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Mirari Corsetina

If I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Shark
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Corsetina
Gender: female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'5
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skintone: Olive

Titles: Sword of Lenosia

Description: There isn't anything delicate about Mirari Corsetina. Her icy features seem to be hewn from polished marble perfection. High cheekbones and sparkling dark emerald eyes are set off by her silky smooth light olive skin. Her nose is perfect and pert, and showcase her full, bow-shaped lips that always seem to have a knowing, sardonic smile tilting them. She is not tall, and while she has a trim athletic form, her hips have a generous curve to them, and her bosom is full. Her jet black hair is thick and straight, falling down like cascading lengths of dark silk to her hips.

Personality: Mirari always seems full of promise. She delights in presenting an alluring promise of danger or pleasurable company, enjoying the tantalizing mystery of her motives. It almost always seems impossible to tell, save that she genuinely enjoys the game and embraces being whatever she needs to become to accomplish her goals. As a well trained Southern courtier she artfully conceals what is real with her and what isn't, but the fantasy she presents is one few do not find enticing. The dangerous, mysterious woman who can take an objection of her attentions to places they never even thought of going before, a woman to die for, some whisper literally.

Background: It's hard to be a six year old child with a mother recently deceased, and a father who was lost to the deep. It's even harder when your aunt and uncle have seven other children, and not enough money to keep everyone fed. Her aunt saw an opportunity and took it, looking back now -- when she's not angry -- even Mirari can admit that. Her aunt met with a man who recruited for a school in Setarco, the very place where they train their best courtiers. Some have said it is the best in the world. Money changed hands, a deal was struck, and Mirari was taken off to the school. A young child learns to adapt, and it wasn't long that Mirari was doing her best to impress her instructors and excel among her peers. She did so well that she was singled out for more advanced training, which the young woman took to like a fish in water. At the end of her studies she found her contract purchased by House Pravus, where she served for several years. Nobody but the current Duchess, Belladonna Pravus, and Mirari know why the relationship has been severed, a good courtier never tells.

Loyaly to House Velenosa and its Archduchess found Mirari a position in the House, where she blossomed and found happiness and fulfillment in her duties. Her loyalty was rewarded when Eleyna Velenosa named her the Sword of Lenosia.

Relationship Summary

  • Karadoc - You never know what is going on in his head.
  • Harlex - A grizzled wolf with a lot of potential.
  • Venturo - Eternally frustrating, but he always seems to make sense.
  • Faruq - He's too kind, and needs to be watched.
  • Mayir - Trouble.
  • Carita - I've heard rumors.
  • Ilinca - Flower loving, pleasant company. She has a way with words.
  • Rosalie - A sweet girl who really likes gowns.
  • Fredrik - I would apologize for Rosalie's spending habits...but I would be lying.

  • Family:
  • Mailys - Tactical Sized Mirari and the person who keeps me safe.
  • Blossom - Her art is beautiful, the way she sees the world is amazing.
  • Rosalynne - I thought my Aunt was dead, it appears her and my father are quite alive.
  • Rickard - My cousin. I don't know him very well.

  • Parent:
  • Miraya - Mother, long gone.
  • Ari - So it seems he might not be dead. Twenty years is a long time to be gone.

  • Oathlands:
  • Miella - She has seen me at my worst, and my best, and she hasn't abandoned me.

  • Frenemy:
    Mourning isles:
  • Eleyna - I will always have your back.

  • Deceased:
  • Talen - While I tease him often, I hold the Archduke-Consort in the highest regard.

  • Friend:
  • Vanora - Thrax is lucky to have you.
  • Valdemar - I trust you, don't make me regret that.
  • Duarte - Thank you for believing in me.
  • Giulio - You're doing great.
  • Berenice - This one is trouble, but it's the best kind.
  • Josephine - My Arcuri Momma.

  • Crownlands:
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