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Evaristo Arterius

Aye, I should be ashamed of myself... but I'm not.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Capricious Explorer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Arterius
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Religion: Whatever
Vocation: Captain
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Deep Violet
Skintone: Dark Olive

Titles: Mockingbird of the Bard's College, Second First Harlequin, Captain of the Webbed Wheel

Description: Evaristo is a roughneck personified. The stubble gracing his angular chin is perpetual and the mop of black hair on top of his head is kept in a state of disarray in spite of any attempts to comb it - though one may suspect he doesn't even try. His violet eyes gleam with mischief beneath a pair of thick brows and his thin lips are usually tugged into a mischievous smirk. He is not an unattractive man, but one can tell he is liable to grate on the nerves of many, even from a distance. He's tall and fit without being bulky and has a penchance for lazy strolling.

Personality:     Evaristo is the kind of jerk people love or people love to hate - there is no in between. His time away from land and in the company of men who care little for conventional morality or politeness has ingrained him with an innate ability to not care how others view him unless it directly interferes with his wants or lifestyle. On the rare occasion it -does-, he can be surprisingly smart and charming, and somehow make it seem natural.

    Those who aren't fooled usually punch him. Or try to kill him. It's usually dependent on whether or not there are any sharp objects nearby.

Background:     Evaristo hasn't visited his parents since he left home at the age of seventeen, stowing away on a ship after running afoul of his stepfather - something having to do with stealing money, supposedly. When he was found, he managed to ingratiate himself with the captain and convinced the woman to keep him on her crew as a sailor. There he stayed for several years, travelling the world on a cargo ship which sailed the seas of the Saffron Chain.

    In late 1002 AR the ship was attacked by shav pirates intent on seizing the cargo. Evaristo and a handful of the crew managed to escape via life boat and swimming to a nearby island - thankfully the shavs had little interest in pursuing them. There they were stranded for four months, and Evaristo finally began to contemplate his life choices. They were eventually found and rescued by a passing Thraxian vessel and brought to Darkwater Watch. He made his home there for a couple of years, making silver by taking odd jobs and finding a new crew: his own. He accumulated enough money to build his own small ship and made enough "friends" to man it, and he was on the beloved sea once more.

    Trips to Arx have proven to be particularly profitable these days, and he finds the citizens of the Lower Borough to be his kind of people. Perhaps there are opportunities to be found...

Relationship Summary

  • Raymesin - We're like THIS close! I think he'd die for me, he likes me that much. I like him a lot too.

  • Family:
  • Joscelin - You left. I try not to think about it, at all.

  • Patron:
  • Fiora - We move in different worlds.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Aureth - He's always been there and he's a close friend to Joscelin.
  • Berenice - She really makes me laugh and not in a bad way.
  • Nycelani - She's brilliant and clever and I better watch my back.
  • Amund - He's the best to watch your back, but I still prefer keeping him at my front to keep an eye on him.
  • Maja - Cunning, charming and all around amazing.
  • Magpie - I get along well with the Grayhopes and Magpie is just the sort of fun I like to be around.

  • Ally:
  • Gianna - Brilliant and smart. We're working well together and I got nothing but admiration for her.

  • Friend:
  • Helena - The Sweetest Bear
  • Peri - The lovely lady Peri who I can always count on for adventure and a good story.
  • Jennyva - Lady Shepherd - fellow Harlequin and friend.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Carita - I called Darkwater Watch home for many years and was devastated when it was destroyed. I admire the Countess for what she's done to rebuild.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn He has a sharp sense of humour. Does he actually explore places? Who knows? He's funny all the same.
    Adora It will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever happen. I don't like him. Or his stupid coat.
    Aethan First rate knot-tying.
    Ajax A Captain of his own ship, seemingly good sense of humor.
    Alarissa Such skilled hands. If he can do that with sand, what can he do with something else?
    Aleksei He seems like a fun guy! Very irreverent, which is way better than being serious. Honestly I wish more people were like him because then life would be a lot more fun.
    Alessandro By the transitive properties of trust, Captain Evaristo Arterius has mine, though I feel he might have gained it relatively quickly in any case. I hope to spend more time with him.
    Alessia An enjoyable drinking companion and story teller. I hope to one day hear him sing.
    Alexio A lively fellow up for a spicy fiery challenge! Cheerful and approachable; he makes for great conversation. He owns his own ship and trades from time to time; I'm impressed! I like him!
    Alrec A bard and Arterius to bet, what is not to love. He is a known explorer with a long rapport.
    Amari I see now why Gianna sings his praises and made him the Mockingbird of the Bard's College. He's a fine conversationalist, with a quick mind, varied interests and a genial personality. Not a bad combination at all.
    Amund Can pretend to be in an ugly brawl really well. Must be some kind of actor. Smart, too. Good at teamwork.
    Andry A fine enough singer, I hope he takes after Copper in more then color.
    Apollo Flamboyant and rakish - he'd be fun to dress. I didn't expect him to respect my choices. A very pleasant surprise.
    Arianna Bards all have such interesting personalities and this one is no different, although his skill with flattery is very very well honed. Dangerously so.
    Arman A jovial young man who may at first glimpse seem full of a lot of bluster. There's clearly more to the man than simple good humor and verbose encounters, though.
    Armani I like the way you think Evaristo, I think we'll get along just fine.
    Arthen This man took a real high shine to the shirt Dame Morrighan made me for on my return back to Arx. Can't say as I blame him, really. It's the finest shirt I've ever accidentally owned. I got a sense of what I thought was maybe some adventurous spirit off him. He can talk, can't he? Anyway. Seems like a optimistic sort. I can respect that.
    Athaur Another sailor and a muscisian as well. Perhaps sometime we will have to speak of sailing and play together. The Lute and Guitar to compliment each other.
    Auda Never have I seen a hangover quite so bad, and I have seen some amazing cases. Still, he was charming even through the green pallor, and seems like someone I could quickly become friends with.
    Azova A clever little captain, and a man of my homeland.. and a shockingly good juggler.
    Berenice I love a man looking for trouble.
    Berto A hand at cards, a tongue set for talking, and I hear he plays music on top of it. What more could a man ask for?
    Bianca Informal, but not disrespectful. I've found that combination to be a rare gem along with the fact the man was neither intimidated by my guard nor my title upon meeting. He also asked questions of me personally out of curiosity rather than miring the conversation in the 'official.' I appreciated the diversion and the regard for my individuality.
    Brigida On another day I might have found him pleasant and amusing. Today though he annoys me. At least he knows when to shut up so there may be some hope.
    Calandra A sailor. I think. Also a good bit drunk, I think. But charming nonetheless.
    Calaudrin Red wigs. I just. I can't. I don't- why is Arx filled with people like this? I'm getting too old.
    Carmen He's special to Joscelin, and I won his contest. Everything I've heard and seen speaks not just good, but the highest of him.
    Celeste The Mockingbird is a man of enjoyable company. As long as he proves to be as skilled as his swagger presents him to be, then I can foresee many more encounters with this man in my future.
    Delia Charming in a rather untidy way, but did I say charming? He plays a fine lute, too, and all with a spider on his shoulder.
    Delilah A man who lives larger than life and may offer promises of exploration that prove towering to fulfill. However, I intend fully to find out whether this is the case.
    Dion A man to envy! Young and sailing south for adventure. He reminds me of me, but less handsome.
    Domonico Fond of his drinks it seems, both imbibing them and being generous in buying them for others. I don't think I approve of him. I'll keep an eye on him in the future.
    Draven He got to see me when I was sad. I shouldn't be sad and in public. He seems nice though. Easily distracted by pretty women too.
    Elgana I believe he is a friend of my little sister which means he is no doubt charming and delightful company. We only spoke briefly but I did like what I saw there but how could I not? Helena has fine taste in friends.
    Evonleigh The Bard College's new Mockingbird and clearly clever at sailing as well. Quite at east at a large party with royalty and nobility -- part of the bardic charm!
    Fiora He would like everyone to think of him as a carefree swashbuckling vagabond. Obviously it's far deeper than that. We'll see how much we can scratch up to the surface.
    Gianna Joscelin's adventurous kin, captain and bard both.
    Gilroy Owns a boat, eh? What could a man do with a friend with a boat?
    Grazia Pretty clever for a sellsword, though I suppose they ought to be. He's got interesting views on the current gossip, from a refreshing perspective.
    Gretchen A Captain who seems like he might be a lot of fun! And a constant source of revenue for a close shave.
    Gwenna Captain Evaristo Arterius was a name I became familiar with when he rallied the Copper Project Lorenzo put together. That along endeared him to me - his efforts with scarves and songs truly a boon. Meeting him at our reception was almost like meeting an old friend and I so glad to have had the opportunity!
    Harlex Calls to mind very likable stray dogs I have met in my time.
    Harper I was prepared to like him just 'cause he's Josie's cousin. I adore her after all. Gotta admit, though, I'm not real sure about him yet, especially considering what I see him saying in his whites. But, he cares for Josie, so I reckon that's one really big, huge mark in his favor. We'll see on the rest.
    Helena A merry stranger who makes me smile and laugh, and helps me to see the brightest linings in even in the darkest clouds.
    Imi Harlequin Evaristo is quite a sight to behold. Moving beyond the need to brush his hair, though, you can find quite a story teller and that was what I needed.
    Ingrid Ahh, trouble. I was brought up in a household where trouble was deeply frowned upon. To meet someone who tosses around trouble like it's a seasoned friend has made me change my perspective on a lot of things. It's also made me loosen the corset, so to speak, so that I can join in when he laughs -- which is often.
    Jasher A sailor of the sea and skulls. A curious combination.
    Jeffeth Ah the grandmaster's cousin! He was very nice. Seems like a very good fellow I would be more than amiable getting to know better.
    Jennyva I wasn't sure what to make of this gregarious bard at first. He's definitely outgoing (not at all like me) but we've found a common interest in the Queen of Endings. I always look forward to seeing him again.
    Joscelin The missing piece of my childhood, he and Ianthe got on like a house on fire, with property damage and lots of screaming. It's good to see his face; while he reminds me of simpler times, he anchors me to the family I still have.
    Josephine His dedication to the Queen of Endings is inpiring.
    Kaia A most talented bard! He makes for an excellent and most pleasant company.
    Kenna He is a talented singer and seems to have a mission to bring hope to all of us. I wish him the best of luck.
    Keyser A fantastical pirate charmer, but I can see the good in him and I see it runs stronger than the selfish.
    Lark Evaristo is very skilled with his hands.
    Lore Perhaps the silliest drunk I have ever met. But he seems like he would do just about anything for a drink, so worth knowing!
    Lorenzo Captain Evaristo is a good and hard-working man, and his help with the Copper Solidarity project has been invaluable. I would happily work with him on any project in the future.
    Lucita A relative of the talented Joselin and a captain of a Caravel ship named Josie. He likes music, mentions playing a lute and likes wine, a lot. He could hold his own in conversation.
    Mabelle His talented to gather people around him in lively conversation is nothing but admirable!
    Macda Performed wonderfully in the Crow int he tune of Sorrel and with his own piece.
    Madeleine I only really had a few minutes to greet him amidst the chaos of revelers, but he sure seems like a whole lot of fun and I look forward to crossing paths again!
    Mailys What a charmer! I do like opportunists. They remind me of myself.
    Maja What can I say? The man is good with his hands and a man who is good with his hands is a man you want to keep around.
    Malcolm Captain, Bard, Creator. Evaristo's the kind of guy that wears a lot of hats, seems like. Gotta drink with him - 'cause he's bound to be entertaining. Good folk.
    Marisol He has a way of stringing words into different avenues and stories that I am at a loss of how find fault with his tangents. That is a remarkable feat in and of itself. I think a conversation with him over a certain matter of concern would prove be advantageous. He seems to know all that is going on in the city - or has ways of finding out.
    Martino Well he's a sea captain. So what he lacks in refinement, likely makes up for in resource. Has not met by brother though. What sort of Captain has not?
    Merek I met him at the docks. He likes plays as best I am able to tell. He seems to be nice enough!
    Miella An extremely jovial captain with the cutest little dog I've ever seen! He was the first person to ever buy one of my soaps so I think I will always be fond of him if only for that.
    Mikani Bard who isn't a Bard. But likes my name. I'll take it.
    Miranda Appreciates a good show! Or, at the least, a good sparring match.
    Mirella A fellow merchant. Loud, but not too loud. Jovial? Willing to test his fortitude with potent beverages. Someone to talk to again.
    Monique Evaristo certainly is a proud man, and it's not hard to see why. He is a wonder of ingenuity, charm and insight. If he doesn't get himself sent back to the Queen's welcoming embrace, he'll do exceptional things.
    Niklas Hell of a singer. Really seems to have been dedicated to Copper.
    Norwood I taught him a bit about dodging, but we didn't get a chance to talk much. When we did converse it became very apparent why he needed to dodge. I'm not sure he has much sense to stay away from the clearly dangerous.
    Ophelia A sea Captain and one that should not be trusted to lead a military unit. Or so he says! He has a most /rakish/ smile that I find rather endearing.
    Orathy This little birdy be eager to expand his wee wings. Reckon he ain't knowin there be eagles...
    Orrin Of COURSE this is the sort of fellow Peri is on good terms with. Naturally.
    Oswyn A talented performer with a way with people, outgoing and uplifting.
    Parisa The Raid-- Mocking Bird of the Bard's College. He offered to let me join the College, if I can sing and play music as well as dance. He seems okay.
    Peri He owns his ship, and lives by *his* schedule. What an independent and carefree soul.
    Perronne Captain, merchant, and adventurer! It's a wonderful combination, and I look forward to hearing his stories of sailing! Also, he has eyes the color of grapes!
    Petal He seems like an interesting man who help the bard's college. I am sure he ha great talent. He seems very likable.
    Quenia A very charismatic man who loves to drink his wine. He's also a ship's captain looking for distraction because he's land locked. I'm sure he and Zebulon would get on well.
    Quintin The stylish Captain of the Josie is also fond of the Queen of Endings. Remind me to ask him who his tailor is.
    Raimon He talks a lot. Very flashy
    Ras Friendly guy. He knows a lot of stuff and he's good with words, like you could almost mistake him for a silk. Glad he's not.
    Reese He seems to be energetic, welcoming and fun kind of guy. Seems to have spunk and passion, although maybe doesn't know much about duty.
    Reigna He certainly has a flair for the dramatic, but I can tell his heart is in the right place. And a Harlequin will always be welcome in my hospitals. What they do is vital and honorable.
    Renata A man who enjoys living his life on the edge, flirting as much with hearts as he does with danger.
    Rinel He is not good at noticing things. I am good at noticing things. Right now I notice that I am very drunk. But I am still better at noticing things than he is.
    River I like him already. He's also ruggedly handsome. But You didn't hear it from me.
    Rook A beautiful bard and a pleasure to hear him sing.
    Rysen The famed musician of the Bard's College. To hear him play is the greatest pleasure.
    Sabella A Captain who is great at both doing and undoing knots! While I can't say I care for sailing, he's also a talented bard in his own right and I'm proud to see that he's been promoted within the college.
    Sanya A wonderful host, welcoming and has everything prepared for an enjoyable time.
    Saro Seems a decent sort of fellow with an enthusiasm for bardic life and for parties, which may be much the same thing. Nothing to dislike there!
    Selene The Mockingbird, the Captain, a man of many colors and songs that he holds together. An entertainer to the core. He charmed me and kept me amused with his tales.
    Sophie So many questions! I answer what I can, but I must wonder why he's so curious about some things, especially dragons!
    Sparte I find myself unsure of what to make of him after multiple meetings. He is a very interesting character, who seems both always in trouble yet clever enough to never suffer for it.
    Stygia He gave me a button! I swoon.
    Sven An enthusiastic darknesss, an upfront and bold flavor that draws you in.
    Tescelina A pleasant enough bard with many names. I think Mockingbirds are more interesting than Captains.
    Thea Likes to drink from what I can gather, but my cousin trusts him so I'll keep an eye out.
    Torian Good honest customer, but honest in the way that most people don't really like. Don't bother me none, he's from good blood and lives a real life.
    Turo I can appreciate a man who loves to sail. That he has no love of pirates is just a bonus.
    Valenzo Bit of a rogue, but also a gentleman, and who among us isn't? Really just rocked the house with his lute, I think Kevin likes him!!
    Venturo A performer, family of the Crafters Guild Mistress, owner of a ship. A fellow man of many walks of life, it'd seem, and one who is quite enjoyable to share a drink with.
    Verity He makes a better second impression than first. Still, I may need to keep my defenestration skills handy if he grows too charming. He could be real trouble this one.
    Volcica Charming, probably trouble. The Second First Harlequinn is an interesting fellow.
    Zara Clever with his words and skillful in legerdemain. His enthusiasm and energy for that Faith are inspiring.
    Zeriax Careful, witty rogue. Freedom can be a curse as much as it is a boon, for the coin of fortune is as fickle as the one who flips it.