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Magpie Grayhope

You've just gotta learn to appreciate the finer things in life. I mean, I do think survival is one of those finer things.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Snarky Smuggler
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 29
Birthday: 4/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: bronzed

Description: Magpie is fit, strong and built like a swimmer or a sailor, with broad arms and narrow hips. His eyes are deep set beneath a concerned brow, deep blue and piercing -- or twinkling, depending. There's a classic, rugged masculinity about his features, from the strong chin and fierce jaw to the bold stroke of his nose. His hair is a dark tousle of waves, deep, rich brown with a few threads of auburn caught in highlights. He has one of those faces prone to five o'clock shadow regardless of the hour of the day or how recently he claims to have shaved.

Personality: Rakish and debonair, Magpie enjoys the smuggler's life. He enjoys the finer things: money, silk, liquor, women, maybe even men if the mood takes him. He enjoys not being bound by rules, except the rules that say things like 'don't steal more than you can get away with' and 'don't take so much you draw the Iron Guard down on your neck'. He enjoys a simple life wth as little complexity as possible, but complexity always seems to be lurking around the corner for him. He hides behind a defensive wall of humor and sarcasm, and generally speaking, hopes that disaster won't find him, or that if it does find him, it will be escapable. More an emotional coward than a physical coward, he won't avoid simple scraps, but prefers to avoid emotional entanglements and commitments. And conflicts of loyalty. Good gods does he hate conflicts of loyalty.

Background: There are a lot of families in and out of the Lower Boroughs. People disappear. People whose childhoods are spent in and out of poverty, sometimes striking it rich on a quick run at the card tables, other times scraping for bread from people who'll give it to them. For as long as Magpie could remember, he was an extra mouth to feed around the Boroughs, at a time when nobody had time for a lot of extra mouths. His father wasn't around, and his mother was busy being a tough with axe and shield for the Grayhopes ... so he had to make his own way.

He found his calling in the docks, doing quick runs -- he was always a fast runner -- for the drugrunners and the smugglers and the fencers and the thieves. He eventually ended up taking to the seas with a strange yearning. He became a man for transporting hot cargo in and out of the city, over time -- more or less apprenticing with other pirates and smugglers until he found his own way. With the weight of the Grayhopes behind him, he could take greater risks and make better profits. He showed some independence of spirit.

Relationship Summary

  • Eleanor - One of my best friends and one of the shiniest people I know.
  • Victus - Even high lords need friends! He still talks to me even after I blew up his boat.
  • Mae - I still love her, even if we're not married anymore. She's still family.
  • Aleksei - He's more like family now, but regardless, he's always had my back when I needed it.

  • Family:
  • Harper - Beloved wife and frustratingly good influence.
  • Mayir - My brother. Not by blood, but my brother all the same.
  • Aureth - I love the old man.
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir Merry, uplifting company, his. He has an easy-going, nonchalant air about him, something that has proven severely lacking amidst gentry in recent memory.
    Agatha Well. He can certainly hold his ... being puked on? Wow. Grossest mint ever
    Agnarr Carves well and disguises his robbery of rich silks as figurines and mystery bags. Smart. Odd to see a Grayhope marry a Culler, but there are stranger thing.s
    Alaric An enterprising businessman evidently with some woodcarvers and painters in his employ. I definitely approve of celebrating and promoting the heroes of Arx.
    Alarie Got me in trouble with a noble, has or had bright red hair through, gods knows why. A commoner just like me, and not bad to hang around with. Know what to get and where to get it and has good taste in clothing, even if it's not made by me. But gods help him if he gets me in trouble again...
    Alarissa That, is an interesting man.
    Alban A little forethought would go a long way to making the morning bearable, but it takes a special sort to be husband to a Harlequin of the Queen, I am sure there is more to the man than drink and hangover. There must be.
    Aleksei Nice hair. /Very/ nice shoulders. Nice -- other things.
    Alessandro Interesting conversation, and fashion choices.
    Aswin Seems to be a friendly enough sort, though I imagine that is on purpose. I'd probably put a few coins on the possibility that if you crossed him it'd be a different side that you'd see.
    Aureth I'm sure my first look at Magpie was as some scrappy kid underfoot but I don't know, who can remember that far back. He's family, closer than some cousins. All grown up now. What a little shit. I trust him at my back for anything. Probably don't trust him at my liquor cabinet.
    Austen An interesting character. Interesting in the sense of 'keep an eye on that one'.
    Bastien I don't trust his taste at all.
    Caspian Not everyday someone hires me to fight shirtless, oiled up during winter. At least he pays well! Also, he makes good liquor.
    Corban Audacious rapscallion, with enough manners to offer guests a drink. Has designs on my cousin? Ambitious, as well...
    Cristoph This man does a really impressive impersonation of a bear.
    Cybele Magpie Grayhope is a man I met when I was helping Mae look into the effects of Dust cut with visionquest herbs. He took the risk of going under. Also he flirted with Mae, which I didn't like but it's ok. He's a brave man, and I hope he didn't get hurt.
    Delilah So, I had heard of Magpie. Makes those weird figurines that everyone loves, and is Mae's husband. I had expected him to be a lot more intense for some reason, but he was actually very charming and sweet.
    Duarte When I was young and stupid I remember frequently putting cinnamon o...No..No actually, I've never done that before. And he's not particularly a young man. I suppose I can say he is an impulsive sort? Yes. Impulsive and eager to enjoy himself.
    Eleanor I'm pretty sure he was charming and funny, but it's a bit hard to remember over this hangover.
    Eleyna Magpie's name is one that I've heard bandied about here and there and, now that I've met him, I find him rather charming in a way that I suspect is supposed to be disarming, which makes me like him even more. Oddly, he reminds me of my husband, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, I suppose. At least he seems less obnoxious.
    Elgana Charming. Maddenly so! It is hard to believe what he says, but I cannot help but feel like he would be great fun. And trouble.
    Esoka Entirely charming! Even if her favorite Iron Guardsman /does/ say he's a smuggler and criminal. Esoka finds Mapgie quite amusing and is pleased he isn't too put-out about the threesome she couldn't deliver.
    Evaristo The famous Magpie, in the flesh. I will be forever thankful for all that he has done for Joscelin, but even outside of that, he is a man to respect.
    Ferrando Look, when you come up with a lot of ideas, they're not -all- going to be great! Creativity doesn't work like that. If you want to dig for gems, you're going to get a few rocks. The point being, the Captain's an idea guy! It's always interesting to see what he comes up with next.
    Fortunato The sailing cousin, the grand, good-natured adventurer with more business sense than half the Compact combined. I've always been fond of him, wish I could see the world the way he does.
    Gisele Related though he is to the Grayhopes, Magpie on first meeting reminded her more of Aleksei-- big, bold, brash, with a vulnerable streak and a tendency to shoot off at the mouth when cross. No surprise then that each subsequent meeting has seen her liking him more and more, for his thoughtfulness, his joie de vivre, and his willingness to drag her out to experience the world she usually only studies through books.
    Grazia Seeing a relative torn to bits is hard for any man, and he did not take it well. He was, however, very cooperative with me in my role as Inquisitor, which I greatly appreciate. I hope I can bring justice to the murderer of his family member.
    Harper Where to start... he's charming and came sweeping through my life turning everything on its ear. And I couldn't be happier about it. Dunno where it's going, but I'm glad for every minute.
    Insaya What a delight. He didn't even seem to hold my Inquisition-ness against me. So generous!
    Iseulet Really glad Mae introduced us. We met at the Murder and he just seems to be one of those guys with a natural magnetism about him. Blunt, but not without his certain brand of suaveness. He and Mae, I think, compliment each other perfectly.
    Itzal At first, I knew him as Mae's husband. Then I knew him as Magpie Grayhope. He's got good instincts, and a mean right hook, I'm sure. I can only guess, as I couldn't reach the empty air thus assailed for comment. Good man though!
    Jaenelle Though it may have taken sometime to arrange a meeting with him, and when we did meet it had nothing to do with the previous subject, it was informative and worth the wait it took. He is a man of like minds, and one I would not mind picking in the future.
    Jordan Funny guy, this cousin of Hana's. I get the impression she's got a hefty family but he's playful enough, even though he thought I was going to buy his turtle castle. I can barely afford my dinners right now (improving armor is expensive), let alone buy turtle castles! Nevertheless, he's a ship captain and that might come in handy to ask about, later.
    Joscelin The King Grayhope. The Man. He-Who-Is-A-Shit. Nothing little about him. I think he's my favorite.
    Khanne He was surprised I agreed to meet him in the Lowers, at the Murder no less. Gave me a lovely mint plant as a gift. Everytime I have met with him, we have shared interesting conversation. He's respectful, without being fake about it all, which is refreshing. A good friend to have, I think.
    Korka The owner of the Murder of Crows. Doesn't like the Inquisition for some reason. I wonder why that is. Hm. That's a tough one.
    Laric Inquisitor figurines. What's the worst that could happen?
    Luca I feel like Luca has gained a touch more respect for Magpie after watching his willingness to be a human shield for a man like Galen. He didn't even brag about the fact that he was the only reason Galen got an edge. Well.. one of several reasons, but the best and most useful reason, for sure.
    Luis A man who would like for the bells to be removed from his wife's boots. What's not to respect about such a decision? Though one could counterargue the benefits that such a compulsion affords, he will always know when his wife is approaching... there's many positive notions that could be seen with that... regardless, he is affable and pleasant company to be around, it would seem that there are more opportunities for the future. Likely about bells.
    Maeve Magpie seems a nice enough fellow. I bought a pouch from him! We made deals. He seems to really like deals.
    Maja He wants to kill me. I swear to the Gods, he wants me to die on the sea. Help!
    Melinda You wanted to get my bodyguard drunk, I am not sure father would approve.
    Mercedes Very probably a ruffian of some stripe. Obliging and helpful (to a point) when loomed over.
    Mirari Straight to the point, something I can certainly appreciate. I do hate it when people dither and drag out what they need or want.
    Mirari It's hard to describe Magpie. He and I, we're one of a kind, and yet we're not. We're the same, but different. If I am a shark... Perhaps he is an eel.
    Monique Monique came into Magpie's pawn shop with ulterior motives and came out even happier than she came in. She found Magpie to be a worthy opponent and potential ally. 10/10. Dinner plans in the immediate future.
    Nierzen He's not as bad as I thought. But that's not difficult to do.
    Orathy Little birdie did try, I reckon I give 'em that. Supposin he be better off sleepin on his choices next time.
    Orazio Another Grayhope! Orazio remembers him fighting in the cemetery, but hasn't had much chance to speak to him in depth. A touch wary around Inquisitors, which says 'smart' more than 'guilty', although it might be a healthy dose of both, knowing certain rumors. An interesting person.
    Orelia Pretty much what I expected. And also, just pretty. I'm sure he'll warm up to me.
    Petal He seems interesting. I don't know him well. I hope he visits my shop and my wildflowers one day.
    Raja He's anew Culler, married to Mae. He runs a shop which is kinda cool. Could be a good resource fer the Cullers. We'll see.
    Reese He has the most fun store ever! Shag rugs, figurines, stories and mittens. Otherwise I don't know him too well. I know that he has a fancy couch and that he married Mae. He probably is complicated and probably good at making money. He seems intelligent too.
    Reigna It has been years, I think, since I have seen Magpie. He is Khanne's protege and was Mae's husband when I knew him last. One of those things is still true, but he seems to be a charming sort. I will, for Aureth and Fortunato's sake be sure he stays alive.
    Rose A sweet man I met at the tavern. He's a friend of my brother, and so I shall be a friend to him!
    Saedrus Magpie certainly seems to have no concept of the importance of 'first impressions' as it were. I will give him that he is generous, at least, despite his otherwise roguish facade and a grin to match. That and, well he does have terribly nice shoulders.
    Serafine Adorable. Impish. Impossible to NOT look at. Pinchable bottom but only in Serafine's dreams.
    Sergei Kid hands over a sword like its no problem. Apparently he's some fancy council member of some kind, I'm not complaining for it. Damn cute too.
    Skye I like him. He calls me on my silliness. And doesn't let me get away with any words misspoken. And he doesn't seem to feel sorry for me, even when he heard my tale. Of course, we agree to disagree on some things. And I wasn't preaching. Just philosophizing.
    Sparte A clever soul in an interesting line of work. Somehow I've never ended up with one of his bags first hand, but I've gotten a bunch second hand. I don't think we're supposed to use his bags second hand, though? So I return a lot of bags. You might say I'm his bagman that he doesn't even know about.
    Stygia Quick as a whip - definitely paying attention. I'm sure I'll work with him more in the future. Somethin' about them eyes though...
    Sydney Rough around the edges, but grounded in a way I can appreciate. Does right by his family, and doesn't make stupid extravagant displays with his coin. Offered to help me more'n once without hardly knowing me. I like a man who recognizes value when he sees it, and I like a man who's practical even more.
    Talen Magpie strikes Talen as a businessman, which is not only a definition of his vocation but his personality. Give and take, perhaps not always in perfectly equal measures, yet knowing that there can't just be one or the other. He also speaks plainer, which is appreciated, so as not to fuck around with too much subtlty and eventually cause a problem through miscommunication.
    Tanith Made all my dreams come true. How, you ask? He let me run his bar. Can't say anything nicer 'bout him.
    Thena One of those cousins you always mean to get to know better and then never do. Except I did. Dangerously charming, I'm told. He has a good heart.
    Theodoric Theodoric was eager to get the perspective of the Greyhope. Magpie, the capable younger man ready to make most of circumstance, with good wit and quick to size up opportunities would be one to watch.
    Tyrus With 'not the brightest' being one of the descriptors used for the man before their initial meeting, he has revealed to be a good man, unworthy of such monicker. I like that one, good common sense that eludes in far too many.
    Valery I first met the man at the Murder. He seems nice and curious. And he has a shop.
    Vega His reputation precedes him, but this is one instance I believe the man far outweighs it. I hope to work with him in the future, and to hear more of his stories. I can only imagine they get even more outlandish from there.
    Victus Heh. We're real different, you know? But it ain't bad. I like him. I like his wife. I like his family. For as much as he fucks about, as much shit as he gets into, as often as he's gettin' dirty looks from Laric, fuck it. He's my friend.
    Videl A grayhope. Well-spoken and far more polite than the family name would indicate, though perhaps it was the environment of the queensrest that put him on his best behavior. Interesting fellow regardless.
    Warrick He lied about his cards. With his FACE. Who does that?
    Willow Having finally got a look at him, I now get why there are so many salacious romantic fiction stories about him in circulation.
    Zalika A very charming Grayhope who is ordering something for his wife from me.