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"You can trust me as surely as you can trust the open sea, my friend."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Cunning Captain
Fealty: Pravus
Family: None
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 40
Birthday: 3/24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: salted black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tanned

Description: The absence of a left eye only calls attention to the intensity of this aging man's gaze, a leather patch sealing away the offending wound like a tomb. In the murky depths of his sharp stare lies a cunning mind at work. His tall stature and steel poise are marked by a limping gait, often aided by a cane that grants the sea dog an air of refinement. Far from frail, broad shoulders and strong arms defy time's attempts to catch up with him, though gray has begun to streak through thick hair once as proud and dark as a pirate's black banner.

Personality: Some are born to follow, others to lead. Deimos, with the bold stance, steely gaze and wry smirk of an imperious man, embodies the disposition of one for whom authority comes naturally. Ambition colors this dominance, cultivating within him the desire for something greater. Despite the sense of command that radiates from him, Deimos is not without mirth. Like most men of the sea, an evening of carousing and drinking can hearken back to the wilder days of his youth. But never at the cost of his wits. Rapier-sharp cunning has kept him on the right side of the sea's dangerous embrace, and it continues to be his most precious tool.

Background: Deimos was born in the chaos of a storm-tossed sea. The ship groaned against beating waves, the frantic crew above thundered to action, their calls drowned by a torn sky. But from Deimos, not even a whimper. He entered the world in chaos, and rocking upon the waves, found comfort in it. He and his mother had been cast away from Lycene shores, from the privilege he might have known in a just world where men like his father braved the fallout of an illegitimate child. Deimos was instead raised to see the world for what it was, its harsh truths peeled before his eyes. Most memorable of them was the loss of his mother when he was only twelve years old, her life ended for a dispute over unpaid debts that had kept her son from starving.

Without one bleeding heart among those responsible, Deimos was dragged from his mother before she'd gone cold and pressed into service on a merchant vessel. He grew into adulthood on that ship, with each crack of the lash and pull of the oar in the name of his masters strengthening resentment and resolve equally. In the shadow of men who thought themselves giants, Deimos' whispers of dissention spread among the thralls. How it is that men in chains overcame their well-armed captors and what transpired thereafter is a secret that rowed away from the sinking wreckage with its lone survivor: Deimos.

Unshackled, he made his way to Port Defiance, and there found his calling as a corsair. He learned from the exploits of the merciless pirates that ruled the seas with fear. He found his own name joined among the likes of the most vicious among them. Surrounded by the threat of nations, the rage of the sea and the betrayal of men, Deimos thrived.

Despite all of this, the birth of his daughter sparked whispers that the insatiable captain was losing his once-keen edge. Lending support to these whispers was what some perceived as a flight from Port Defiance in the midst of his conflict with an up and coming cutthroat who'd made himself an obstacle to Deimos. A secluded cove used by Caina's illicit enterprises became his port of harbor, where he could frequently visit the Cainite woman who'd captured his heart and given him the one treasure he valued above all others: his daughter.

Deimos' crew started to resent him and his attachment to this island. They felt a change in the wind, and in their captain, so they hatched a plan to 'strand' him on Caina, to mutiny and abscond with his ship. One loyal sailor apprised Deimos of this plan, and so he devised a clever scheme to win Caina's favor by 'exposing' the threat of his previous crew and sailing a ship out to crush them. He got his vengeance on the mutineers, and Caina got its 'hero.'

And so he has grown in the island's esteem, built a reputation amongst the stubborn citizens of the black cliffs, and turned to more legal work in Caina's navy. With the shifting of the tides, Caina's growth to a March, and the new ruler, he heads to Arx to see what fortune has in store for him there.

Name Summary
Adrienne I had an opportunity to better acquiant myself with Admiral Deimos at the estate. What I've seen, I like. We disagree on some intangibles - but this is hardly an unfamiliar sensation when speaking with the Lycene. In all practical ways, we seem to be of one mind. Inverno is fortunate in its admiral, and our fleet is better for it, the gods save us all.
Calla A man who looks like he's seen some things... well as much as he can with only one functional eye.
Orland When I sit with him, I can see his soul is somewhere else, and I know where that is: it rides upon the seas over the rolling swells, alongside the prow of a ship breaking thorugh every waving crest and there when the sprays of the ocean mist falls upon the decks.
Scylla We are very alike, he and I, and in all the ways I'd like most to explore.