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Duchess Grazia Rubino

The right word in the right place may change perception irrevocably ... and as we all know, perception is reality.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Snappy Speaker
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Rubino-Zaffria
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 6/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: average height
Hair Color: mahogany
Eye Color: whiskey
Skintone: golden

Titles: Inquisitor, Rubino Duchess of Gemecitta

Description: Her eyes are striking in clarity and hue, framed by a sooty thickness of eyelashes and artfully enhanced by a subtle hand at eye makeup. Their color is the deep gold of an amber whiskey by firelight, and they gleam with an inner flame of intensity that makes Grazia unlikely to lose staring contests with most. Her hair is a dark, glossy mahogany, falling in a cascade of fine silk to her shoulders; it is a dark relief to the warm gold of her olive skin and the deep gold of her eyes. Tall and elegant, even-featured with high, strong bone structure, there is a fineness to her features, to the hawkish line of her nose, and a softness to the fullness of her mouth, that could suggest gentleness or delicacy. Yet there is something about her carriage that suggests, instead, a battering ram.

Personality: Grazia is dry and sharp as a merlot, and could be compared to such a wine in other ways: she is elegant, powerful, and stands up to anyone. She also has expensive taste, with a deep enjoyment of luxury for its own sake as well as representative of status. Quick and powerfully intelligent, she has a sharply honed sense of justice that she is capable of tempering with a fierce pragmatism. Though she is not without warmth or affection, she tends to shield these qualities beneath a fortified reserve of strength.

Background: The younger daughter of a lesser line of Duke Rubino of Gemecitta, Grazia could never amount to anything resting on the laurels of her blood, and chose a path of ambition that relied on her intelligence and scholarship instead. While her older brother Lysander fooled around a lot and threw himself into artwork and, as far as Grazia could tell, nonsense, she pursued study and statecraft with a will. She had few -- but very close -- friends growing up, mostly among her mother's household, and her strongest relationship was with the Seraph of Gemecitta, who provided her, as she grew older, with a great deal of personal tutoring with a focus on the teachings of the Sentinel as well as Vellichor. She took on a legal apprenticeship and studied diplomacy and law.

She worked frequently with the Duke as an older teenager and young woman, a relationship that was not warm but was forged steel strong out of respect. She watched as Lord Zaccheri fell madly in love with his tempestuous wife, and watched with a remote judgment and quietly did her work, backing him up in the role of assistant diplomatist and contract maven. When Lord Valkieri succeeded him as heir, Grazia wasted little time in striking up a close association and friendship with his assistant Penelope. It's possible that very few people wept for Duke Giovanni when he died, because he was a hard, hard man; but Grazia did, grieving him as one could only grieve one's particularly ruthless mentor.

Name Summary
Agatha I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, but what a fussy, prissy ... right. We don't use that word, Agatha.
Aiden Invited to meet the Duchess and her falcon, I felt comfortable sharing words about the birds and interests of going hawking or flying them. The more we spoke however the more assured I was of what sort of woman she was and it caught me off guard. She is decisive, a strength harder than steel that reflects in her mien, but the more I spend time with her, I may be lucky enough to glance underneath there is something a little more playful.
Ainsley She's... frightening.
Alaric Very composed and possessed of a certain direct-and-to-the-point practicality. I'd like to think it will serve her well both in her unique co-Duchess-ship and her marriage with Aiden.
Alarissa Who doesn't enjoy the Duchess Rubino!
Aleksei She certainly has a sense for duty and expectation, for better or worse.
Amador Just stunning. I have no other words.
Amund She's frank. I appreciate frankness. And likely speaks about as much as I do. Also appreciated.
Appolonia Passionate. But then again, she was drunk at the time. Still passion is passion and I do not fault such things.
Arianna Every bit the Lycene Duchess I expected. Her reputation precedes her but I thought she was regal and carried herself according to her station. Nothing wrong with a woman who has a powerful presence and seems to have seen it all. Very been there done that and I too understand that. Only time will tell but maybe I'll see her more frequently, heavens know it's difficult for a Lycene transplant in the Crownlands like myself to find enough Lycene women in good taste.
Arman It was long overdue to meet my old friend the Duchess again. Her company is as pleasant as her mind is sharp. I will always appreciate her council.
Armani THe Rubino Duchess. She seems a tad on the serious side. Nothing wrong with that.
Avary I will admit that I was quite intimidated by this woman, she seems so strong. I saw some cracks in that strength, but I have no doubt she will overcome her problems.
Barric A Velenosan Duchess, she has a fierce commitment to bettering herself, and her Duchy, I can respect that. In her way she is as devoted to her family as I am to mine. I just wish she didn't see me as nothing more than an achievement, a trophy, or a piece of meat.
Beatrice Lycene women are often described as dazzling, but few actually cause one to literally be dazed. She's pristinely direct, pragmatic, and unapologetically sexual. She must be absolutely deadly in the courts.
Belladonna Exactly the kind of ruler a Lysene would want for an ally: a truly dangerous one. Her subdued viciousness will keep the Lyceum sharp.
Berenice Grace and elegance with a deliciously sharp wit. I like her.
Bliss A stern woman, unafraid to speak her mind, with standards and expectations of others. Probably precisely the sort of person who should rub me the wrong way, and yet, I find her curmudgeonly ways endearing. She is who she is, she doesn't offer any excuses, and that? That's wonderful.
Brigida This Duchess doesn't seem to like rude whisperers either. That or she is amused when I scold people. Which is often.
Cadenza Called me a disgrace to my family. You might want to look at your own family tree....
Calypso Very unexpected, but she has her own blunt way of getting to business. As a Duchess, she does command some respect and she does this well. The word 'capable' comes to mind. She is a potential ally in our time coming.
Cambria A thoughtful woman, with keen intellect and a mind not simply for business, but the future. I look forward to what the future holds for us.
Caspian Is she really from Lyceum? She's got a stick of rare oathland oak stuck so far up her butt she can pick her teeth with it. Maybe she married in from The Oathlands.
Coraline Did I offend, oh no! Always so inept at social things is me. Oh cats, well that is good at least.
Cullen While I greatly admire her scathing and sharp wit, being at the end of her blunt questions and withering stare is not the place I'd like to find myself again. I respect her for it, but it doesn't mean I enjoy it.
Dianna It is important - I believe sincerely after having spoken with the Duchess - to understand that our impressions of one another, upon first encountering their words or persons, may hold no bearing whatsoever upon the truths of who they are. I am beyond impressed with Duchess Grazia's mind - and the mind is the only thing that truly matters.
Domonico So...the Duchess Rubino. She is definitely an interesting person with a very reserved manner it seems for addressing people. I wonder if her comments of my service to General Calypso are honest or just lip service.
Duarte A forthright reactionary. She might be the voice inside my head before it hits the flourishes.
Echo I've heard a lot about her. That she's intense, cold, calculating. She definitely exudes power. To the point where I feel like I might've offended her by accident or said the wrong things to her. She had given me some advice straight out of the gate - Advice on how to be more useful to my respective families. Advice that not many would give to a stranger let alone a princess. That speaks volumes about her. I can only hope that such a woman will never have reason to be cross with me.
Eleyna The Duchess of Gemecitta is clear-eyed and razor sharp in her approach to her role and her rule. I look forward to working with a mind as sharp as hers.
Elgana An elegant woman, very well spoken and worth spending more time getting to know. I hope we can become wonderful friends.
Elora My beautiful new Patron. She appears to have a quiet, gentle soul. But I sense a fire in her that calls to my own. I look forward to getting to know her better.
Emily The Duchess seems to carry with her a dry sense of humor and a rare wit. I find her and her counter part Duchess Dafne interesting.
Emrys Duchess and Inquisitor. A respectable combination of duties that speak much of her devotion to the law and Compact, as well as her abilities in being successful in their defense.
Evaristo I love a good chat with someone from Lycene - they always keep you on your toes, and this Duchess is no exception.
Ezekiel Why does she make me feel like a mouse being sized up by a goshawk? Still, she is lovely and seems to have decent intentions. At least, I imagine, as long as I seem useful.
Fairen Attractive, poised and structured. She will make an ideal wife for a lucky Lord. Of this, I have no doubt.
Faruq She has a powerful presence to her, and one she knows how to use to get the results she wants out of a person. I have seen it used in a number of ways, and am impressed every time. She is very formidable as is expected of a Duchess. I hope I can get on her good side.
Faye A smart woman, apparently with a wealth of legal knowledge. A good Inquisitor to work with.
Fecundo My cousin is generous and wise, and sharing a bit of skepticism where mother is concerned. He gift of the sword and help with financing my armor are both invaluable in my growth among the Champions and something I will not forget. Her advice is equal in worth on my path. Did I mention the suite..?
Gareth An Apprentince Inquisitor. Keeps her chin held high, I wonder if she's trying to avoid smelling something or looking at something.
Gaspar Far too many days passed from the time I first arrived in the city until I finally met her. She is beautifully striking, wonderfully austere, fondly amiable and deathly wise. Anyone that can combine those traits /and/ recommend the hunt for a good nanny is simply the complete package.
Gaston The Duchess is an interesting one. She has nerve, I can be sure of that much. And she says she has some good rocks. Maybe there can be business dealings between our two houses soon.
Gawain She carries herself with great dignity and more kindness than I'd at all anticipated or even done a thing to deserve.
Gilroy Duchess of Gemecitta, connoisseur of politesse and seemingly excellent company.
Giuliano Nothing about Duchess Grazia was exaggerated. Neither beauty nor wit, nor cunning nor resolve. Someone I ought to get to know better, as I probably have only discovered the outermost layer.
Grady A lawyer, a fashion critic, a sharp wit. I'll have to watch my words around this one, even more than usual. I look forward to it.
Harlex The Duchess is a kestrel if I ever met one. Immaculate and dangerous in flight. One worthy of my caution.
Ignacio I have ran into the Duchess a few times. She seems very serious. I don't know what to make of this. But she does seem interesting.
Ilira I imagine the 'quick as a whip' and 'sharp as a razor' idioms are applied pretty regularly to this woman, so I'll avoid the cliches. I find her reasonable, genuine. Hawkish, certainly, but there's a refreshing forthrightness about her that I see rarely in nobility, less so in the Lycenes. Also, she is intriguing to look upon and has a steely elegance, with a real potential for warmth behind those whiskey eyes. But maybe I'm reading into those two smiles I got!
Iseulet Obviously politically adroit - a shame I couldn't get to know her a little better.
Isidora Woman more stoic than I, which is saying something. Cousin to my husband. An impressive woman.
Jan She is tall, has a look that could cut glass, and a tone to crush what remains. I think we'll get along famously.
Jeffeth A lady who saw me doing something dumb. I don't think she was very forgiving of the dumb thing I did. She reminds me of the nobles I would see as a boy.
Jordan Bluntest woman I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure we can use her words to break down a gateway if we ever found a way to solidify them.
Joscelin Stoic, cool as the granite and marble that hails from her homeland, beautiful, refined, and still so very solid. Gemecittan granite is exquisite, the finest, my Crafters rave about how strong it is, soft to carve and easy to work with, but when it's polished and burnished to that high gloss? Rarely scratches. I'd imagine the Duchess is of the same rock, and I find myself admiring her.
Jules Looking at her, many would call her snobby or stuck up but that would be incorrect. There is a regalness that comes with objectivity. She grants her opinion whether those are present or not and whether they are above or below her. She is rather why you wanted to serve the nobility in the first place.
Kaldur The Duchess - and it's Duchess, not Marquessa (hnngh) - has stone. Apparently. I will definitely need to speak with her in the coming months.
Karadoc A potential new contact has been made. One of the Duchess of the Rubio-Zaffria pair. Perhaps one ought to have withered, but, it was much more fun not to shrink back from those falcon's eyes.
Katarina Hers is a presence that seems almost larger than life to Katarina. Not that the Duchess Rubino strikes the Valardin as the most extroverted and bubbly of personalities; however, there is still a magnetism of intrigue about the Lycene that appeals to the Eurusi.
Kenna She's marrying Aiden!! That white leather also... just //wow//. Not the most bubbly of personalities - but she also wasn't high and mighty either.
Kincade Wow, who is this woman everyone seems to know who she is! O
Laric Apparently cool heads and solid foundations run in House Rubino's women. I just hope she doesn't come to share Valkieri's passion for poisoning me.
Lora The Duchess-Inquisitor has a sharp mind and good taste in wine. This seems to be a trend among leaders of the Lycene houses, memorably so.
Lorenzo Met over drinks at the Black Fox. An interesting woman, who does what she likes and clearly doesn't much care what anyone else thinks. I can respect that.
Luca The woman's a bit of a mystery to me, I admit, but she carries liquor on her and that's endearing. She knows how to dress, too. Got a good wit about her, I've seen.
Lucita Cool, dignified, very proper, but she is close to our family. It is interesting to listen to her interactions and observe them.
Lys I get the chills just looking at her. Brr.
Lysander Oh, my dear sister -- thinking of the future, and of romance, and the opposite of romance, and art. She can even see through the drama and understand the genuine feelings behind the theatrics and the art behind the artifice.
Macario There's definitely an air of mystery about the duchess, and she carries herself well, plus she drinks whisky.
Magpie Magpie met Grazia under the worst of circumstances, just after the murder of his cousin. She was professional, if a bit callous and detached. However, she was also efficient and willing to share information she had to help solve the crime. The man can't say he likes her, but she didn't give him cause to dislike her.
Marcas A Southron noblewoman, a Duchess. Seemed pleasant enough, sent a lot of her own people to war. She seems approachable enough, and didn't appear offended by my general lack of proper etiquette.
Margerie The Duchess was at the Salon. I fell into chit chat with her along with Duke Ashford and Marquis Fairen. A graceful woman of strong opinion.
Marian Hmmm, she seems very focused on her family and the extended ties of those that have married into other houses. Perhaps it might be wise for her to focus on the united front rather than specific interests. I do hope my conversation sheds light on the matter for her.
Melody Quiet, reserved, powerful. All things the duchess aims to be; and she does so effortlessly and with grace.
Miranda Lovely lady of the house! Such a warm welcome, too! She has a dry wit I truly admire and enjoy.
Mirari When I first met Grazia I thought she had a rather large broom up her ass. Now I see that she's one of those slow melters. You have to get a bit closer so the frost chips off. I can appreciate that, but I still bet you could freeze a chunk of said ice on her ass.
Mirella A very stately duchess, a lover of birds. There's a strength and dignity about her that I can't help but admire.
Nigel The Duchess is a woman of grace and candor. And most exquisite taste. Such little delights.
Niklas Always a delight. And such a fan of my work!
Niklas My respect for her has never been higher. She speaks her mind and gives not a single shit what people may think about it.
Norwood As the betrothed of Lord Theron, I can only think well of her. The talk of stealing ships - even if it is from the enemy - is not one which I am comfortable with, so I wonder if perhaps it was an idle fancy.
Oriana HAH! What a cold-nosed duchess she is. Is she even Lycene?
Orvyn A Duchess and with the bearing of one as well. She aludes to the desires for growth both for her people, but also for herself. Excellent qualities to have in a duchess, though the structuredness to her movements and her presentation which is offered so firmly that it almost begs one to wonder if there is a side that is being hidden.
Petal The Duchess is elegant, well spoken and lovely.
Philippe Everyone turned and applauded her when she came into the room. She is well loved.
Quenia I had a chance to finally catch up with Duchess Grazia since coming to Arx. I'm certainly glad that my business has cleared up enough to have done so. I hope to see more of her in the future, and perhaps she'll come to an Igniseri dinner in the future.
Raziel Master lawyer, master manipulator, master propagandist. And yet, one who takes pride in a reputation of honest dealing and loyalty. She avoids the pitfalls of both extremes, and does so with but the rarest and smallest smile. A good Inquisitor to have.
Reese She was graceful and kind to me when I was in a hard spot.
Reigna A lovely Lycene Duchess with the proper amount of politeness to let you know she knows she isn't sure what she is doing in your home, but is too gracious to say anything about it.
Renato She is dangerous, this Duchess. There are many games all being played out at once behind those whiskey colored eyes of hers. I have no doubt there are many webs in play.
Rook One must appreciate the intellect of this noblewoman, and one might even find fear in her presence when without their own pride to shield them. Beautiful to boot, she's one of those dangers the Lyceum is known for, set behind the refinement of class.
Roxana Oh dear! She's graceful and lovely and I would /not/ want to get on her bad side.
Sabella A well spoken lawyer who will surely find much work around here!
Sabella While we don't exactly see eye to eye on happy things like love and marriage, I find that the Duchess is always very poised, very intent on her people and very intent on her duty and I can respect that. She also seems to dote on Aiden and very nicely sent me a token from their wedding since I couldn't attend, so clearly we are destined to be unlikely but BEST friends!!
Salvatore Duchess Grazia is as wise as she is pleasant and welcoming, and knows well who to keep on her good side versus those who don't matter. I may have less concerns about this after all.
Saoirse She's a chilly woman, but a discerning one, and Saoirse gets that.
Seymour The Duchess Grazia is a credit to Gemecitta that cannot be understated. It is a pleasure to be able to work for her.
Silas Aiden's wife, the Duchess Rubino, is a very refined lady who comports herself perfectly. Silas is aware that she is also a skilled Inquisitor, though their paths have not crossed often. A good foil to Aiden, who is sometimes awkward in large social settings.
Talen I've known the Duchess Rubino a short while now; she's capable, sharp, and amusing. She fits in finely with the other Duchess of the Lyceum and yet stands on her own.
Talwyn The epitome of Lycene graces. She has thorns to match the showy bloom that captivates with ease. In the direct choice of her words, I see poetry and self-possession that belies how deep she goes. Delightful company.
Tessa A woman with a unique position and a distinct style!
Theron Impersonal, somewhat aloof. She might be dangerous, and she might be able to wield her words to great destructive effect. One to watch out for, albeit words don't directly kill someone. They can kill someone's reputation, but never the person.
Vanora I've only seen the Duchess of Gemcitta, never spoken with her, but her beauty and presence is undeniable.
Vayne A charming Duchess. She's personable and made a strong impression with an astute observation about the overlap between Skald and Tehom. I look forward to learning more about her faith from her.
Venturo A duchess by title, but one who holds no airs about her. Amiable, engaging, witty and good humored, it's easy to fall into friendly conversation with the woman.
Vercyn As with most noble ladies, the Duchess Rubino is gracious and courteous. But the way she carries and presents herself, I suspect an especially keen mind beneath all the superficial courtly manners.
Vicente Very Lycene woman, you enjoyed the conversation and style.
Violet A duchess if I heard right. Calm and collected, everything I would expect the nobility to be. I had the chance to briefly interact with her as we discussed jewelry for Princess Agatha. She suggested drapping in sapphires. I approve. I love sapphires.
Viviana I would rather swim in shark-infested seas than attempt to navigate the treacherous waters of marriage pacts and noblemen on the hunt. That requires a sort of patience and sharpness I am uncertain I will ever possess. Good luck, duchess, you will need it!
Zoey Very no-nonsense. She will not compromise on morals to achieve her ends, which I find admirable.