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Prince Zacharie Pravus

As far as men go, it is not who they are that interests me, but what they can become

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Philosopher Statesman
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 56
Birthday: 5/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: tanned

Description: This tall man carries himself with an assured confidence, his presence is naturally commanding. Broad shouldered and lightly muscled in the manner of Lycene military men, his olive skin is tanned by long days in the sun. His curly hair is cut close, dark chestnut kissed with silver enough to have a salt and pepper look, as does his beard when he allows it to grow, which is not often. Hazel eyes are bright and seem warm, especially when he smiles and shows the corners edged with fine lines.

Personality: Zacharie was the life of the party in his youth and can approach it even now. He is quick to laugh at a good joke and to enjoy seconds of good wine, but he is also known as a disciplined thinker. Cunning is the Pravus way, yet Zacharie enjoys not only manipulating to make ends meet, he enjoys considering the philosophies behind why these machinations work in the first place. A student of desires, fears, and motives, he's often able to see what drives those around him. Yet he's not the sort one fears sitting down to a business meeting with, he can be straightforward and efficient like few others.

Background: Raised as the third born boy to a Duke of Pravus, Zacharie was spare to the spare, which suited him well enough from a young age. Though the siblings were close, there were a good many of them, and peace and quiet could be found in the libraries and gardens of the sprawling estate. By the time he was a teenager he had shown an aptitude for many of the subjects young noblemen are expected to master, as well as an impressive amount of focus towards whatever goal he set before him.

During the summer of his twentieth year the family agreed it was time for him to find a match and settle into the work of the statesmen, to prepare to serve at his brother's side. Both of them, actually, for Niccolo gave up his inheritance to find love at Carlotta's side, and found himself Archduke-Consort just before Piero was crowned Duke of Setarco. Zacharie's lot was to find a beneficial marriage to handle the details of household management while he worked on Pravus' behalf. Carole Blancharde, the daughter of the Count Blancharde. A match between the Oathlands and Setarco was puzzling at first. Until one met the rebellious and beautiful Carole, who was as comfortable as a socialite in Setarco as she never would have been as anything in the Oathlands. The match brought favorable trade agreements and a coil of power in an area where Pravus is usually bereft. Over time it became affectionate, even loving, and stood as an example of what noble matches done with Limerance in mind might achieve.

So these families continued through the triumph and tragedies of the Lyceum over the next years. Niccolo would lose a wife, a daughter, another wife. Zacharie would have three fine sons in succession, a break of six years, and a pale ginger daughter. Piero would lose his life in a coup, and subsequently Zacharie would lose his eldest to execution. Though Duchess Belladonna banished Zacharie, his wife, and remaining sons from the heart of court at Setarco, they were never investigated nor punished further, and in time did what they could to throw support behind the new Duchess to prove their loyalty.

Zacharie must have impressed her, for Belladonna has not only lifted any remaining exile placed on his family, she has asked for Zacharie to come to Arx and be of use to her and to Pravus.

Relationship Summary

  • Niccolo - My eldest brother was a romantic hero, and a true friend
  • Piero - Second-oldest of my brothers, and reigned Duke Pravus until his death and his daughter's ascension.
  • Tomasso - Younger brother who I was never protective enough of

  • Spouse:
  • Carole - My wife of more than twenty years

  • Deceased:
  • Niccolo - Niccolo Pravus was my older brother, Niccolo Velenosa my older brother and our Archduke for a time. I miss him profoundly.

  • Family:
  • Vanora - Daughter
  • Belladonna - Duchess and Niece
  • Juliana - Charming Niece
  • Celeste - Mirrormask Niece
  • Valdemar - Son-in-Law. Vanora could have done worse. By many accounts...she did.
  • Darion Kennex - my eldest grandson
  • Arkyn Grimhall - second grandson
  • Antony Grimhall - third grandson
  • Harald Grimhall The Younger - fourth grandson
  • Sebastian - A nephew that I would like to know more of, if given the chance
  • Isolde - My brother Niccolo's promising Mirrormask daughter, who was a friend to mine just when she needed one most.
  • Lia Eleyna Grimhall - my youngest grandaughter
  • Count Philippe Blanchard - my brother-in-law.
  • Name Summary
    Fiora I think I saw him smile. To be honest I thought he might have been a prop at one point.
    Sanya Vanora's father is as warm and amicable as I'd hope he'd be. Glad to have the familial connections.
    Valdemar My father-in-law seems a reasonable and observant man so far. I can certainly appreciate his clarity.
    Vanora It is different to see my father the way I do now. Adult to adult, and yet still he knows so much more. I wish he'd come to the city before the Grim Duke's passing. I so would have liked to introduce them.