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Dame Leola Allenatore

People are just animals that never learned not to bite the hand that feeds them

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Animal Trainer
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Allenatore
Gender: female
Age: 24
Religion: Petrichor
Vocation: Animal trainer
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Slight Sunburn

Titles: Paladin of Groves, Knight of Southport

Description: Long brunette hair is left loose, and her skin has caught more than it's share of sun, with long lashes and dark eyes set over cheeks a little reddened with a permanent burn. Slender, with long limbs and small hands, she moves quickly and neatly, without grace or refinement

Personality: Out of doors, Leola is sure of herself. Her stride is long and sure, her eyes gaze out and away and she speaks confidently, clearly, her words carrying easily. Indoors, her steps shorten nearly too much, her voice is muted, and her eyes flick about, overcompensating and uncomfortable.

Background: Leola's family have lived on Saik land long before she was born, and have served as houndmasters, horse-trainers and more before even that. Leola held a falcon before she ever picked up a pen and rode a horse before she could leave the homestead alone. Her father ensured she grew up around the animals that her family bred, trained, and taught her how to teach them; how to ensure they bent to the will of their master. It was a simple enough life, out of the trials and worry of politics, but Leola - well, it was what she knew. She grew, and there had been suitors, but none she'd cared much for, and the work was always more important. Time enough for that; the Saiks were not rich, and her family helped. Then, father grew ill. It was prolonged, though not serious, and she was left to manage the affairs of the small family. Before he recovered, they received a request from the Saiks; addressed to her father, for him to travel and train the family's new horses. He was too ill, and Leola went in his place. To Arx.

Name Summary
Agnarr Less flashy, less libertine, and more tolerable than the average Lycene woman, doesn't see the need to put impractical gaps everywhere in her clothes. Good with animals. Could have most like negotiated to pay for less, but she ain't the type I like shortchanging too much.
Aiden Paladin of the Groves. There is much awe that comes from having that title and Aiden wasn't disappointed. While finding out about the Lodge, he discovered her mutual ability to hear animals in ways others can't. Aiden is certain he can learn quite a bit from her and looks forward to discussing mutual interests again.
Ainsley Paladin of the Groves. Though we don't see each other as much as we should. She's absolutely precious to me. She's got a healer's soul, and I always worry about her.
Alaric To say the Paladin of Groves is in tune with nature is an understatement, and maybe even a backwards way to think of it; perhaps it's better to say that she's in tune with Arvian human society. Her perspective is often quite thought-provoking.
Aleksei There are some bonds of choice that I think will always be difficult to forget. We faced the Abyss together.
Alexis The Paladin of Groves. The Chosen of Petrichor. The First Horn of the Hunt. She's remarkable! An inspiration! ...And shorter than I thought she'd be.
Ardee One can never have too many dresses. But if she needs me to take some off of her hands, I would be delighted. Beautiful voice. Beautiful woman.
Artorius I haven't had much of a chance at talking to Leola. However, she seems a kind and knowledgeable individual, and in truth, I would like to speak with her more.
Belladonna She looks quite impressive on her steed. I wonder how impressive she looks in a fight!
Berenice She gives her aeterna to her horse! Her /horse/!!!
Bianca She is exactly as I had envisioned her. Passionate, devout, determined. A ferocity beneath the gentle current of calm.
Brigida The Paladin of Groves. As touched by Petrichor as any I have ever seen.
Calaudrin Leola Allentore, I met her at the Lodge of Petrichor. She's giving me some instruction on refining my teaching and I'll be giving her some archery lessons. I feel sorry she's drowning under all of those dresses. She came across open and friendly and eager to impart knowledge on others as well as learn some herself. Handy traits to have in this world.
Caspian A friendly sort, seems to know a lot about animals. Though quite formal.
Coraline Amazing woman, she is able to do so much, keep so much balanced. I have no doubt I can learn a /lot/ from her.
Cullen Clearly a devoted follower of Petrichor, speaking with her was inspirational and educational. I shall be glad to hunt and defend the woods with her, and to talk to her about her experiences in such.
Cybele Leola Allenatore is the Paladin of Groves and saved the world! Also she is very good at thinking about the wilds and helping heal the forest.
Domonico A knight of Southport. Respects the power and scale of the navy. A good potential for becoming a marine given her claimed experience.
Donato Famous knight who knows all about horses. Very polite. I came off as ignorant. And yes, sharks are jerks, she's quite right.
Duarte Must say I made quite the ass of myself. Luckily enough she seemed amused by it more than anything. A well composed knight and seemingly quite knowledgeable about livestock and agriculture.
Edwyn A Lycene lady who had founded the Lodge. I hope to see what she's done for herself and for Petrichor.
Eleanor It's been far too long since I've been around family and it was good to catch up. I'll be grateful for a friendly face when we sail together.
Eleyna Women from the Lyceum are usually described as 'beautiful' and 'dangerous'. One would be hard pressed to describe Leola in such terms, yet there is a unique quality to her, as if she's one foot in a world that few people even realize exists, that makes her just as fascinating.
Emily An example of what I wish to be. I look forward to visiting her at the lodge.
Enoch Leola, to my knowledge, is quite the woman. The Paladin of Groves, to be more precise. Her role in the Compact is extremely important.
Faye An interesting woman, but rather guarded. I suspect she is exceptionally skilled.
Gaston Both of us were found as youths by wolves in the wilds, but the encounters went so differently. I wonder if that's a good comparison for the rest, as well. Similar in some respects, and yet each clearly our person with distinct differences. Still, I feel that she understands me and can help me understand myself.
Hana Leola was my first friend in the city. We were both freshly arrived to Arx, and so very lost. Before I even found my family here, I found Leola; we wandered the streets together hoping to find our way. And somehow, the family I came here to find became so much bigger -- and Leola is a key part of that. When I've had visions and learned what it's like to be burned alive by dragons, the thought of the woman I love is one of the things that sees me through to the other side.
Harlex A knightly woman from the Lodge. From a farm, by her account, I suppose I can always tell my own. The world is rough on us country folk, ain't it?
Harper She seems alright, but hard to read some people. Wonder if she teaches people to ride... that horse sure was pretty.
Ignacio A knight in the service of the Saiks, I believe she is a good soul. She seems to be an expert animal handler and that is something I come to be very interested in and hope to speak with her about that further in the future.
Jeffeth A knight who helped teach me how to move in the wilds. She seems a very good sort and very wise even though she says she isn't. I wouldn't mind hearing more from her.
Jordan Some people might think it silly that someone speaks with things other than humans; I don't. I know some people who claim to speak with other things, too, and I find it all to be very wondrous. Blessed people, those with green thumbs and a way with animals.
Josephine She has the same problem I do, only she can make her problems hush now and then, where I can't. I think she will be another favourite customer is only because of the Brass Molehill adventure we are sure to have.
Jyri Sharp and focused, and clear where her loyalties lie.
Karadoc She was a Paladin, wasn't she? Whatever. She's a something or other of Petrichor now, a hayseed-knight, and she wields her politeness like a stiletto knife. She also has NO taste whatsoever in fine jewelry.
Katarina Protege to Katarina's cousin -- Princess Sophie Valardin, Mother of Mercies -- a Paladin of Groves, and a devout servant of Petrichor. She does not need to speak much to the woman, but only observe, to know that there is a wisdom and experience to be reckoned with.
Katarina Dame Allenatore is someone to be greatly respected. Her candor and passion for the topics she speaks of makes her a breath of fresh air, and someone Katarina is glad to share walks through somber parks with again any time.
Khanne I met her when I first came to Arx. Princess Sophie pushed the two of us together at a party and tried to get us to talk. We seemed to have a lot in common, and I had hoped we would become fast friends. Life seemed to have other plans, as I so rarely get to see or talk to her, but she does amazing things. Really, her work with the land outshines mine.
Killian Killian still, despite having faced Brand himself with Leola, isn't sure what to make of her. She's as unlike him as it's possible for a person to be, and yet, they share such a strong kinship. He obviously regards her as ally, and hopes to one day earn the title of friend from the Paladin of Groves.
Lorenzo A serious and dedicated woman of the woods. There's nothing wrong with flashy armor, especially if it keeps you safe, but as with anything, it matters if it suits you.
Lou We met at the Lodge of Petrichor where she taught me some of the finer skills of archery. She is a skilled teacher, and nice enough - even if she refused my request to simply call me Lou. I may have to come back out here again, and possibly see if she wants to go hunting at at my hunting cabin sometime.
Luca I always catch this one at the distant end of wherever we're gathered, ever-meaning to talk with her in more depth, but always just out of reach. I can't help but imagine we're two different people, but I'm sure there's common ground somewhere in the middle. I suppose we'll eventually find out.
Lucita Her presence is comforting, both because of her abilities and skills but because of her support and loyalty. I hope she realizes how important she is to me, not just because of her work with training animals, but because of her personality. I look forward to our next visit.
Luis A Dame and member of the Lodge of Petrichor, extremely able in her way with a bow, and offering the most exacting of lessons. Her knowledge and her candor about such things are a pleasure to see and it is with a hope that she will be seen at the Lodge to truly experience its hospitality.
Macda That I should end up with a beautiful horse out of rousing Leola from her sleep proves she is the most gracious host in all of Arvum. Sir Highnormous and I will have many adventures together, and all because Leola has a greater sense of duty than many I have known.
Maeve She built a lodge out in the forest! It is amazing! I sort of want to just -live- there now. She is also a great teacher. She is helping me to understand the finer points of agriculture. I have only the most respect for her.
Melody Very sweet and wonderful company. It's a shame I don't get to see her often, because there's something about her that makes her so very easy to talk to.
Merek %bThe Paladin of Groves. Merek thinks she likes trees, as well as nature a lot. And also animals from what he sees. He thinks she is pretty nice.
Miranda This is a first! The woman stinks of horse - and I think I mean that in a good way! Quiet and pleasant enough, likely she spends a good deal of time with her horse.
Mirari A loyal Knight of Southport. I should spend more time with people, but alas work. She seems nice, and has a sense of humor at the very least.
Navi Calm like a spring pond, comforting and cool, refreshing when one is parched by the heat of war. An opposite, but a welcome one.
Norwood I can do nothing else but to think well of a woman who seems to care for and speaks so glowingly of her horse.
Nuala She is such a study of differences. Lycene and down to earth, dressed in exquisite clothes and perfectly comfortable out of doors. Silk and steel, mannered and honest, which is the real face? All of them, I think. A warm soul in the cool shade.
Olivia Finally got to meet the Paladin of the Groves, who Olivia sees as something of a template for her own burden and path going forward, albeit in a less stabby fashion. She was very helpful to the young, somewhat green noblewoman and seems like she will be an important mentor figure and ally going forward.
Orazio O first met Leola at the Shrine of Petrichor, and found her earnest and perhaps a little shy. The impression, at least of the first part, has lingered, but she has grown in his estimation by leaps and bounds as he has seen her work. He still doesn't know much about her as a person, but she is one of those whose works and thoughts he respects.
Petal She is very sweet and willing to help train me. We seem to have some things in common. She is quite generous and she looks good in my clothing too.
Quenia I met Leola at the Tournament Grounds, early in the morning on the day of the melee portion of the tournament of roses. I learned she arranged the building of the Lodge of Petrichor in the woods, and she offered to the Lodge as a safe refuge should I ever go hunting. She also mentioned they were helping to teach those who lost family members how to learn trade skills. A worthy cause indeed. I offered the aid of House Igniseri in her efforts with the Lodge, as I have a great respect for anyone helping those who lost family.
Renato A knight! Though she does not put on airs, I would not have known if she had not corrected me on her title. She is very nice and helpful, I hope to see more of her soon.
Rook Dame Leola Allenatore, Paladin of Groves, Knight of Southport. Rook doesn't know her very well, in fact, he's only just met her. While she could've taken the news badly of being cut from the Crwo nbudget due to the shifting of accounts and their patronage, she didn't act outrageous about the unfortunate situation. She's also a member of the Silver Consortium and has a few select skills and talents where animals and agriculture are concerned.
Sable It's easy to see that this is a young woman who has lived life outdoors and belongs there. She seems honest and plain-spoken.
Sameera Kind. Not the annoying over bearing kind many 'nice' people exibit. A tolerable sort of kind.
Sasha A very kind and wonderfully helpful woman. One I hope to develop a long lasting friendship with. And come to visit at the Lodge more often.
Sebastian Threw a most impressive of feasts for the Spring and offered up a prayer for the hunts to come. A gracious and graceful hostess.
Seth A knight who has a way with creatures of all sorts. A useful person to know, especially if you're wanting to tame a great beast.
Shae SHE IS AMAZING!! Kind, and generous, and lovely, and she loves animals!! I hope I get to spend more time with her, I would love to be able to call her friend. And be considered one in return. Pretty sure I would like to grow up to be like her. She is real and genuine! And I think there is a kindred spirit in her.
Shae The light, pale shadows of the leaves through sunlight, soft, she moves with care. Not a Wolf.
Skye She's gifted with plants. I have much that I can learn from her. Just hearing her talk about the soil and how to collect the samples was very useful.
Snow She seems more reserved, but she also seems friendly. And a farmer too, how interesting.
Sorrel The founder of the Lodge of Petrichor. The person to see about animals or plants. An incredible resource with many interesting talents. I hope to count her as a friend someday.
Sparte I feel like I've known her for ages, yet to think of it we don't see each other that often. Our paths only seem to cross when there is a way one of us can help the other. I'm glad we're so often a boon to one another, but sad I never got to see her showing off the owl boots while they were new.
Stefano A competent and kind expert in the field of horses. I was sent to her to discuss a Gilden cavalry and that's what we did. She offered good advice and a good place for me to start.
Talen Mistress Allenatore, as Talen refers to her often, is a Paladin. She wasn't always, however. Before she became one, she was a vetenarian, a animal handler. It's amusing, the turn of events, really. This was back when Talen was nothing but a common Sword, too. She's helped him heal Hiss, among other matters. Recognition and respect where recognition and respect are due.
Thena Brave and deeply committed to her causes. She's privy to an entire world that I am only able to scratch the surface of, and in some ways I'm a little jealous of that. She's done an amazing job with the Lodge and I need to get out there more.
Theron Someone who diverges from my understanding of brethren among brothers and sisters-in-arms. That's alright, not all of us have ten years of warfare and experience to understand how meaningless battle can be.
Valery She's always around animals, usually big ones. I think I annoy her a bit.
Vayne A woman of conviction, and who is unafraid to speak her mind. I wonder what more she'll have to say. I would very much like to hear it, I think, based on our short interaction.
Zoey A woman of great dedication and grace. She's handled much in her few years, and I've yet to see her be ungracious.