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Legate Ailith

Everyone of us, every child of the gods, deserves the grace of the Pantheon whether they wear a crown or beg for coppers in the Lower Boroughs. We must deliver all of the Compact into their light, and save us all from the spread of darkness.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Palace Seraph
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Ethere
Gender: female
Age: 22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: sky blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Shield of the Faith, Legate of Concepts

Description: Sweet faced with eyes full of fervor, Ailith seems a dichotomy unto herself. Taller than many men, with a strong build, she has the look of a warrior, but the face of a sweet lady, with large bright blue eyes that see the world in wonder and faith. Her bow mouth often smiles serenely, lighting up her face, until a fury comes upon her that can cause the staunchest warrior to be taken aback. When speaking normally, her voice is soft, melodic in a way that inspires peace, and then booms like a cacophony of holy trumpets when she proclaims with divine inspiration. She puts forth a confident aura when others are around, but if you can catch a glimpse of her alone, she might be staring up at the grandeur of Arx, looking small, and overwhelmed.

Personality: Ailith trusts the gods completely. She may not understand exactly why a young girl from an outside, almost unknown barony, and a commoner at that, is now the personal Seraph to the Crown and royal family in the palace, but she knows the Gods have a plan for her. It doesn't matter that she itches to go into the practice yard, it doesn't matter she doesn't know all the intricacies of court politics and etiquette. All that matters is that the gods use her voice to speak their will, and she submits to their guidance. She truly cares about the spiritual well being of those around her, as well as fighting against the forces of darkness that she knows are out there. As a woman, she's generally happy and finds the good in people when she can, but she is unrelenting when she discovers someone touched by darkness. There is no higher power than the gods, and all fall short in their sight.

Background: For those of humble birth among the many vassals of House Valardin, the dream of being one of their gallant knights may forever be out of reach. But Ailith as a commoner sought martial training regardless, accepting she might raise no higher than a simple footsoldier among the house guards of the tiny barony of her birth if that was the price she might pay for a chance to strike at the evil foes that threaten home and hearth. She feels it was the will of the gods to spare her from a boring backwater, however, when her barony found itself on the front against an Abandoned warband, a shockingly large makeshift army of several barbaric clans who sought to raid and plunder the weaker borders of House Valardin's holdings. Ailith still remembers the looks of terror on her fellow soldiers faces on the eve before battle, and the disappointment she felt when she realized the seraph assigned to her barony was a terrified old priest who never expected to speak on the eve of a battle. The young woman still recalls being able to all but smell the fear from her fellow soldiers, sapping their resolve, and then something like a whisper to her... something only she could hear, that spoke words of iron and triumph. Ailith, the youngest soldier and lowest of the guards out of the hundreds, addressed her unit. She spoke movingly of faith, of duty, of honor, and what it meant to be a child of the gods and a servant of Gloria. She remembers the fear melting away from her fellow soldiers, the growing cheers as those men and women found their courage and their resolve, and of the fervor that gripped them all as they then faced the screaming hordes of the Abandoned the following day and smashed the enemy host while greatly outnumbered. A lone knight of solace who had been at the battle declared it no less than a miracle, and all but demanded that Ailith be sent to Arx to meet with the Faith and consider joining one of the militant orders serving the gods.

Though she was expecting to become a soldier serving with the Knights of the Temple, a meeting with the Dominus himself convinced the young woman otherwise. The earthly voice of the gods spoke movingly of the importance of priestesses that can inspire and remind the faithful of what the gods require of them and to not break when the time comes for their tests of faith. He convinced her that one who can speak with divinely inspired words can do more good in the halls of power than a thousand steadfast soldiers, and assigned her as the personal priestess to the royal family: the palace seraph. Ailith is not entirely comfortable with a role that keeps her from the fighting, but she nonetheless recognizes its importance. How few commoners get the chance to talk to kings, and counsel them on what their faith asks of them? As the palace seraph, it is precisely her task, and she can do no less if that is the path the gods have set before her.

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