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When your path is unclear and you think the end is near reach out with both hands to grasp the rope of of your sails to turn them so you can follow the wind. The wind always goes some where.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Leatherworking Sailor
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Corsetina
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Leatherworker
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Ebony
Eye Color: Forest Green
Skintone: Olive

Description: While this woman is not very tall, at 5'3, she makes it up with her looks. She is quite beautiful, blessed with olive skin and ebony hued hair. Her eyes are a deep forest green and the subtle wrinkles that have just started forming add to her beauty more than takes away. She has a full figure that catches the eye. While she is slightly on the stocky side her toned body still offers a great appeal, especially since she never seems to lose the air of confidence she has.

Personality: Rosalynne is a mixed bag of personality. She is hot tempted, spoiled, kind and hard working. Her place as the only girl and the youngest of her brothers gave her expectations that she would be taken care of while still being given free range to do as she wanted. Sure, she expected things but she did not expect it to just be blindly handed to her. Things are only worth having if a little work has been put towards them. She has a sweet disposition, a deep seeded kindness about her. This, however, can often be ruined by her red-hot temper that came from her bit a little spoiled by protective siblings. When she loses it, boy does Rosalynne ever get angry. She is loud, almost to the point of screeching, and often stomps her feet in her frustration. She smashes and throws things, but never at people, to express her rage. Though, once she cools down Rosalynne always apologizes and feels quite bad for her quick, hot temper.

Background: Rosalynne Corsetina was born and raised in Setarco, to a large family, as the youngest of her siblings and the only female, which made her Elder brothers a little protective of her. Out of her siblings she was closest to Arrigo, or Ari as he is fondly called. She often found a way to take off on his adventures with him, as the tag along sister. When she could not go sailing with him she opted to work on tanning hides so she could make things from leather. She was very good at it. Her sailing abilities were nothing to cough at but she was considerably better at working leather.

At 17 she met her husband, Cadmus Horace. Cadmus was the only child of his parents who had died not too long ago. When he saw Rosalynne it was love at first sight. However, Rosalynne did not think highly of him. He did not seem to desire to protect her nor did he believe she should be doing anything with sailing. Well, that is a man born under the banner of the Thrax family for you. Though, perseverance and willingness to change his ways eventually won Cadmus the heart of Rosalynne and he joined the Velenosa banner and the Corsetina family, when he married her pretty much the day she turned 18.

Not even a year into the marriage Rosalynne had twins, Mailys and older brother Brayden. Rosalynne was around for the first couple years of the life of her children but when Ari got an offer he could not refuse he mentioned it to his siblings and their spouses and Rosaynne and Cadmus decided to join him. When the ship was raided by pirates, believed to be lost at sea, Rosalynne and Cadmus were made to work as pirates, though, Rosalynne was made to do more with leatherworking things once it was realized she was skilled in it. During this time Cadmus managed to escape, leaving behind his family. Since she heard nothing from him Rosalynne is assuming he is dead.

When Ari mutinied, and returned to Setarco Rosalynne was right behind him and excited to see her children, though, it still took a fair bit of time to locate them. Her search lead her to Arx where she planned to settle, maybe, and be with her children.

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