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Archscholar Sina Godsworn

Myth and legend wouldn't exist without important people to fuel them.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Watchful Servant
Fealty: Crown
Family: Izetta
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: smoky black
Eye Color: mercury gray
Skintone: fair olive

Titles: Godsworn Priestess, Archscholar of Vellichor

Obituary: The Archscholar is said to have been the victim of a late night assassination, though no one knows who might have ordered such a thing on a member of the Faith.

Description: Stories of exotic beauties found beyond the Saffron Chain pale in comparison to the real thing; Sina Izetta, of unimposing height and lean frame, possesses a capitvating presence with her fluid grace of movement and quiet, thoughtful demeanor. Her skin is tinted with a pale olive cast, skimming over shapely curves and complemented by her dark hair. Those tresses spill from the crown of her head past her hips in dark, silken waves ending in smoky black tendrils, matching the arch of her delicate eyebrows. It is her eyes that are the most intriguing. The irises are pale, like liquid silver framed within an iron mold; moonlight on water beneath a fringe of long dark lashes. Keen and cat-like, they overshadow the high cheekbones and full lips that make up the rest of her features.

Personality: Many people who meet Sina find the Archscholar to be rather quiet and contemplative. In her younger days, while serving as a handmaiden in House Thrax, she rarely spoke, and people thought she was mute. Perhaps it was due to some tragedy in her life or out of a sense of subservience that comes with living as a servant in a household under the rule of the terrifying Donrai Thrax. In such conditions, silence was her best protection from notice. Since the Prince's demise, however, and as she has grown older, the young woman has found her voice, and now uses it on behalf of the Faith, to speak words of compassion and devotion. She is still very quiet more often than not, especially in large gatherings or around Thrax men, but there is also a resolute and purposeful presence about her, though she can be somewhat mischievous as well when the mood strikes her. Still, she exudes a sense of quiet reverence, faithfulness and loyalty to the Gods and the Faith.

Background: Sina Izetta is the only child of long-dead Darya Izetta, captain of the Kraken's Mistress, and a thrall upon the ship named Pecha, who was sold off when her daughter was only a toddler. As the captain's daughter, she was a veritable princess aboard the ship, resented by much of the crew and taught many a skill meant for young ladies on the mainlands; she learned quickly the arts she was exposed to as well as those she wasn't.

When the Kraken's Mistress was sunk by the vessels of House Thrax, Sina was taken in - not as a member of the family, but as a member of the staff. At the tender age of ten, she worked within the kitchens, eventually drawn up from the position of house servant to serve Princess Donella at the whim of the late Prince Elton Thrax. Always known to be a quiet girl, she grew alongside the future Voice, six years her junior and readily attached into her later years.

With the Queen's death, and the presence of Princess Donella within Arx, she got her true taste of the mainland city. She served Donella faithfully until the Princess married Prince Darren Redrain, becoming the Princess Consort of Farhaven. Though they remain friends, something seems to always keep Sina tied to House Thrax in one way or another. Out of this sense of loyalty to House Thrax, and because the terrifying Prince Donrai was killed and no longer such a strong presence in the House, Sina remained behind and took up service with Princess Alarissa, Princess Consort of House Thrax, instead.

While serving as Alarissa's handmaiden, Sina flourished as a Scholar, Explorer, and handmaiden as well. She was given freedom to pursue her own interests in her free time, such as her art and exploration. Meanwhile, she accompanied the Princess Consort on various occasions, served in the household with a diligent and quiet demeanor, and attended the Princess on occasions such as social functions to a tour of the Mourning Isles. There, on this tour, Sina met Seraph Ailith, who became an inspiration and a beacon for her, and it is here she found her voice. Inspired to join the Faith not just as a Disciple of Vellichor, she eventually sought and received the blessing of House Thrax to take the vows of the Godsworn.

Inexplicably, Sina rose rather quickly through the ranks of the Scholars, eventually being named Prelate by then-Archscholar Bianca Wyrmguard after the death of Brother Driskell. She was Prelate for only a very short time, a matter of a couple of months, before Archscholar Bianca was raised and annointed as Legate of Creation, putting forth Sina's name as her successor as Archscholar with the blessing of Dominus Orazio and that of former Dominus Aldwin. Thrown unexpectedly into this position of responsibility and even a certain amount of power, and unaccustomed to such, Sina takes her new duties very seriously, yet struggles sometimes with the nuances of leadership. The former handmaiden and servant now strives to set aside her servile ways in order to prove herself a capable leader, that she might guard and protect the Great Archive as she has sworn to do. Perhaps the youngest ever to be named Archscholar, it will be interesting to see where she takes the discipleship in the times ahead.

Relationship Summary

  • Rinel - We've come to an understanding. I think.

  • Family:
  • Darya - Darya Izetta, Captain of the Kraken's Mistress. Father. Deceased.
  • Pecha - My mother. She was a thrall, and sold off when I was learning to walk. I don't know anything else about her.

  • Patron:
  • Cambria - I look forward to having her as my Patron. It will be a welcome change.

  • Rival:
  • Jeffeth - Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight of Solace
  • Esoka - Dame Esoka Greenblood, Brave Prodigal Knight
  • Preston - The Grandmaster of the Templars
  • Orazio - The Dominus of the Faith. I value his wisdom.
  • Vanora - She seems dedicated to the betterment of her people, and bringing them closer to the Gods.
  • Carita - Countess Darkwater. I think we can learn much from one another.
  • Brigida - The Archlector of Petrichor. A woman I admire.
  • Petal - She makes beautiful things, and the Tangled Skein is hands-down my favorite shop!
  • Ras - I think his heart is in the right place, but the methods are all wrong.
  • Rysen - We have fought alongside one another. In this and more, there is a bond.
  • Alistair - High Inquisitor
  • Cassandra - Legate of Arts and Boss in general.
  • Aureth - Legate of the Lost
  • Aleksei - A man whose advice I respect.
  • Amund - Sir Amund. Once mercenary, now Sword of the Telmarch.

  • Ally:
  • Bianca - It is an honor to carry Brixeur'Ame, and the Legate's trust.
  • Fairen - Our friendship is indeed waterproof after all. We are stronger, working together.
  • Mirk - We may walk different paths, but we walk toward the same goal.

  • Friend:
  • Alarissa - Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax. Freer of Thralls; does what it takes.
  • Delilah - A brilliant mind and personality.
  • Vayne - A friend I can always count on, whose advice is always appreciated.
  • Donella - She is my oldest friend and confidant.
  • Monique - An unexpected friendship.
  • Dianna - Sister Dianna is a welcome addition among the Godsworn, and I consider her a friend.
  • Derovai - Easily underestimated, and a keen mind.
  • Faye - A friend who shares the joy of learning.
  • Sparte - He has a unique view of the world.
  • Ailith - The Legate of Concepts. Friend and inspiration.
  • Morrighan - I only hope I can be half as brave as she.

  • Deceased:
  • Donrai - Terrifying Prince, thankfully gone.
  • Driskell - I miss our conversations.
  • Elara - I wish we'd had a chance to know one another better.
  • Jordan - Sir Jordan Ober, you are missed.
  • Alrec - He died with a penitent heart.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Victus - High Lord of House Thrax
  • Margot - Duchess Tyde
  • Dagon - Considerate Prince
  • Fatima - A Princess of House Thrax, who is also half-Eurusi.
  • Sylvi - Princess Sylvi Thrax. Wishes to become Godsworn.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Placed a large order. Pretty good haggler who wants a fair exchange of goods. I hate that. I don't like her.
    Adrienne I had the pleasure of listening to the Archscholar at a lecture on the Saffron Chain. She started a difficult and complex conversation with skill and speaks of Vellichor's bounty with the passion and grace I would wish of one in her position. A genuine asset to the city.
    Ajax A young woman, with such a heavy duty. Still easy to speak with and clearly a lover of kittens...well, more of a dog person myself. Still will be nice to interact with her more in the future.
    Alarissa She served Donella and now it seems she will serve me and I think that we will get along delightfully.
    Aleksei I'll be so curious to see where her path takes her.
    Alessandro Archscholar, both a pleasant companion and an informative one, though that is not surprising, given the title.
    Alrec Have you ever seen a reflection of yourself and not be staring at a mirror but at another person? What a mind.
    Andromeda The Arcscholar of Vellichor. A woman of learning and poise. Soft. But that is why they have people like me.
    Apollo She seems perceptive and kind. Perhaps when I've got my head about me we'll manage an actual conversation.
    Appolonia A very inspirational archscholar indeed.
    Ariel What a charming and wise woman. After weeks of turmoil she has laid most of Ariel's fears to rest and given her purpose to try and help where she can in these troubled times.
    Armani She's a fountain of knowledge for someone even younger then me. A treasure.
    Arthen I got to hear this woman speak at the Isle of Storms gathering hosted at the Salon, and let me tell you, she was real enlightenin' to hear. A fine speaker, easy to listen to. I didn't miss a word.
    Asriel I can't imagine I was the first to ever point out how young the Archscholar is to have taken over such a prestigious position, but her response did not seem rehearsed. Sina blends graceful answers to hard questions with the restless hands of someone who is self-conscious in a way that is strangely charming. That's good, because piety can be so /boring/ sometimes. I get the feeling we won't have that problem here.
    Athaur The Archscholar is a wonderful and understanding person. I am pleased to have met her.
    Belladonna Extremely intelligent and devout to a fault. Although she is not the best make-believe Sword I ever had, she was great company for a very strange evening.
    Bhandn The Archscholar has given me many things upon which I will be thinking for a very long time. I very much would enjoy future conversations.
    Bianca Oh, sweet Sina. Of all the individuals I have met in Arx her dedication to the gods is unparalleled. I have never heard a poor word of her and our interactions though sparse until recently have always brought me comfort despite the content of conversation. She is a prism that reflects the light of the gods in a myriad of wondrous colors and she is meant for great things.
    Brigida The best of us. Watch this one.
    Brigida Asks good questions and raises good points. Sadly her belief that common sense is a ward against foolishness is likely wrong given how many people are severely lacking in any sense.
    Carita A clearly caring, warm and delicately put together woman, with a spark behind her eyes that denotes her wisdom and intellect. Certainly someone to keep an eye on.
    Cirroch Not at all the bookish creature that I was expecting to find as the Archscholar.
    Delilah That sword is gorgeous. It isn't half as beautiful or sharp as the mind of Sister Sina, who can understand the nuances of a situation and present ideas with such elegance and grace. A marvelous asset to the Scholars, she is likewise simply delightful on many levels.
    Derovai A clever young woman who likes ships and sails and not-so-fanciful tales, also routinely underestimated. A useful contact to have, and someone who takes my demeanor in stride, calm and observant. Worth continuing the association, I think, though hopefully she'll learn to like whiskey.
    Dio A beloved friend of my sister, Sina is wise and benevolent - a most trusted counselor in whom I gladly put my faith.
    Domonico Caring and empathetic. A fine combination for her role
    Duarte It was not the meeting I expected and not the person I expected her to be. I found her presence calming and comforting. She is all at once like an old friend and a mystery.
    Eleanor I can't even imagine all of the information she must keep straight in her head! Extremely impressive.
    Elgana I see in this woman a kind soul that looks to do the best she can for those around her. I believe there is much good she will be able to do and look forward to seeing such from her.
    Evaristo Archlector Sina is legendary and seeing her in work, I can see why.
    Evelynn Sister Sina was very helpful to me when I expressed interest in joining the Scholars of Vellichor. I'm glad to have such a welcoming reception and hope to interact more with her in the future.
    Fairen A brilliant young Scholar in the service or Princess Alarissa. Her and I will get along quite well, I suspect.
    Fairen The Archscholar's intelligence and devotion is as clear as ever. I am glad that we are friends once more, I will assist her in whatever way she needs it.
    Faye It's funny that you can look and look for some information, give up, and then you'll stumble across it completely by accident. I am very glad I was able to meet with this woman and exchange information. I hope to be able to work with her more in the future.
    Fiora Archsomething. Very important, I'm sure. Not sure about the way she copes with the unnatural, maybe just acting like everything is fine is her way of coping.
    Galen Her new role hasn't taken the fun out of her - hope we can continue to the path of mischief. And of course...the eyes!
    Gilroy Archscholar and bookcase purchaser.
    Giorgio The Archscholar of Vellichor. She was kind enough to travel to Tremorus to help us with the rumors of shavs banding together against us. She is a friend, and one I would like to learn more of.
    Giulio A formidible woman. It is clear to see why she was chosen as Archscholar.
    Harlex Its hard to wander in the dark, but that light is sweet. She'll find it and it'll be a story worth hearin', I'd wager.
    Harper She seems real nice. I don't have a name for her yet, but it'll come in time I bet. She's real shy though... hope I don't spook her!
    Helena The Archscholar is the best of both brain and spirit, so smart and so mirthful.
    Imi A dedicated godsworn in search of knowledge. I can respect that.
    Iseulet I don't think I've met a more apt person at making my head absolutely /swim/. I don't know how she does it! Still, I look forward to getting to know her more in the future. I have a feeling there's a whole lot more mystery here than meets the eye.
    Isidora Archscholar. She has all the knowledge. I Wish I had all the Knowledge. I am just glad that we were able to share. Perhaps I can help her more in the future.
    Jasher Then handmaiden, now Archscholar. How far she's sailed. How much farther will she sail?
    Jeffeth What a nice lady, in service to Alarissa Thrax. I hope to meet her again someday.
    Jennyva I met the Archlector in the Ambassador playing a game of cards. She seems to have a mind for it. (But also is a gracious winner.)
    Jordan Knowledgeable Scholar and handmaiden, and someone who has a cheerful personality. We'll definitely be speaking again soon.
    Joscelin A serious woman, devoted to her calling and intent on seeing through what she thinks is right. I don't know if I trust her yet, but I know I want to.
    Josephine The Archscholar of Vellichor. A calm woman, impressive with her handling of large crowds and demands for information.
    Jyri Her thoughtful insights has put me on entirely new paths in my mind. She is a wise and intelligent one, that much is clear, and mild-mannered and respectful. I could likely talk with her for hours and never realise time went by.
    Kaia A bright and knowledgeable woman. She's very polite and approachable, I look forward to learning more from her in the future.
    Kaldur Though Aleksei didn't take to her encouragement, but I hope she keeps that kindness close. We'll all need it in the coming days, I fear.
    Katarina Someone who is a longtime friend is a valuable person to have in one's life. Someone who is a longtime friend and whom one would trust completely... such people are so rare and so precious as dragons' eggs.
    Kenna What an agreeable and go with the flow woman. I think I'd happily be in her company at any party.
    Korka A scholarly woman, which suits her title well. Organizing events like this is definitely informative, perhaps not in all the ways she thought of.
    Lianne What I want in an Archscholar. Engaging, attentive, knowledgeable; both willing to share her ideas and entertain others'. A lead I'm glad to follow.
    Llewella Archscholar Sina is truly an exemplar of Scholarship, as well as a gracious guest. I look forward to spending more time basking in her wisdom.
    Lora Clever, composed elegance. As methodical and informed as one would expect the Archscholar of Vellichor to be, yet far from the pinnacle of an ivory tower. My burden is, betimes, difficult to bear; I cannot imagine how heavy hers must be.
    Lou I have had the opportunity to work with Archscholar Sina several times, and I think she does a fine job running the library and what other endeavors she undertakes. She is an asset to the Compact.
    Mabelle An Archscholar. The exact opposite of me. She is sweet as she looks intimidating to me.
    Magpie Magpie tried to get her to talk dirt about her princess she serves. She wouldn't. Props.
    Marcas A mysterious woman, the likes of which I've never seen. Eyes like moonlight on water, and a keen and open mind about everything. I don't know where she is from, and she doesn't seem like anyone I have met before. I hope to talk with her more, given that she is receptive to many strange topics and our Northern beliefs.
    Mason The archscholar is one with worlds of knowledge within her reach, and she seems to handle it well, sharing when relevant and using it to make wise suggestions and guidance. Without history and the knowledge of it, we are weaker and walk forward blindly.
    Merek A Prelate that I've met. She seems kind as well as knowledgable. I need to make friends with more Scholars as well.
    Michael The beachside archscholar. I should bother her more. History and things.
    Miranda Seems a bit melancholy, but after the Tower, who can blame her? I suspect she'd be a very interesting person to know.
    Mirari This woman seems to be an artist, and a handmaiden. She is very beautiful, and seems to have a path mapped out for her future. I envy that in her.
    Mirk The Archlector of Vellichor lives up to her organization's reputation. A scholar to the core, and one well versed on surprising topics.
    Monique A kind and benevolent Archscholar, and I think I'm quite fond of her already. She has a way about her that is all at once serious, but inviting.
    Morrighan A scholarly young woman, once Donella's handmaiden, not at all what I expected from one of the Thraxsworn. Very polite and well-mannered, intelligent and has a shared curious nature, especially with subjects associated with Mangata. Perhaps she's someone I'll be able to further connect with in the future.
    Nijah The Archlector of Vellichor seems to be a knowledgeable woman, but also someone that carries with her the weight of far more secrets than I would ever hope upon anybody. She's offered to help me make sense of some of the mysteries I was exposed to at the meeting of Eurusi and Eurus friends, and hopefully we can take each other up on it. Failing that I could see myself enjoying some tea in her company.
    Niklas The new Archscholar is also a fantastic painter!
    Niklas The Archscholar of Vellichor, but also quite the painter. If this books thing doesn't work out maybe she can trade with Wylla.
    Nuala Knows far more than she lets on, and brims with a vital understanding beyond my ken.
    Orathy Well spoken. She has big thoughts. Bigger than mine, I reckon. I be thinkin she be an archlector or something. I ain't knowin for sure, ain't properly introduced but, she be usin big words.
    Orvyn A newer Archscholar and one whom I have not yet truly had the pleasure of meeting. She has a way about ensuring people have their questions answered, though is not afraid to refer them to others when she does not know the answers herself. An honesty that is refreshing.
    Perronne She is the Archscholar! She seems very knowledgeable, which is good for an Archscholar, and her heart is in the right place!
    Petal she seems very thoughtful and noticed how tired I am and is patient and thoughtful.
    Prisila She's intelligent and wise beyond her years but that goes without saying. Virtue of one's nature, it could be assumed, but it's beyond that. She was very interesting in a realm full of uninteresting people, to speak bluntly. I look forward to future encounters and was honored to meet her.
    Quintin The Archscholar seems rather kindly, or at least she was kind to me. I look forward to speaking further with her in the future - I have some questions.
    Raimon Certainly much less intimidating an Archlector then my Mother's Cousin
    Raja This woman is impressive and faced with some difficult decisions to make.
    Ras When I heard 'Archscholar', I thought she'd be old and wrinkly. But she's surprising... in a lot of ways.
    Raven It seems that I have more in common with the Archscholar than I ever would have thought, our parents certainly had a similar outlook on life, both seafaring pirates. She lived the same life I did, and now sits as the Archscholar, so perhaps I'll find my place in the world as well. I'll keep in touch, I'm sure there is much we can learn from each other.
    Reese Well spoken, appealing and intelligent. She also has patience and grace.
    Rinel The Archscholar of Lord Vellichor is a woman devoted to her duty above all else. The Archive is guarded by eyes perhaps even more zealous than mine.
    River Intellectual, positive, such a lovely competitor and truly a caring person. Truly wonderful to meet her over friendly games.
    Rook It has been a long time since Rook has seen or spoke with Sina and she remains, as ever, very quiet.
    Ryhalt Knowledgeable and kind, someone I could speak with for hours.
    Rysen Intelligent, wise and patient, she is a keeper of knowledge, a sharer of hope, and a great light to the people of Arvum.
    Sabella A very composed, thoughtful, and eloquent woman. Exactly what I would expect for an Archscolar of Vellichor!
    Saedrus I may not have had the time to talk to her more, sadly. I heard her laugh more than once during the evening and it is a sweet sound. One that laughs so brightly, so freely, can only be a charming soul. A shame I did not have the time to speak with her more.
    Samira She strikes me as one heavily burdened, but who wouldn't be, given the circumstances? I have so many questions, though none I knew how to put into words upon our first meeting. I hope for the opportunity to learn more.
    Sanya I am grateful beyond words for the Archscholar's aid with our School of Theology. In addition she seems to be a warm and compassionate soul.
    Sasha The prelate is very knowledgable and kind. I am glad to have her as a fellow scholar and I look forward to all the lost references we can uncover together.
    Savio Her devotion shines through at all times... and I don't think my translations did it justice. I will have to ask her what an Archscholar is.
    Scipio An excellent and worthy opponent, the Archscholar shows grace and honor on the battlefield -- even when the battlefield is done with words.
    Scipio The Archscholar was quite helpful to me in our last meeting. She went above and beyond in a time where I could really use her guidance. Hopefully she and I might become friends in the coming weeks.
    Selah After meeting Blessed Sina, I suddenly understand how the vast holdings of the Archive came to be so well organized and tended to. I deeply admire her apparent capable calm. I do hope I'll be able to get to know her as I spend more time here.
    Selene Oh, our mysterious Archlector is full of unexpected turns of humor, depths that I wouldn't have associated immediately with a scholar. Such warmth in spirit is to be prized.
    Sparte A fellow Thraxian, Scholar, and Explorer. It seems like we have a great many reasons we should know one another better, I'm sure time will deliver on that opportunity.
    Stygia A tiny Sister I met at the Training Center. Appears to be droll, boring. Then again, looks can be deceiving. Then again, maybe they aren't! Maybe time will tell.
    Sunaia A new Godsworn from what I heard (I wasn't eavesdropping, shush, you were eavesdropping), one who seems quiet but pleasant. Peaceful influences are as valuable these days as fierce one and that seems to be the mold she's drawn from.
    Sunaia Extremely generous and kind.
    Sylvi The Archscholar of Vellichor is younger than me, but she seems wise beyond even my years. She's truly well placed and I am looking forward to continuing to work for her.
    Teagan Though it took some time for our -- understandably busy -- schedules to align, it was a pleasure to sit down with the Archscholar. It's a shame that it took so long: she's a pleasure to speak with and a clear font of knowledge, where one can tell they are only witnessing the surface of something which has so much more hovering just beneath.
    Tescelina I hold my cousin Bianca in the highest esteem so it is not a small thing when I saw that the Archscholar is worthy of her trust and mine. It is my sincerest hope to earn hers in turn, that she makes use of me and my -- particular knowledge, in service of Vellichor.
    Turo A young woman with a passion for art! I'm thrilled she enjoyed the academy and hope she finds another opportunity to return.
    Tyrus She was a girl when I first saw her. A survivour I left in the care of my family before I... left. She has become a woman in my absence, Godsworn and Archscholar of the Faith. She has grown, and I find I can only respect the woman she's become.
    Vanora The second Isles-born Godsworn that I have ever known, which makes her automatically intriguing.
    Vayne This is a woman who made an unforgettable first impression, and that is an understatement.
    Vega She seems young to have attained her position, which I can only presume means that she is very dedicated and highly skilled. Fitting for a woman of the Isles. I found her warm and easy to speak with and I am delighted that she's joined the fun. I look forward to talking with her again and seeing what we might share in common.
    Venturo From handmaiden to Godsworn, her ability to be a rapt audience and a carefully listening ear will serve her well in her journey ahead.
    Vitalis I met Prelate Sina in the Archives. She was wearing leathers and a blade holding forth on esoteric topics of great interest. A Scholar to aspire to.
    Volcica The Archscholar brings hope with her, found deep in the Archives.
    Willow I really want to know her better as someone else who suggested talking to Brass about a timetable.
    Wren The Archscholar of Vellichor appears to be a warm and welcoming woman of wisdom and no small amount of humor too. It is my earnest hope that she does not allow the shadow of others to diminish her own achievements and abilities. And perhaps there is a potential for friendship there as well between us.
    Zoey She has the heart for dangerous adventure, if not the stomach.