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Everyone's for sale, if you dig deep enough. Those who say otherwise just haven't had to confront where their own price lies, yet.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Debt-Stricken Brawler
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 22
Birthday: 6/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Bottle Green
Skintone: Pale

Description: A flash of auburn hair that's cropped clumsily close to her scalp, with arresting bottle-green eyes look at home with the generous splash of freckles that span from cheek to cheek. A handful of small scars dapple her face, alongside a small tweak in her nose - proof positive of a poorly set fracture. She's tall, with wiry muscle concentrated in her arms and core, hands rough with callouses on palms and knuckles alike.

(With no reason to enter a ring habitually of late, Sydney's hair is starting to grow out. It's delightfully unkempt, but not yet at a point where it even threatens to cover her eyes when tugged down.)

Personality: Typically guarded upon first impression, Sydney's the sort who gradually warms upon prolonged interaction. Not quick to trust, but fiercely loyal once she's taken a shine to someone. She's a razor wit and a tongue to match if the occasion calls for it - and often when it doesn't. She isn't the sort to abhor crowds, having grown used to them in her current line of work - but she does seem more comfortable and at ease the less people she has to keep an eye on.

Background: It's easy enough to trace back a misfortune to its root, in Sydney's case. After her father succumbed to an illness that swept through him like wildfire, she accepted a loan with unfavorable conditions 'just until she was able to get established'. As it happens, that took just a little longer than she anticipated.

As a smithy's apprentice by trade, adequate coin was meager to come by - too meager for the patience of her unscrupulous debtors. After missing one payment too many, the shop she apprenticed for just so happened to turn up scorched down to the foundations overnight.

Apprenticeship opportunities don't just fall out of the sky, and Sydney wasn't fortunate enough to find another. Left with a sturdy set of arms for swinging and smelting, a personality unfit for a courtesan, and a mountain of debts left to pay off, she landed herself a position as a brawler.

Being a touch less than half-bad at taking and giving a beating proved a boon... as did taking the occasional dive here and there to pad her pockets, when the situation called.

Dreams are for the debtless. Sydney's aspirations are simple: To get out from under the debt she owes and do something more than just scrape by. If cornered, she'll insincerely talk about opening her own shop one day. It's a fair sight better than the truth: She'll go where the coin is best until she's allowed the luxury of having her dreams be her own again.

Name Summary
Alessia Very insightful, even in subjects she claims no expertise on. Someone with her wits is a delight to know.
Caspian They might not rank, but a decent contender for People's Favorite in The People's Tournament
Evaristo Looks fetching in mud and she ran like... a mud monster! I hope we meet again, but perhaps with less mud involved.
Korka Surprisingly good head on her shoulders for the friends I've seen her keep. Interesting sense of humor as well.
Mabelle Met her as a patient and she was not able to speak, but she let me take care of her. Humility is a rare gift.
Magpie Magpie was all too happy to strike up some friendly rapport with a fellow 'People's Choice' champion. He enjoyed the conversation with her, especially her frank look at life and sharp wit. She's more than welcome to get drunk at the Murder of Crows anytime.
Merek She fights nice, really confident, a great person!
Mirari She's not at all impressed by wealth, and she's got all these appealing sharp edges. I kind of want to see how badly she can cut someone with them. Maybe me, maybe someone else.
Petal A fighter who took on Caspian and might beat him next year and made a great showing at the People's tournament. She seems friendly too.
Ras Got a lot of life in her, and I see those knuckles. Reckon she's punched a lot of folks in the face.
Shard Smiles a lot and seems friendly, which is not something you always run into in the Murder. Said she's a pit fighter, and I suppose she's got the nose to prove it.
Willow Red hair, tall, and tipsy - makes Arx feel like Stonedeep because that's the feel of the North.