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Mara Striga

No pain lasts forever. The light always comes to end the night, this is what our words mean. 'Beware The Sunrise', all those who wish me harm.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Dispossessed Runaway
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Striga
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 10/10
Religion: Faith
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: pale

Description: Mara Striga is a child of the brightest day of autumn, locks of hair colored like the dying leaves of a mighty forest in rich coppery and auburn tones. Sharp lines and high cheekbones mark her pale, freckled features, her almond eyes wide and hazel-colored serving as windows to the young woman's inquisitive soul. Frail of body, Mara is obviously not a physical specimen, her posture bringing airs of the last light of the twilight, something forlorn that glimpses at potential still to unfold.

Personality: Mara is woefully unprepared for what her life has become. Giving and warm of heart, she has never wanted much, the young woman's only dream to see marvels around the world and beautiful dresses. Now her father is lost and she is the last of his line. The memory of his loss is embittering, but more overwhelming than that is the feeling of being faced with insurmountable challenges she is wholly unsure how to tackle. Somehow, however, Mara feels that deep within she has the will to see it through. She doesn't know why, but the gods are good, and she will pull through, with a little help of her new friends.

Background: Mara was born as the sole heir to the dying bloodline of House Striga of Anaga, a famed but insular family of Ischian merchants. Although Lord Malthus Striga and his wife Salisa Argento had attempted many times before, Mara was the sole child to survive her first few months, and that made the girl her parents' whole life.

Treated like a treasure, she was given anything silver could buy, but freedom, her parents overzealous nature quickly stifling the young, curious woman. Eager, but gentle, Mara did not challenge her parents, always making sure to pester any visitors with a thousand questions and one about the world outside.

Years would pass and Mara would lose her mother during House Argento's attempts to overthrow the Pravus family. Salisa, loyal to her family, had allowed herself to get involved with the faraway conflict, which ended up claiming her life in distant shores. Lord Malthus was devastated, growing more bitter towards outsiders than before, and even more protective of his child.

The Pravosi wouldn't take long before visiting Anaga themselves. It would be revealed to Mara her father and mother were part of a conspiracy to destroy the ruling House of Setarco, but instead of watching more conflicts unfold, the young woman convinced him to reach a truce with the Pravus, even if the terms of it did shock her.

Lord Striga had the Pravus swear they would take Mara as their ward and protege, something Lady Valentina Pravus, being an Argento like Mara's mother, was ready to accept. In return, Lord Malthus would cease any plans and financial aid to the Argento conspiracy.

In her last days in Anaga, Mara watched it be taken over by strange, hooded men as she fled in a skiff by orders of her father. Now, in a new home, Mara has to pick up the pieces of her life as she finds herself, finally, free to live her own life. The moment is bittersweet, but Mara can feel a hunger inside of her. She won't allow anyone to stand in her way. Not anymore.

Name Summary
Esme She seems nice and sweet. She's a little quiet. I'm sure that I can pull her to help me with pranks though. I'm sure we shall be fast friends.
Geralt Redhead with a gift of gab, and a head for the markets, it seems. She's a bit shy, but that's not a bad thing.
Mabelle A demure and polite ward of House Pravus. That is peculiar. Her hair however. I love her hair.
Val A ward of House Pravus, with a certain innocence about her, which is perhaps surprising considering her House. I've found her company quite engaging of late however, and look forward to our meetings, and shared experience. I feel I can trust her, and I'm touched that she feels that she can trust me, as well.