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Assembly of Peers X

Dame Eleanor Allenatore, Voice of the Crown and Lord Commander of the King's Own, calls a meeting of the Assembly of Peers in His Majesty's stead, to address matters of governance and petitions affecting Arx as a whole. All, from highlord to commoner, are invited to attend and observe, but protocol will be maintained as the highlords, heads of noble houses, or their representatives address the issues.


Oct. 8, 2019, 8 p.m.

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Marzio Porter Kael Belladonna Olivia Ian Merek Jaenelle Cristoph Brianna Michael Ailith Tesha Catalana Alis Quenia Athaur Mirk Thea Lisebet Delilah Alessia Alarissa Mia Peri Dianna(RIP) Sabine Karina Cassandra Lora Valdemar Rysen Esme Octavia Victus Thesarin Violet Jeffeth Gwenna Magpie Archeron Sabella Ember Iseulet Carita Shard Sophie Reigna Mirella Symonesse Lucita Amund Arcadia(RIP) Talia Fortunato Jael



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

1 Lyonesse Trained Guards, 2 House Lyonesse Adept Guards arrive, following Demura.

1 Lyonesse Trained Guards, 2 House Lyonesse Adept Guards leave, following Demura.

Catalana has joined the Thrax Benches.

Marzio enters into the Assembly, then turns and makes an approach toward the Lycene benches and takes a seat.

Porter walks alongside Iseulet at their leisurely pace, talking in low tones that almost seem to get lost in the hubub of the Assembly. Once they reach the Thrax benches he settles in beside her and offers a polite nod to the rest of those seated there.

It is likely little surprise that the Marquis and Marquessa Keaton arrive as one. Instead of Reigna being on his arm, however, it is actually Kael's arm around her middle to hold her near. Perhaps he is doing his best to hold her steady, for though their spirits seem high there is that ever-present fatigue visible on the pair of them. Onward they go, dipping their head in greeting to those at the Valardin benches (not to mention amiable greetings to a few others that they pass) before joining them.

2 Ashford Archer, Bethany, 1 Ashford Ranger, Faustus, the feisty, fluffy, three legged kitten arrive, following Olivia.

From the Lycene Benches, Belladonna stands to wave at both Raven and Drusila, blowing both of them kisses and then gesturing a lot at the two. She takes her seat back again, eventually, when it is time to get serious.

Olivia slips in and sits with Lisebet.

Olivia has joined the Grayson Benches.

Ian is here, slouching at the Thrax benches with all of the charisma and magnetic presence of a log. A boring log. He showed up a little bit early and, true to form, he showed up with alcohol. Aside from his flask, he has a bottle of Darkwater rum, which currently rests on the ground at his feet. You know, just in case he needs a backup. His expression is unreadable in the sense that he never wears much of an expression, and he doesn't seem inclined to start now. He doesn't seem to be in a chatty mood, so nothing unusual there, either.

Merek makes his way into the place, and to a seat to listen.

Jaenelle stands from her seat as Symonesse arrives, giving the woman a curtsey, and then a squeezing hug, "Your Majesty. I would let you sit on my lap if needed." There as she sits once more, there is quiet shared words with those at the table.

Cristoph arrives, sweeping into the open area and giving a glance to the bench of voices, spotting Alis and nodding once. Then he moves up the steps and sits with the rest of the Oathlanders, a notebook placed in front of him and a writing tool produced as he begins to date the first sheet of parchment. There's a cursory hello spared for the others near him.

Brianna settles in at the Redrain benches with her family. She is dressed in a way that makes her seem even taller and more formidable than usual, which is a feat. The normally gregarious woman is collected and still, though she can't help but spare a small smile and wave for Symonesse. She just has that effect on people.

Merek has joined the Commoner Benches.

From the table at the center of the room, Eleanor rises to her feet and clasps her hands carefully in front of her. "Welcome, everyone. For those of you I haven't met, I'm Dame Eleanor Allenatore, Lord Commander of the King's Own and Voice of the Crown. On behalf of His Majesty the King, I am glad to see you all here tonight. I know we have some exciting things to discuss tonight, so I won't keep us waiting to get started. And so, I call this Assembly of Peers to order." She turns to look toward the Godsworn with a warm smile and a nod at Ailith. "Please rise for the convocation of the Faith of the Pantheon."

Michael rises!

Brother Chester arrives, following Jeffeth.

The Legate of Concepts murmurs quietly to a fennec fox at her side as Dame Marra exchanges a stern look, her beady black eyes ever watchful. Ailith rises from the seats by the Godsworn before approaching the table where the Voices of the Realm are seated -- then bows before the Voice of the Crown, Lord Commander Eleanor. A pivot and Ailith faces the Assembly. The Legate's voice rises, solemn and firm, easily heard to the far reaches of the Assembly. "In the name of Petrichor, who has given unto us dominion, I hereby consecrate this ground. Let all who abide within be bathed in the light of the gods, and be protected by the holy sacrament of Sanctuary. Until this Assembly be lawfully dismissed, to shed blood or begin violence on this ground will be the darkest sin, and shall be punished accordingly. We ask the Gods of the Pantheon to bless all present, and these proceedings. May Vellichor's wisdom guide the choices made here today. We pray to Limerance, that any oaths this evening be held true. We pray to the Sentinel, to judge those who speak falsely. In Gild's name, we extend guest rights to our visitors. May the Gods look on this Assembly with favor, and bless our choices this day." She bows her head in prayer, acknowledging the pantheon and their favor and blessing, then returns to her seat, settling alongside Dame Marra and her Godsworn brethren.

Tesha arrives on her own and has left her usual guards at home. She sts down at the Valardin benches and gives a soft nod of greeting to those that she knows. She then settles in quietly to watch the proceedings. She then stands for the convocation when it's called upon.

Jeffeth has joined the Godsworn Benches.

Alarissa has joined the Thrax Benches.

Catalana enters on her own. She smiles and waves to those are knows before moving to sit next to her cousin Ian. While she is smiling and waving something seems a little off.

Alis gives a return not to Cristoph as she stands for the convocation. And another to those at the Valardin benches. She'll try not to embarass any of you, honest.

Quenia looks up from talking at the Lycene benches, her eyes seeking out Catalana and Zoey. She seems to be looking to see if they are both okay, at least from her arched eye brow and expression in general. She looks worse for wear herself, having not had a good night's sleep.

Marius has joined the Valardin Benches.

Athaur makes his way into the Hall, bells jingling as he goes. He quickly scoots over to a spot at the Valardin benches, remaining standing for the convocation.

Mirk rises to his feet, at the request, gloved hands clasped in front of him. He's silent, head bowed respectfully while the prayer is recited, though his mind is seemingly elsewhere.

Thea rises at her place of the Lyceum benches, looking a bit well--lots of people and all. Her gold-flecked green eyes wander a little and then it's back to attention.

Demura has joined the Valardin Benches.

Quenia also rises for the convocation!

Lisebet rises as appropriate, joining with everyone else.

Delilah rises in tandem with much of the Grayson fealty, light sparking off her hairpins.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrives, following Dianna.

Karina has joined the Thrax Benches.

Rising as the others do, Alessia offers the princess a smile as she joins them on the bench.

Alarissa, having slipped in, rises for the convocation, watching teh front of the assembly.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants have been dismissed.

Mia rises for the convocation, bowing her head as the prayer is offered.

"Thank you, Mother Ailith," Eleanor says with a nod, setting herself into a chair once everyone has seated themselves. "If there are no objections, rather than opening up the floor to the peers right away, I know there are several Houses wishing to petition for elevation and I propose we start there." She glances around for the various House leaders in question and settles upon Sabine. "House Sabine, what is your petition?"

Dianna has joined the Lyceum Benches.

Peri sits down after the invocation. There's a little shuffling as she nudges Michael.

Corban has joined the Voices of the Realm.

Helena has left the Redrain Benches.

Finding her way to her sister's side, Dianna curtsies properly those in the Lyceum Benches

The Countess of Iriscal does not take her seat again. Sabine, sleek and controlled in her House's brocade, adorned with roses and serpents, steps forward to make her obeisance to the realm's Voices. Upon rising, with chin high and voice trained to carry, she declares without preamble, "With the blessings of the gods and my liege lord, the Duchess Calista Fidante, we request the realm recognize Iriscal's promotion to March, sworn to Tor and Fidante again to serve as Tessere did before in centuries past. As such, we also ask that the realm recognize us as Marquessa Sabine Tessere, redemption of my family's name and honour."

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"Does House Fidante support the nomination?" Eleanor asks formally. "Does the Faith release support House Tessere's release from their prior vows of fealty?"

Karina definitely probably didn't make a fool of herself by attempting to sit with the lady she served at the Thrax benches, promptly finding a place for herself on the commoner benches and attending the happenings with keen ears and watchful eyes.

Carita gets Rum for Your Life from small canvas bag.

Ailith rises when called upon to announce, "House Tessere has given the Faith no reason to object. Countess Sabine and her House have shown devotion, loyalty, and honor in respect to their vows and the pantheon. We do hereby support their release and should the Assembly approve, be witness to the new vows of fealty by all affected Houses."

Cassandra, who has been quiet almost the entire time, glances at Ailith, who she sits next to. Not her area of expertise. That's her fellow Legate's wheelhouse.

Floofkins, a blue colorpoint kitten have been dismissed.

Narcissa has joined the Lyceum Benches.

When so called Lora likewise rises; she's wearing Iriscal's lovely brocade as well, though hers is more colorful, without some of the thorns and serpents the Tessere has donned. As the Duchess is not present, it falls to the Voice to make this declaration and she does, voice carrying easily across the chamber. "House Fidante does recognize Tessere's nomination, and is in full support of their reclamation of status as a March. They have been loyal, faithful vassals and we are pleased to see them regain this place."

Rhue has left the Commoner Benches.

Sabine inclines her head in acknowledgement of Ailith's pronouncement. No smile but then, she looks carved to suit a look of calm confidence; no alteration is allowed. A half-turn is performed with Lora's lifted voice. No smile here either-- but one cool hand is raised to press elegantly curled fingers to the span of brocade covering her heart. The curtsy which follows is only slightly less than what was granted the rulers of Arvum. Respect paid, she faces the assembly again and stands chin high, eternally patient as she awaits their decision.

Monique has joined the Valardin Benches.

Eleanor nods her approval and gives Sabine a sunny smile. "The Crown recognizes the new Marchdom, and the new Marquessa Sabine. Do the former vassals of Tessere intend to retain their oaths of fealty to the new March?"

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

"They intend to remain under our most fair and generous leadership," Sabine confirms-- here, finally, with the very ghost of a smile claiming her lips.

One down! Eleanor turns her attention toward the Thrax benches. "House Grimhall, what is your petition?"

Valdemar rises from his seat to speak up, "House Grimhall, should it please the Faith and our Thrax lieges, moves to elevate our loyal 8allies in house Kennex to a Duchy, with Octavia Kennex holding the position of Duchess-Regent until such time as Darion Kennex is old enough to rule on his own."

Rysen enters the Assembly quietly with Lygeia by his side, making his way to sit at the benches reserved for peers of the Northlands.

Rysen has joined the Redrain Benches.

Eleanor nods and looks again toward the Godsworn. "Does the Faith support House Kennex's elevation and agree that they are released from their prior vows of fealty?" she asks.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrives, following Antea.

Esme is overheard praising Sabine: Congrats!!!

Antea has joined the Lyceum Benches.

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Reedy, a King's Own aide have been dismissed.

Esme cheers for Sabine and then her cheeks redden faintly. "Sorry." She got excited and forgot herself a bit there.

Corban has joined the Voices of the Realm.

Quenia turns her attention away from the quiet conversations at her bench to watch what is going on with House Kennex, seemingly keenly interested.

Ailith rises once more when called upon to announce, "House Kennex have shown a raise in esteem by the Faith over the years and their regard toward their vows of fealty and the pantheon give no reason for objection. We do hereby support their release and should the Assembly approve, be witness to the new vows of fealty by all affected Houses."

Valdemar has left the Thrax Benches.

Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor have been dismissed.

"Excellent!" Eleanor turns another sunny bright smile on the Kennex portion of the benches. "The Crown recognizes the new Duchy, and the new Duchess-Regent." To the others at the Thrax benches: "Do the prior vassals of Kennex wish to maintain their oaths to the new Duchy?"

Octavia rises to her feet next to Valdemar, rolling her shoulders to stretch them out as she stands. Looking back towards her nephew's vassals for a moment, she nods and addresses the Crown. "Yes, our vassals have indicated their intent to follow us."

Violet has joined the Valardin Benches.

Two down! "So noted." This time Eleanor's attention turns to the Grayson benches and lands on Mia. "Countess Mia Riven, what is your petition?"

Valdemar has joined the Thrax Benches.

Victus smacks his fist down on the table cheerfully. "Here here." THUNK.

Mia rises when called upon, her slender hands smoothing out the fabric of long skirts. It's an old habit, that. "Your Majesty. Voices and Peers of the Realm. It's been nearly twenty years since the razing of Deepwood, the tragedy that nearly destroyed House Riven with it. It seemed, then, that we were doomed to fall -- but we have not. Through all that's come in the dark years since, the lands and holdings of House Riven have grown and flourished, more than I'd ever thought possible."

"In these last years, Riven has brought lands to the Compact that has been lost for centuries. Made enemies into friends, bringing Abandoned into the light of the Faith and the loyal service of the Crown. The Twainfort has become a center of learning, in the service of Vellichor, that we might do our part to spread the light of knowledge. Whenever the Faith and the Crown have called for aid, House Riven has never been found wanting. Our herons have flown on the walls of Arx at the siege, at the beaches of Stormwall, from the masts of ships sent to Setarco -- alongside so many of the Houses gathered here tonight.

"We ask that this Assembly honor our loyal service and the lands and peoples brought into the Compact, by raising the House of Riven to a March sworn to House Bisland of Pridehall."

Michael is ABSOLUTELY paying attention, turning to look towards Mia when her name is called.

Peri is overheard praising Mia.

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Thea turns toward the Thrax benches for just the briefest of moments. There may be a hint of a smile of congratulations there. She turns back around, resuming her position.

As the entire assembly could likely now recite with her, Eleanor nods and says, "Does House Bisland support the nomination?" and "Does the Faith support House Kennex's elevation and agree that they are released from their prior vows of fealty?"

Rysen is overheard praising Mia: Crovane does not forget! May the gods ever bless House Riven.

Miranda has left the Lyceum Benches.

Michael is slow to stand, gleamy sort of armor making him pretend to be slow. To hold attention and make people wait to hear his words. Just a sly smirk before he speaks. EVENTUALLY. "House Bisland absolutely supports the nomination of Riven's elevation to March." Punctuated with a nod.

Ailith hears the call and stands to reply on behalf of the Faith, "Countess Mia and her House have shown honor toward the sacredness of our oaths and vows. The Faith has not forgotten how they honorably handled the release of Dame Esoka's vows as House Sword -- and acknowledged the respect given toward Limerance. House Riven offers the Faith no reason to object their petition. We do hereby support their release and should the Assembly approve, be witness to the new vows of fealty by all affected Houses."

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"The Crown recognizes the new Marchdom, and the new Marquessa Mia," Eleanor declares with a third bright and happy smile. "Do the former vassals of House Riven intent to retain their oaths of fealty to the new March?"

Thesarin stands beside Mia, face stern. He doesn't speak, just stands in support beside his wife.

"The Baronies sworn to us have indicated their desire to remain so," Mia replies, inclining her head with the acknowledgment of it.

Peri is overheard praising Thesarin.

Peri is overheard praising Eleanor.

And thus three Houses have bright and shiny new ranks. "Excellent." Eleanor glances down at a bit of parchment and then turns to the others seated at the center table. "Unless any other Houses would like to bring forth a petition for elevation, I will turn this over to the peers. Do the Voices of the Realm have any issues to bring before the Assembly?"

There is a sharp and sudden exhale from Mia. Had she been holding her breath the entire time? Quite possibly. With a flicker of a smile to a particular few of those gathered, she resumes her seat.

Victus raises a hand. "If it would please the Assembly -- House Thrax wishes to bring the matter of decreased trade across the Compact due to increased piracy. As a danger that concerns the whole of the realm."

Tesha is overheard praising Mia: Congratulations!

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Eleanor nods solemnly at Victus. "The Crown recognizes Prince Victus Thrax of Maelstrom, Highlord of the Mourning Isles to address the Assembly of Peers."

Orrin is overheard praising Mia.

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Catalana is still straight faced as she exits the assembly as discreetly as she can.

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Victus pushes himself from the center table and moves to stand before the gathered peers. "House Thrax is proud to declare that as scheduled, fifteen percent of thralls across the Isles have found freedom. But obviously, it is not without its drawbacks. While we continue to march toward progress and a better future, there are those who have wriggled in to prey upon any degree of weakness. It is unfortunate that we cannot solve every issue ourselves, but that is why I must speak before you today." The Prince draws his hands together behind his back. "Trade is a crucial part of near every House represented today. If one of us bleeds, so will we all. I am here to propose before the peers that those Houses with naval capabilities and seasoned sailors join together to scrouge these criminals from our waters. To serve as one more step toward ending thralldom and restoring the the precious silver that these scroundels have taken from us."

Athaur rises from his seat as Victus makes his call, looking towards the voices of the realm, curiously.

Octavia pushes to her feet quickly and loudly proclaims, "House Kennex will answer this call. Piracy is a blight upon the Compact, and we would see it cut out and cast into the fire."

Belladonna pays attention from where she is, eyebrows perking.

Violet turns from her quiet conversation with Monique to peer at Victus. Lips pursing ever so slightly as her attention shifts to the High Lord.

Peri stands, Admiral of Pearlspire, and bows to the voices of the Realm and to the Highlord. "House Seliki works to end piracy and will continue to do so. You may call on us."

Peri is overheard praising Orrin.

Then of course people were speaking up. Athaur shrugs his shoulders, the light ringing of bells from the movement before he speaks as well. "House Rivenshari shall answer the call to end this Piracy."

The large figure at the Godsworn benches stands and takes a few steps forward. Newly minted Grandmaster bows his head to Victus. "The Knights of Solace under Grandmaster Thena's leadership have been building our naval strength. To protect /all/ travelers. Not just those on the road. The Knights of Solace commit to sending more of our forces to the seas to aid." Jeffeth calls out.

Gwenna glances up toward Victus and nods. "Your Grace. Princess Marian has been doing some preliminary work with Lord Aethan Kennex already in regard to increasing our own naval numbers. She was not available to come speak tonight, but if you wish, either she or Lord Aethan can surely update you on the progress."

Back with the commoners, Magpie rises abruptly when Victus is done speaking. "Obviously those of us that move cargo by sea *trust* that the compact won't get too overzealous and cripple us good, honest cargo haulers as they address this problem. And since we are so trusting, House Grayhope is *happy* to assist in this planning and war on piracy."

Archeron listens to Victus, nodding at parts before he shifts in his seat to look to Alarissa "Princess, it is a trifle odd is it not that newly released Thralls find themselves in possession of warships and arms? What fortune these former slaves must have." As the assembly speaks up, Archeron lifts an eyebrow "Hmm. I predicted more shouting about Thralls."

"House Igniseri stands behind this call and will do what it can to aid in the efforts," Quenia says in reply to Victus's comments.

Violet licks her lips slowly and then stands to add her voice to the others. "House Farwatch is constantly on the watch for pirates in the Eventide Vast. We will answer the call," She says and then sits back down.

Sabella turns to Victus with a nod to say, "House Grayson will sail with Thrax to help remove these threats from our waters. This is a wide-reaching threat and a show of united force will no doubt work towards the safety of all."

The Bloody Baroness, Ember Redreef, stands as well. "House Redreef answers this call as well," she says, her voice clear and her tone stern.

Rysen rises for the Northlands benches, and says, "House Crovane and its navy will also give its support to ending piracy."

Iseulet stands but then falls into a curtsey, "House Arrakis will stand with our High Lord to end the scourge."

Lisebet stands, and says, "House Ashford is known more for trees than sailing, but we too will help where we can."

Valdemar stands up, too. "House Grimhall will answer this call as well," he says before returning to his seat.

Carita rises, smoothing a hand over her skirts, "House Darkwater answers the call as well and stands strongly with House Thrax."

Victus gives a slow bow before the gathered peers. "Thank you. Your outpouring of support means more than I have words to show gratitude. May the blight in our waters face the justice the Sentinel, with cold steel." The High Lord balls his hand into a fist, one that shudders from the force behind it. With that he turns back to Eleanor, dipping into a final rigid bow. "My thanks, Dame Eleanor."

Delilah arises next to Lisebet, a moment later. Her voice is clear as she replies, "House Shepherd will lend its assistance to this endeavour. By trees or by seas."

Archeron pushes himself to his feet - apparently it is oh captain my captain time. The Tyde lord bows his head to his high lord "House Tyde, as always, will do its duty to House Thrax and protect our Isles as we have always done."

Magpie just frowns, deeply, with *so many* standing to offer aid. The sailor has a very troubled expression on his face and he's scowling in Thrax high lord's direction before he sits down again to stew. He's definitely stewing.

Karina's eyes dance from subject to subject, as they rise and fall like waves to give voice to their support against a threat at sea. Her head tilts as this continues, a contemplative look spreading across her features.

Thea's gold-flecked green eyes flick over all the houses. Already plans to speak to the Voices of her house soon as things are settled here. She exhales and continues to listen.

Thesarin stands again, looking grim as ever. "Was just said House Riven ain't found wanting when the Compact calls. That ain't changed."

"Thank you, Prince Victus," Eleanor answers. She looks to the others seated at the great table. "Are there any further issues the Voices would like to bring before the Assembly?"

Sabella rises to her feet, giving a smile and a nod to those seated near her and then one out to the very large crowd, before addressing Eleanor, "As it pleases the Assembly, House Grayson would like to propose extending invitations for two new embassies within Arx."

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Eleanor nods at Sabella and gestures her to proceed. "The Crown recognizes Princess Sabella Grayson, Voice of House Grayson to address the Assembly of Peers."

After taking a moment to survey the crowd with her usual brilliant smile, Sabella begins in a loud, clear voice, "House Grayson proposes that both Cardia and Jadairal be extended invitations to open embassies in the ward of the Crown such as we have for the Nox'alafar and Neferkhat. While it is true we turned down their previous proposals in order to forge our own path, they are clearly still here and opening up embassies such as these will show that Arx is clearly the center of civil discourse and the Compact a haven of diplomacy all others should aspire to. We know that this may be a debated proposition, especially as relating to Cardia. But it is our hope that with exposure to the amazing works of the Faith here and seeing how our people thrive will lead towards a future of international stability where our peoples do not need to live under threat of war. Please help to elevate the discourse we have these two foreign powers and lend your approve this proposal."

Shard makes a sour face at this and doesn't seem to care who might see it. It goes well with her slouch and crossed arms.

Violet has returned to sitting stiffly. Like a soldier really. And while there had been a faint smile on her face her expression hardens now. A thoughtful frown that lingers as her eyes sweep from Sabella to others in the assembly.

Sophie says, "s jaw drops open and she just stares at Sabella. Whatever she was thinking about must have her convinced she heard wrong. She asks the other Godsworn, "Did she just say what I think she said?""

Ailith arches her brow every so slightly.

There comes a sound of unease from Reigna Keaton, from her place at the Valardin benches. Her expression, tired as it is, is perhaps too sleepy to disguise her opinion of that suggestion.

Cassandra looks like she about ready to start shouting, but something Ailith says to her quietly has thus far kept the Sword of Faith's anger in check.

Sabine's eyes collect in a most distinct narrowing, not unlike that of a cat debating the merits of leaping, claws unsheathed.

From the Valardin benches, Cristoph simply leans his elbows onto the table and inches forward, looking around at the various reactions with thinly veiled interest.

Quenia frowns rather openly at this, nodding to something said at the table. "Isn't the Undying Empire recruiting people, generally thought to be our enemies, to swear fealty to them?" she blurts out.

Esme is always smiling! Everything is okay! Except, the words that come from the Grayson wipe the smile clear off her features. She doesn't utter a word, but she straightens and her eyes move across the assembly.

Mirella sits up at this newest proposal, though she was already sitting straight before. Excellent posture, naturally. Her eyes widen just a touch, just a little touch. There's something of the inquisitive feline about her demeanour as she looks first to Sabella, and then around to the reactions that follow the princess' words. Her ears might as well be perking up.

Dark eyes narrow -- not with anger, but with thought, considering the proposal put forward. After a moment's pause, Mia rises to her feet once more. It seems she's doing this often tonight, but she waits to be recognized before speaking before the floor.

The corner of Peri's mouth turns downward. She watches her father out of the corner of her eye.

Merek looks from the commoner benches with an owlish blink at the suggestion.

Victus' expression is a hard one, suddenly so much less jubilant than before. His hands ring together for a time before he speaks. "It is the opinion of House Thrax that foreigners have no business influencing the lives of Arvani. In the perfect world, they would be back to their own continents and allowing us to govern ourselves." There's a catch coming, he telegraphs it by holding his hand in the air. "... /But/. Clearly. We do not possess the capabilities to force them from our lands. And while we do not, they continue to meddle. Either as agents of intrigue or in Jadariel's case, establishing dominion over savages on Arvani soil. So. Perhaps... There is merit in having them here in the city, where they will be expected to play on our level in diplomacy."

Michael glances towards Mia with a squirrelish sort of sudden look. Almost as if asking, 'Should I be upset?'

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To say Cassandra is angry is an understatement. The Legate of Arts looks downright murderous. Thank goodness Legate Ailith and her are conversing enough to the point where she is not outright condeming people and actions and things and pets.

Octavia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher. Octavia rolled a critical!

Rysen listens to Sabella, and then to Victus, turning his gaze on the peers around him. He then raises a hand, looking to Eleanor to be recognized in order to address the assembly.

Gwenna wrinkles her lips a bit. "The Undying Empire has offered those outside of the Compact the same offer they gave us, which we did not accept. And...that, exactly, as His Grace, Prince Victus has said. If there is something of a perceived neutral ground, perhaps communication and diplomacy might be something to hope for."

Brianna checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Expression carefully neutral, Eleanor nods at Mia. "Marquessa Mia Riven is recognized by the Crown to speak to the Assembly of Peers."

Shard checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Vanora checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Ian slips out, after being tapped on the shoulder by someone in Kennex livery.

Ian has left the Thrax Benches.

"Enough," calls out a voice from the Thrax benches. The newly raised Duchess Regent of Stormward is still seated, but there's power in the ice in her voice. "The Undying Empire has declared themselves hostile to the compact by virtue of recruiting vassals on our lands. Cardia will take advantage of this to attempt to sway others to their sides. I propose that if Jadarial wants to play diplomacy, they do so on our terms - release the vassals they've claimed and come to talk."

Zoey is overheard praising Alarissa: Telling it like it is!

Sabine rises to stand and patiently await recognition, following Mia's acknowledgement.

Even after she's recognized, there's a long, long moment of silence from her. Mia's dark eyes rest on Victus, her lips pursing ever so slightly -- as if she cannot quite believe what she's about to say. "His Grace speaks true. Though we have rejected the proposal of both Jadairal and the Cardian Empire, they remain on our soil, defying our dominion over them as granted by both the laws of this Compact and the grace of Petrichor. So I would like to ask this of Her Highness, and of House Grayson. Is there *any* reason to believe that if we make these grants of holdings within our walls to either power, that they will recognize our sovereign rights rather than continue to claim we are their tributary states, as we have heard so often said by the Cardian representative?"

:looks directly at Octavia and lifts a brow, head tilted ever so slightly. "Funny, I thought it was custom to ask leave to speak."

Symonesse looks directly at Octavia and lifts a brow, head tilted ever so slightly. "Funny, I thought it was custom to ask leave to speak."

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"While their ships are here, we cant control them. We cant control where they go. We don't know who they speak to" Jaenelle's gaze looks at the faces before her on the various benches. "We are not friends, this is not an extention of such. This is a way to gain some control that they are only too amused to attempt to take from us. While they are in the city, having an embassy means they are expected to inhabit it while they have guest rights. They will be housed in the Ward of the Compact and I trust the King's Own who guard the Ward of the Crown not be swayed in their loyalty. This is our city, our lands, let us come with the terms they must follow and not simply allow them to float aimlessly for however long they stay."

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Eleanor placidly nods at Rysen. "The Crown recognizes Lord Rysen, Voice of House Crovane."

Brianna rises, a tall column of white in her striking, simple gown. She clasps her hands behind her back, making eye contact with Eleanor and waiting her turn.

Sabella nods to both Victus and Gwenna and Jaenelle, "Those would be the thought behind the offer. They are, as I said, already here. We are not in a position to wage a war on two fronts with two foreign powers such as these. Opening an embassy would not be condoning who they are or what they do, but it would be asking and expecting them to adhere to the rules of diplomacy." As Mia speaks, she shakes her head, "They may not even accept the invitation if it is extended to them. And let me be clear that they have not asked us for such, this idea comes from House Grayson and we have not yet approached them about it as we wanted to present it to the Assembly first. It is my hope that yes, if we do this, they will recognize our sovereign rights and perhaps even be swayed to see how united the Compact is and how strong we all are when we present a united force."

Rysen rises from his seat. "Thank you, Lord Commander," he says in a resonating voice. Turning to face all those assembled, he continues: "Princes, Princesses, Lord, Ladies and people of the Compact, it is true that the banners of a foreign empire now fly in the abandoned territories on the border of the Oathlands. The Marquis of Brassfall March has been assassinated, and his body was brutally mutilated with the sigil of a Platinum Throne. Apparently a note was left in blood that read, 'The Undying Empire tolerates no Cardian dogs.'"

Rysen's grey eyes pass over those in the hall as he continues to speak, "Marquessa Lycoris Hawkmour, who questioned the murderer before sentencing them to death, believed that her husband was targeted by the Undying Empire - a claim which Emissary Zulana, of course, disputes, claiming that such an obvious assassination is 'not the way the Empire chooses to deal with threats that need to be removed.' Whether the Undying Empire desires a foothold in Arvum, or whether other powers wish us to believe this, is so is not easy to determine - at last for me - but I ask the Crown and the peers here assembled, if some investigative body might created, to get to the truth of these matters, and advise the Great Houses and the Crown on what actions to take, in order to maintain our independence amid events that may soon affect us all, as well as form meaningful diplomatic relations with those nations that might respect our sovereignty and be suitable for a mutually beneficial relationship, and not make a decision while not in full possession of the facts."

Alis lifts her hand briefly, and nods towards Eleanor to signal she would like to offer House Valardin's response on the matter.

"I believe it should not be a hope, but a condition," Mia murmurs, her voice as firm as it is quiet, as the floor is ceded to Rysen. She then resumes her seat.

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"The important thing to remember is that there /will/ be an escalation." Victus speaks up again. "As Jadariel have already shown, they were not above occupying land in the Compact. What can we do about that? They possess forces beyond our understanding, combat techniques we cannot aspire to, technology we've never seen. We could gather our armies to push them out and tens of thousands will die for every /few/ that we took of their own." After a moment's pause, the High Lord runs a hand across his scarred face. "War and hostility are not viable solutions, the uncomfortable truth is that they have us outmatched. And if nothing happens, that gap will only grow wider as they establish themselves more and more where we cannot see them. There needs to be something else. And this is, at the very least, /something/."

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Shard gives someone near her an ugly look, and then...well, then she stands up, and looks at Eleanor. She looks frustrated, irritable, and not particularly certain about anything.

Belladonna gasps at the terrifying words from Highlord of the Mourning Isles.

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Eleanor turns to the Godsworn benches and nods at Ailith. "The Crown recognizes Mother Ailith, Legate of Concepts to speak before the Assembly of Peers."

Ailith carefully rises from the seats of the Godsworn upon acknowledgment by Lord Commander Eleanor, Voice of the Crown. The Legate of Concepts observes all who are gathered and waits a moment or two before addressing the Assembly. "Embassies in the Ward of the Crown have been for nations that the Compact has formal ties; to what extent those formal ties are I leave to the Crown and Peerage to address this evening. However, I will remind of the proclamation by His Majesty that the Compact has rejected the alliance proposals by both distant lands of Jadairal and Cardia. And I will echo His Majesty's words for they are supported by the Faith -- 'it is impermissible to countenance a binding allegiance to any nation that does not recognize the primacy of the Pantheon as the ethical foundation of its ruling mandate, which the sanctity of all sworn oaths are built upon.' The Faith wholly rejects Cardia, for the distant land rejects the primacy of the Pantheon. Our opposition is no secret. The Faith and Cardia have been vocal in these sentiments. And the Faith will not support any embassy or townhouse for Cardia to be built in the Compact, let alone, the Ward of the Crown, which houses the Rectory and the Palace. The Faith is always happy to continue these discussions with our Faithful. However, we are adamant in our regard to Cardia."

Lucita stares fixedly ahead toward each person as they speak.

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"The Crown recognizes Marquessa Sabine Tessere," Eleanor says, "to speak before the Assembly of Peers."

In the wake of Ailith's words, Reigna Keaton rises shakily to her feet, injury and fatiguew making it an effort, but she claps loudly, in respect to the Legate's words.

Quenia quietly lets out a breath she'd been holding when Ailith speaks, nodding appreciatively in the Legate's direction.

"We are not High Lords nor their Voices, nor monarchs, nor the Voice of the Gods. We are not privy to the private conversations of those so titled, nor the negotiations they may have engaged in to put this proposal before the Assembly. Indeed, we cannot imagine what conversations were had to lead to such a proposal," says Sabine. "But I am minded of something the people in my care say, those of common blood and common lives. One does not close the barn doors after the horses have already escaped, and call it good. To grant crown-sanctioned right of shelter to a foreign and hostile power which has already laid aggressive claim to lands and people in the very heart of our own, who is suspected of the murder of one of our own peers, is not just to mind the barn after the horses have escaped, but to prop the doors wide and invite further predation. To do so grants their efforts legitimacy which I had /thought/ our rulers had rejected, when it was put to them previous. To say we trust that giving them an approved base of operations would encourage them to behave /now/ is dangerously naive at best. Shall we invite the pirates to an embassy next? Or the Horned God and his minions? If we can turn aside invasions bolstered by Abyssal powers, we are capable of rejecting and standing against their scheming. /Without/ opening our arms to them and believing they would not dare thrust a knife in our back when we embrace."

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Amund rises not long after Shard, nodding as Ailith speaks.

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"House Grayson obviously holds the Faith in the highest of respects," Sabella gives a deep nod to Ailith, "But, has the Faith considered that this could be an ideal opportunity to show Cardia the power of the pantheon? I understand your position and why you must take it, but could there be any possibility where this might be seen as a way to convert them to our way of thinking and what we believe rather than vice-versa?"

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Shard gives Amund a sharp look when he stands up as well, but it's brief, and her gaze is entirely on Eleanor otherwise. She is, if anything, even tenser than before.

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"The Crown recognizes Lady Brianna, on behalf of House Halfshav," Eleanor says. "And gently reminds the Assembly that the Crown will recognize only Peers of the Realm to speak before the Assembly."

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Amund settles down after murmuring something to Shard, nodding in deference to the Prima. Apparently an afterthought.

Peri tracks the conversation of all around her. She sighs and presses a hand to her temple. She has the uncomfortable look of someone taking a stance that they would not have sanctioned a year ago.

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

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Brianna takes a few breaths before she speaks. "Diplomacy is only meaningful when both parties consider the other to be their equal. Cardia has made it abundantly clear with their words and deeds that they consider us their inferior. They believe us to be a wayward province." She pauses, though whether it is for effect or to collect herself is anyone's guess. She makes eye contact with Sabella. "How quickly the Graysons seem to have forgotten that Cardia openly admitted to holding a member of their family hostage, with no intention of returning him. Our king's own son." She takes a breath, her gaze drifting over the room in general. "My only son," she says slowly, through clenched teeth. "Why should we do them the honor of allowing them a base of operations in our capitol? This is of no benefit to us and incalculable benefit to them." She takes her seat, clasping her hands in her lap to keep them from shaking.

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After a bit of rumbling at the benches, Quenia stands and waits to be addressed, raising a hand for Eleanor to see.

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Peri takes Notes on Cardia from a gray and gold canvas satchel.

Eleanor turns back to her own table and nods at Alis. "The Crown recognizes Princess Alis Valardin, Voice of House Valardin."

Alis looks, plainly, uncomfortable at this idea. "Thank you, Dame Eleanor. House Valardin does not believe this is a wise course of action, though it may be the least awful of the choices we have in order to move forward. As others have already stated, both Cardia and The Undying Empire have made it clear they do not respect our sovereignty. And I worry their actions are also leading to a proxy war with us at the center." There is a growing huff in her voice there, and she visibly takes a breath. "However, so long as they are well guarded, agree to abide by our laws while here, gain the agreement of the Faith beforehand, and allow us to approve or decline their choice of emisseries - then we would not be strident in our objection." This is probably ocnsidered being flexible, in the Oathlands.

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Once Quenia hears Alis's words, she settles back down, putting her hand in her lap. Perhaps hearing from House Valardin is exactly what she needed.

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"The Crown once again recognizes Mother Ailith, Legate of Concepts," says Eleanor.

"House Grayson has not forgotten," Sabella addresses Brianna gently, "But neither are we in a position to wage a war against Cardia or the Undying Empire or as it would likely be, both at once." She nods to Ails' words, "Conditions have been raised here by a few people and will definitely be taken under consideration as they seem sound limits to set."

Ailith bows once more before the Voice of the Crown, then turns to offer Sabella the most solemn of expressions. "Cardia is adamant in their regard of rejecting our pantheon. So I do encourage any who hold the hope of this conversion to our pantheon to research in the Archives, converse with our Scholars, or even address the members of the Crown. By doing so, you'll come to fully understand why Cardia holds that position and why the Faith shall forever uphold their oaths as voices of the Gods." Her brow furrows faintly. "Princess Sabella, what you ask is for in regards to Cardia is for the Faith to ignore our Gods, to break our godsworn oath in our service to the Gods. The Faith will provide guidance and teaching to any who seek the grace of the pantheon. The Faith has never strayed away from that sentiment. However, as it stands Cardia is wholly uninterested."

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Arcadia lifts herself. Her gaze to the speaker awaiting to be acknowledged.

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Eleanor nods at Arcadia. "The Crown Recognizes Countess Arcadia Stahlben."

Arcadia after waiting, lifts her voice to the room. Trying her hardest to act like a proper countess, she doesn't bounce or joke about. In a clear voice, she asks. "I believe the opinions today are strong. Most houses have their own opinions on the matter. Since the matter is so strongly opinionated on, could I ask that the crown and the voices of the realm permit a full assembly vote."

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Magpie Grayhope rises again, and looks like he's about to yell something but pauses and looks at some of the people that are hissing at him from the bench beside him. He murmurs something softly.

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"I do not believe Princess Sabella believes this matter would be suddenly decided on tonight" Jaenelle tells Arcadia, glancing at Sabella. "At least I am certainly not prepared to vote on something that has not been written, and has not been decided upon."

There is a troubled look on Rysen's face after Ailith speaks, which seems to deepen at Arcadia's suggestion. The Voice of Crovane again raises a hand.

Eleanor narrows her eyes at Magpie with a faint shake of her head, and then turns to Rysen with a once again blandly polite expression. "The Crown again recognizes Lord Rysen, Voice of House Crovane."

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"Certainly not," Sabella nods to Jaenelle, "This was merely to propose the idea to the Assembly and take into consideration the points that would be raised on it. Should an offer be made to these two foreign powers it would be clearly defined and deliberated by many before it was officially extended."

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Lyle, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Kieran.

Magpie sees that look from Eleanor, then murmurs to the other commoners, then looks at the Lord Commander again. He silently claps his own hand over his mouth, but points emphatically at Shard then makes a gesture as if that hand were a mouth talking, much like if it were stuffed into a sock puppet.

Rysen again rises from his seat. "Thank you, Lord Commander. I must agree with the Grand Duchess Regent of the Lyceum that a vote right now seems hasty. At the very least, we should allow a full discussion and take in all points of view. Since these nations hold no embassies, nothing will be lost for those who oppose them." The lord turns to Ailith and says, "Legate Ailith and Lady Brianna's words are powerful and moving. Yet I have heard it stated that Cardia is perhaps not as unified as the Undying Empire. If this is, indeed, the case - might it not be advisable to at least attempt to make diplomatic relations with those factions which might oppose those who most adamantly deny the primacy of our gods? And what of the Undying Empire? Should we not at least make a good faith attempt to uncover the reasons why their banner now flies in Arvum? High Lord Victus's words must also be considered - for if one House goes to war, it is likely we will all go to war."

Shard puts a hand over her eyes. Briefly, but even so.

Victus' brows have knitted together with the onset of what must be a terrible headache. He raises a hand toward Eleanor, asking permission.

"The Crown recognize Prince Victus, High Lord of Thrax," Eleanor says.

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Victus stands up. Rather than take some sort of authoritative posture and start yelling, he just meanders to the front of the table and leans against it. There's fatigue setting in. "I've said all of Thrax's opinions on the matter of embassies. But I would make a plea to everyone here. You who have spoken, against or for. You who are sitting and steaming, wanting to say something but keeping your mouth shut. If not this... /What/?" He spreads his arms and opens his hands. "If not /this/ solution, what solution? The facts are clear. We're in a status quo that is /rapidly/ declining every day with Jadariel and Cardia in already in our midst. We can't fight them. Blackshore was obliterated--" Victus snaps his fingers. "--in the blink of an eye. An entire Isle. Gone. Dead. No soldiers, no army, no fleet did that damage. That's what we're up against. And it's getting further out of our control the longer we delay." Finally, he lets out a long sigh. "If you're going to reject with any reason, please, think long and hard about what you would do differently, and what that /realistically/ means. Because if this isn't it, we desperately, DESPERATELY need to come up with something else and fast."

Eleanor surveys the room. "I understand that there is much more to say on this matter. The Crown thanks House Grayson for bringing forth this proposal, and the Assembly for their thoughts and contributions. A decision of this weight is certainly something that should be discussed further before any decisions are made, so that we may debate and consider all sides of the issue. It is not a matter to be settled tonight. So on that note," she looks around the center table, "do the Voices of the Realm have anything further to bring before the Assembly of Peers?"

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Magpie sinks back down into the crowd of commonfolk, looking faintly disappointed in himself.

Alis shakes her head just enough to indicate that House Valardin has had its say for today, please and thank you.

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Delilah quietly gathers her skirts around her to avoid making too wide a profile. She raises her summer-sky gaze to Eleanor, gauging the space between the various other people in the room. Her slim, unringed hand is lifted slowly.

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"That was all from House Grayson," Sabella says lightly, taking a seat and giving a solemn nod to Victus' words.

"My door is always open for further discussion and suggestions about this matter from anyone in the Lyceum" Jaenelle tells the room, looking towards the bench which holds said people. "At the beginning of this meeting, we saw the Compact come together in unity against an enemy, for hope. We saw houses work to better themselves, and see their dreams and efforts come to fruition. I ask that we continue to stand unified, and find a solution that will better the Compact."

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Eleanor nods at each of the representatives of the Great Houses and turns toward the broader Assembly. "In that case, is there any other business the Peerage wishes to bring before the Assembly?"

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Taliasymonesse's circlet

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"The Crown recognizes Duchess Delilah Shepherd to speak before the Assembly of Peers," says Eleanor.

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"Thank you, Lord Commander. I would directly answer the High Lord of Thrax and the honoured assembly." Delilah pitches her voice lightly to be heard with greater clarity than is the norm. " There is another historical precedent for Arvum dealing with the great powers under unfavourable conditions. Queen Alarice was desperately seeking to hold the Compact together against an implacable enemy. She could not afford one of the great powers entering the conflict against us, and so representatives sought to keep Cardia out of the war. The efforts to establish negotiations through trusted proxies on Arvum's behalf form a fine object lesson we should consider. They included heroes of the Reckoning memorialized in the Hall of Heroes. You probably won't remember the country they chose to meet in." She softly shakes her head. "It is nearly forgotten now. Uanna once was a thriving country that honoured the Pantheon, and its people proud of their neutrality. The diplomats of that 'provincial backwater of minimal importance to the Skykingdom of Cardia' met there to seek peace. And they were indeed met, a nation burned beyond recognition, its population slaughtered to but a few thousand refugees fortunate enough to be abroad. A place where nothing grows. We call it the Southern Wastes. What followed was the breaking of the peace, the coming of the War of Stolen Names. The one which Alarice fought and won, the war that decimated so many lives and lands. Remember the lesson of Uanna. An embassy open to another nation or people requires a degree of reciprocity. Acknowledgment of that land's leadership and independent existence, for example. Willingness to adhere to their laws or customs, or at least appearing to do so. Would these powers, or any, entreat with us fairly? Ask yourself if their actions show this to be so. That this embassy would be respected? Are we prepared to stand as a proxy war between two powers at one another's throats for decades or do we lay ourselves at risk?"

Sabine checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Fortunato suddenly, impulsively boos at the mention of the Hall of Heroes. He looks shocked by himself. Embarrassed even. He expresses a "Sorry", and settles back at his bench.

Alarissa smiles as Delilah stands, just a faint smile.

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Esme doesn't smile. She offers a low comment towards her family and then rises. It doesn't appear to speak, so much as to depart. Though when Fortunato boos adn Symonesse is heard praising him, there is a slight tip of her head.

Eleanor visibly startles at Fortunato's outburst and gives him a bemused look before returning to the HEIGHT OF DIPLOMACY (ie. placid neutrality; she might need a diplomacy instructor for anything beyond that). "Thank you, Countess Delilah," she says. "A valuable addition. There is certainly much to discuss. For this evening, however, are there any final topics to discuss before we come to a close?"

The Bull of Solace rises from the Godsworn benches and with a bow makes his way out.

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Brother Chester leaves, following Jeffeth.

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Tesha rises from the Valardin benches and makes her way quietly out of the assembly trying not to make too much noise on her way out.

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Jael narrows her eyes at Fortunato, the corner of her mouth twitching, then edges past her brother to leave. Her pace is just short of a jog.

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"Alright, then!" Eleanor rises to her feet. "With no outstanding issues to discuss, I declare this Assembly of Peers of the Compact of Arvum adjourned. May the Gods continue to light the path of the Compact toward peace, prosperity, and freedom."

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