a grizzled veteran with a conflagrant past. His only salvation currently are his children. He is a man of family after all.
Dante My uncle is still a quiet man bothered by the past. I'm not sure what it is that affects him past the Tor-Southport war and the untimely death of his wife, but it clearly eats at him.
Dariel Far too serious if you ask me, though there seems a bit of a dry humour in there. Tall and rather striking though.
Denica Experienced, he knows a lot about battles and life. That makes him an excellent conversationalist as he seems to have an answer for everything, or almost so.
Dianna A startlingly handsome man, gallant in a manner that overshadows in its pure sincerity the efforts of younger men to charm, beckon and beg the attention of any woman.
Domonico He believes he understands me in my grief. He does not.
Esme My uncle. He is a man that knows who he is. There aren't a lot of those in the world. He's direct. He knows his skills. He's going to be an asset for sure.
Gabriella I know a fellow knight when I see one; a large but quiet man, I sense a deeper ocean of thought behind those green eyes.
Grazia A charming Lycene nobleman who keeps quite amusing company. A good man to share drinks with.
Gwenna A somewhat stoic man who attended a rather large dinner at the Redrain villa, he is obviously a military man. Obvious, in part, due to his mentioning as much. With plans for a possible war college in Farhaven, he certainly seems a name to keep on the lips and in mind. Maybe he'll even entertain the idea; at the very least, it's worth exploring.
Ian So I guess that joke was about going up women's dresses.
Isidora Another stoic. I approve.
Kaia Well, Lord Vicente, he seemed...nice I suppose? I think he got confused about a tea party, but-- *sips wine and looks away*
Kenna He complemented Tabitha's painting. I'llthink he's okay.
Korka Dante's uncle who waved off sharing childhood memories of his nephew for his protege. Probably a good choice.
Leola I'm reminded of an acquaintance of mine, had an injured leg and lashed out at everyone. I think I ended up kennelling them for a month.
Llewella Lord Vicente is a man on a quest I can respect, and one that I can pray he finds resolution to.
Lora A legend in Tor's history, for complicated reasons. I hope he finds peace, one day.
Lucita Introduced to Vicente by Lady Lora at the end of a lesson was giving her. He is polite, charming, and has an amusing wit. He is an attentive escort whose company I enjoy.
Mabelle Kind man. Able to devour a cooking whole. Interesting.
Mirk A very reserved man. Sincere in his dedication to his family and those closest to him, however.
Narcissa My uncle has always been a man to serve his house well, even if some may raise their brows at his previous methods. I find him a priceless asset to our house, a fount of wisdom if he ever has the care to share it.
Nijah I don't know if he likes me very much, but he kept good company while I explored the Gardens.
Nycelani Stoic, but he has good taste in women!
Reese A Lord of Roses who seems troubled by something, likely has weight on his shoulders, but I don't feel like I should pry and I think he will be okay. He seems like a thoughtful man, aware of those around him, but not one to reveal all right off.
Reigna A devoted father. Is it bad of me that I never think of Lycene as particularly devoted parents? I am so glad I got to see that they are, that they can be.
Rosalind Monotone. There seems to be no pleasure in the man. Or maybe I missed it.
Sanya The Fidantes are blessed to have someone so diligent, humble and personable among them.
Silvana The best Papa. I always worry about him. People who don't enjoy his presence are judgemental. Not everyone needs to be 'friendly' tobe good company.
Sindri I don't know what it is, but I like the old man. He's grim, sure, bet he's got some skeletons in his closet, but he seems spry enough... bet he could still dance with them, even if his knees might complain.
Thea A lord very willing to help. It seems genuine. Time will tell, I'm sure.
Vasile Very dutiful general on behalf of the House diFidante.
Verity He seems haunted. By what? His vast number of nieces and nephews? The outrageous sauciness of the other Fidantes I have met? Perhaps someday I will know why he cradles his vodka as if it were his child.
Vitalis I've seen fish at the market with more verve. And livelier eyes.
Zoey He keeps to his own business, no matter what seems to be happening around him.