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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXXII

Join us for a fun-filled night of exciting sparring, high spirits and excellent company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of warriors and fighting styles welcome (including melee, brawling, archery and other battles of skill). The Hart's equipment is available to borrow, as required, if you truly wish to test your skills, or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favourite fighters.

Everyone is very welcome. Drinks are on the house.

Donations of silver and writs to the Golden Hart's charitable fund appreciated but not required. Deepest thanks for your ongoing support!

We look forward to seeing you all there!



This event was created to offer some relaxed fun and more great chances to RP. As always, the Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please be welcome.

If you have questions, @mail Valencia. We look forward to seeing you! <3


April 14, 2019, 9:30 p.m.

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Ian Evander Thea Tescelina Petal Erik Aethan Peri Cillian Evonleigh Jaenelle Waldemai Pharamond Arcadia Emmerly Azolla(RIP) Marzio Merek Sparte Rysen Arman Danae Ajax Zoey Carita Jasher Shard Maja Domonico Calypso Jeffeth


Golden Hart


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Ian gives Valencia a solemn nod and a salute with his glass. And then down the hatch. He seems to be drinking tonight. "Aethan. Hey." He refills his glass and then pours some for Peri.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting arrive, following Jaenelle.

It takes a moment or two for Evander to show up after his cousins. He's slow in making his way across the room, even though he spots who he's looking for immediately, as if distracted by everything. Wordlessly though, he sinks into a seat at the table with Ian and Aethan, nodding towards Peri as he does so, taking the time to catch his breath.

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Thea smirks at Arcadia. Thea meanwhile, is sitting calmly. Her face is revealing nothing. It's her green eyes however that show anything. Tonight, they shine with curiosity. Flicking their gaze at every individual in the room.

Tescelina looks particularly gracious at the introductions that Valencia gives and she curtsies to both Petal and Cillian. Returning to form afterward, hands knit before her, observing those who are filing in and she leans to whisper softly toward the Southern Fox.

Ian doesn't miss a beat, and starts pouring rum into another glass when Evander sits down. "Lord Evander. This is Lady Peri Seliki."

Petal is here along with Cillian while adorned in her simple common clothing. She has been very quiet, but seems to be in a cheerful mood. The girl smiles over to Tescelina. "Oh, hi." She say softly in her heavy accent.

Erik arrives from the Thraxian district, a cloak hanging tight against his body to protect him from the looming winter. His eyes skim the room quickly, finding a rather friendly face at one of the tables of the room and propmtly joining her there.

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Aethan does not take any of the whiskey, but he does catch the eye of a server and, when she comes over, he orders a coffee instead. She leaves just as Evander sits down, and he looks over to his cousin then. "Evander," he says with a lift of his hand in greeting.

Peri raises her glass to Ian, "Thank you as always." She looks at Evander. "Hello Lord Evander." She looks puzzled a moment. "Is this a family table?"

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Cillian looks to Valencia nodding his head to her, "Good evening, your highness and I do not believe I have meet her as of yet." he looks to Tescekina, "IT is a pleasure to meet you." he smiles looking to petal, "I am going to find us a seat." he kisses her cheek and heads to sit down.

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Valencia nods andn offers Tescelina a warm smile. "I'm sure we will have many opportunites to get to know each other," she aggrees. Offering a little curtsy, the vixen is off again to greet her guests as they arrive.

Waldemai arrives and is greeted with a big smile as a bevy of barmaids hurry to bring him ale in the rafters above, and Evender is welcomed with a little smile. Erik, a face familiar, is met with blink and a smile. "Welcome, my Lord. How wonderful to see you again."

"Thanks," Evander says softly, with a nod to Ian first, then Aethan, the roughness of his voice audible as he raises it to greet Peri, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Seliki," he says with a nod, eyes going distant for a moment. "Seliki -- the ones behind the Great Road, yes?" With a tight smile, he shakes his head. "Not that I'm aware. My cousins thought this might be a way to introduce me to Arx, this being my... second day here."

Ian is about to answer Peri's question when Evonleigh sits down. He angles his head towards her, as though in illustration. "Not a family table. Just a lot of us here." He pours a little bit of rum for Evonleigh next. "We figured might as well chuck him into the deep end. Best way to learn how to swim."

Petal smiles over to Valencia. "Hi, Princess Valencia." She says. The girl then leans into the kiss from Cillian.


Jaenelle has never been to the Golden Hart, so as she enters she takes a moment to glance around her surroundings before committing the rest of the way into the arena area. Those passed are granted a smile and head dip of polite greating from the Archduchess Regent as she moves towards one of the tables.

Erik turns from his seat to smile at Waldemai, "Oh, it's indeed a while, Master Isenhu. I've been well, we probably should get together for a drink sometime. I also need to pay a visit to your forge, I'm in need of a new armor."

Waldemai waves his horn of ale toward Lord Erik. "I'm at your service, m'lord," he calls down from the rafters. "After the fights, of course."

Evonleigh's been holed up all day working, so a bit of fresh air, wine, and the invigorating audience participation (because she's not about to spar) are just what the mercies ordered. She looks around, dipping a quick curtsy to Valencia as she greets and welcomes all. She sees the Kennex clan and heads that way, grabbing a drink somewhere between the entrance and the table, before sliding into a spot near Aethan. "Evening," she says with a smile.

Pharamond is of course better late than never as he slips into the Hart, having heard that it was the night of the Sip 'n Spar. He's been absent from a few, but it's always a joy to come to another one and he looks immediately for Valencia, a playful smile on his features. "Where is she? I will greet her first this time," he says, trying to find the little Princess Fox.

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Arcadia bounces relentlessly in her seat as she gives Thea the toothiest grin she can pull and she pushes a stray stand of hair from her eyes. She murmurs aloud to Thea, "This'll be my first public spar. I can't wait to get in there."

Red Armor Tournament Chest is now unlocked.

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"It's just the table we always sit at. We don't like change," Aethan replies to Peri, and while his tone is relatively flat, it does sound sort of like a joke. He looks up then just as Evonleigh comes over. "Lady Evonleigh" he says, and while his expression doesn't change //that// much it's undeniable that he's happy to see her. "I hope you're well. Have you met my cousin yet? Lord Evander Kennex, Lady Evonleigh Whitehawk. And Lady Peri Seliki, defender of the weak." Whatever that's supposed to mean, but he thinks it means something.

Waldemai waits to see the first combatants announced, hefting his pouch of silver coins.

Thea nods to Arcadia, encouragement in her words,"I'm sure you will do well then." She watches the room,"I'm not quite skilled with a bow just yet..."

"A very Thraxian way of teaching, too," Evander adds to Ian's words, though there's a distinct dryness to the tone. With his spidery, slender frame -- he stands out in comparison with his bulkier cousins. He pulls the glass of rum closer to him, but he nods his head to Evonleigh rather than drinking. "Lady Evonleigh," he murmurs after Aethan's introduction.

Emmerly takes a look around the arena, studying the gathered crowd. She finds a spot at the edge of the ring with a clear view of the arena floor, and stands right at the edge, folding her arms in front of her while she waits to watch the first competitors.

Petal sits down close to Cillian. "I have Cillian's bow, but I can just use it a litte bit." She softly says in her heavy accent.

Azolla is sitting alongside where Erik is smiling warmly and speaking to anyone who speaks to her directly. Her focus is on the what is happening as other conversation flow around her. He guard seems to eye Erik and than heads out

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The room buzzes with happy voices and the sounds of glasses clinking and warriors warming up. Valencia beams. This is her element and the happy faces about her bring a bright smile to her lips. The sight of Jaenelle arriving, however causes pause and she jumps as if she were ten years old again. "My beautiful Jaenelle! You are here?!! What are you doing here?" she smiles, offering a warm hug to her cousin. "Welcome!"

Ian makes zero comments about Aethan going to Evonleigh's play, so maybe he's finally decided to stop beating that dead horse. Or maybe he's just more interested in drinking tonight. Actually, it's probably the latter. "It's how I learned," he agrees with Evander, topping up his glass as he does so.

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Peri says, "Hi, Princess Evonleigh." Peri considers Evander. "Wow! two days back. Yes, the Seliki family spearheaded that project. I've been working on a port project recently." Peri looks a little sheepish at the Aethan's appelation, "I dare any to tug my brother's hair."

Petal smiles over to Petal and then follows her gaze to Evonleigh who gets a smile as well.

Pharamond makes his way over to the bar for now, but makes a gesture to whoever is keeping track that he'll go ahead and play tonight in the sparring if they end up needing more patrons. He seems at ease otherwise and the lesser part of the sip'n'spar completed, he's able not to focus on the more important part: the sip. Or, in some cases, the gulp, the chug, or the down it 'n'spar. A bit of whiskey is ordered however, and he looks to see who are going to get things started today.

"Lord Evander, a pleasure to meet you," Evonleigh says, offering the slender Kennex man her hand. "It's always a pleasure to meet another of the Kennex house. Tell me, are you as talkative as these two? If so I don't know how I'll ever get a word in edgewise, but it's all for the best. My voice is quite in need of some rest." Her grin tips up in one corner, as she clearly teases Ian and Aethan. "Lady Peri, how good to see you. I am no princess, though I sometimes play one in the theater -- but I'll take the compliment. That would be rather a lot of social climbing on my part, I think." Her eyes sparkle a little as she settles to look at who is fighting.

Melodic laughter escapes Jaenelle as she returns the hug from Valencia, "I was at the bank attending to the books when I heard people begin to come for the weekly gathering so I thought I would drop by to extend my well wishes before I need to return home to the never ending meetings I have had recently. Do you need anything?" And by her tone its clear she means the question.

A newcomer makes their way into the arena of the Golden Hart, stepping into the space with an obvious appreciation that reveals the fact that the man likely has not been here before. Marzio Mazetti is not here to fight, given the casual attire that he wears. Instead, his eyes shift around the stands before locating the bar and heading in that direction instead. Once there, he leans causally into the bar and orders up a drink before turning his eyes toward the ring.

Evander flickers a gaze towards Ian, as if he's not sure if his cousin is joking or not. It appears he decides that, no, he isn't, since he finally takes a sip of the rum. Even small as it is, it burns in his throat, earning a low, rattling cough, the Kennex Lord pulling the edge of his scarf over his mouth as he turns away. It takes a moment to catch his breath, his voice rougher as he answers Evander, "Not nearly so, I'm afraid." Peri's discussion of a newer project receives a curious look from the man, but he doesn't ask for more information as yet.

The little vixen looks positivley thrilled. "I, I am so happy! I have not seen you in so long," she says with such enthusiasm her composure, often unapparent, slips completely away in her joy. "Come! I must start the matches, but you will join me, yes? I am so happy you are here," she nods with another little bounce as she offers her another playful hug. "I wil reutrn," she assures Jaenelle before turning to speak to a little buxon barmaid. "Miss Lizette, see that my cousin has whatever she wishes. This is a night to celebrate," she callls out as she hurries to the sands.

Valencia claims that

Dressed in southern silks that embrace sensual curves and slender waist, Valencia gracefully moves to the center of the Ring of Valor. Offering a bright smile, she holds up her hands and graciously inclines her head to the arena.

"My lords and ladies, misseres and madams, dearest friends -- welcome to my Hart. Thank you for joining us tonight."

"This evening, we offer you another exciting tournament of exceptional skill, excellent drink and beautiful company. We are so very happy to have you join us, and hope you will enjoy all we have to offer."

"Thank you again for your generosity to our charity and for making our Hart a such a vibrant and welcoming place for all in Arx. Our Hart would not beat so strong, if it were not for you."

"And now, if you please, the bar is open and the ring is ready to receive. Please enjoy the evening! Competitors, if you would please take to the sands!"

Waldemai raises his horn of ale in salute to Princess Valencia's speech. "Hear hear!" he calls.

Marzio has joined the bar.

Merek makes his way into the place to watch, while he shifts his cloak about him.

Thea nudges Arcadia,"Good luck.."

Arcadia immediately flies to her feet, running eagerly for the sand. Once she gets to the center, her energetic demeanour changes as she pulls her crossbow from behind her shoulder. The Leary lady finally focused.

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Arcadia wields sleek, detailed, wooden crossbow.

Valencia has joined the ringside great table.

Waldemai sees the crossbow come out and pulls his feet up to avoid the odd stray quarrel.

Tescelina bows her head to the princess and moves toward the sands. She looks -- skeptical at Arcadia and her crossbow. "Please do not shoot me in the face," she asks simply before she pulls her rapier and dagger loose from the scabbards. "I do not think blunted arrows are terribly safe. But we shall see."

Tescelina wields Equinox and Solstice, a silvery rapier and golden parrying dagger.

Arcadia beams at Tescelina "Alright. No arrows at your face."

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Sparte slips in, late though he may be, to find a spot in the seats to watch the entertainment of the night. He settles into a spot at one of the emptier tables just as the match starts.

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As the princess speaks and the noise level dips, Evander sits up straighter and turns to regard her with interest. He claps at the end of the speech, gaze following the combatants as they head for the ring, before turning his attention back towards his cousins, "Will you be competing?" he asks, though the question -- and his gaze -- sweeps across the whole of the table.

"I look forward to watching the matches to come" Jaenelle assures Valencia before she has to do her hosting duties. She doesn't move far, and the table she was headed to seems to have become a bit full, so instead she moves to the bar itself, taking a seat there and ordering the obvious choice of Lenosia Red. Smiles are given to both Pharamond and Marzio, "I am not sure if I know either of you."

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Waldemai eyeballs the competitors and calls out, "A thousand on Lady Tescelina. Is there a taker?"

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

"I saw him a few days ago, Lord Ian," Peri replies. "I didn't recognize him at first." Peri studies her drink. gulp. "Hadn't really seen him since the war. We chatted. I suggested he join the Academy. I told him about the port project - we'll have a shipyard."

The sight of the crossbow creates a stir, but the Hart's staff are at it, and soon with quick hands a fine metal mesh is lifted about the ring to protect the audience. Valencia bows to Tescelina and Arcadia as the enter the ring, "Best of battle, ladies," she offers as she passes by. A little knowing smile and makes her way into the crowd to Jaenelle's side. "My staff are very clever," she says with a nod to the screen, Waldemai's reaction in the rafters given a gentle smile. "Come, would you join me at the table?" she nods to the great table by the ring.

Pharamond huhs, as he looks, "Well this is something new," he says as he settles back and looks to the pair, a bit of a brow. The crossbow is an interesting choice and he takes another si--gulp of the whiskey and swishes it around both in his mouth and spinning the glass idly as he looks to those others. "Hmmm," he says looking to the man in the rafters with the silver as well. As Jaenelle approaches the bar, however, his smile warms and he nods to Marzio as well. "Well I have not met the new arrival either," he intones as he looks over to Marzio. "But I don't have had to met a Princess of Thrax to know her atleast by name, and now by face given your cousin's enthusiastic greeting. Lord Pharamond Ashford." He bows politely to both and gestures to Marzio. "First sip'n'spar? Let me buy your first sip."

2 Leary House Guards wakes up.

Jesmond the Giant wakes up.

Jesmond the Giant have been dismissed.

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Rysen and Lygeia enter the spectator portion of the arena. Rysen gazes up at the dangling feet of the folk watching from the rafters, and finds a mug of ale. From across the area, Rysen catches the eye of Valencia, and holds up his mug in toast, for opening her Hart to such a fine evening of drinks and combat.

Tescelina has rolled a critical success!
Tescelina checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 45 higher.

Tescelina remains capable of fighting.

Tescelina checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 27 higher.

Tescelina remains capable of fighting.

Thea orders a glass of red wine, quickly paying before resuming and watching the fight before her.

Tescelina has certainly found herself in a bit of trouble. As it goes. She's in an open arena and -- being shot at by a crossbow. Its remarkably hard to maneuver about the bolts that come sailing toward her although she does try, as she is able, to close that distance between them. Her own hits finding little purchase.

Arcadia comes out flying, ducking and diving as the blade comes towards her and getting enough room to get some shots at her opponents ribs.

Tescelina checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 5 higher.

Tescelina remains capable of fighting.

Tescelina checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 75, rolling 29 lower.

Tescelina checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 15 lower.

Tescelina is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Rysen's toast brings a warm smile to the little vixen's lips and she raises her glass in kind, her head bowing respectfully as she moves to the bar to see that all are well cared for there. Her eyes however, are not long from the sands as Tescelina and Arcadia square off. A look is given to Waldemai and Valencia calls out. "I missed your call to wager on this one, my dearest Master Smith, but if you will indulge me in the next fight, I am yours," she grins impishly at Waldemai. "Are you given to set bet?" she asks as the cheering crowd suddenly goes even wilder, rising to their feet at the spectacle in the ring.

Arcadia catches the blade but quickly turns on the poor woman, aiming her shots strategically, until the woman falls to the floor. Lowering her crossbow, Arcadia trots over and offers her hand "You alright? "

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Tescelina certainly does her best. But the crossbow does its work and without cover she must yield. She accepts the hand and stands on her feet. Dusting herself off, "Yes, m'lady. Thank you for asking."

Pharamond hops up as he smiles to Valencia, "I think I'm next," he says and he looks over to Thea, eyeing her weapon and he hmmms. "Does anyone have a weapon I could borrow of the Malvici's quality over there," he says, pointing to Thea's impressive blade. "If not I will grab one from the racks. I did not come prepared tonight it seems," he offers, as he moves towards the sands slowly, letting LIzzette know that at least the first drink for Marizo is on him. Have to take care of the first timers! He's only 5'8" but he usually seems taller because of things like this, his enthusiasm and just general eagerness to do whatever is next. "I promise to give it back when I'm case that part wasn't obvious."

When he heard Pharamond speak toward him, Marzio offers a dip of his head toward the man. "It is my first Sip'n'Spar, yes. I haven't been in the city for overly long," he says with a grin. "I'm Marzio Mazetti. It is good to meet you," he says before gesturing toward the barkeep already filling his drink.

Emmerly leans against the mesh as she watches the fight, not seeming concerned about stray arrows. She grins as the battle comes to a close, calling out, "Good show, Lady Cady! Excellent work by both ladies!"

Waldemai cheers the combatants. "Well fought! All glory to Gloria!" And as for bets, "I'll give you first pick, your highness. I donate the winnings to the Golden Hart anyway, so I might as well skip the middleman."

Rysen applauds as loudly as one can with ale in one's hand for both combatants, and presses his way up to the edge of the arena.

Arcadia glad her opponents can get up, scurries back out of the ring. Breathless and thrilled with her win. She finds Rysen with her gaze and gives him a bright wave and smile as she comes to rest beside him.

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Out of the noise of all of the crowd Peri hears "Mazetti" spoken by Marzio. She asks those around her, "I wonder if he's related to Lord V. Mazetti who has written so many books for the Society."

Evander takes a tiny, almost non-sip of his rum, as he regards the match, quickly done with, gaze landing on the woman knocked down. There's no wincing sympathy, just an even regard.

Tescelina dusts herself off and moves to find a table to sit after the brief bout. Preparing to watch the next spar with a small smile.

Ian is drinking harder than his cousin, although with less grim determination than he started. He nods to Peri. "Probably. Valerio?"

The gallant show at the end of the fight gets as much of a cheer as the final blow. The crowd cheers them both with equal aplomb.

The little princess smiles up at Pharamond as he arises and offers a gentle nods. "It seems you are, sir. I thank you. Would you care to be my champion in this," she grins up at Waldemai a moment and back.

"I have 1,000 silver upon your win. Do not break my heart," she teases. Glanceing up to Waldemai, Valencia smiles fondly. "My sweetest smith, I would liberate your silver through proper bet. If I should lose, I would never stop you from donating your winnings," she smiles. "I accept your bet. The good Lord Pharamond shall be mine, if he consents, yes? But who shall rise against him?" she calls out.

Thea hears her name and the comment about her blade. She straightens prouder, a slight curve to her lips. Thea slides from her seat, nodding to Arcadia,"Well done,"including Tescelina with her words. Thea turns toward Pharamond, her tone possibly joking--or not,"I'm rusty lately. I don't practice as often as I used."

Pharamond takes Golden Hart Arena Cutlass from Weapons Rack.

Jaenelle claps politely for the match, pausing in the action to collect her wine as its poured. "Lord Pharamond Ashford, it is lovely to meet you. I have not been a Princess of Thrax for nearly a decade, most have even forgotten I ever was." This doesnt seem to upset her in the least. She even grins towards Marzio, though leans closer to Pharamond as he moves to stand, "though I do think that Lord Marzio does not wish to speak to me, though with you gone I believe I have a better chance." As she shifts towards Valencia, "how many parings do you normally have during an evening?"

Rysen bows to Arcadia, and smiles. His eyes glimmer with admiration.

Pharamond wields Golden Hart Arena Cutlass.

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Thea wields Hawk's Claw, a Malvici-Hawk Xiphos Blade.

Pharamond grins and looks to Thea as he enters the sands, a smile on his features. "Worry not," he intones. "There's a certain line of thought that says the quality of the weapon is second to the quality of the wielder. Of course, no one can quite remember who said that cause I don't think they lived very long after it," he teases and he brings the Hart's cutlass up in a salute, smiling across to the lade with the superior blade. "It is an impressive weapon. I hope you'll do well with it." He looks back at Valencia as he hears his name, "What? Whatever you need Princess Vixen! Tis your event and I am but your humble servant," he teases before looking to Thea. "Shall we?"

Waldemai raises his ale to Valencia. "Then my thousand on Lady Thea. It would be anyway!" Someone is a loyal vassal of House Malvici!

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Emmerly bounces on her toes, eagerly awaiting the next bout.

Valencia smiles as Thea rises, too, and happily offers her good luck. Turning back to Jaenelle, she smiles once more. "It varies from night to night. Often as many as six or seven, though five seems a magic number along with a contest or two. We have had knife throwing, and archer. Oh, and the most amazing singing contest I have ever heard," the little raven haired princess explains. "It made my heart weep to hear such beautiful song in the Arena. Truly a blessed moment."

Peri's question has Aethan looking that way, toward Marzio, and he shrugs, though then he does wave him over to their table, should he decide he wants to come. "You could ask him yourself," he says as he turns to Peri, before saying something lower at the table.

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Arcadia gives Rysen a shy, proud smile "Thank you My lord."

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2 House Velenosa Guards, Matteo arrive, following Arman.

Pharamond steps into the ring and like most Sip'n'Spars, he has that playful smile. He enjoys getting out and flexing his skills now and again. He tosses his salute up and then slips into a somewhat defensive stance to start, the cutlass a weapon he doesn't play with always so he tilt sit, blade upwards, toying with the slicing motion. It's clear to see what he does at first, a few little accurate stabs just to try to poke against Thea's armor as it were, before he starst to feel comfortable with the blade and he opens up a bit, turning to press the attack against the Malvici. "Whoever wins has to buy drinks," he says with a playful toss of a bet as he moves through the the sand, trying to get to her side not so much to cut her but to try to use the thick hilt of the cutlass to take some of the wind from her with a jab to her side.

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Arman stepped in, his guards dispersing to the background along with most other entourages though his man Matteo loomed in the shadow of his employer. He made his was to the bar, easy enough to spot Jaenelle and Valencia through the pulse of the cheering crowds.

Thea keeps hitting at the man, but cant find an opening. Then he opens his mouth and she smirks, hidden under her helm. She continues to push at him, but he keeps block all her attacks before he finally finds one of his own. She grunts, but pushes forward,"Deal!"

Sparte rises up, moving over to a different table. He remains in good cheer, possibly just finding another angle to watch the events of the evening.

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The arrival of Arman again bring such a smile it may seem that Valenica might float up from her seat at seeing more of her family arrive. "Uncle!" she calls out with utter delight, her attempts and grace and composure lost in her excitement at the happy arrival. "You are here! Please be so very welcome. Come, is it to be wine or something stronger this evening? Please join us."

"Arman" Jaenelle greets the older man with a smile, "I dont believe I have ever asked you if you were familiar with weapons or did you take a more subtle position within battles?" Because one never knows! She then takes a sip of her wine, and with a grin extends it to the man, wiggling the glass, "would you care for some wine?"

Thea is a stubborn girl. She is not gentle either. She dodges Pharamond's blade every which way. With quick thought, she may have tricked him before finding her opening and striking him, right in his side. Sneaky sneaky..

Pharamond has a moment where he brings his blade down and tries to strike her only tor ealize the cutlass isn't like other blades as it is sharp on only one side. He had realized that before of course but still, has fun with it. "Who makes a blade that's sharp only on one half," he says with a sigh as he dances around Thea a bit, the two making this look more artful than necessarily violent, until he gets a gash right along his side and he hisses, turning quickly to bring his blade back about, bringing his hand out in front and the blade overhead as he changes his stance, pointed at her now. "That'll sting tomorrow."

Pharamond continues, as he walks through, changing up the attempts, the types of attack. There's a few fun overhead swirls of the blade but of course he's not going to go for the woman's head so those are easily parried or ignored. Though as they dance as it were, there's a point where he truly goes on the attack. Which can be fun but of course opens him up to those pesky little things called counter attacks. But it's an interesting display, one hopes, as he changes stances and styles on the fly just to see how his opponent reacts.

Thea is a bit miffed. It's clear that he isn't putting his all all into it. Or something. And that tends to somewhat agitate the young Malvici. She blocks every advance, every blow before again, he leaves a rather opening. She attacks, with full speed. Thea is surprised he's still standing.

Cillian seems to say something to Petal and a big ol grin comes to his face.

The fight wages on and the little vixen's lips part softly as she takes in a small breath, the skill of the fighters in the ring carefully watches. The arena rolls and rumbles with cheers, as Pharamond tests Thea's defences, some calling out the the names of combatants with equal fevor.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rysen before departing.

Rysen has become absolutely absorbed in this close battle as Pharamond and Thea continue to duel. For once in his life, he has held onto a mug of ale for a considerable period of time without taking a drink.

Arcadia shouts encouragement to Thea "Get him Malvici!"

Petal seems super happy and she hugs Cillian. She then lifts her voice to carry and speaks in her accent and halting Arvani. "Oh, everyone, I am getting married!"

"To the happy couple." Arman called from his place at the bar, raising his glass toward Cillian and Petal. "May you find many years of happiness in the arms of one another."

The fighters appear to be a bit more equal in skill than anticipated. Round and round, blow after blow. Thea is pretty defiant,"This will be lots if drinks for you." Her voice breathless, before he finally, -finally- sticks his blade in her side. She grunts, stubborn now flashing in her eyes.

Azolla smile warmly at Petal and says, "Congratulations, Mistress Petal."

Erik joins in the toasting, "To the happy couple!"

Erik is overheard praising Petal.

Erik is overheard praising Cillian.

Sparte's expression as he looks up to where Petal is doesn't linger at surprise for long, shifting to a big grin as he raises his hands to hollar. "May Limerance herself celebrate your bonds! To your happiness!"

Peri hears the announcement from Petal and raises a glass. "Congratulations!"

Danae watches the fight with /great/ interest. Her eyes watching Thea carefully. But she remains silent and stoic.

Petal's news ripples through the room and Valencia sits up and offers a truly brilliant smile. "My sweetest Mistress Petal! That is wonderful news! Oh, please, my deepest congratuations!" she beams lifting her glass to the happy couple. "Drinks on the house!" she cries out with a grin. "To Life, light, luck and love! To the happy couple! May they always find great love in each other's eyes!" she echoes to Arman's well wishing. "Bravo!"

Azolla is overheard praising Petal.

Azolla is overheard praising Cillian.

Valencia is overheard praising Petal: To great love and happiness!

Pharamond laughs a bit, as he listens to her and he nods his head. "It is," he offers. The two seem to be playing at an even match, though Pharamond changes a more imrpessive striking now as he continues to stay on the aggressive rather than his rotating attempt before and it allows him to land a significant blow to her side again, getting the same spot he got last time. The only real difference between the two at this point seems to be fatigue, as he's breathing a little less heavily than his opponent.

Peri is overheard praising Petal: Congratulations

Peri is overheard praising Valencia.

Valencia is overheard praising Cillian: To having a fine eye for a lovely lady! Bright blessings!

Petal's cheeks are pink and the girl seems all happy. She tries to give Cillian a hug. "Thank you for the well wishes, everyone, I am very honored."

The cheering crowd breaks Evonleigh's concentration which is more in a murmured conversation with Aethan than it is on the fight. She turns to smile at Petal and Cillian. "Congratulations!" she says warmly to the seamstress and her new betrothed. "I cannot wait to see the wedding gown."

Emmerly watches Pharamond's battle style with a growing look of confusion on her face. Every so often, she copies one of his stances or swings in spite of the lack of weapon in her hand, and then goes back to cheering on both of the combatants.

Cillian hugs Petal with a grin he is not use to such attention as his own cheeks become a bit pink himself, he nods to everyone. "Thank you." he says to everyone his own accent that of nothern shav.

Predictably, Ian seems to have no idea about the marriage thing, because there's fighting, and almost all of his attention is on that, especially as it starts to move towards its conclusion.

Rysen beams at Petal and Cillian. "Congratulations!" he calls, holding up his mug for a toast - which incidentally reminds him he's holding some of the Golden Hart's finest, and takes a long drink in honor of the newly betrothed.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Ajax.

Thea checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 24 higher.

Thea remains capable of fighting.

Thea checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 25 lower.

Thea checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 27, rolling 28 higher.

Thea remains alive, but close to death.

Thea is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Floofus, the fluffiest Graypeak Mountain Puppy, 2 Redwood Initiates leave, following Ajax.

Arman has left the bar.

Petal hugs Cillian again ad then she rises to her feet in their wooden shoes. She smiles to all and then slips quickly out.

Petal has left the ringside table.

Arcadia disappointed at Thea, she still cheers for Pharamond. She then blinks at Rysen, completely missing the announcement "Who, what? "

Waldemai cheers for the fighters. "Well done! What a fight!" He doesn't even seem to mind sending a pouch of coins down to Princess Valencia.

Jaenelle reaches over to squeeze Valencia's hand, "meetings wait for no man. It was a lovely evening" she assures her as her small army of guards begin to stand at attemtion as the woman stands. "I am sure we will have time to speak again soon?"

Pharamond notes the pair continue now, pressing, moving, weaving. And despite his earlier protestations about staying just fine, by the end of it, Pharamond is a sweaty mess. We're talking soaked through. We're talking the legs are wanting to give out and there's at least one or two times where he almost slips in the sand, bringing his blade up just in time or having to acrobatically roll out of the way to get his feet again. He continues though, enjoying the new weapon, as he continues to fight and push, before he sees that Thea too is getting tired and taht's when he just turns into a bully. I mean it - it's like, total bully. Sparks fly as the weapons come together and he just starts to wail down on the woman, attack after attack, forgetting stance changes and defense and going into a fully aggressive mode meant to finally break the woman's ability to defend. Until it is over of course, and then he'll put his sword to the side and be the first to offer a hand up, for trying to win is one thing but being a bad sport is another entirely.

During the evening, Ajax makes his way into the arena properly, brown eyes tracing the area where Thea and Pharamond were standing, his lips pursing before he heads over towards the corner table where Ian and group are seated.

Danae takes one step forward as Thea goes down. But she stops herself.

Cillian watches as Petal leaves after nodding about something, he leans back in his seat looking around seeming to be to happy for words at the moment.

Rysen cheers loudly for Pharamond and Thea. Grinning at Arcadia, he says, "It seems Cillian and Petal are to be married soon."

Erik has left the ringside great table.

Erik gets Golden Hart Arena Trident from Weapons Rack.

Evonleigh applauds for the fighters, a smile for Pharamond in particular, before moving from her table with a "be right back." She moves to the table Sparte sits at while the fighters clear out and make room for the next bout, crouching down beside him to speak to him quietly.

The crowd is even more joyous than before rising to their feet as toasts are made and the fighters cheered with boistrous delight. Valencia rises to her feet and applauds in kind, a little smile offered to those sitting with her at the bar. "Bravo!!! Well fought!" she calls out with bright smile. Turning to the rafters, she offers a respectful curtsy to Waldemai as his purse is delivered. "i will see that your donation is used for good things, my dearest sir. As always," she promies. Turning back to Jaenelle, her smile is warm and fond. "Yes, please. I am yours at your call. Please let us speak soon," she nods warmly. "Thank you so much for coming. Truly."

Arcadia widens her eyes realizingly at Rysen's words, "Oh! Congratulations" she calls out while searching the room for Petal.

Pharamond puts Golden Hart Arena Cutlass in Weapons Rack.

Thea grips Pharamond's hand, an actual smile on her face. She is a mess. Dirty, sweaty, sore, but she is smiling.

Jaenelle has left the bar.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting leave, following Jaenelle.

Emmerly cheers equally loudly for both Pharamond and Thea. "An incredible fight! Well done, well done!" She looks around, spotting the Princess Valencia and listens for announcements of another spar.

Danae makes her way out on to the sand, making obvious her stare down of Pharamond as she heads out. Pulling out her Kopis as she passes.

Erik watches the conclusion from his seat, looking rather intrigued by the result. He picks a trident from the weapons rack, perhaps trying to show just how much of a Thraxian he is, before finally stepping into the arena as he is called upon.

Sparte lifts his hands to clap for Erik as he heads for the sands. "You'll be great! And if you arn't, it'll be a great story!" He tilts his head a bit, hands slowing to a stop as Evonleigh comes past to speak with him. He blinks a few times, then looks over at Evonleigh with a questioning finger pointed at himself.

Azolla watches Erik intently as he moves to grab the trident and steps into the ring.

The Hart's Sargeant of arms moves to the sands and catches the crowd with a sharp eye, boistroisly calling out in a rumble of a roar, "Mistress Danae Russo and Lord Erik Grimhall are called to the sands. Present arms and at your liesure," he says with a grin, bowing to each and leaving them to ready themselves.

Pharamond pulls Thea up and slips an arm around her, to help her to the bar. If she's like him, she's dead tired after that. If one thinks about the effort of a typical fight, that was far, far worse. He helps them both to a stool, maybe a seat away from the Princesses know...fight stink...and he orders a drink as he once more settles at the bar. Emmerly is given a warm smile as he catches her cheering and applause, a nod of his head before he says, "Whatever you'd like to drink." Danae's death stare is noted but he's absolutely too tired to do anything about it.

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Danae stands stoicly in the ring. Holding her kopis down to her side. She looks her opponent up and down and shrugs. "Shall we my Lord?"

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Erik wields Golden Hart Arena Trident.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Zoey enters with no fanfare... and no dog. Long legs carry her swiftly through the crowds, gait easy and light until she reaches Ian, Aethan, and the others at the usual corner table. "Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything exciting?" she says taking a seat.

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Ian nods to Evander, but there's another fight starting, and Zoey's here, so he doesn't elaborate further. "I think someone's getting married," he says to Zoey in a distracted tone.

The little vixen cheers for the next combatants and lifts her glass to their match. She smiles a little more and lifts her glass to Emmerly as well. Ajax's arrival is met with a warm by shy smile that blossoms once more when Pharamond returns to the bar. "I thank you, my lord. You have done me great honour. How may I repay your kindness?" she asks with a gentle smile.

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Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid leaves, following Valencia.

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid arrives, following Valencia.

Pharamond looks at Valencia and he thinks for a moment. He beckons her over and if allowed takes one of her hands and kisses the back of it and shakes his head. "I'm glad it was a good show, and the funds would have gone to a good deed either way. You are kind to offer a favor but it is not necessary. Simply keep being you and putting on these wonderful events for the rest of us." He of course releases Valencia's hand as soon as the gesture is done, though her hand is likely a bit warmer now thanks to the heat of his grip as he still needs to cool down from that spar. "What I should do is go downstairs and take a bath unless I'm going to have to fight again?"

Straightening from her crouch near Sparte, Evonleigh heads back to the Kennex table, slipping back into her seat. She nods to Zoey. "Evening, Lady Zoey," she says witha smile. "It's been quiet exciting so far tonight. One fight was over very quickly and the second was quite an even match. I admit I'm not caught up on this third," she says, turning to look at the ring.

Standing still like a damn statue, Danae just stands there. She lets Erik try his best to sart at her. She doesn't freaking move. She stands there. She lets the man try to hammer at her. She lets her armor do it's job. She uses her kopis as it was meant to. She uses the full weight of the blade to block blows, and when the time is right she uses her size and weight to knock Erik's blade away in a savage show of strength, and with the opeing she unleashes a devestating kick to his sternum with a follow up blow to the mands shoulder. Where Pharamond showed grace and talent... this eludes Danae. She looks like a mindless monster.

Erik light clothing is all that he is wearing as armor for tonight, his low encumberance allowing him for some swift moves as he keeps a balance of attacking and defending. He tries to connect some of the blows, even managing to graze past Danae's armor, but he isn't much successful in causing actual damage. It doesn't take long until she finds some gaps in his footwork, though. Taking the first hit, his rhythm is broken and a second one soon follows. Yet, a quick glance at the crowd and he's back on his routine to try for a comeback.

Erik checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 71, rolling 19 lower.

Erik checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 7 lower.

Erik is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

A gracious look is offered to Pharmond's words and she lowers her eyes as her cheeks flush. "You are kind, my lord. I thank you for your gracious care," Valencia offers back. "I hope you will allow me to offer you my pools to take your easy if you please. I would see to your happy comfort for the kind championing you have done this night," she smiles again. The crowd roars as the fight continues below and she lifts her eyes to the sands once more, her breath held as Erik and Danae face off.

This careful studying might have helped Erik... To a point. The Grimhall lord is able to find a chink in Danae's armor, big enough that he can connect a blow, but perhaps reaching it exposed him too much. Not willing to give up just yet, he takes a step back and tries again, but it's clear that his movements are already slowing down and making him unable to dodge the rain of blows that don't forgive his light cover. The man tries to hurl his trident at Danae in a furious stunt, but then /something/ his him back, turning his world black for a while.

Pharamond looks to the fight and he raises his brow after looking to Valencia and he smiles, "You are most kind as well Princess, and rest assured once I am told I don't need my armor any longer, my body and your bath will be close friends." He settles back then and looks to the lists, to see who will be up next, but does let out a bit of a whistle as he watches the Grimhall Lord and the Lycene woman end their fight nearly as quickly as it began. He mutters quietly, "Show offs..." in a most playful tone.

Waldemai staggers down from the rafters following the last fight. "Good night, all," he calls, and staggers off in the direction of Southport Square.

Waldemai has left the upper rafters.

Azolla casts a concerned look over at the arena but remains where is is for now waiting to see what happens

Danae grabs the shaft of Erik's borrowed trident. She pulls the man towards him. In one fluid motion as he is yanked forward, her fore head meets his. droping the man back. But she is a monster. She takes no chances, and as he stumbles, she kicks his blade away and delivers a savage downward blow. She doesn't even turn the blade in her act of brutal savageness. She just hopes to the gods his clothes help as she brings her blade down in a heavy blow to the mans left arm.

The crowd rises to their feet with a united cheer, the rafters ringing even as Waldemai departs. So, too, does Valencia, offer her appauds with open appreciation. Another smile finds her lips and she nods to Pharamond, "My Hart is at your service, sir," she nods warmly as the sands are cleared and the Hart's mercies set to their work.

Arcadia completely flustered, bids Rysen, "Good night my Lord." Her attention then turning back to the fight. Trying to work out what happened.

Ajax's lips curl into a smile at the corner table, his fingers moving to give Ian's shoulder a pat as the large mercenary leaves their company, starting to slowly trudge his way towards the arena properly, brown eyes shifting towards the people gathered there. Yet he keeps a decent berth around him so the people could just leave the ring.

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Rysen waves to Valencia, as he and Lygeia begin to make their way out of the Golden Hart, his smile suggesting he's had an excellent evening.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist leaves, following Rysen.

Cillian seems to get up from his seat and starts to head for the door moving through the crowed.

Valencia smiles to Rysen and Lygeia as they depart and turns back to see Ajax take to the sands. She looks about to see who might meet him.

Erik groans his way up, massaging the areas that were relentlessly hitten by Danae just then. Using the trident as a cane, he moves back to the weapon rack and then back at his table.

Cillian has left the ringside table.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private leave, following Cillian.

Ian has a glass of rum, a bottle to refill it from. and his arm around Zoey's waist, so he's pretty philosophical about Ajax's departing shoulder pat. His gaze follows the sellsword to the sands. The rest of him stays where it is.

Erik puts Golden Hart Arena Trident in Weapons Rack.

Erik has joined the ringside great table.

The Hart's Sergeant of Arms moves back onto the sands and rumbles out the call, "Lords and Ladies, gentles all, Captain Ajax and Lady Arcadia are called to the sands! May the fight with honour and soul. Sir, madame, present yer arms and at yer liesure," he says with a gruff grin, bowing to each and leaving them to ready themselves.

Arcadia gives her head a shake, clearing it. She jobs back to the sands. Her crossbow making another appearance.

Arcadia has joined the ring of valor.

Arcadia wields sleek, detailed, wooden crossbow.

Emmerly laughs as her superior walks into the ring and calls out to Ajax, "Here's hoping someone will knock you off your feet tonight!" She folds her arms, waiting to see who will join him on the sands, and cheers loudly for Arcadia as she steps in.

Ajax's eyes remain hidden by the visor of his helm, as Ajax watches the approaching Arcadia, his fingers moving towards his belt as he considers which one to draw free, deciding on the drawing of penance he raises the diamondplate blade up high, keeping a level gaze onto the woman properly slowly raising it into a combat stance.

Ajax wields Penance,a Diamondplate longsword.

Danae makes her way off the sands. No consideration for the man she beat.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Arcadia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 43 higher.

Arcadia remains capable of fighting.

Leif has joined the ringside table.

Although Evander's attention has largely been on the conversation at his table, he does take a moment to regard those departing the sands, before flickering to the new entrants.

For that brief moment, there is just a stillness from Ajax. Nein inhuman, as his posture grows more akin towards an animal then a man. A small growl escaping his form as he levels his gaze onto poor Arcadia as he rushes her the usual slow trudge in his movements gone replaced with a grace one could almost argue carries it's own feral elegance. After their first clash where he was able to strike against her side with penance the area is filled with a fury of blows onto the poor archer the mercenary just allowing her allows to bounce off his armor. Yet despite the onslaught that was unleashed onto the poor girl she still stances, causing the rubicund cald mercenary to draw away just watching her now as he brings himself back to strike.

Arcadia severely underestimated Ajax and was overconfident in her ability to catch him with her arrows. She stubbornly stays on her feet as he delivers blows to her body. Stubbornly she stays on her feet and moves just out of his reach, while trying to reload and gain some sort of advantage.

Arcadia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 68 higher.

Arcadia remains capable of fighting.

Arcadia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 22, rolling 43 higher.

Arcadia remains capable of fighting.

Arcadia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

Arcadia remains capable of fighting.

The animalistic entry into the match takes the crowd by surprise. There is a pause and then a boisterous cheer as Ajax springs forward with reckless abandon as Arcadia peppers him with her bolts. Her bravery and grit is cheered equally with the enviable ferocity of Ajax's assault.

Like a feral animal encircling his prey, Ajax moves around Arcadia letting her get just a bit of distance then drawing in closer before landing a light strike of his blade as he seems to just be content slowly whittling her down, akin towards a crueler hunter just playing with it's prey.

Arcadia catching her breath, jumps and dodges and peppers the beast with a string of arrows, though none seem to catch. Her moves are slower than earlier, but she stubbornly refuses to yield. She flashes her gaze at Ajax, as she tries to keep him at bay.

Arcadia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 75, rolling 28 higher.

Arcadia remains capable of fighting.

Arcadia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 94, rolling 35 lower.

Arcadia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 24 higher.

Arcadia remains alive, but close to death.

Arcadia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis arrive, following Carita.

Carita has joined the corner table.

With a whirl of a blade Ajax barrels down onto Arcadia, a small whoosh at the speed that Penance strikes against the woman's shoulder. Yet, as it lands she still somehow manages to remain standing causing Ajax to cant his head to the side and in that brief moment he rushes the pommel of his blade against the Leary's temple in an attempt to just knock her out. For a moment the man watches and waits to see if she can keep going.

Aethan has left the corner table.

Aethan stands up from the table, saying something to those seated, before he starts away. On the way out, there's a nod to Valencia, as he says, "Thank you, Your Highness. Very engaging, as always." With that, he makes his way out.

William, a taciturn quartermaster leaves, following Aethan.

Carita passes Aethan on her way in, and his way out, a smile offered his way as well as quiet pleasantries before she curtsies for Valencia in greeting, says something quietly to her, and parts for the table of familiar faces.

The crowd goes wild as the fight continues. Valencia offers Aethan a gentle smile and warm incline of head as he departs and another smile and nod To Carita as she arrives. "Good evening," she chimes with warm regard as the crowd cheers again and draws her gaze back to the ring. The little vixen grows silent as she watches the match, her bottom lip caught lightly in her teeth.

Arcadia spins with the weight of the pommel against her temple, immediately seeing black. Her body flops to the ground like a rag doll. The tiny Lady of Leary out cold.

Pharamond gets up again, still looking a bit wobbly after that last match but with a couple to rest he's at least had a chance to catch his breath, drink some water, swallow soem bread and the like. Though he's fairly sure Danae intends to do her best to get him to give that snack back up to the sands as he rises and walks briefly around the ring to see if the fight is over. He reaches into the weapons rack and pulls out the training longsword, looking over for the fight and seeing Arcadia get completely knocked out. He purses his lips concerned as he draws the Longsword an dhold sit in front of him in a peacetime position, blade pointed down and behind him.

Pharamond takes Golden Hart Arena Longsword from Weapons Rack.

Danae laughs loudly for one second as Arcadia falls.

The Hart's mercies wince but that does not stop them from rushing to Arcadia's side, gently seeing to her injuries with quiet words and experienced hands. The Lady is gently lifted to a safe space where she might recover and the Hart's Sergeant of Arms returns. "Lords and Ladies, gentles all, Lord Pharamond and Mistress Danae are called to the sands! May the fight with honour and soul. Sir, madame, present yer arms and at yer leisure," he calls out so that all may hear. Then, with a gruff grin, he bows to each and leaves them to make ready for the fight.

Peri stands up to leave the corner table. She finds Princess Valencia, "Thank you for hosting this. I had a lovely evening." She turns to go.

Peri has left the corner table.

Arcadia has left the ring of valor.

Pharamond wields Golden Hart Arena Longsword.

As the noble goes down, Ajax slowly slides Penance back into it's scabbard, letting the mercies handle Arcadia he starts trudging his way out of the arena, stopping by the table where Carita sits. He dips his head towards her before his fingers move to lift his helm.

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Danae makes her way back out to the sands. She still holds her kopis low. "I hope you enjoy led hitting the Lady Thea. I will ask for payment for such honor." She cracks her neck.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Arcadia slowly cracks her gaze open, squinting at the mercies, she mumbles, "Did I win?"

The mercies take a breath of relief to see the woman finally wake. The elder among them smiles and pats her hand. "Ye did fine, luv," she offers with a kind smile. "Let's see about getting you up, aye?" she nods, waving to her assistants to aid Arcadia, if required.

Evonleigh has left the corner table.

Evonleigh makes her goodbyes to her tablemates to make her way for the exit next, a curtsy and "thank you" to the Princess vixen.

3 Thrax Guards arrives, following Jasher.

Danae once again, doesn't movem She stands there like some disturbing statue. Letting ghe sword come at her. She lets the hits come. She doesn't flinch. And considering she rarely as shit to talk, the next part is rather unexpected. "I sure hope you are not sword only based on what you were gifted."

A small pause as Ajax watches the interaction between the two, "Let's keep this interesting me lord." With that he trudges his way back towards the sands, drawing free retribution and he offers the hilt towards the man.

Giving a salute with the longsword before the fight, Pharamond's typical chivalry as it were, he goes ahead and moves in curiously on the guard. He per usual starts off a bit more defensive than aggressive but does open up a bit in the early rounds of the fight, trading a few probibng blows with Danae and he chuckles. "You hit like a truck," he says sincerely, and as he looks to Ajax he smiles. "It's alright Captain. Though I'll gladly borrow that if i have to fight you next and you can use the practice blade," but he chuckles in earnest, and does seem to appreciate the gesture as he looks to the Captain, trying to poke holes in her steel now. That changes the fight quite significantly in his mind.

Arcadia waves away the mercies and winciningly climbs to her feet. She shuffles towards the door, mumbling "I just need some sleep."

Sliding retribution back into his scabbard, Ajax dips his head and retreats from the sands properly to let the two fight.He makes his way back towards the table he was at before engaging in quiet conversation.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Azolla smiles at Erik and says, "I am very much a visual person so perhaps if I saw the jewels I could tell you better."

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Pharamond continues to push the attack with Danae, and as last fight, he seems to be offering her a multitude of styles to play with. He is certainly more familiar with the longsword than the pirate's weapon of last fight, but he is going up against better armor and weapons and as one would expect, a well trained guard in better gear is balancing out the attack from the swordsman, and he seems to be grinning, enoying the difficulty of the contest a bit.

Danae takes her hits. She just keeps her resting bitch face. Letting the blows come. Taking her blows like champ. Hits come and she eats them. No change in her mechanical expression. "Come sword. You had so much to say at the fox." She hammers away like a recless beast as the Lord tries his best at finesse. She is the exact opposite.

Jasher heads into the arena, pausing at the doorway as he cranes his head for a bit. After a moment, he relaxes with a little shake of his shoulders and begins to make his way to the bar.

Jasher has joined the bar.

Zoey perks a little at the sight of @jasher, a smile warming her features before she returns her eyes to the fight.

Pharamond checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 16 higher.

Pharamond remains capable of fighting.

The fight rages on as words are shared. The crowd cheers it's approval. Valencia watches carefully, her large dark eyes held to the ring as Jasher arrives and she turns to offer a smile and warm incline of head. But then the crowd erupts once more, bringing her attention violently back to the ring.

Pharamond has rolled a critical success!
Pharamond checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 26, rolling 82 higher.

Pharamond remains capable of fighting.

Danae checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 19, rolling 21 higher.

Danae remains capable of fighting.

Danae checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 29, rolling 33 higher.

Danae remains capable of fighting.

Danae checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Danae remains capable of fighting.

Pharamond checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 14 higher.

Pharamond remains capable of fighting.

Danae checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 11 higher.

Danae remains capable of fighting.

Danae checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 55, rolling 25 lower.

Danae checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 24 higher.

Danae remains alive, but close to death.

Danae is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Danae stand there. She doesnt move. Hit after hit. She doesn't move. She doesnt dodge. At one point The sword comes at her. She lets his hit strike... she responds with her inhuman respnes... She grabs the mans throat and throws him down... This is where her weakness comes out... she expects victory and gloats....

There's only so far people can go easily and as the two continue to trade blows one can see where footwork starts to slip, and then at times, just disappear completely. The older Sword has will, we have to give him that. The younger guard is able to beat on him pretty well in truth, and even though he hits her probably two to three to one, trying to get through that steel it just is difficult. ANd so the slugfest goes on, and on, and on, hits exchanged, at this point Pharamond's clothes are probably more wet than dry, and so is his leather. People can see the dark spots on it in different places before he finally starts to take the wise approach and that's to turtle. He lets her in all her steel keep having to come after him and he just moves a little more easly, a little more capably, and a bit less fatighed, until she grabs him by the throat. There's that. As he's thrown down he does the only thing you do whent ehre's soemone in steel in on top of you and that's notice that she forgot to wear a helmet. Bringing his sword up in between he and her he presses it near to but not actually against her throat, the length of the blade running along the length of his forearm. He waits for her to admit that he will likely be able to cut her before she chokes him out. "Good fight..." he whispers out while being held by the metal gauntlet.

Jasher orders some of the place's rum for himself. Despite the atmosphere, the man seems content to remain seated at the bar, basking in the atmosphere the way a snake would sun. His blue gaze watches the ring of valor with distant curiosity, one eyebrow crooking as the fight comes to a close.

As the fight comes to its conclusion, Ajax's hands are brought together in applause for the two, "Well fought!" he calls over rumbling with a chuckle.

The crowd again rises to it's feet and the sound of cheering and floods the room as the mercies rush to the sand to see to their injuries. Valencia, stunned by the display, remains seated at first but then rises to offer her applauds. "Bravo! Bravo! Well fought indeed!" she calls out with approval and respect.

Danae stares at Pharamond. Offering no surrender. Holding her Kopis tight. Staring hard at Pharamond

Ian checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

He's not going to bloody Valencia's sands any more than he has to, but he pushes that sword blade up a bit more so that she can feel it now as he grips her gauntlet with his other hand. Not that in this position he's going to have any leverage to pull it free. "You...can stop now..." This is a new one for him in a fight at the Sip'n'Spar for sure. And he's already exhausted all his strength so he's not removing her that's for sure.

When, with the fight clearly over and Pharamond the victor, Danae doesn't move, Ian excuses himself from the table. He has to use upper body strength to rise, his legs being too weak on their own. Walking with the aid of his cane, he makes his way onto the sands. "That's enough." That's the only warning Danae's going to get before she's literally grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hauled off of Pharamond.

Shard stalks into the room all dark silks and leathers. She's quiet, and her eyes look alert, and she doesn't move for any of the tables just yet, choosing instead to lean one shoulder against the closest wall and watch the end of the current battle through faintly narrowed eyes. Her arms cross lightly over her chest.

Zoey very slightly narrows her eyes at the Ring of Valor, but then she looks at Ian as he goes past and she seems to relax immediately. Her rum is lifted again as she watches calmly.

The yield is called but Danae doesn't' hear. The gruff ironed haired Sergeant of arms along with some of the naught often seen Hart's guard rush to the field along site Ian. fortunately, Ian ends the issue with a firm hand and a sharp order.

With a small roll of his eyes at the arena antics, Ajax just leans back in his seat eyeing the ring for a moment before he looks over towards the entrance noticing Shard, he greets her with a bob of his head before he looks back at the arena.

Emmerly watches with a clear expression of disgust on her face. She shakes her head and turns to applaud Pharamond, paying no more attention to Danae now that the battle is over.

Ian dumps Danae on her butt on the sands, and keeps her down with the tip of his cane. Yes, that was the voice of an annoyed commander. He offers Pharamond a hand up once he's sure Danae's going to back down and he can use his cane for support again.

The Sergeant of arms nods curtly to Ian and gives Danae a hard look. "You need to learn to master yerself girl," the older soldier gruffly informs her. "Thank you, my Lord," he adds to Ian as the fighters leave the field. "Alright, who's next upon the sands," he calls out with a steelly eye to the remaining fighters.

Danae stares... hard as she is pulled away..

Pharamond rises to a seated position for a moment and he looks over at Danae and rather than say anything, he shakes his head and takes the offered hand up. "Thank you Lord Kennex," he says, having seen the man fight more than enough times to know him. He takes the offered hand and claps the man's forearm in greeting and thanks before basically dragging ass over to return the sword. He looks at Ajax and says, "Captain, I'm spent. Otherwise I'd gladly give you a run for the money. A short one...even, like most of my duels," he says with amusement as he puts th elongsword away and looks to the bar. "TO THE BAR!" He makes his way over, and settles against it, if by settle we mean more or less falls against it.

Pharamond puts Golden Hart Arena Longsword in Weapons Rack.

Ian stumbles just a little bit helping Pharamond up, but manages not to overbalance. He returns to his table off in the corner.

Pharamond has left the ring of valor.

Pharamond has joined the bar.

The princess seems to finally breath as the unfortunate incident is settled on the sands. Turning, she notices that Shard has arrives and she offers the woman a gentle but warm smile. "Good evening," she offers and is promptly interrupted by a messenger. An apologetic smile is offered Shard's way and the takes the note, thanking the messenger by word and coin.

Valencia claims this

Zoey just reaches over and refills Ian's glass as he's on the way back.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Valencia before departing.

Danae stares harder... Nothing in her face suggesting she went through a duel... to her it was a real battle of life and death... she is livid... she just breathes heavy.

"Eeeeh, I think nothing o' it. You fought well, my lord." Ajax offers towards the Ashford with a dip of his head, "But just call me Ajax, unless me an' me boys are doing a job." he gives an easy going smile towards the man as he shifts in his seat just relaxing.

Pharamond beckons Valencia over and whispers something quietly.

That stern expression just barely edged by annoyance that had been written on Ian's face is gone by the time he sits back down, and he's back to looking flat and just a little bit tired, his eyes, a moment ago alive with electric focus, back to being serene. He murmurs his thanks to Zoey and takes a drink, shaking his head slightly.

Shard has a glance for Ajax and Valencia, but she actually turns her head and stares at Danae, one eye squinting in an expression of faint incredulity.

Zoey gets Filopi Black - Kennex Brand Black Pepper Vodka from a brushed silver flask with small built-in cup.

Valencia silently reads the not and looks up and nods, her usually bright and light expression taking a distinctly more serious turn. The little vixen turns to Danae, her voice quietly concerned. "Mistress Danae? Are you quite alright?" she asks with a little look Ajax's way and back as Pharamond beckons her aside.

Danae shakes her head and points, "I will be ok when this one falls." Her Kopis pointed straight at Pharamond.

Shard squints a little more. "Are you Dusting?"

Pharamond checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Pharamond looks at Valencia and then to Danae and he smiles, "No worries Princess. We can talk about it another time," he intones. "Thank you for the chances to play tonight," he says and he goes to stand up as he looks to the bottle that was sent over. He raises it by way of compliments before he is tired, an dwet, and he slips. Was it real? Was it an accident? Who can say. But look...that one...fell. And, in true Pharamond fashion, he fell with the bottle still perfectly safe. Priorities.

Azolla smirks as she shares a kiss with Erik and when they part she says, "I guess I am quite obligated to now."

That's it. Zoey's face goes cool, an eyebrow arching as her lips form another straight line. She watches Danae closely for a bit before murmuring something back to her table. Pharamond's antics, however? The cold disapproval melts in a flash with a twinkle of her eyes.

Valencia lifts her chin. "The match is over, mistress. It was well fought, but this is a competition with camaraderie in mind. The grudges are left upon the sands when the fight is over" she explains gently but firmly.

Turning back to Pharamond, Valencia bows her head. "Your pardon, my lord. If you would have me, I would speak with you now. At your pleasure, sir," she smile gently, her gaze moving cautiously to Danae and back.

Carita is overheard praising Luca: You're not at this event right meow, but it would be purrrfectly fun if you were!

Danae looks straight at Pharamond "You will be mine."

As the Sword of Ashford slips to fall off, Jasher slides from his own seat to catch the man, or pick him up from where he fell. Either way. With a rueful shake of his head, he motions for the Mercies to tend to him, pausing only to look at Danae. "That's enough," he finally says, his tone chilly.

Danae waves of mercies, "I am sure it is...."

Shard gives a small, derisive snort, and a very faint shake of her head. She glances briefly toward the empty sands, though she's clearly keeping an eye on Danae, and those around her.

The little vixen turns back to Danae. "Madame, I appreciate your zeal, but I would ask that you stand down and to embrace this event as it is intended," Valencia offers politely, though her manner changes dramatically. No longer the smiling vixen, she is a princess of Velenosa now. "I will ask you to please respect my guests and my Hart."

"After all, we are all friends here," she adds with a softer tone.

Danae glances to Valencia, "I postulate I respect this event better than any other. I am the only one not scared of my victory or desire... clearly some are..." She scoffs in the general direction of Pharamond. "My only friend is a sword. Anything else is is a hope for the best."

Shard clears her throat, and asks, pleasantly, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

For a moment, Ajax just remains watching the interaction, before he raises to his full height and he makes his way over towards the sands properly, sliding his helm back on.

Ian checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Pharamond nods to Jasher and smiles, helped up fairly easily as he sadly avoids the romantic moment of being swept into Jasher's arms but he gladly takes the help back up and he smiles, "I am fine, My Lo---no wait, pretty sure I recognzie you as a Prince. Ayup," he says with a grin and clasps the man's shoulder. "I am fine. It just seems my fate was sealed. But hopefully we have broken the curse and can get back to our night of fun." He smiles to the others and again brings the hand holding the bottle to his chest as he looks to the corner table, and bows politely. It can only and clearly be recognized as a salute as he smiles. "Me, and this bottle, are going for a soak downstairs. And if I'm still there in the morning, elave me. After those two bouts I am pretty sure my betrothed doesn't need to see the slew of bruises I'll have tomorrow." He smiles to Valencia. "You Princess, are lovely, and I will always respect the Hart's heart." He offers another wink.

"Well, then. I can only see that perhaps we have room to grow your circle of friends then. Please come and enjoy drink, yes?" Valencia counters with polite nod, not seeming fussed by Danae's harder edges. "The world is better with more friend, Mistress. And you will find many here if you allow it."

Azolla observes the events with a quiet curiosity but seems mainly absorbed by her private conversation with Erik

Ian braces against the table again and pushes to his feet. "Soldier." He snaps out the word, crisp and sharp. He's not yelling, but his voice breaks through the general din nonetheless. "That's. Enough. Go sit down."

Danae slams her Kopis (giant machete) in to a nearby pilar. Before she heads slightly off to brood. No words to say

Valencia is unfussed, though an eyebrow is raised as she watches the woman head off without a word. Turning back to Pharamond the icy candor of her expression melts a little and she offers a nods. "My apologies, my lord. The hospitality of my Hart is yours. I am sure the lady simply lost temper and will find it soon. But I am very sorry," she offers with an earnest incline of head.

As Danae falls back from the sands, Ajax gives Valencia a solid upnod before he too walks away.

Ian sits back down and returns to his drinking and conversation.

Pharamond doesn't mind being politely affectoinate to the Vixen and he just brings his hand to her chin and he smiles, "You needn't bow your head to me in your own home, Princess. This was fun. Thank you for the hospitality as always." If she searches his face for any offense or worry, there is none to find. ANd with that he headsd down to said baths.

Pharamond has left the bar.

Shard rubs at her nose for a moment, before she returns to her half-lean against the wall. Her eyebrows are lifted just a little higher than they were before.

Jasher nods, pulling away from Pharamond so the man can say his farewells and get to his much-deserved soaking. That bit of responsibility done, he is about to settle back down when a crunch has him turning his head to the pillar to regard the damage done, and turn back with a shake of his head.

Evander has fallen largely silent, clearly unable to help in the settling of willful soldiers squaring off. His gaze is on Ian almost the whole time, not uneasy in the slightest -- just focused. When Carita makes her farewells, he pushes to his feet to offer a bow to her. "Good evening, Countess," he murmurs.

A small smile and gracious incline of head is offered to both Ian and Ajax. Valencia's body relaxes a little and she turns to give Pharamond another gentle smile. Slowly the tension in the room eases and the relaxed and merry nature of the event begins to flow once more. "May I offer you a drink, Mistress Shard?" she invites as she heads back to the bar. "Captain Ajax, you are welcome to join as always," she nods once more, the formality in her stance still remaining somewhat.

"Walk safely, Countess." Ajax offers, with a dip of his head, this time he starts his trudge towards the bar removing his helm once again, an easy going smile painted at his lips from the offer to drink.

Carita rises, paying her respects to the table as a whole with a warm smile and a softly spoken comment to each of them. Then another for Valencia, "Wonderful event, Highness, as always." and with that slips out, wispy gown tailing behind her.

Carita has left the corner table.

5 Redoubt Buccaneers, Bengalo, the sneaky black cat, Luna, the sweet, studious assistant, Francis leave, following Carita.

Shard doesn't look particularly inclined to take Valencia up on her offer, but after a moment, and a faint twitch in one cheek, she tips her head and pushes off of the wall. "ALe? It's not a whiskey kind of night."

The little vixen offers a warm farewell to Carita as she departs and turns to smiles slightly back at Shard as she accepts. "Ale it is then," she nods and moves to see that her Hart's best finds it's way to Shard. A glance about the room to ensure no further upset is in the air, Valencia pours a touch more wine into her cup. "It is good to see you. It has been some time," she nods lifting her glass in salute. "How are you keeping?"

Zoey rises from her table a fond smile given Ian and Evander both. "I'll see you two later," she says. And she begins making all her goodbyes to all the people before leaving

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ajax before departing.

Erik stands up from his seat, smiling at Valencia, " What a wonderful event, Your Highness, I should be attending to it more. Maybe next time my sparring will be better, already." He says, glancing over the table and turning to see that he's been followed already.

Zoey has left the corner table.

Azolla "Thank you for hosting this event," Azolla says, following Erik quietly out

Ajax has left the corner table.

Ajax has joined the bar.

Shard picks up her glass when it arrives, and takes a very small, slow sip, which she seems to savor for a moment before she actually swallows it down. "I'm fine," she says, eventually, as if that answer required a certain amount of consideration.

Shard is offered a sincere smile and nod. "Good," Valencia says simply. Sometimes single words are more than enough.

Erik has left the ringside great table.

Azolla has left the ringside great table.

The sands are cleared and the call for the next contestants is made. The gruff rumble of the grizzled Sergeant of Arms ringing clearly across the arena. "Who will stand and test their skill in the Hart's Ring of Honor. Rise and declare!"

"Yer Highness. I trust yer well." Ajax offers towards Jasher with an easy going smile, before he looks at Shard curiously, then over towards the arena, "Would you be so kind to join me?" he asks, not touching his own glass just yet the man seemingly more content eyeing his helmet.

Shard's attention shifts over to Ajax again. She considers him, and her drink, and then pulls a face and sets the glass down. She doesn't actually answer with /words/, but she does turn toward the sands.

Slipping into the Golden Hart, the curly-haired apprentice Whisper gives a look around. Maja's expression is bright and merry, her lips curled into a crooked sort of smile. You know, the kind of grin that is a dash of mischief, a pinch of excitement and a helping of 'what can I get up to tonight'. She pushes a few of her riotous locks out of her face .. only to have them immediately fall back into place. So .. where to go, where to go?

The bar, of course. The answer is always the bar. And so, that is the direction Darling points herself in.

As Ajax leaves the bar he raises his fingers in a small wave towards Maja, then his helm returns into his head as he makes his way towards the sand properly, his fingers resting on penance hilt as he gives Shard a proper once over.

With a fight like this about to play out, you'd think Ian would be paying attention to the ring. But no. He's leaning across his table, drink in hand, explaining something to Evander with what could best be described as an apologetic and slightly sheepish expression.

Jasher nods once towards Ajax, and that's all the answer he gives before he's looking at Maja, offering the butterfly-adorned Whisper an incline of his head. "There's another fight about to start," he says by way of greeting.

The pair who head to the sands need no introduction, but Hart's Sergeant of Arms does so all the same. "Lords and Ladies, gentles all, Captain-General Shard of the Valorous Few and Captain-General Ajax of Redwood Mercenary Company are called to the sands! May the fight with honour and soul. Sir, madame, present yer arms and at yer leisure," he says with a gruff nod. Bowing to each, he leaves them to ready themselves.

"Best of luck to you!" This is what Maja says to Ajax, giving the mercenary a slap-pat on the arm as they pass each other -- she to the bar, him to the sands. He's left her a stool already warmed up so she deposits herself there and then twists upon it so she can get a clear view of the contest. Grinning at Jasher, she nods eagerly when he gives her the scoop. "It's nice to see you again, Your Highness. Are you wagering anything on this bout?"

Ajax has left the bar.

Ajax has joined the ring of valor.

Shard doesn't seem to have brought a helmet. And at first glance, she doesn't seem to have brought much armor either; just the scattered leathers, and rather plain silks that, nevertheless, seem a little too nice for a brawl. But looks can be deceiving. What she /has/ brought, however, is a nasty looking sword that, until the past few months, was carried by the late Audric De Lire. She side-squints toward the Sergeant of Arms, but only briefly, as her attention settles fully on Ajax only a moment later.

Shard has joined the ring of valor.

Maja has joined the bar.

With an approving dip of his head, "Let's see how far we go. I always wanted to face off against that blade." Ajax offers, his body shifting to the side, he extends penance but he keeps it low. Brown eyes hidden by the visor of his helm lock onto the woman.

Shard wields Coinspinner, a wickedly sharp alaricite long sword.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"No," Jasher replies, his gaze drawing towards the ring and the combatants. "Are you?"

Maja is offered a gentle nod of welcome, but the vixen's eyes are on the field. Valencia's eyes drift to Shard's weapon and her eyes dip a moment. Lifting them again, she takes a sip of wine and watches the match unfold.

Shard loosens the sword in its sheathe, and then slips it out neatly, practically soundlessly. She's quiet too, with no return words, and for a breath or two she just stands there, balanced lightly, holding the sword pointed down and slightly to one side. And then, without any further warning, she's suddenly springing forward at a quick rush.

Is she betting? Ha! Maja laughs at this, the sound airy and light. "Gambling is a rich man's sport," she tells Jasher amiably as motions to the bartender and quietly places an order with him. "So no, I don't have any wagers place." She pauses, her smile pulling to one side playfully. "Ask me again next week. Maybe my circumstances will have changed." Wink! Her drink arrives and she takes a sip, catching Valencia's nod of greeting. It is returned but her attention is quickly drawn back to the fight.

Domonico enters the room, stiff-backed, stern faced and sweeps his gaze around the room slowly. On seeing Jasher he gives a nod and heads his way.

As Shard springs forward, Ajax moves to do the same, the usual sluggish trudge fading as he clashes with the woman, some of her strikes break past his guard yet his armor holds. On his offensive end, the man seems unable to land a solid blow against his mercenary rival yet now he brings down penance with a touch more aggression throwing some of the man's caution to the wind in an attempt to overwhelm her before he tires.

Jasher inclines. "Perhaps they will," he replies, before his gaze moves past Maja's

Jasher inclines. "Perhaps they will," he replies, before his gaze moves past Maja's shoulder and towards Domonico. A nod's given back.

For anyone used to watching Champion duels, Shard is a strange, almost ugly sort of fighter. She's incredibly fast, and almost all of Ajax's initial blows, quick as they are, can't seem to find her, though one strikes a glancing blow against her silk coat and seems to almost slide off of it. But there's no true grace to her movements, no sense of dance. Indeed, she moves in and out of the exchanged blows with a strange, erratic sort of step, first going one way, then another, then a third. As Ajax becomes more aggressive, she doesn't seem to relent in her own pursuit, even if she hasn't managed to do any damage yet.

A welcoming nod is offered to Domonico as he arrives and heads to speak with Jasher and Valenica turns back, her large dark eyes glimmering softly as the fight rolls on. As relaxed and composed as she seems, however, a closer look will reveal that the little raven haired vixen is holding her breath.

Danae has left the ring of valor.

Domonico smiles as he reaches Jasher, "Good talk." His eyes switch to Maja and carefully looks over her.

As the fight goes onwards, it seems matching Shard's drive was the better decision for the armored man, penance managing to strike out against her in light blows, within the frame of combat Ajax's stance is nowhere near a champions grace. Yet, within the combat the way the man handles his blade holds it's own grace. Pivoting on his feet he manages to land a solid blow against Shard's side before drawing a bit way trying to encircle the woman for a follow up. Past his own helmet Shard may be even to feel his eyes on her probing her guard and form for a weakness. Something the man can exploit.

Shard's guard and form speak for themselves--or don't, depending on just how much Ajax can pick out--but the woman herself is nigh unreadable beyond a decided intensity. She's taken several solid blows and, while she's managed to land a few of her own, none of them have done any actual damage. The punishment so far, however, doesn't seem to have slowed her down. She circles in turn, still stepping lightly.

For her part, Maja is rather engrossed in the fight that is currently taking place. She's from the Lowers, see, and while the high-born might like entertainment in the form of poetry recitals and philosophical debates, where she comes from? A fun Saturday night involves watching people beat the crap out of each other. The more blood and teeth lost, the better! So yeah! She's into this! Therefore, she doesn't at first notice Domonico looking her over but eventually she becomes aware of eyes on her. Glancing over at the Malvici noble, she grins and raises her glass in a quick salute.

"Indeed," Jasher replies gravely, then he motions with his chin towards a seat. "Admiral. Come to watch the fight, or have a drink?"

Ian finishes his drink and, bracing on the table, pushes to his feet. He takes up his cane. He's ruddy-faced and looks tired. But then again, he usually looks tired, these days.

Though the cheering sill abounds, for some a strange hush comes, perhaps it is the silence of respect as the two seasoned fighter test each others skill. Valencia remains as still as a statue, her chin lifted lightly as she watches the blades meet with a clash of metal that ripples through the air.

As the blades continue to whirl around the arena, between the two mercenary captains, the larger armored man starts to show signs of tiring a bit of sluggish movements in his swing. Yet, he fight onwards, after Shard manages to hit him past his armor he replies not with words but with a harsh seeming blow against the woman's ribs, Shard can hear paced breathing come from the man with a small grunt as he draws himself back into the fray.

Evander rises, having finally, and only just, finished his rum. "That would be welcome," he murmurs to Ian, before his gaze flickers to the ring, and the woman nearby. "A moment, if you wouldn't mind?" Pulling his coat tight and close to him, he approaches Valencia, giving her a brief bow. Given his thin stature, it doesn't look like he's offering to fight, backed up by his words a moment later, "Your highness, it was a pleasure to be at your event. I learnt a great deal. Lord Evander Kennex," he introduces himself. "Thank you for having me." Given how still she is, he doesn't expect a response, instead he quickly takes his leave, looking to rejoin Ian on his way out.

Shard does not seem tired yet, but she /definitely/ seems wounded. That last crack from Ajax clearly got through whatever protection she's wearing, and it can be seen in the flinch of her facial muscles as she pulls back, circling the other way now, her face a mask of concentration.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 24, rolling 42 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici, 6 Malvici Guards arrive, following Calypso.

A gentle smile blossoms across her lips as Evander introduces himself to her. "A Lord of Kennex? I am honoured, sir. Your family is very dear to me. I'm so very pleased to meet you," she smiles warmly and offers him a delicate hand. "I hope we will see much of you, sir. I hope you return to my Hart often. Say yes?" she invites warmly.

Ian waits patiently by the door while Evander pays his respects to Valencia, taking the time to catch the tail end of the fight. He nods, a brief agreement with some internal thought, and the corner of his mouth twitches.

"You make it impossible to refuse such a request, your highness," Evander responds to Valencia with a nod. "I must be on my way, however. Good evening." And then, with a sidelong glance at Ian, he steps outside.

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Domonico hmms as he considers Jasher's question. "Probably watch the fight more. I'm trying to watch what I drink at the moment." He nods to Maja, "Who's your friend here?" He asks Jasher before straightening to attention as Calypso enters the room.

Patience seems to pay off. Shard dodges and weaves among Ajax's blows, and, as he continues to tire, she comes in low with a sudden, hungry surge, getting past his defenses; once, twice, /thrice/. The third is a particularly nasty blow, but she pays for these victories as Ajax's return strike sends her to the sand...but no, she's up again, still moving, still weaving, even if she's breathing audibly now, and her teeth are faintly clenched.

Calypso strides into the arena, her eyes momentarily glancing at the ring. Instead she moves off to the side to Jasher and Lord Domonico. "Your Highness. Lord Domonico."

Calypso has joined the bar.

At time's like this, it's clear every so often he pays for his one track mind in combat. Ajax has been getting whittled down vicious by Shard, her last blow causing a large rasp to escape the man followed by a counter attack from the man, one that would drop the average fighter. Yet, Shard is still standing, causing a sharp exhale to leave Ajax's form. He's tired, but he stands still raising his blade upwards as he returns to the dance to break the momentum away from the woman.

Valencia sits up in her chair, her back straightening with tension as the fight continues, too close to call.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 57 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Twisting a curl around her finger -- something that is quite unconsciously done -- Maja leans forward on her stool. An elbow is anchored to her knee and her delicate chin placed upon her palm, the young woman's gaze following every hit and every dodge that's playing out on the sands. Sometimes she winces. Sometimes she cheers. Sometimes, she takes a drink. But she hears Domonico and -- oh, is he asking about her? Straightening where she sits, she looks between him and Jasher to see if she's the friend he's referring to. Throwing caution into the wind -- here you go, wind! -- she introduces herself with a radiant grin and an extended hand. "My name is Majandra Darling. Most call me Maja and some call me Darling. Whichever you prefer is fine with me. And you are, m'lord?"

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 13, rolling 67 higher.

Ajax remains capable of fighting.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 57, rolling 55 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

The massive frame of Jeffeth Bayweather makes his lumbering way in. Eyes immediately fastened on Shard and Ajax. Wandering forward naturally the big man cants his head as he watches, frowning thoughtfully. It's only after a few moments that he looks around at the rest of the bar and visibly brightens when his eyes fall on Maja. Eyes light up and his smile is brilliant. Looking to the group with her he turns, going into a deep bow. "Your Highness." Jeffeth rumbles to Jasher. Then to Calypso. "My Lady." Another bow for Domonico. "My Lord." And finally a bow for Maja. "Darling." The big man pipes towards Maja, making his way over to her.

"A wise choice," Jasher replies Domonico's way, leaving Maja to explain herself for the admiral's benefit. Then he straightens as he sees Calypso--a gesture that seems subconscious--and offers a respectful dip of his head. "Duchess," he says, followed by a nod towards Jeffeth.

A slight smile finds her lips as she focuses upon the match, her wine glass held gently in one hand as she peers upon the epic battle. Both Captain-Generals bloodied an showing no sign of relenting. The crowd stirs and calls out with wild cheers and even the Hart's staff pause to watch the match.

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Domonico offers Calypso a half bow/half nod, "Duchess."

Emmerly shakes her head as she watches the battle intently. She seems equally pleased when either competitor scores a hit, tapping her toes along the ground in nervous agitation. A few times, she nearly calls out to one side or the other, but she manages to keep from making any comments.

Calypso murmurs to those around her "Do we have any bets on the current contenders?"

After bowing to the pair of Malvicis and making his way over to Maja the big man cants his head at the fight. "Shard'll pull it out, is my wager." The large knight rumbles slowly as Jeffeth positions himself on the bar next to Maja.

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Jeffeth has joined the bar.

Jasher inclines his head. "I am not a betting man," he says with a slight bob of shoulders. "I imagine some have already begun exchanging silver. It seems to be a most interesting match." Spoken by the man who isn't looking the arena's way.

Red Armor Tournament Chest is now locked.

She's introduced herself to Domonico but his attention has already moved elsewhere. This does not trouble Maja -- she understands that she is pretty low on the social totem pole. So she gives him a grin and a nod, pulls back her hand and refocuses her attention on the fite-fite-FITE that is happening. But then there is Jeffeth!

Using the top-most rung of her barstool to help her, she stands up to deposit a kiss on the big guy's cheek. Mwah! "It's nice to see you, Jeffy," she responds before nodding toward the sands. "Are you going to fight next or are your muscles taking a night off?"

Domonico has joined the bar.

The patient woman, seems to be successful in her attempts to whittle her enemy down, Ajax takes blow, after blow, after blow. The signs of fatigue oozing now from the man before a strike hits that should drop him. He staggers a bit his brown eyes locked onto Shard's form as he brings himself into what's likely the final assault with a snarl echoing from the armored cald man.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 36 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Shard's success once again doesn't come without cost. It's really a wonder she's still on her feet, but she is, even after a blow that should absolutely flatten her. In contrast to Ajax, she's silent, apart from her ragged breathing. No words, no snarls, no intentional sounds of any kind.

Calypso slants her gaze at the two commoners, before returning her attention to the ring. "Mhm." She then gestures for a glass of wine.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 84 higher.

Ajax remains capable of fighting.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 62, rolling 65 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Domonico looks back from Calypso to Maja as she kisses Jeffeth and he nods, "Well met Majandra Darling. Admiral Domonico Malvici. Well met. You enjoy watching combat?"

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 65, rolling 12 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 86 higher.

Ajax remains capable of fighting.

Shard has rolled a critical success!
Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 70, rolling 116 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

Shard checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 86, rolling 18 higher.

Shard remains capable of fighting.

There's a broad smile as the kiss is planted against his cheek, one hand coming up to envelope Maja's shoulder with an affectionate squeeze. "I think it's winding down, Darling." The big man murmurs quietly as he looks around before his eyes flicker back to the ring. When Calypso slants her gaze Jeffeth starts to stand upright with a slightly confused expression and go into another bow then she is looking away. Jeffeth shrugs lightly before looking back to Maja then back to the ring. "Got here too late, I think. So I suppose the muscles will have a break."

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 69, rolling 18 lower.

Ajax checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 37 higher.

Ajax remains alive, but close to death.

Ajax is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Jasher returns to his rum. He takes another sip; it barely does anything to the capacity. He seems content to remain quiet, basking in the atmosphere.

She is patting the stool next to her, encouraging Jeffeth to: "Sit! Since your muscles are taking a break, the rest of your body should as well. Have a seat, relax, maybe drink someth-..OH!" She notices Ajax go down and the curly haired woman springs up on her stool, her curls bouncing. "She won!" While she was technically rooting for Ajax, she can't help but be pleased whenever a woman kicks a man's ass. It's just kind of gratifying, yannow? So she turns to Domonico, her dark eyes sparkling and bright. "Oh yes, very much so! Fighting might not be the highest form of entertainment but it is, by far, the most enjoyable."

Domonico gives a few loud claps as the fight ends, "They did well. Both of them. Fighting for enjoyment is not something I entirely approve of myself.

Calypso barely applauds center, her attention more focused on the spectacle that is Maja.

Neither combatant should be on their feet at this point. Both of them are visibly tiring, both of them have started taking far more blows than they can manage to avoid, and quite a few of them are clearly getting through any armor either might have. A bone-shattering strike sends Shard to her knees, and for half a moment, it looks as though the match is over. But then she surges up at an angle, striking inside Ajax's reach while her lips peel away from her teeth. The first hit is absorbed by his armor. The second hit is not.

Jasher offers his own round of applause, though it's drowned out by the undoubtedly louder ones around him. "Good fight," he murmurs.

Taking his seat next to Maja, he is immediately bouncing back up to his feet as the fight ends. Clapping a few times for the end the large man smiles broadly before looking over to Calypso with a 'see?' expression. Jeffeth leans back on the bar, giving Maja's shoulder another affectionate squeeze. Then he's calling out to Shard. "Happy birthday, Shard!"

The crowd rises to their feet and cheers wildly. The room shakes with their admiration and more than a few chants of Shard and Ajax are heard. Large dark eyes glimmering with pride, she rises gracefully from her seat to offer applause, her lips parting in a slight smile of appreciation. The Hart's mercies rush to the sands to see to the combatants and the Hart's staff nod with approval and had back to work. It takes some time for the crowd to settle. Another change renewing the raucous cheering once more.

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Emmerly claps for Ajax and Shard, the gaze she turns on the other woman speculative. A little grin crosses her face and she shakes her head, giving Ajax a wave before she heads off.

As the fight continues onwards, he tries to land a singular blow against the woman, yet, unable too as she lands her first and final blow against him. His body staggers, threatening to collapse entirely before he drives the edge of his blade into the ground to keep himself stable, he tries to force himself back up to fight once more yet he levels his gaze towards the woman remaining slouched of his blade, "Yield." he grumbles out raising a hand upwards to signal he's out.

The curly-haired apprentice Whisper applauds the spectacle, beaming brightly for both the combatants. "Well done," she lilts. "Very well done!" Maja tips her head toward Domonico, looking at him with a bit of a puzzled expression. "Forgive me for asking, m'lord, but if you do not approve of fighting for entertainment's sake, then why..." Come here? She leaves the question on her tongue but in the end, she lefts it rest unspoken. She recovers her warm smile and waves her hand about casually. "I guess everyone finds delight in different things. If we were all the same and had the same likes and interests, life would get quite boring now, wouldn't it?" Turning back to Jeffeth now, she gives the Knight a friendly poke with her elbow. "You are lucky that my muscles are taking a break, too, or else I would have you running for the hills." This is clearly a joke -- the young woman has noodle arms!

Shard seems to have decided she's just going to lean on her sword as well, even if she's technically still standing. Very technically. She makes a noise that might be the beginning of a relieved laugh, but all that actually comes out is a light huff of air. Then she reaches out and offers her sword arm down toward Ajax. She's steady enough to help him up. Really. Probably. Jeffeth's call has her squinting off toward the stands.

Valencia nods to Emmerly with a smile and turns back to the ring. With a gently smoothing of her skirts, she gracefully moves down to the sands below. A respectful incline of head is offered to both warriors. "Thank you, " the little vixen smiles warmly. "You bring such great honor to this ring. It was a true delight to see such skills. I thank you so much," she offers earnestly.

"Alright, next rounds on me." Ajax offers with a ragged exhale, he takes Shard's arm, using it to steady himself he draws free his blade from the sands as he tries to move towards the exit of the arena and towards the bar, In a much slower trudge then usual, "Good fight." he rumbles in Shard's direction.

Shard manages to keep her footing as Ajax uses her to steady himself, if only just. Once that's finished, she lightly hefts her own sword, and then sheathes it with a certain amount of lacking grace. "Good fight," she says in turn. It's rough, but so is her breathing, and it's tired, but so is all the rest of her.

There's a soft grin given over to Maja, before he looks past her to Domonico. "Don't know you /that/ well My Lord, but in my experience I've heard you say how you don't approve of a great many things. Perhaps your entertainment is just not liking things? That'll do for some people, I suppose." The big man rumbles with a bright smile. When poked by Maja he winces and feigns injury at the strike grinning broadly. "I'll thank all thirteen in my prayers tonight, Darling." The big man reports with a broad smile. Finally he stands, glancing over to Calypso. "My Lady. I'm not sure if we've been properly introduced in recent years. Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Commander of the Solace. At your service. This is Maja Darling, if you haven't met just yet. Whisper Apprentice."

Calypso turns her sharp icy blue eyes to Jeffeth and Maja. She passively regards them both, "Duchess Calypso Malvici." She then sips her wine. Not offering anything further.

The crowds begin to settle or make their way from the rafters, tables and stands, filtering out of the Arena. Some head to he main hall, others to the gardens, while some head home for the night. The arena remains moderately full now. Many still celebrating the fights while others prepare to spar in a much more informal environment.

Valencia draws in a deep breath and quietly speaks to her master barkeep. She nods to him and touches his arm. "Thank you, she whispers. "I very much agree." With that, she begins to drift for the door, with a happy smile upon her lips and a rustle of southern silk.

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