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Prince Lexir Pravus

We make our own luck.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Pragmatic adventure-seeking noble
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 12/7
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: sable
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: golden olive

Description: The thick, soft sable of his hair tousles in curls to the flare of his shoulders, rich with tawny notes. His sloe eyes, warm and velvet-dark, gleam with a cognac sheen beneath lashes that brush his cheeks in soot. He is touched leonine, from the curve of high cheekbones to the scruff along the sculpt of his jawline, his nose sloped to a rounded tip. Full lips part to jaggedly edged canines. Sun-soaked in undertone, his olive complexion glows gold at the column of his throat. His long, lean body coils with muscle, cut from marble and refined to steel, the mark of a lash continued down his back in a lattice of scarring. Despite gruff calluses, a grace lingers in the strength of his hands and the flow of his fingers.

Personality: Lexir projects a calm, measured confidence - he knows what he's good at, what he's bad at, and what he's only decent at, and he acts accordingly. This can occasionally lapse into bull-headed stubbornness and arrogance, when challenged on one of the thing he just KNOWS he's good at, though he can usually calm himself down from it before too long. He's fairly easy-going and friendly as a rule however, comfortable with all sorts, willing to lend a hand or ready with a joke. A love of novelty and adventure has never left him, and sometimes the interests that he pursues with the same determination and zeal with which he defends his believed ability are spurred by frankly, nothing but whimsy. A patient and pensive man lies beneath this confident, sometimes goofy exterior however, an intelligence that understands that there are times for frippery and times for ruthlessness, that sees the necessity for intrigue and manipulation, however distasteful.

Background: Lexir never had particularly high expectations set for him - his branch of the Pravus was particularly fecund, and he had no shortage of more skillful, or at least, ambitious, siblings for his parents to pin their hopes to. And so he grew up wild in luscious Setarco, a princeling with precious few duties or obligations to anyone but himself. It would be easy for someone in his position to become spoiled, to be lulled into a simpering stupidity by the benefits of his birthright - fortunately, that didn't happen.

Adventure was in his blood. Curiosity mixed with intelligence - this too could spoil, could easily turn someone cruel, but the young Pravus lord evaded that fate. As much of his youth as he could he spent out in the city or in the surrounding wilderness, exploring, mingling, doing whatever he could to satisfy his thirst for new and novel experiences. He ran (incognito) with gutter gangs while slumming in the backalleys of Setarco, drank himself into stupors, and experimented with exotic substances. He learned to fight, to sail, his letters and his numbers, dabbling in a myriad of skills but rarely every progressing past novice-level mastery - there was always something new.

A few years before his majority, Lexir slipped away from home with a couple of his trusted comrades and friends and disappeared into the Setarco to embark on their grandest adventure yet. Where they went, what they did, and what they saw remains a subject of conjecture and speculation - in the end, only half the number that set out returned, some years later. A less carefree version of the young noble returned, one more tempered, more hardened, more thoughtful than the one that had set out. Even after his return to the public sphere, he did not linger long, vanishing in long expeditions like the first to parts unknown.

But now, he's in Arx, the wayward nobleman's presence asked, nay, /commanded/, to be in the heart of power in Arvum as the stirrings of something great rumble across the continent. Who knows? Maybe he'll have learned something useful in all of his travels.

Relationship Summary

  • Ilira - My star.

  • Family:
  • Viviana - Has edged out my other cousins in the competition for 'favorite cousin'.
  • Name Summary
    Anisha A Prince among Pravus. An appreciator of aesthetics. A quiet presence, but able to hold his own. There's something deliciously Setercan, deliciously Pravosi about him. I'd have him hover at my parties any day.
    Apollo Good of him to suffer my nonsense. A bit evasive, but that's about par for the course with Pravus folk, isn't it? He was kind, all I care about.
    Bhandn An inquisitive prince of House Pravus. That completely took me by surprise, as well as how he said I should address him simply by name. He showed a great curiosity about the Order, and I wonder if that curiosity will develop into action.
    Caprice One of the more interesting finds amongst the cultural stacks! Judging by title and frontispiece alone, I bet he'd be a good read if you could crack him open.
    Cassandra He was flirty and quaint when we first met and played a coy game of hiding his identity from me. Now that I know he is a Prince of Pravus, it does make much more sense.
    Esme An interesting man with vague answers, which just compels me to ask more questions. We are sure to be fast friends for as long as our paths allow.
    Evaristo Ilira speaks very well of him and our short meeting gave me a good feeling. We shall see what the future holds.
    Evelynn Introspective and extremely personable, a prize combination.
    Graziella There are worse folks to follow through the labrythine Setarco architecture of Pravus ward after midnight... such a strange destination.
    Ian His form is good. Almost no bad habits. He's had formal instruction, which is a good base to build on.
    Ilira My sable prince. My lion. My Lexir has grown, not changed, and I feel that place of hollowness warming once more, after these years. His eyes still drink me.
    Lore A solid example of a Pravosi man. I will let him determine if this is good or bad!
    Lucene I shouldn't be fooled by the simple appearance of this Prince of Pravus, his experience seem vast and he seems to know way more about Arvum than I do. Perhaps I could learn some new tricks by being in his company?
    Lucrezia A cousin to share scar stories and drinks with! I like him!
    Mabelle What an odd Lycene. Not full of himself. Is that possible? An error perhaps? faulty education? I actually enjoyed the conversation with him. Odd.
    Maren An adventuresome Prince, so very eager to journey far beyond Arvum. Sometimes these paths are difficult to tread, but I think perhaps his enthusiasm might buoy him forth, even during rougher journeys.
    Medeia Was that the game, or simply the first round? I do hope he is a man of his word.
    Monique Handsome as sin and yet strangely devoid of it. I'll see what I can do about that.
    Neilda A consummate gentleman. I don't hate it. So many opinions on bears though.
    Nina He is quite unassuming for a Pravus prince. Calm, approachable, and very clever...
    Orchid He seems more tame than I was expecting from someone who is a PRavus, especialy after some of my previous run ins with that particular fealty. His company is pleasant, though.
    Orland His origins are a mix between a drop of blood from Belladonna and something about writs and blood magic. He was entertaining at least, his story telling is top knotch.
    Porter I hope he doesn't really think that I'd kill him over beard secrets! That would be really unfortunate. And... possibly not a good first impression on my end.
    Rook I'm not sure what to make of the Prince of Pravus. He has a sly humor, that's for sure and intellect that he conceals beneath it.
    Rowynna A Pravus that likes to watch the river from bridges. An odd past-time, but then I'm hardly one to talk.
    Samira A reserved man, one of relatively few words. In my experience, those are the ones you have to watch out for. Still, he seemed to be decent company and appeared to view things with a practical outlook, which I can appreciate. Not entirely sure what to make of him just yet, but perhaps time will tell.
    Sebastian I'm well-pleased to have my adventurous cousin back with us; his inquisitiveness and spirit of adventure will serve us well. I just wish his hair wasn't quite so pretty: it's hard not to be jealous.
    Thea Sometimes appearances are decieving. He very much is that case. He seems to be relaxed and witty. I'm a bit curious, truth to be told..
    Vittorio A man with an appetite. I like men who can eat and match their flavors.
    Viviana Lexir is an absolute rapscallion, and among the best company in the family. Years ago, I'd have envied him for his freedom.
    Zoey Intelligent, inquisitive, and if he has an ulterior motive I cannot detect it.
    Zyanya It is a wise prince who cloaks his curiosity in watchful quiet when others gather around.