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Danae Russo

"War gave me a purpose. My purpose is war."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Grizzled Supply Officer
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Russo
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 32
Birthday: 08/13
Religion: Gloria
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: pale amber
Skintone: tanned

Description: Unblemished bronzed skin and an unmistakably stern glare - two of the first things that you notice with Danae when you first see her. Possessing a strong jaw, finishing on a slight rounded chin, Danae has all the hints of youth still upon her face. Cheekbones that are barely there with their gentle rounded apple shape, but do carry a tint of red. A thinly crafted nose graces her face, ending in a slightly rounded tip and sits between two pale amber-brown eyes with two fine, thin and maintained eyebrows arching over. Her lips are sculpted in a sweetheart shape, a thin gloss of pale pink upon them. Her hair a tight binding of browns, dark and light, woven together and shine in pure light. But behind those pale amber-brown eyes, a stern glare and a curt tone can quickly manifest itself. Direct in command, clipped tones frequently within their speech.

Danae's build is toned, but slight. Her shoulders no broader than typical Southport trained citizen, which is still well-toned against most others. Her sides taper in for a strong core before they curve out in feminine, graceful, roundness and lead to her svelte, but strong, thighs and legs.

Personality: She is known amongst the troops for being a bit of a hard ass. A smile is one of the rarest things you can see from Danae. She is tough and expects no less than perfection from the soldiers directly under her in the chain of command. Despite this she is well respected amongst the soldiers. She has earned it with over a decade of service in the military. How ever most of her more legendary exploits have gone unnoticed up until this point, as she has always waved off awards and praise, stating "It is my job, I just happen to be good at it." On the field of battle she is known as the exact person you want to show up when you need back up, and the last person you want showing up if you are the enemy. Some of the soldiers refer to her as the armies 'Mom' (but never to her face) because of the way she always takes care of those who need it, and how she rarely gets mad at people, she just gets disappointed.

Background: Danae grew up in a rather poor family in Southport. Because of this she learned the art of making a deal. When you don't have a lot of silver you need to stretch each one as far as possible. She had the reputation of being a tough child, who was never intimidated or backed down from anything.

When it came time to serve southport in the military, she was beyond reluctant at first. Her parents agreed to have her start her training at the age of twelve in the hope that she would find a better life than they could offer her. She had to literally be taken, fighting the whole way. This only hardened Damae further. However, eventually she grew to enjoy her time in the military. She had a new family, countless brothers and sister in arms. Better yet she found out she was good at it. So she decided to dedicate her life to military service, a way of thanking the Malvici family for providing her with a good life and purpose.

Eventually it became obvious that Danae's equipment was always better than everyone elses around her. Once the higher ups learned about her uncanny ability to make deals and get supplies, she was made one of the supply officers for the whole of the Southport military, a position which she flourished in.

Due to all of the recent troubles in the compact, Sgt. Russo was asked to come to Arx to ensure the Malvici forces are ready to go at a moments notice.

Name Summary
Aethan Very clearly a soldier.
Ajax A soldier lass whose cute an' seems sharp witted, those southport women will cut ya though. I am sure she'll do fine ere' and maybe a story or two told. Wouldn't that be grand?
Arcadia What's that accent? She speaks of war. Bet she's another Malvici. She's got that whole scary no emotion thing down.
Arianna The kind of woman I have a great deal of respect for, she is a lifetime soldier and a supply seargent. I'll be in touch with her.
Dariel Rude and irksome
Domonico Loud, disciplined and clearly a terror to new recruits and the enemy alike. It's good to have Sergeant Russo in Arx now assisting with the House Guard.
Donato A no nonsense military type, definitely must work for the Malvici because there's no wavering from that serious demeanor! Polite and well-mannered, and accepted a free drink though! Good taste, in the Fox after all...
Fiora I feel very sorry for her.
Gretchen A soldier with some grizzly tales. I don't know how she can bear repeating them.
Harlex A supply officer of Southport. Agreeable company. No matter how far I go, I'll always make time for my fellow soldier.
Ian I've been there. Hope she figures Arx out better than I did.
Iliana She seems convinced that everyone else is beneath her. Enough control not to erupt into violence, but that is all I can say for her.
Kaia A southener from Southport! She seems to be a fine militant woman; proud of her House. We both agree Lord Domonico Malvici is a most fine and capable teacher in the arts of combat. I like her!
Keyser A generous Sergeant, the likes of which Keyser's not encountered before. It's a brighter place, with Danae in the world, according to Keyser.
Lucita One of Southport's soldiers who deals with supplies and logistics. A good person to know since that fits right in with some of my stewardship skills, knowing who to go to for certain things. I can tell we'll be seeming more of each other.
Magnus A Southport commander, she looks like a veteran warrior adjusting to the new role of a leader. I have been there before and I hope she'll grow to enjoy this new position as much as I do now.
Martino The Supply Officer of the Malvici armed forced and fortunate arrival in Southport. Very well prepared, and industrious, for the family. Truly a loyal ally and dependable for us all.
Miranda Doesn't say much. Kept looking to Thea as if Thea would tell her when it was okay to speak or something. Weird. However, she works for Malvici, so she must be good at what she does. It'll be interesting to get to know her.
Niklas She seems very punctilious.
Petal She seems pretty bad ass and eager to spar and stuff. Seems energetic.
Reese A fighter who seems bad ass and I think that Malvici are lucky to have her!
Roxana If Lady Fiora says she's one of 'our best' then the 'our' she means is Malvici and the woman is talented no question.
Saro It's nice to meet another commoner from back home, especially one so down-to-earth. Plus she likes the right kind of coffee. I approve.
Sophie She wants to help the Mercies raise funds. I do believe she's been sent by Gild and could be the answer to being able to build the Atrium I've been dreaming of. What a boon to cheer up an otherwise gloomy day.
Sudara An unusually insightful sergeant-at-arms in service to the Malvici. It seems that we might have good reason to work together on investigating certain matters of mutual concern.
Tescelina The passion of a meteorite, arching across the sky. What a splendid encounter.
Thea Sgt Russo is back. From what I remember of her, I see the hardness hasn't left her. I'm sure my family will be happy to see her. I know I am.
Thesarin Proud and eager, how I reckon.
Venturo A soldier from Southport, and given the conversation between her and Ajax? One who knows her trade well. And if she drinks? That'd surely make her the perfect person to enjoy a conversation with.
Zoey A more reckless, poorly trained 'soldier' I've yet to see. Her bloodlust alone is cause for concern. This is how battles are lost.