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Mirari Corsetina

Danger and delight grow on one stalk.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Shark
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Corsetina
Gender: female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'5
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skintone: Olive

Description: With a wicked gleam in her long-lashed, emerald eyes and a knowing smile on her generous lips Mirari Corstina seems like a woman who knows all your secrets and weaknesses and is just waiting for the right time to exploit them. Her features are undeniably beautiful and she is always impeccably presented. Her frame is athletic, with generous hips and long legs, her skin a perfectly silky smooth light olive and black hair that cascades down her back to her waist like a midnight waterfall.

(Mirari's hair has been cut quite short of late, barely reaching her chin.)

Personality: Mirari always seems full of promise. She delights in presenting an alluring promise of danger or pleasurable company, enjoying the tantalizing mystery of her motives. It almost always seems impossible to tell, save that she genuinely enjoys the game and embraces being whatever she needs to become to accomplish her goals. As a well trained Southern courtier she artfully conceals what is real with her and what isn't, but the fantasy she presents is one few do not find enticing. The dangerous, mysterious woman who can take an objection of her attentions to places they never even thought of going before, a woman to die for, some whisper literally.

Background: It's hard to be a six year old child with a mother recently deceased, and a father who was lost to the deep. It's even harder when your aunt and uncle have seven other children, and not enough money to keep everyone fed. Her aunt saw an opportunity and took it, looking back now -- when she's not angry -- even Mirari can admit that. Her aunt met with a man who recruited for a school in Setarco, the very place where they train their best courtiers. Some have said it is the best in the world. Money changed hands, a deal was struck, and Mirari was taken off to the school. A young child learns to adapt, and it wasn't long that Mirari was doing her best to impress her instructors and excel among her peers. She did so well that she was singled out for more advanced training, which the young woman took to like a fish in water. At the end of her studies she found her contract purchased by House Pravus, where she served for several years. Nobody but the current Duchess, Belladonna Pravus, and Mirari know why the relationship has been severed, a good courtier never tells.

Loyaly to House Velenosa and its Archduchess found Mirari a position in the House, where she blossomed and found happiness and fulfillment in her duties. Her loyalty was rewarded when Eleyna Velenosa named her the Sword of Lenosia.

Relationship Summary

  • Mailys - Dire-Mirari, Cousister, Anchor.

  • Parent:
  • Ari - Father. Lost. Found.

  • Oathlands:
    Mourning isles:
  • Berenice - Definitely. The. Best.

  • Friend:
  • Lianne - The Strange Alchemist.

  • Crownlands:
    Name Summary
    Ajax A strange woman, I do not know her name. I should find her again, I suppose. Round two awaits.
    Arianna When I encountered Mistress Corsetina she was in good form and forgiving for past indiscretions. Which was a welcome thing to experience considering I genuinely enjoy her company so. She's at once commanding and very accommodating, both things that are enviable in any hostess. I would gladly spend more time with Mirari in hopes of strengthening this potential friendship of ours and she most certainly has my respect.
    Aswin A friendly shopkeeper who I recently made acquaintances with. She is a nice sort, and one that I'm sure will be a great friend!
    Berenice Ah, what can I say? There aren't words enough in the world to encompass all that is Mirari Corsetina. If you are lucky enough to call her a friend, you are very lucky indeed.
    Duarte When the love we've given burns to ashes and all the hope for this world has turned to dust, it will still be you and I, my friend.
    Elgana Smooth as silk with a sharp mind to round it all out. I am intrigued to see what else lies under the surface.
    Fiora A clever thing. A rose gilded in shadow. Be careful how you approach this pretty little thing steeped in mystery, it's hard to see the thorns through the darkness, but they are definitely there.
    Giulio There are few things as lovely as the smile that can reflect bonhomie, comradarie and threat, all with a delightful air of elegance.
    Josephine Without a doubt, it is never dreary or dull when she's around, and there's bound to be deals struck. She is not one to be underestimated.
    Mailys My darling sister. Cousin? Who cares, she's family and has sharp claws!
    Mirk A strange one. Very strange. And not totally aware of her surroundings, it seems.
    Orathy It ain't be like she be changin much at all, despite the bit of time that be goin by 'n such. Reckon we can still chuckle bout things that folk like us only be understandin.
    River She is a snake, and one that is deadly. Very very good fighter as well.