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Prince Matteo Pravus

I fall in love every day with the sunrise and have my heart broken by noon.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Flirtatious Layabout
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 32
Birthday: 10/11
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark green
Skintone: olive

Description: This man is bound in muscle, but none that have been used for practical purposes to any extent, with almost perfectly tanned skin. Slightly tall, his frame is hewn and chiseled like his angled jaw. Dark green eyes are a bright smolder in an almondine shape, wrinkles starting to form at their edges. His thick brows have the same traces of wrinkles between them, while his mouth is wide and soft below an aquiline nose. His hair is a dark brown, hints of the sun catching in the curls.

Personality: Matteo has managed to remain rather carefree, despite his banishment and subsequent return. He is an easy going guy, hard to offend but in some ways, even harder to get to know. He can flirt with the best of them, though he never does so with a purpose or any attempt to manipulate. Mostly, he seems to float, like a boat on the seas, allowing people and situations to push him around with ease and just enjoying the moment wherever it takes him.

Background: Born the third son of a third son to Zacharie Pravus and Caroline Pravus nee Blanchard, Matteo never expected to be in line for much of anything but a political marriage and a lifetime to idle nobility. That, he fulfilled well. He studied and learned as was expected of him, but he flitted from the sword to wordplay, to the theater and back again to brawling in the streets. He never settled on any one thing to be, except himself.

He was mercurial, flighty, and certainly not part of any part to lead a coup against Duke Piero. Nevertheless, when his brother was captured and found to be involved, he was banished just the same. Only now he returns, due to his parent's support and the goodwill of Duchess Belladonna, still with no part of his own.

With a new tan and the same carefree attitude, he returns to Arx with the same expectations: to lead a life of idle nobility and perhaps make some political advantagous marriage for Pravus.

Relationship Summary

  • Vanora - At one point, my younger sister was always compared to me and my brothers. Now, I find I am always compared to her. And I cannot compare; she is far more brilliant, beautiful, and ambitious.
  • Fabian - Dead. Sometimes I am glad, sometimes I miss him.
  • Marco - Not dead but a long partner in banishment.

  • Family:
  • Sebastian - My cousin and I mesh well; it is easy when you share an appreciation in beauty and liquor and humor.
  • Dimitri - My much-worse-looking cousin who would look worse in a dress! I enjoy our conversations.
  • Esera - My not-Dead, former Archduchess cousin that is certainly not a ghost.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Berenice - A challenging princess who drives a hard bargain.

  • Frenemy:
  • Zara - A challenging princess who doesn't know yet that she'll like me eventually!
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