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"My vision may be cursed. But I simply see the world as it truly is."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Cursed Pirate
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Seraceni
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 10/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Pirate
Height: average height
Hair Color: black with red highlights
Eye Color: grey
Skintone: lightly tanned

Description: Avovorinth is a very androgynous looking young man. He has long black hair with strands coming in as a deep and dark red. He has facial painting in red dye. Many consider him to be pretty, but with his cursed vision all he see's is a monstrous horror. He is a lithe and graceful person moving with precision and dexterity. Despite this he often twitches in a full bodied panic for moments at a time.

Personality: An odd sort, Avo (For short.) is an intense and strange mannered young man. He has a tendency to stare into the distance mid sentence. Can be sensitive to seemingly random words or phrases. Twitches on occasion as if terrified of something unseen by others. Avo is primarily gay but has some attraction to women as well.

Background: Avovorinth was born to a Pirate Lord by the name of Zothar and a prodigal mother from a people who hail from an island in the middle of the sea that nobody has ever heard of. Avorina, the mother of Avo, became a fortune teller, a false one of course but such is the way of the Darkcrows. This worked for a time and Avorina was able to provide for her child till he became of age to sail and do the work that sustained the Clan, this was when the little guy was first able to set to sea by his papa's side. Avo's father was infrequently involved with business at sea. Some might call raiding or thieving but others called providing, but none could say he was anything but a good father. Often, he would return after many months with small treasures and tall tales and his son was entranced by these tales and imagined his father as a heroic adventurer. One day a woman entered Avorina's home and asked for a reading. Avorina did as always, telling her what she wanted to hear, or so she thought. This woman was in fact a truly talented woman with mystic insights that bordered on the impossibility. She was furious with Avorinas deception and in her rage she cursed her child and his entire bloodline, or so the story goes to explain away the whimsical fate of madness beset upon the boy. Avorina was horrified, and slipped into a deep, unnatural sleep. For one month she was bedridden and had constant nightmares until eventual she died, nearly a week before Avo's father returned. Zothar had finally become captain of his own prize and was joyous upon his return, only to find Avo crying in a corner covered in blankets and his wife dead from wasting sickness. So they said. The father of this unfortunate child knew no other remedy, and thinking the entire situation too strange to deal with he took the child and brought him onto his ship and left the Roost.

Avo was a small boy, not deemed very much of a sailor from appearances sake, but nonetheless gained favor with the crew by quickly picking up several of the tricks of the trade. He would traverse the ship with swiftness and grace, helping here and there with the tasks that needed doing. All the while he suffered from madness which struck him blind and senseless on occassion. The sailors were uneasy at first and thought him tainted by the red waters but of course his father's stature and the fear he cultivated from his men kept them from tossing the boy overboard.

After several years on his father's ship, he had learned to do nearly everything that needed done on a ship. The crew loved Avo despite his odd nature and strange mannerisms. So it was only natural that when Zothar was aged he was promoted to captain. By this point his madness had grown into a core part of his being and through it he gained a reputation for being insightful in ways that bordered on the impossible and yet still he turns to drugs, drink and the embrace of solace to deal with his problems. Not a bad thing at all and for this very reason his family line managed to avoid much of the extinguishment that the rest of the Darkcrows suffered beneath the hands of the Seraceni's righteous steel and the flames of war. Perhaps this is why he serves the House today, coming all the way from the Roost to serve the interests of the Clan and the House alike.

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