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Princess Sudara Pravus

The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Ardent Scholar
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 41
Birthday: 2/28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: fair

Titles: Truespeaker

Description: Tall, elegant and evidently a noblewoman. Though past the first flush of youth, she remains a classic Lycene beauty - fair of skin, with dark hair and hazel eyes that can flash with anger or amusement. Statuesquely curvaceous, she tends to favour styles that emphasise her figure, with a particular liking for off-the-shoulder gowns and arrangements of her hair that draw the eye to her long neck and deep decolletage.

Personality: Superficially, Sudara certainly conforms to the stereotype of a Pravus noble: wealthy, privileged, hedonistic, flirtatious, and at times more than a little arrogant. Breaching the stereotype, she seems to lack an overt vindictive streak, and those who learn somewhat more about her might see one or two other aspects, whether that of the dedicated bookworm or the dutiful mother.

Background: The widow of an Abandoned pirate, cousin to a murdered Duke, daughter to an eccentric academic, and mother to a brood of children some might deride as half-Shav - Sudara has now arrived in Arx to add her own eclectic presence to the capital's melting pot of influences.

From birth, Sudara received the mixed blessings that came with being close kin to the ducal family, and then of being raised to address her elder cousin, the benevolent Duke Piero Pravus, as 'uncle'. Her father was one of the Duke's own uncles, and she was thus brought up as a high-status but politically irrelevant member of the house. She lived in luxury, surrounded by the trappings of power - but knew that her primary role on behalf of the Pravus would almost certainly be as a political bargaining-chip in the marriage market.

This was particularly likely because her father, Benedict, supported the Duke's "gentle" approach to rule. Less focused than Piero on being loved, he was instead a student of what he considered to be the arts of civilisation. He studied architecture, theology, medicine, and history, expanding the Pravus libraries and earning himself no small degree of renown with the clergy and disciples of Vellichor. Naturally, his children were raised to share his interests, and accompanying their father on one of his expeditions to view ruins or pursue interesting old tales came to be a combination of rite of passage and family excursion.

It was on one such trip - far to the North of their home - that Benedict and his party fell prey to pirates. Among those taken captive was Sudara, who soon found herself playing an unexpected role in negotiations for the safe return of the noble hostages. These particular freebooters were Abandoned, but wanted to turn Prodigal. Before long, she found herself being offered up as part of a formal agreement that secured the release of her party, in return for the fealty of the pirates and their kin. After all, what better demonstration could there be of Piero's ideals than the enhancement of Pravus by virtue of a loving union?

On her 18th birthday, Sudara wed the Prodigals' leader, Trogen, while he swore fealty to Pravus and was accepted as a noble - aided by at least a pretence of acknowledging his claim to descend from a house lost in the Reckoning: the new Prodigals professed to be "the Truesworn", in token of their purported ancient bonds and heritage, though Trogen formally joined his new wife's house.

Henceforth, Sudara played the role of the dutiful wife, providing her husband with children (four of whom survive: twins born in their first year of marriage, and another boy and girl thereafter) as well as support in navigating the perils of Lycene society. Though he was more than twenty years her senior, they seemed as well-matched as could be hoped, operating as a team even when rumours of Pravus depravity, piratical debauchery, Abandoned barbarism, or Piero-inspired weakness spread through the court.

Ultimately, Trogen fell prey to Lycene politics, dying in what looked like a poisoning - one that immediately preceded the demise of Duke Piero. Though he wielded precious little influence at court, he was the leader of a substantial band of Prodigals that were not only unusually loyal to the gentle Duke, but also included competent warriors and crewed several ships. His removal was not a great surprise to many, though the precise motives remain unclear, since no one has yet been found responsible.

In the immediate aftermath of the king's eery misfortune, Sudara chose to come to Arx - though whether to seek justice, her fortune, or something else might be unclear.

Relationship Summary

  • Prospero - Potentially-trustworthy lawyer
  • Talen - Sword, not lord
  • Harlan - Potential wine connoisseur
  • Alrec - The Duchess's blunt-speaking admiral
  • Anastasio - Amiable medicinal tutor
  • Dagon - Polite prince
  • Eos - My ally's ally is my...?
  • Cicero - Silken prince
  • Benjamin - Eclectic barber-surgeon
  • Cybele - unusual student
  • Joslyn - Salon-member
  • Zhayla - Promising Prodigal
  • Aleksei - Priest of Freedom
  • Percephon - Merchant-Enquirer
  • Videl - Artist and accomplished Minister for her house
  • Galatea - Chaser of tales.
  • Nadir - Thoughtful prospective ally
  • Sylvi - Scholarly princess of Thrax
  • Camilla - Former protege all grown up

  • Ally:
  • Selene - The former Radiant Whisper is a charming fellow investigator of obscure and fascinating tales.
  • Valentina - Not-quite-family: a former student returned to charm me, and seek fresh tales.
  • Icelyn - Surprisingly shared past - future alliance?
  • Llewella - Insightful artist

  • Family:
  • Isolde - Bouncily enthusiastic cousin
  • Belladonna - Glittering duchess
  • Arianna - Potential Protege
  • Celeste - Friend, ally, and ferrous tentacular monstrosity! We are luck to have her.
  • Vanora - A light of charm and reason in a grim place.
  • Viviana - Former student turned dashing Sword of Setarco.

  • Friend:
  • Tenebrae - Trusted guardian
  • Jaenelle - A diminutive delight
  • Ianthe - Trogen's sea-drift foundling
  • Aldwin - Admirable Archscholar
  • Juliet - Salon-founder!
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne Princess Sudara is a circumspect woman who mixes humility and charm to marked effect. A man or women who chooses to sleep through one of her lectures is a fool.
    Ajax Mm, so this is the one who holds Tenebrae's strings. An interesting seeming woman in the very least and knows enough to seemingly value her people.
    Alarissa More and more of late, the Pravi are surprising me. A well spoken woman, poised and a lovely sense of fashion. It will be interesting to see what she can do and her path forward.
    Alrec They call her Trogen's Folly but she saved him and his people. Hopefully, it didn't piss off the Prodigal too much.
    Amari It took more than one meeting to see beyond her effortlessly elegant surface. Not that I doubted there was anything beneath, but it was still a delight to discover the broad and keen mind she possesses, and learn of a fraction of the many eclectic interests she surely pursues.
    Andromeda The Princess Sudara is the Truespeaker of her clan, and has helped her people acclimatise to the Compact. She is helpful and wise, and self-deprecating to a fault. I will praise her and cherish her wisdom until she realises the truth of her value.
    Anisha Lady Sudara is most gracious and kind, and a master of all the little rituals that makes us all civilized.
    Armani What a game lady! I like someone who gives a contest their all, and my word, she did that.
    Athaur A charming lady it seems. I do hope the fashion choice is driven by choice and not be grief
    Belladonna Loyal and extremely skilled. That is all I ask of family, and Sudara is both, in spades.
    Brigida Exactly the sort of woman that is needed more of in the Compact. Smart, driven and filled with compassion.
    Calla A most intriguing Pravus lady who I had a the pleasure of meeting and having a very informative conversation.
    Camilla I remember the letters we used to exchange after my mother died. Sudara was one of my havens, and now that I've found her in Arx again, I think she will resume that role. I hope she's ready for it.I need her wit and wisdom; and she has ample of both.
    Celeste It is time to draw my beloved cousin out of retirement. She has a keen mind and we could use that now, not to mention her connections and history with the shav peoples.
    Cerdensulathara Face value trader, interest depreciates.
    Cybele Lady Sudara Pravus is nice and a Speaker for a tribe of Prodigals, and she is not like many nobles. I feel a kinship with her. She is wise, but a bit down on herself. I will figure out how to make her smile.
    Danae Lady Pravus has offered to help me with a thing. Very kind of her. I will owe her one.
    Dimitri 'Auntie' Sudara is utterly wise beyond her years. A tutor to many of my generation, she is one that we still look to for advice or further instruction upon the skills that we have. After being away for so long, it's good to have found her in Arx.
    Domonico I'm glad she's not attempting to distract me in this boat race.
    Drusila Sudara is a vault of knowledge I would love to pry open and rummage for treasure. A very capable member of my Duchess family that I'll do my best to keep close even if she insists she's too old to play with us.
    Duarte Every bit as cordial and charming as I remember. Whereas we acquainted when I served House Pravus, I now look forward to working with her as a peer.
    Evelynn An inquisitive and sharp woman who I'm glad to have met. Always a boon in serious discussions.
    Gabriella My once-and-future teacher. She is graceful and wise, and there is a certain, mystifying timelessness to her. But it is the way she throws herself into her passions that I admire most.
    Galatea A learned, beautiful woman. I should rather like to be like her when I grow up. (Am I grown up? Perish the thought!) I hope she has much more to teach me.
    Giorgio The Truespeaker if Esterhold has proven to be a valuable ally, and I dare say friend. I am interested in learning more of Esterhold and the Truesworn. Perhaps they are not so different from those of us from the Saffron?
    Giuliano Always wise, this cousin, and knowledgable. It's good to see her again after the long time apart - and the radiance that is the blood of Setarco never dims. I wonder what it is I can do for her?
    Gretchen She seems like a lot of fun. Too much fun. We should never be allowed alone together.
    Ian Sounds political.
    Icelyn I didn't make the best impression. She was very nice to me, and we have something in common. Maybe I can try again.
    Icelyn She has a quiet grace about her. A dignity and solidity in herself and in her people that I envy.
    Jaenelle Princess Sudara is someone I have always treasured the company of, whether it was during the honor of meeting her people to casual conversations about sailing. I will value the memories and look forward to making more.
    Jeffeth The Speaker of the Truesworn! I don't know what that means but it sounds very important. She seems very important.
    Joaquin She has changed and hasn't. It depends on where one looks, and how. One thing that hasn't changed? She's still fun!
    Juliana My darling, I am never one to say a person grieves wrong but there is a time when one must put away the mourning threads and step back into the sunlight.
    Jyri Social grace and beauty combined, smarts and an interesting background. Quite intriguing!
    Katarina An interesting woman, Sudara seems to have a wealth of life experience lurking beneath the surface that Katarina hopes to tap into over time. She mentioned being a widow. And while Katarina has yet to be married and know suffrage of a kind, she cannot help but feel for her regardless.
    Katarina Princess Sudara is beautiful and speaks well -- more than well, as her title attests. I've heard it said that she is not seen out and about often, but having met her only briefly, I feel that she should be seen more.
    Llewella Delightful company. Wonderful fashion. And a sense of self-deprication that might be an artform on its own.
    Lucita Pleasant company, invests her attention in conversation and holds up her side of a conversation well. Seems to have an interest in a variety of things. Looking forward to talking with her again.
    Malesh A crafty politician, complimentary and careful!
    Martino A quiet Lady, but forthright it seems when it comes to music
    Miella Her Highness Sudara has much to teach. Hopefully I can be a good student where I can.
    Monique A very intelligent woman, who sees far more than most people think she does. A valuable ally, and an even more valuable friend.
    Monique Wise and steady. I know that I can count on her.
    Nadir A Lady of Pravus that I recently met. I feel that there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from this friendship. Or what could perhaps become a friendship. I will be sure to make every effort to foster this relationship. Perhaps with any luck it will be beneficial to the both of us.
    Nikias Lovely lady who seems like she'd be very much at home behind a book reading all day and still look lovely enough for a ball after.
    Olivia Interesting woman! She has already made some good friends if she keeps company with the Kennexi. Hopefully we can chat again soon!
    Petal She sounds very smart and seems kind. Although one day she might learn that books are a waste of time! I think though that I like her overall.
    Quenia She was Lady Sudara Pravus when I met her, now a Princess of House Pravus since their rise to become a Great House. I recall meeting her in one of the many eating establishments when I was with Archduchess Jaenelle. She inquired about the raffle I was having for the agricultural center, and at one point considered matching the Archduchesses donation to the cause; of course it would have garnered one of 10 rather beautiful gowns donated for the purpose of raising the funds needed. Not generally prone to gambling, I do not think, she donated all the same, though not quite as much as the Archduchess. Her contribution certainly aided with the agricultural center, for which I am very, very grateful. I do not recall if she won one of the dresses or not however. If not, I hope she managed to convince one of the winners to give her one.
    Raven A smart and capable woman, member of the Pravus family that seems well read and will tutor me in some much needed knowledge of history and all of those other things I missed while I was living in the streets of Setarco.
    Renata As warm and wonderful as I ever remember her being. She taught me much in my youth, and I am certain she has more to teach me now.
    Sabriel A more solid head on her shoulders than some of the other peacock princesses I've met, especially given how fair she looks. We're all in this together and she seems to understand that when you're at the end of a pig sticker loyalty and not titles matters the most.
    Salvador An entertaining Noblewoman of the Pravus that I met at the Hundred Cities Inn. We discussed our mutual interest in our stay at the Hundred Cities, as well as the quirks of our two island homes.
    Samantha Black and silver and still. Like a deep forest pool.
    Sasha I am not familiar with this Pravus Lady, hopefully that will change soon enough
    Savio A good humored princess, not one for standing on ceremony -- which is good news for those of us who trip over it all the time.
    Sebastian I have heard of my fellow Voice of Pravus, but the lady is elusive, and it seems with good reason. There are so many things and people that I do not yet know, even those within my own family. She seems willing to do whatever is necessary, however, to aid, and that is a good thing.
    Sebastian A former Pravus Voice, her intricate and detailed knowledge of many a subject has suitably impressed me. I definitely need to spend more time with my cousin.
    Selene A moonshadow wrapped up in the silver-pearl clouds, she remains an untouchable mystery in such quiet regard. There is a beauty in the quiet. What lies behind the face of that?
    Svana A Princess who was married to a Barbarian, with many stories - and many viewpoints with whom I share. She's a mother of four, like me, and I'd like to keep her company more often.
    Sydney The more she speaks of how unimportant she is, the more inclined I am to believe the exact opposite. Gathering and wielding knowledge are skills not to be downplayed.
    Sylvi I don't believe I'd ever truly met a fellow scholar within the ranks of the Pravosi, I should pick her brain soon...
    Tenebrae I thought she would be a useless vixen who seduced my King into a life of iniquity and decadence. But she turned out to be intelligent, respectful, friendly and strong-willed - someone I am honored to pledge my life to.
    Thea We met at a boat race. It's a bit wet from there.
    Tibault The Truespeaker of the Truesworn... I am not certain that I understand exactly what that title means in reference to typical stations within the Peerage, but I do know that Lady Sudara seems to be a kind woman, passionate about the well being of her people. We both spoke of the desire for allies, it would be a shame were that to remain all that it is.
    Titus Polite, exquisitely so. Someone who can capture interest with just a few words, obviously wielding her mind as skilled as the best of champions and their swords.
    Torian First impression? I nearly tripped and fell down the front of her dress. Second Impression? I think she knows a lot about a lot, from the sound of it.
    Vanora A Pravus of the slightly older generation, Sudara lets us know it with her grace, poise, and carefully measured reactions. She is a wonderful resource and I hope to learn more from her.
    Videl Lady Sudara Pravus, a widow to a prodigal. She seems like she has an interesting story, I should get to know her better. Fortunately, it seems the closer bonds between her house and mine may well give me the opportunity.
    Viviana Our old tutor seems to have not changed much. Still always with books and scrolls within arm's reach.
    Willow She seems like a stately and calm woman, kind to those in her service and amenable to meeting new people.
    Zakhar Well composed even whe being threatened by a pineapple
    Zara Charming and elegant, it's difficult not to feel that one could learn something from her, no matter your interests or art. I hope to speak with her again.