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Lady Dianna Mazetti

Go ahead, stir awake the serpent if you are without fear.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Bold yet elegant
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Glaivedancer
Height: None
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Bronze

Description: Like most women of the Lyceum, Dianna possesses a sultry air about her. Her hair, which is always perfectly coiffed, is of a dark brown. Sharply defined brows arch expressively over her eyes, which are an exotic amber color. Life spent beneath the rich sun of the Lyceum has left her skin a warm bronze hue, while her years of training as a glaivedancer have awarded her with a sinuous frame, more apt to bend with the wind than stand taut against a storm. She is, of course, beautiful. But then, no one would deny that now, would they?

Personality: Dianna Mazetti can be said to have taken the Lycene heroes of old and distilled them into a singular essence: her own. Sly as Cella, she combines a natural magnetism with an affinity bold words and even bolder actions. She is proud without being pompous, and determined without being reckless. As much as she strives for personal glory, Dianna intends to bring fame and honor to her House even more so.

Background: Dianna was born just as the sun was cresting the horizon, and her mother always said that the birth of her and her sister - who was just moments away - truly brought light into her life. As far as childhood goes, the twins had something approaching idyllic. Of course, this was shattered with the onset of the Tor-Southport war, though not in ways dramatic or outlandish. While the Mazetti suffered loss and hardship, what stood out most in Dianna's mind was the new found grimness of her older relatives, and a sudden lack of what had formerly been abundant. It took some growing for either herself or her sister to truly comprehend the cost the war had demanded of all those it affected, but it was a grim lesson of life that Dianna never let part from her.

At thirteen, Dianna and her sister were introduced to an ancient, highly respected institution amongst House Mazetti: the glaivedancers. They were not members, not even close. It would take years of rigorous training in both the mental and the physical before they were finally inducted into that exclusive body of men and women. When that day came, however, it was a proud moment for the twins, as well as for their family.

While her main duties typically saw her remaining in Ostria, with the rest of the Mazetti, Dianna has accompanied Vitalis on two of his more wild (dangerous) adventures. She was more than glad to prove that a glaivedancer is not simply a warrior one calls upon to cut down obstacles, but also an individual capable of employing a mixture of diplomacy and charm to win through tense situations. Her latest challenge has come in the form of leaving Ostria behind to engage in the game that is life in the capital of Arvum. Dianna, naturally, is confident that she will prove herself more than capable.

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