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Talia Baseborn

"No one ever appreciates being alone until they can not be."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Distracted Seamstress
Fealty: Grayson
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 20
Birthday: 9/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Tailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green
Skintone: ivory

Titles: Legendary Tailor

Obituary: Killed during the Sack of Bastion.

Description: Slight in stature, with delicate limbs and soft curves, Talia does not make for an impressive figure. Her hair is a muddy brown, the hints of auburn to it holding a shine of color that redeems it as it falls in often messy curls. The lines of her face are as soft, heart-shaped with a cupid's bow of lips and a button nose. Wide, almond eyes are a forest green, framed with gently sloped brows. The only elegant thing about this woman is her long, nimble fingers, hardened by a needle.

Personality: Talia tends to be quiet and reserved, demure in most cases and respectful of nobility and her elders. She is thoughtful and easily distracted, often missing things that happen around her for her own internal monologue. She is very artistic, prone to sketching when she isn't sewing. To those that know her well, she can be insightful and observant, with a wry humor that never runs mean.

Background: Talia was a delicate baby, born to a groom in the stables of Bastion. She hardly cried even on entering the world, a weakness of the lungs that saw her sheltered indoors growing up. The kindness of the Graysons extended to their servants. Her brother, Tristan, was a shadow in the stables and a close companion to the crown prince. Stuck inside, she could only watch, but she was given a place in the castle to learn, her lessons ever practical and her education focused on things that would server her well towards finding a path in life. Needlework, embroidery, this is what she was taught. She was fine at it, just perfectly adequate for the purpose of creating clothing for those in Bastion. Yet, not quite three years ago, the young woman blossomed into her craft. Suddenly, she was churning out amazing designs, sought after by the nobles near and wide. It is this demand that has seen a patron sponsor her journey to Arx to find her place in the city of the court.

Name Summary
Alarissa There are those who sew and then there are those who create. This is a woman who creates.
Apollo An undeniable talent - her work drew every eye at the faire, and with good reason.
Baldessare My sister's protege, so she must be something special. I've certainly no cause, after our visit, to disabuse myself of that notion.
Bhandn I greatly enjoyed the display of talent that she showed in her collection of Oathlands colors and styles. I would very much enjoy to see the others, especially if she does use her talents to honor the many Orders.
Elgana She is a real talent with needle and thread, gemstone, and pelt. Jayus truly has blessed Talia with an eye for detail. I look forward to seeing her flourish, her work admired all over the Compact.
Esme She is a remarkable tailor. Her clothing for the heirloom collections should all be legends. However, she is also so very quiet. I am certain we shall be friends though.
Flora Overlook the stuttering. I bet she's going to be the finest clothier in the Crownlands one day.
Gianna A talented seamstress I've been taking care to bring work to; I'm pleased I finally got to speak with her. I approve of her methods and she's likely a good ally to have.
Haakon Quiet. Near meek. Works wonders with rich cloth, not sure how one stays so humble handling such wealth.
Helena Talented enough to draw the attention of the Seraph Prism, and modest despite it.
Mabelle A very successful designer who is modest and humble. How refreshing. She is so sweet.
Niklas The latest sensation in ultra-luxury couture. Maybe I'll get in line for a gown.
Raja She seems a sweet girl! She is also a seamstress. She is very shy, especially when my cousin tried to sniff her!
Ras She's kinda mysterious. Maybe a different way of thinking than most folk. Quiet and nervous. Prism went to her at the Crafter's Faire.
Sabella A tailor of exceptional skills who has the most wonderful and vivid imagination when it comes to using different fabrics, gems, and even metals to adorn her gowns!
Saoirse She put together a marvelous fashion show and let me read through the whole thing.
Zoey An amazingly talented designer! Her materials are exquisite and I hope to learn from her example.