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Vassal of The Crown

Words: "Cunning is no sin, a foolish ideal is no virtue."
Sigil: A swatch of silk wrapped around an iron gauntlet.
Colors: Steel and Blue
Nickname: Sins

From the top of Verona Hill where the legendary Great Palace of Pravus sits, to the massive Titan of Setarco dancing in the Drowned Bay, to the mighty First Legion and the ill-reputed Black Fleet, or the famed courtiers of the House of Silken Sighs and deliciously addictive Silken Sin wine, the Sins of Setarco are many things to different members of the Peerage. Their long history is one of fiery passion, gruesome violence and enduring style, and whether is love, hate or something in between, all have an opinion on the ancient Pravus.

The ruling family of Setara, the Pravus are pragmatic, ambitious, predatory, elegant and scandal-prone. From their home in the glimmering shores of the Summer Seas, the Pravosi believe it is better to be feared than loved, having earned the fame of a House that will stop at nothing to achieve their own ends. Surrounded by a dark reputation and a penchant for skirting the social mores of society, the Sins exist at the edges of the Compact, both literally and figuratively, stalking where lights of the Faith are dimmer and luring others into their orbit with venomous charisma and wild natures.

Predating the Compact itself, the family claims not to rule Setara, but to embody it, something that becomes difficult to dispute, seeing how over the years many have tried and failed to dispute with the Pravosi domain over their ancestral home. From Setarco City, few scandals seem to significantly harm them, and counting Procella Pravus herself as one of their members, the Sins have firmly entrenched themselves in the Compact, their legacy synonimous to that of the Lyceum's and Arvum itself.

As of 1012 AR, House Pravus has been elevated to great house and granted dominion over the Saffron Chain.


Name Rank Title Description
Sengir 5 Camarilla of Pravus
Oriana 7 Nobility of the Summer Seas Lady of Inverno
Aisha 7 Nobility of the Summer Seas Lady of Inverno
Marena 7 Nobility of the Summer Seas Lady of Inverno | Sin-blooded
Ciro 7 Nobility of the Summer Seas Lord of Seraceni
Remus 7 Nobility of the Summer Seas Lord of Proscipi
Salvador 8 Commonfolk of the Isles
Drifa 8 Commonfolk of the Isles
Varosh 8 Commonfolk of the Isles Captain of the Stormborn | Commander of the Silver Storm
Deimos 8 Commonfolk of the Isles
Maharet 8 Commonfolk of the Isles Voice of Tremorus

Ruler: Belladonna

Minister Category Title
Lucrezia Warfare Iron Kraken of Setarco
Drusila Income Brass Dragon of Setarco
Renata Farming Green Snake of Setarco
Sebastian Loyalty Ebon Hound of Setarco
Allegra Upkeep Crimson Shark of Setarco
Graziella Population Silver Hawk of Setarco
Nina Productivity Glass Butterfly of Setarco

Land Holdings


Description: The Silken City, as Setarco is called, is the port city as well known for its decadent opulence as it is for its wealth. Said to be the place where courtesans first developed their art, the gorgeous city is far more libertine than the rest of the Realm with the ruling House Pravus renowned for lavish parties and a gleeful amorality that delights in shocking prudish visitors from the north.

Landmarks: The massive Titan of Setarco, a gargantuan statue of Procella Pravus stands in the Drowned Bay, to greet visitors sailing to Setarco's port.

The Great Palace of Setarco, a massive castle that sits on top of Verona Hill, its thirteen spires rising high in the skyline and giving it the unofficial name of Crown of Setara.

The School of Steel and Silk, Setarco's War College.

The Setarco Lodge of Petrichor has been built, providing agricultural development and survival training.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route, and there has been an extremely sharp spike in demand for Setarco's silk from around the Compact as of late. An Abandoned clan named House Tortorici has bent the knee.

Part of the Kismet Carnivals.

A recently conquered pirate city, Luciva, has become an increasingly major secondary trading hub to the Silken City. It has been expanded greatly due to Drusila's efforts.

After the Battle of Pieros, tens of thousands of freed slaves have settled at Setarco and throughout the Isle of Setara.


Description: The outpost of Pieros is the first Arvani outpost built by House Pravus to exert control over the Saffron Chain and bring it under Arvani control.

A naval academy has been established by Princess Allegra and Prince Sebastian named the Miraya Corsetina Memorial Building, and the defenses have been massively increased due to the Skal'dajan attack.


Description: An ancient ruin of an underground city in the Saffron Chain, the city of Hissah was used as a slave outpost and mining center by Skal'dajan slavers. House Pravus seized the holding from the Eurusi slavers, which has led to a war with the Eurusi and a splintering in the Mourning Isles. Hissah has since been rebuilt by House Pravus into a holding.


Description: Once a pirate stronghold used as a base of operations by the remnant of House Argento in the south of Setara, the city of Luciva became a key domain of the Pravus family after the Setarcan Reconquista. Divided by many criminal organizations, pirates, cults and malcontents, Luciva was sieged by then-Lady Lucrezia Pravus by the sea, and then-Lord Sebastian by land. In the aftermath the city laid conquered as its last protector, Lady Lunara Argento fell in one-on-one combat to the late Arianna Pravus.

Ever since Luciva has become a suspiciously low-key, but incredibly lucrative, endeavor of House Pravus, one that is highly protected by its own branch of the First Legion and Black Fleet. Known for its wealth, multi-cultured establishments and for having been the introduction of many of the legendary characters that are now famous in Setarco, like Drusila and Raven, Luciva is an investment and a highly secretive affair. Those who travel uninvited to the location tend to disappear wholesale.