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Mirella Fiorelli

They say silence is golden, but sometimes it's alaricite.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Watchful Shadow
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Fiorelli
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 24
Birthday: 11/23
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Cipher
Height: 5'0"
Hair Color: Inky Black
Eye Color: Duskstone
Skintone: Aeterna

Description: Mirella is short and slight of build, but with modest curves that are accentuated by a trim waist. There's a sense of sleekness to her form, from the subtle grace of her gait to the rich smoothness of her long ink-black hair. Lacking the sun-golden hue often found among southerners, her skin is nearly as pale as a sheet of aeterna, drawing attention by way of contrast to dark and doe-like eyes. Fanned with coal-black lashes, they're circled by natural shadows of faint lilac that provide a not-unpleasant addition to her pallid complexion and delicately pretty face.

(Mirella's hair is worn in a high straight ponytail, with a few tendrils left loose around her face. Her appearance is characteristically neat and sleek.)

Personality: Quiet and soft-spoken, with a servant's ability to blend into the background when it's convenient, Mirella does little to draw attention to herself until such a time when making her presence known serves a specific purpose. She's not particularly expressive and she's certainly not effusive, but she's capable of maintaining a respectful manner and engaging in polite conversation when required. Even then, though, she leans toward brevity of speech, sometimes even to a cutting extent.

Mirella is a woman with a preference for cool efficiency and pragmatic thought. She's not incapable of forging friendships or expressing warmth, but it's not the norm for her. In essence, life has shaped her into a somewhat stoic and cynical figure, but she's entirely at ease with that.

Background: Mirella was born and raised among the roughest streets of Caina, where she survived by dint of quick feet and the ability to squeeze her scrawny frame into dark concealing spaces. The only child of lowborn parents, heir to a little family crippled by debts of uncertain nature, she grew up working as a servant in the households of merchants and minor city officials. She'd clean their quarters, run their messages from here to there, fetch things from the market, and so on and so forth. It wasn't the most satisying work, but it put silver in her palm and food on the table. It kept the debt collectors and their blades from the door, and that was good enough.

As she grew older, blossoming into a understated gracefulness, Mirella sought out employment with a bored socialite, who promptly set her new attendant to the task of spywork. Dressed in the cheapest of wools or the softest satin, depending on who she was watching, the girl applied her ability to fade into the background to good results. It turned out to be a well-paying job, and after a few years Mirella saved up enough silver to pay the debt that had plagued her parents for so long a time.

Thanks to a surprising generosity on the part of her employer, Mirella was eventually gifted with enough coin to take a ship out of Caina, offering the chance to explore the world. At twenty-four years old she's ready to see what life beyond the walls has to offer, and Arx is her first port of call.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Agostino Polite, pleasant conversationalist, but something of a mystery all the same. We seem to share a curious nature, though.
Aisha A known commoner of the Inverno. She knows how to behave and this is quite excellent. I am putting my trust into her.
Ajax A merchant lass? An interesting sort, I suppose.
Alarissa A delightful individual, I look forward to crossing paths again.
Alessandro Asks excellent questions -- though I suppose that should not be surprising.
Alessia Thoughtful, well spoken and an interesting coversationalist. I am glad we'll have opportunities to work together serving the Thirteenth.
Alexio A friend from years ago. She seems to still be the nice girl I met in Southport, though there is undeniably a certain confidence about her. I look forward to working with her for Inverno.
Alrec Mirella ella Mi mi mi mirella. *sighs*
Apollo I knew under that dour exterior was a wicked sense of humor. Never been happier to have been right.
Asriel Sometimes something dreadful like a winter snow storm can drive one into the arms of a fine situation. A chance encounter with Mirella Fiorelli (that name!) proved the woman to be blessed with a heartening amount of social grace and an ear for interesting conversation. I cannot be sure if I will ever see her again, unique circumstances of our meeting and all, but I can say I would look forward to the chance again.
Athaur It is good to see her back in the city. She seems as observant as ever.
Beatrice Polite, clever. It would be enjoyable to scratch the surface a little, see how deep those still waters run.
Belladonna What can I say? This one is pretty eccentric!
Brianna Cool like the ice that is probably coating half the city right now. I admire that kind of countenance, and sometimes wish I didn't have to be extremely pissed off to manage it.
Brigida Arguably asked the most important question of all in a heated session with Zulana.
Calypso A long time friend. It's been nice to reconnect.
Celeste A very capable and stealthy beauty that exemplifies many of the things we want in Pravus.
Cristoph I think this woman is talking about me. Hello.
Domonico As a commoner surrounded by nobility and royalty she does a remarkable task of keeping composure and answering questions without looking like a frightened mouse. Commendable.
Eddard A quiet girl, stalwart and with a composed face. But she has a keen mind and certainly seems willing to canter about the City at my whims.
Eshken Quite the humble one indeed. A fine woman, friendly and quite perceptive. Perhaps a useful ally, should one need digging done.
Evaristo Buying me the wine, trades in gems and well probably other things too, got that quiet reserved humor going that is very appealing. I like her!
Flavien Finally. Someone you truly *gets* poetry.
Gaspar What can you say about the mystery you both want to understand for the sake of sanity and stay unknown for the sake of invigoration? Lovely, polite and direct. She's the perfect enigma.
Gerald A lovely girl with an intriguing sense of resolve. I suppose I'll simply have to see where future conversations go. An interesting mind for business, though.
Gianna One to watch for. Attentive to detail.
Giulio Ah, the pleasantries of one with shared interests. I believe this will be a fruitful relationship.
Grazia A young woman with a good head for numbers. Very good at dice games. A broker, skilled at the marketplace.
Harlex Well now, that one is curious. I wonder if she will find trouble or be trouble to someone else.
Imi Our meeting was brief, but Mistress Mirella was every bit as lovely as her patron. Polite, great shoes, wonderful smile. I'm sure whatever she does will be done with style and pinache!
Jeffeth She seems like a lovely lady. And she has such a fun name!!!
Josephine Such a lovely woman, and a breath of fresh air from the lycene isles. Our accents are as deep as each others. I shall have to woo her to my shop for conversation.
Jules She's a quieter type who keeps her eyes open and knows how to make a quiet entrance and exit. She's probably one worth knowing just for her stubtly.
Jyri Tough and smart. Would make an excellent Guard if you ask me, and you can totally ask me. I knw this stuff.
Mabelle I have no idea what I walked into but she looks like trouble and fun, my favorite combination.
Martino Wonderfully kind to offer help and assistance for my fabric needs. Sashionable and great conversationalist with that refined Lycene accent of hers. A face that gives nothing away. Could she be any more Lycene?
Miranda A lady of many fine talents. I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure what she does, but she sounds suitable for it. Minister of Upkeep? Research? Broad range of talents. She's certainly someone who may be quite interesting to know.
Niklas I'll never understand people who take no pleasure in eating. But at least she's not imperious about it.
Norwood Do I want to know what she means by Objectifying ass? I really don't, do I?
Orathy She be squeemish of killin dags... says nuff bout what she can handle.
Petal She seems very friendly and truly kind and thoughtful to others. She says lovely things and really notices those around her.
Pharamond There is no first impression to give for the girl is as stealthy and quiet as can be - hardly noticed!
Quenia Pleasant. And she has an avid thirst for knowledge and readily offered to help with our Nefer'khat research.
Quintin An invaluable guide through the Lowers. She seems clever.
Ras She's really calm. Got the feeling that she's always in control, somehow...
Raven Invisible. Devestating. Fascinating. We could be friends, couldn't we? I could tip our hand, she could slap them with the ace up our sleeve. What a team.
Reese She seems lovely, well spoken and graceful. Has humbleness about her and a delicate subtly.
Rhue A healer and minister for House Inverno of Caina. We shared a pleasant conversation in the archives and discovered shared interests. I hope to cross paths again, perhaps for further discussions of our studies of alchemy.
Rinel A Lycene woman and a Mirrormask--yet she defies expectations as much as the Archlector Vayne. Kind, understanding, and not at all haughty: I would do well to learn from her.
River She has a love for animals, and a wit that is quick. She does seem to be easily offended though. I do wonder how she got into this line of work, intelligent though. That's very nice. Overall, she seems decent.
Sabella She is so exceedingly polite! Even in the face of Prince Niklas, who I love dearly but can be very forceful with his opinions! Someone who can smile in the face of that must be someone I get to know!
Sabella I've heard that she can be a bit hard to read and to get to know, but I found her very interesting and a wonderful conversationalist! She seems to know a great many things about just about everything!
Selene The most beautiful hour of the night is the one where the shadows stretch longest, the silence at its most velvety, and the light shimmers softest. Mirella is all these things in one.
Stygia I like her, was great fun to share a chuckle at the duel with her.
Sydney A woman who knows when to speak, and when to be silent, and wields both as equally sharp weapons. I feel blunt indeed by comparison.
Tescelina A curious woman of the Lyceum. She moves as the space between stars, striking with the glint of their light. Marvelous creature, truly.
Vayne It is always so wonderful to meet someone who is interested in what the Shrine is doing, can do, and should do, and then who wants to get involved. She seems capable and skilled, and I look forward to seeing what she brings to the Shrine.
Viviana House Inverno, and by extension, albeit to a lesser degree, Pravus ourselves, are fortunate to have such a sharp young woman in our service. Quite interesting too, she strikes me as the sort who would make a perfect travelling companion. I imagine there is all sorts of trouble we could get into were we to ever venture away from the capital together.
Willow She could be my twin. I think we are even the same age.
Wren A merchant from Caina who has an ear for information and occasionally comes across unusual goods. I will definitely keep an eye out for her, and hopefully, we can find reasons to work together.