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Dame Eleanor Allenatore

The only impossible journey is the one never started.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Chipper Paladin
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Allenatore
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 24
Birthday: 02/03
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Straw Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Lord Commander of the King's Own, Voice of the Crown

Description: Of average height, she has the rough and tumble build of an agile, active woman. When she moves, she moves with a purpose, when she speaks her hands emphasize her words. Straw blonde hair is bleached even further from time spent outside training, and her soft brown eyes are watchful and miss nothing. She may be young but she's determined, as the set of her jaw confirms when she gets that stubborn, some say mulish look in her eyes.

Personality: She is cheerful and chipper. She is a morning person. She is certain that tomorrow will be better than today, and she is sure that if it isn't, it's because she just didn't try hard enough and she'll do a better job next time. It would be off-putting, except that she is also unfailingly kind, and she tries so hard and is so very earnest that the more cynical around her catch themselves smiling and find themselves hoping she's right about what tomorrow brings.

Background: She was born on a ship, a trading vessel of the Velenosa. Her mother was a sailor who loved nothing as much as she loved the sea. Her father was a sailor too, and though her parents were rarely together, still they made what time for her that they could, when both ships happened to be in the same port or when there was time for her to run from one port to the other for a visit. But as much as she loved the sound of the waves and the gentle rocking of the ships on which she and her mother worked, she knew early on she was destined for something else.

For aslong as she can remember she has wanted to be a Knight. And not just any Knight - a Knight sworn to protect the King, one of the Silver Swords. She doesn't remember the bulk of her early years, but she remembers the first moment when she saw them marching by, their armor gray against the blue sky as they protected the King. In fact, she measures her life by these defining moments - her first sight of the King's Own was followed by watching the tournament where Dayne Valardin won the title of Lord Commander. Then not long after that, she watched as Princess Leona Thrax was escorted to the edges of the Thrax holdings and turned out, no longer a Princess so that she could join the King's Own. At fourteen she walked with her mother to the gates of Crownguard Tower, and held her breath waiting for the answer to her demands to be let in to train. And she remembered the weight of the belt and chain, the moment the legendary sword of the King's Own dubbed her a Knight, the pride swelling in her chest.

Her father was killed in the Tragedy of the Harbor when a third of the Thrax vessels were pulled down into the water. He would never see her be a Knight, but she knows he was proud of her. And still there is her mother, grief-stricken but safe, still comforted by the love of the sea and refusing to make a more permanent home near her only daughter. Even so, the King's Own is the family she longed for and she has vowed to be the best Knight she can be, no matter what it takes.

Relationship Summary

  • Rhea - My Very Particular Friend
  • Name Summary
    Alaric Vigilant, confident, self-assured, engaging, reliable, and perceptive beyond her years. The Lord Commander has earned every one of her accolades and doubtless will accrue more as the years go by.
    Alarie She got spunk. I like her.
    Alarissa Wet behind the ears, but apparently, literally born on a boat. Only time will tell if Leona has sent someone lacking, or someone useful. Hopefully the latter.
    Alecstazi A knight of the King's Own, and an exemplary one at that. She presents herself with dignity and precision, fearless and willing to help those in need. It is a difficult thing to say, but earned none the less, she is an excellent Knight.
    Aleksei She has the trust and confidence of Dame Leona, which is one of the highest compliments I think someone can receive. And also good taste in books.
    Alessandro Smiles much more than I would have expected for the Lord Commander of the King's Own, but I have no doubt there is plenty of steel underneath. It does, however, make meetings very pleasant.
    Amund Excellent Voice for the Crown. I can see why the King chose her to speak for him. Someone who is willing to listen to her subordinates and the subjects of her King can accomplish great things, both in her name and in his.
    Anisha Dame Eleanor is quite different from her cousin, but I can see the Allenatore spirit within her. Perhaps two is a small sample size, but devotion seems to be a key value to the family based on the ones I've met. Dame Eleanor is devoted to her king, and to her duties as Voice of the Crown. Her love for the Compact and her compassion for its people is notable. That I am to be involved, even in a small part, in these efforts... Well. It's an astonishing honour.
    Appolonia A crisp and soothing presence, even if she, sadly, may not have had an answer. But one cannot condemn the plate for the sparsity of its contents!
    Aswin The Lord Commander of the King's Own. Of all the ways that I thought I might meet her, beating her in a game of darts at the Murder of Crows was not how I had imagined. One day I will meet her in the training ring and see how my luck fares with crossed blades instead of darts.
    Austen The Lord Commander of the King's Own. A fair and just leader, with many insightful questions. I would have preferred our first meeting to not involve me talking to a picture of her, however.
    Bastien Doesn't really understand art.
    Berenice A thief! A protege thief! She's lucky she's so charming and amiable. (And that I rather like her.)
    Bhandn I admit, I was surprised to be treated to the origins of the King's Own's heirloom blade. That she was willing to talk further history afterward speaks of her generosity.
    Calaudrin These people really like their turtles. Better than liking rats or those little rodents without eyes. Solid Lord Commander too, the Kings Own is in good hands.
    Cirroch She lived on a ship her whole life? I didn't even know that was a thing someone could do. She must have lots of wild stories.
    Cristoph She approves of my bees and I like people who like bees.
    Cullen I can understand her directness as a fellow knight with little use for being deceptive, but she pairs it with a sunny disposition - it's good to see that, given the weighty nature of her duties.
    Delilah I don't really know much about Dame Eleanor but she's always hitting it off with everyone. I should invite her out for drinks, the King's Own are usually pretty good fun.
    Delilah The Lord Commander is every bit as impressive as the title would suggest. Fine manners and a delightfully nuanced vocabulary make a fine impression. I would never spar with her on the field, but I would certainly trust her guarding the King. Reminds me a good deal of Dame Felicia.
    Echo She's very, /very/ tough. Like, to the point where I might've even flinched and am absolutely terrified of entering the sparring ring with her. Thank god she's got a cute smile and prefers to show that off over her strength... At least, I hope so.
    Ectorion She's probably right that I need to relax some, so I hope she doesn't take it personally that I'm watching her. Though I may not let my hair down -quite- as much as she.
    Elgana Very kind and reminded me a touch of my sweet sister. And I promise the next time we meet it will not be with me doing something so silly. Maybe.
    Fairen She reminds me of Iliana in some regards, being the action first type. She is quite attractive as well.
    Faye Had a bit of an adventure together in the Village of Thracia. A fine traveling companion, would definitely travel with again.
    Felicia She's bright! She's chipper! She's a morning person! She's higher ranked but doesn't appear offended by Felicia's free tongue, a young woman with her head screwed on right. Felicia can certainly appreciate a fellow knight who is both dedicated to their duty and capable of enjoying themselves in their time off.
    Fianna Dame Eleanor is such a lovely soul, as are her turtles! I shall have to see about teaching her more about horses in the near future, though.
    Filshiar An inspiration and a role model.
    Fiora The Lord Commander went sledding. I guess it's good someone like the Lord Commander can go sledding all casually. Or is it? I'm not really sure. She seems nice.
    Gaspar Far more personable than I expected the commander of the King's Own to be. Lovely, easy conversationalist. I look forward to future meetings.
    Gaston Warmer than I expected, but impressive. I see why she's so beloved as Lord Commander, and I appreciate how unflappable she must be to have taken what I had to suggest in stride.
    Giulio I like her. Earnest. Entertaining. And she's just... I almost wish I had my brothers athleticism. But those watchful eyes... that, that I admire, most of all. Mayhap one day, I might be able to hire, such as her.
    Gwendolen When I imagined the Lord Commander of the Crownsguard, I thought that they'd be more intimidating. However, speaking with her has given me the distinct feeling that she's more than capable of leading the Hundred, and I find myself excited to be counted among those under her command.
    Icelyn She's different than her reputation led me to believe. Not worse. Just different. Lighter, perhaps. More human.
    Imi Dame Eleanor is not intimidation. Even she agrees on that. But she is easy to talk to and carries so much respect with her that I would follow her into combat anytime. She is someone I look up to...even when having to run stair drills.
    Itzal King's Own who knows my sister. From turtles. She was pleasant company nonetheless, very happy and energetic. A good meeting!
    Jaenelle Lord Commander of the King's Own and someone who my sister trusts without question so I shall too.
    Jeffeth Captain of the King's own with a decent head on her shoulders. She has a good sense of humor and kind enough, seems a good sort!
    Jordan A joyful Dame of the King's Own, who has risen to the rank of Captain. She's Dame Leola's cousin.
    Juniper She has excellent taste in everything, be it pets or friends and more!
    Kenna Oh thank heavens she's normal. There's something normal in this house. I think it's going to be okay.
    Laric You know a person has seen some interesting things when their reaction to a flaming, talking lizard is milder than their reaction to a surprise lizard. Though with her cousin being who she is, I suppose that shouldn't be surprising.
    Leola It's so good to see my cousin. She's done well for herself - one of the Hundred, a King's Own! I'll be glad of her company when we sail together
    Lou A apt and confident teacher. Should any need to know more about athletics, there's none better. I wouldn't mind getting to know her better either.
    Luca A lot more cheerful than I had anticipated she might be, but that's to her credit, I suppose. It takes a rare creature to remain so chipper in the face of important duties, especially during times such as these. A bit refreshing, she is. Not at all unpleasant to speak with. We're probably going to be great friends.
    Lucita A captain in the Kings Own. Skilled, confident, good-natured, dutiful. We get along well and have made arrangements to train a little later, when I recover enough for that to be possible.
    Magpie Magpie met Eleanor to talk about crafting a piece of furniture, but instead they mostly ended up getting drunk on some Bloodrage whiskey. He thinks she's fun and looks forward to taking her sailing!
    Mason Mason met Eleanor while she was having a picnic. The King's Own was friendly, helpful, warm, and welcoming. She assisted the prince and lent him advice, and even educated him on turtles. The prince is happy to see that the string guardians of the king still have time to enjoy themselves and relax when not on duty.
    Melody Just getting her feet wet with the whole 'Lord Commander' business. She seems to be taking it pride; without hesitation. More importantly, she's a turtle connoisseur.
    Miranda I can see why she's the Lord Commander. If the way she trains is any indication of how she fights a battle, I'm glad to be on the same side as her! Plus, I like her sense of humor. Nothing like torturing your men to make a woman feel giddy. Right?
    Mirk Lord Commander of the Knight's Watch. Dedicated to duty above all else, but not nearly as stern as that description implies.
    Monique Even if I don't agree, I can understand. The world is well-served by the Lord Commander of the King's Own.
    Nierzen All I know is that she knows Mae and has a crush on... someone. I couldn't be bothered to pay attention at that point. Not hard on the eyes.
    Ophelia Fierce in battle and someone I respect very much! She has my back just as much as I have hers, and I'm proud to call her my friend.
    Petal Dame Eleanor commander of the King's Own. She seems very friendly and I feel safer when she is around.
    Reese She most be something for Dame Leona to put her as second in command. Being good friends of Mae and Magpie speaks highly of her as well. I don't know her well, but she is always composed and carries herself well. I think there is a reason behind her being second in command of the King's Own and I think that I just see the hints and surface of it. She seems intelligent.
    Rhea The Scintillator. Not literally, but maybe one day soon. One day soon.
    Rook Quite capable at her work, though some of that is running in literal circles. Though... Hmm. Now that I think of it, that's probably very good preparation for some of the work we do.
    Samael She's so sunny and pleasant! I enjoyed meeting her and talking with her, even though I was very stressed and not my normal self. I hope to see her again.
    Saoirse Doesn't have a boat. Tragic.
    Shard I don't know her well, and I might never, but she seems like a person worth knowing. She seems like a person who deserves to be where she is. I don't know Leona very well either, and obviously I never knew Dayne, but I can't imagine they'd be disappointed in someone like this standing in the spot that used to be theirs.
    Sparte I like her! A great example of the King's finest.
    Tanith Wise and honest, unexpected in one so young. A fellow commoner who's flown far past her origins. I wonder, looking at her, where the world might take me. She is kind, too, and very funny.
    Theron A Dame for the King's Own, our first meeting was at the Proving Grounds, where Dame Esoka was essentially throwing barrels at her while shouting. She did pretty well. Dame Eleanor has a good nature, a great sense of humor and is a natural extrovert. She also is a commander of troops, which is, I'm pretty sure, where the extrovert part really shines. Overall I look forward to further meetings.
    Thesarin Met her at the Trader's Tavern. One of the King's Own, means she knows her business. Went quiet when the subject came dark. Might be clever, but days ahead, they'll make that hard.
    Tovell The sort of person who does not, in fact, barge into her superior's office. Might be the best of us.
    Victus One of the Hundred. King's Own. Training everyday, but not seen a lick of battle. It seems like I'll be throwing her in the deep-end when the time comes, but she doesn't seem the type to sink.
    Zoey A model Voice, generous with time and support.