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Lady Appolonia Seraceni

Once man got the taste of blood, there was no going back; like a serpent circling itself, eating its own tail.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Occultist Noblewoman
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Seraceni
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Olive

Description: Lithe of build, this woman is stunning if not traditionally beautiful. Favoring her Pravus roots in appearance, she is a creature of darkness; ebon hair and olive skin. Even her eyes, slate blue and therefore light by comparison, seem to hold something serve to accentuate the darkness of her features rather than lighten them. She carries herself with the posture and grace of true nobility and, though small, often makes her presence all the more eye-catching with jewels upon her person.

Personality: The foundational trait of Appolonias personality is curiosity. Perhaps it is the Pravus side of her, but the appeal of the unseen has always drawn her in a way she never could quite find words for. This has led her down the path of scholarship, always pushing the boundaries of what she could (and possibly should) know.

This curiosity extends to people as well. She is fascinated by the mind. Why do people do what they do? Are good (or bad) people born or made?

Still, she is old enough and wise enough not to misuse or abuse that which she knows. Indeed, she long ago discovered that the best way to learn something was to have something to offer in return. She is more than happy to share a few kernels of information in her own quest to gain more. In her desire to understand the world around her, theres few questions she wont ask, though she is clever enough to know when to ask them.

To an outsider, Appolonia is a woman of confidence and grace, a good conversationalist, and rarely is she raunchy or otherwise undignified.

Background: Appolonia is the daughter of Isabella Pravus, a minor noble of the Pravus house, and Admando Seraceni, a seasoned corsair slain at the hands of the Argento after he took an arrow at the opening of the war and suffered an infection.

From a young age, Appolonia struggled with the phrase when youre older. What happens when were older? Why is some information restricted and limited? What dangers does such information possess? How can we prepare for these dangers if we dont know any better?

Almost as if to prove her instructors what for, she dove into her studies. But she quickly bored with learning common things, things that everyone already knew. She wanted access to those restricted books, to understand the world behind the veil, to be privy to that which few were privy to. It was the only way to truly be safe.

Her mother encouraged this line of study, and facilitated her daughters education in the occult. While this raised some eyebrows, particularly among the more godly of the household, the Pravus charm was able to smooth over most of the ruffled feathers.

Most, but not all. As it became apparent that Appolonia was going to make the study of the occult her lifes work, it created a rift between the young Lady and her new Marquis, Dario. He was far too conservative and faithful to truly trust such studies. And while the familial connection with Appolonia is strong, that was one aspect he was never fully able to conquer, which would allow him to place his full trust in her.

This does not mean that occult was Appolonias only hobby. She delighted studying other cultures, and wanted to travel the globe. Among those that fascinated her most were the Eurusi. She learned the language and collects artifacts and fashions from those faraway lands.

She is often feared within her house and whispers abound of her fascinations with the unnatural elements of the world. Appolonia is a creature born with a thirst for the truth and she hungers to learn, grow and to one day step foot in foreign lands to reap of the untapped knowledge and potential they offer.

Relationship Summary

  • Giulio - The Count Corvini

  • Deceased:
  • Dario - I wish you could have found it in your heart to trust me completely, but now you are gone.

  • Friend:
  • Delilah - A fellow scholar like myself.
  • Jeffeth - The Knight of Buckets and Smiles.

  • Family:
  • Prisila - My cousin and Marquessa. I don't always agree with you but I shall always try to help where I may.
  • Name Summary
    Alessandro Attended my sermon in the Shrine, and had some interesting insights about it afterwards. I would like to talk to her more.
    Amari Lady Seraceni is a fascinating woman to be sure, all mystery, allure and subtle humor wed to a keen intellect. Very Lycene, very dangerous, and quite enjoyable for it. Although, I suspect she's a pirate. How fun!
    Ariella The first Seraceni I've met in Arx. The Keeper of Oaths for her house. She seems very dignified and serious, but the most fun people always do at first.
    Arthen Appolonia Seraceni. Scholar. Occultist. You just get the sense when she's about that if somethin' is goin' on, she's got the know of what it is. I took a chance on her, takin' her into dangerous waters, but she did a fine job of holdin' her own. It may be she finds herself on another adventure, soon enough.
    Belladonna Guarded and wise. She doesn't seem to be lost like some, only missing the guidance to go where she truly wants. That is what family is for~!
    Caspian A chatty noble lady who seems to like her men big and tall! A scholarly type I hope to learn some things from.
    Cullen Like most women from the Lyceum I have met, rather interesting and seems quite, quite different than what I am used to. She probably won't poison me, but I should heed her advice - and hopefully talk to her more in the future as she's an excellent conversationalist.
    Duarte Somewhat sedate but a comfortable enough conversationalist all the same.
    Eamon This is a woman who lives without fear, yet who does not appear to have lost what it means to be a woman. I will have to find out what she knows, what will be useful to me, and what I can learn from her. Perhaps I will have some things to teach her as well - though somehow, I doubt it. She is, thankfully, not a warrior.
    Faruq Her words are at least as dangerous as my sword. If not more so. While she may not be a fighter, she does more than pull her weight for the House.
    Gabriel I did not expect to sit in conversation with the Voice of a House of the Lyceum today, but I find myself wiser for having shared some time. I can only hope I held my ground well. The easy and casual conversation of the Lycene is not my traditional battleground. I count it in my favor that she seemed greatly distracted at several points.
    Giulio Ah, a budding scholar. With the wit to understand the nature of the game. I do so look forward to the next few months.
    Grazia She seems somewhat strange, though not unpleasant. Certainly asks a lot of questions, though.
    Hannah A lady who has the willingness to not be anything but herself. I wish that there were more like her. I can see a solid friend in this one.
    Harlex Wise is the raven. We'll speak more in time, that much I'm certain.
    Helena Dignified, curious, and intellectual, and full of a calm I only wish I had.
    Iseulet I wish we could have met under less unfortunate circumstances, but seems a good sort. (Needs to appreciate what rum can do for her more, though).
    Jeffeth My Lady with a fun name. At first I was afraid I was interrupting her conversation and she was going to be mad, but she is just delightful. We laughed together and she seems to be a very good sort, what a lovely lady!
    Jordan Lycene lady with an interesting sense of humor, also new to Arx. Exotic mannerisms make me think she's probably from one of those cities furthest from the borderlands, but she's a Minister of Loyalty, which means she knows how to get all the right answers.
    Joslyn One of the translators and negotiators during the trip. Shared a drink with Iseulet, and was quite instrumental to the conclusion. Provided she can successfully complete the negotiation.
    Luca To hear about a person and then to experience them can sometimes be a jarring thing. In this case, I rather feel Lady Appolonia lives up to the reputation that precedes her. She's better than, even. At least, from a first and most brief meeting. There's common ground, but it's a path thick with the night and one can never watch their step too carefully. Luckily, I'm rather sure-footed. Perhaps in all this, we'll even find the time to write this book of mine.
    Lys An utterly intelligent and charming lady. I am pleased to have made her acquaintance and hope to know her more. I can tell she is quite keen.
    Mirk A hard one to read. She comes off as more of a scholar than an investigator, at times - someone interested in the puzzle.
    Nijah Another member of the family, I had never met her properly before, so it was a nice chance to finally make her aquaintance. She seems a bright mind, quiet and studious. I'd like to pick her brain more to see what more I can learn.
    Oriana A clear-seeing woman, unafraid to face her reflection. I hope she comes to the Shrine of the Thirteenth.
    Petal friendly, curious about my stuff and is interested others and not just herself. She notices the people around her.
    Prisila My cousin is unusually perceptive but such things are expected from a woman of her bloodline. She's exceptional in all the ways I know and her mystique extends even beyond that. My confidante, my ally and my truest companion in all the world. I know that I can depend on her to set me straight and to do her part for the people of Ischia.
    Quenia I think she's a bit shy, at least that's how she presented at first, but I think I might like to get to know her. Also, she and I share the same dislike for the cold.
    Reese She seems really smart and deeply thoughtful with a kindness behind the wit that not all really smart people have.
    Ruslan The Lady Appolonia is both wise and graceful, but without that sense of cool judgement and superiority I see sometimes in other highborn. She is proud, rightly so, but her pride does not seem to make her arrogant. Instead, it allows her to be curious without concern. I look forward to learning more of her and her people.
    Snow She seems to be intelligent though I am not sure if it is me, but she seems to have a dangerous feel to her.
    Thorley There is much to discover of Lady Seraceni - I do not begrudge the one that has to unravel her completely. Though her questions will never grow tiresome. Perhaps we can learn from each other.
    Valenzo Dark, mysterious, and she seems to at least think Kevin's funny! I'll have to send her a recipe for turtle soup sometime as she seemed interested, it's the only tolerable way to eat it.
    Vercyn Interesting southern lady, she reminds me of another southern lady I know. No doubt intelligent, and possibly dangerous. She says she can smell a predator... so can I.
    Vitalis Eloquent, elegant, intelligent. A deft and lively conversationalist. I hope to cross words with her again.